Kimura Dorama, in a Nutshell

This post goes out to all those wide-eyed Kimura newbies who may need a *little* help in navigating Kimura Takuya’s… uh, staggering body of work. Maybe you just sampled one of his dramas for the very first time (default answer: PRIDE!!! it usually is PRIDE!!! lol) and now you’re looking for the next one to watch, and the next, and the next after that. :P

After experiencing my own Kimura epiphany last April 2009, my life (and my sanity! and my freedom! lol) has never been the same. And if it weren’t for some Kind Souls (and longtime Kimura devotees/SMAP diehards) who ever-so-patiently initiated me into the Wonderful World of KimuTaku, I doubt I would’ve been able to cover as much ground as I did in the last five months. So I owe it to them (bless their fangirly hearts, lol) to pay it forward. And so I have, and so I have.

Kimura Dorama, in a Nutshell

by Ender’s Girl

I suppose one can group Kimura’s dramas into genres, if you will. (I’m not including his period dramas such as CHUUSHINGURA 1/47 and ODA NOBUNAGA, just the contemporary stuff. Easier to digest, lol.)


KIMURA AS TOM CRUISE: (The “Tom Cruise Era” dramas — as Belleza, a user from another forum, called them — are rom-coms or light dramedies centered around “exciting” professions such as aviation or sports.)

1. GOOD LUCK! (TBS, 2003) – In which KimuTaku is a newbie pilot with, er, lofty ambitions. I didn’t like the romance angle (or Shibasaki Kou’s acting, heh), and Kimura’s “good-hearted pilot” character isn’t as well fleshed-out as co-star Tsutsumi Shinichi’s, but but BUT it’s all Kimura eye candy from takeoff to touchdown, baby. Those crisp uniforms and aviator shades are enough reason to watch this just-okay drama, IMHO. Plus, you don’t have to be a bleeping airplane otaku to find all the cockpit/airport/hangar stuff interesting. (Read the review)

2. PRIDE (Fuji TV, 2004) – In which KimuTaku is a pro hockey player who is cool as ice… but smokin’ hawt! (Heh heh heh) PRIDE is one of my ultimate faves, and the drama that effectively turned me into yet another statistic in this One Nation Under KimuTaku, lol. Kimura’s teammates are a riot, and his love story with Takeuchi Yuko (as Aki to his Halu) is even more thrilling than the sports action. Plus, you’ll be rocking out (and waving your arms, lol) to Queen’s “I Was Born to Love You” anthem before the second episode, teehee! (Read the review) (Related post: Favorite Halu-Aki Moments)

3. ENGINE (Fuji TV, 2005) – In which KimuTaku is a down-and-out F3 racer who has to Deal with a houseful of Troubled Children. Don’t expect much romance, which is just as well because Kimura and Koyuki don’t have any chemistry. But the KIDS at the foster home are wonderful!!!!! Kimura is probably at his comedic best in this drama (maybe aside from CHANGE), and his interactions with the kids create the funniest (as well as the most touching) moments in the story. But this drama is also the point at which Kimura starts to age, as in really really age. In the opening scene alone, I was like, WTF! Barely a year after PRIDE and he already looks SO MUCH OLDER!!!! Sorry to say that Kimura has not aged well.


KIMURA AS LOVE-SEX-MAGIC-ROCK’N’ROLL GOLDEN GOD-HEARTTHROB: (Self-explanatory. Circa mid- to late 90s.)

1. LONG VACATION (Fuji TV, 1996) – This was probably THE seminal drama of the ’90s (and a ratings monster, at that), which raised the bar for romantic ensemble dramas. This is also Kitagawa Eriko (in-demand drama writer and long-time Kimura collaborator) at the top of her game, because the drama is so even-toned, the dialogue is a gem in itself, and the romance dynamic between the two leads is developed so beautifully. Kimura plays Sena, an introverted aspiring classical pianist, while Yamaguchi Tomoko is a much older, washed-up model who just got dumped on her wedding day. Needless to say, their sexual tension sizzles despite their 7-year age gap. And you will find some very memorable performances from pre-KimuTaku hottie Takenouchi Yutaka and a young Matsu Takako. After watching this drama I wanted to jump straight into the Pacific and start swimming for Japan, lollll. Oh, and watch out for the opening credits, where a slim, mop-haired Kimura wearing a Live Aid T-shirt jams on his guitar with his co-stars on that basketball court by the bay. Classic.

2. LOVE GENERATION (Fuji TV, 1997) – Okay, now for the total Kimura SexLoveMojo, lol… Watch this. This romantic drama got even higher ratings than LONG VACATION, and effectively secured Kimura’s status as Gen-X Poster Boy and Heartthrob for the entire female demographic of the Nihonjin Nation. If you just want a story that really, really focuses on “The Anatomy of a Relationship,” and is unencumbered by all those nonessential trappings (haha) like… sports and politics and airplanes and orphanages and racetracks and legal stuff and amnesia and piano-playing and finance and murder and forensics and hairdressing……… If you just want a straightforward love story between two twenty-somethings, and all the relationship issues therewith, then LOVEGEN should be IT. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s bittersweet, it’s heartbreaking, it’s honest, it’s romantic, it’s maddening, it’s sexy, it’s flawed, it’s beautiful. You will also get the full experience of the Kimura Takuya + Matsu Takako “Golden Combi” (as the fans call them), sort of the Ultimate Jdorama Supercouple/Love Team of all time. Their chemistry is simply amazing, and both are such good actors that you really do appreciate and enjoy all their scenes and moments together. They’ve co-starred in other productions before and since, but LOVEGEN remains the mother lode of the KimuMatsu experience.


DARK / SERIOUS KIMURA: (To showcase his range as an actor.)

1. GIFT (Fuji TV, 1997) – I have not watched this mystery/thriller, but have heard it’s very good. It didn’t rate very well, but it’s still considered a cult favorite by many.

2. NEMURERU MORI / SLEEPING FOREST (Fuji TV, 1998) – I enjoyed this dark, modern-day fairy tale-slash-whodunit for the most part (being a fan of murder mysteries in general), although the ending was highly unsatisfying for me. Still, watch it if you want to see Kimura trying to stretch his acting range. He’s a *little* bit self-conscious in this drama (all that hair-flipping! lol), but in some moments he really, really shines. And oh boy, is he frikkin’ CUTE here, in those tight white undershirts and floppy hats, hihihi… (Read the review)

3. SORA KARA FURU ICHIOKU NO HOSHI / A MILLION STARS FALLING FROM THE SKY (Fuji TV, 2002) – Arguably one of Kimura’s darkest and most complex roles. Don’t watch this if you’re in the mood for light, breezy fluff, obviously. The drama’s overall tone is rather sordid and distressing, and the denouement does NOT go down smoothly. You’re in for a helluva ride here, so buckle up and brace for impact. And did I say this could also have been titled “A Million Sex Scenes Falling from the Kimura Sky”? Lol. (Read the review)

4. KAREI NARU ICHIZOKU / THE GRAND FAMILY (TBS, 2007) – Set against Japan’s post-WWII economic restructuring of the 1960s, the story revolves around a powerful (albeit fictional) family in Kobe with interests ranging from banking to steel production. Kimura plays the eldest son, whose thorny relationship with his father, the clan patriarch, is at the heart of this excellent ensemble drama about a family torn apart by hatred, ambition and greed. The plot is complex and highly gripping, expertly interweaving the main characters’ personal tensions with the bigger socio-economic upheavals of a country in transition. And the themes — tradition vs. innovation, man’s struggle with the evil in society, and existentialism — make for a serious, if very bleak, watch. Definitely Kimura’s most depressing drama so far.


KIMURA AS THE HERO OF THE DAY: (Template formula: he plays an idiosyncratic nonconformist whom his colleagues easily write off and underestimate, but who ends up saving the day… and who ultimately earns everyone’s grudging respect and admiration.)

1. HERO (Fuji TV, 2001) – Kimura’s highest-rating drama ever, and one of the highest in recent Jdorama history. I had a blast watching this, not only for Kimura but for the prosecutors and law clerks rounding off the cast. Best ensemble J-drama I’ve seen, bar none. Plus, Kimura and Matsu are back (!!!), so watching HERO has an added bonus for fans of LOVE GENERATION. (Read the review)

2. CHANGE (Fuji TV, 2008) – Maybe this drama bit off a tad more than it could chew, as most political fairy tales are prone to doing. I read a comment somewhere saying that CHANGE felt like a 10-year-old schoolboy had been given a textbook on Japanese politics, and was told to go write a script. Hehehe. I’m rather inclined to agree. But Kimura does some great comedy all throughout, so that’s a good thing. And from a purely superficial, looks-driven point of view, this drama is probably Kimura at his… grossest, lol. The nerdy specs and that Afro (or Jap’fro, hehe) hairstyle scream “deglamorized!!! deglamorized!!!” in every scene. The romance takes a backseat to the politics, but is… moderately satisfying nonetheless. (Read the review)

3. MR. BRAIN (TBS, 2009) – In his newest drama, Kimura plays a quirky neuroscientist who ends up cracking the most difficult cases for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. As a police procedural, MR. BRAIN is nothing special, and (I’m sorry to say this) neither is Kimura’s patchy rendition of the forensic eccentric Tsukumo Ryusuke. I’m getting tired of these “unlikely hero” roles, and I say it’s about time he went back to his romantic drama roots, because it’s what he does BEST. I know he wants to test the limits of being a serious actor and all that stuff (and I hope he still gets to), but the best Kimura is still Romantic Lead Kimura. This is his niche, the one area where nobody (and I mean NOBODY!!!) is his better. He obviously isn’t the best J-actor around, but is he the best Jdorama leading man in three star systems? Hellyeahhhh. (Read the review)

Which brings me to a drama that doesn’t seem to fit any of the preceding genres, mainly because it’s the only Kimura drama that can be categorized as a MELODRAMA:


BEAUTIFUL LIFE (TBS, 2000) – Kitagawa Eriko (LONG VACATION, SORA KARA FURU ICHIOKU NO HOSHI ) wrote this wonderful gem of a drama about an unlikely romance between a driven, difficult stylist and a wheelchair-bound woman. The drama is very sobering, but doesn’t dwell on the female lead’s illness and its ensuing… complications. Under a second-rate writer, BEAUTIFUL LIFE could easily have degenerated into Melodrama Cliché Hell. Good thing the writing is simply sublime. The end credits sequence (which can stand alone as a music video, thanks in part to that awesome song by the J-Rock act B’z) is the BEST I’ve seen in ANY drama. I loved, loved, loved this drama. I hope you will, too.

Which leaves us with the question: is there anything Kimura’s done that was a dud? Hahaha… Quite a few, I must say. Steer clear of the following, unless you have absolutely nothing better to watch:


1. CONCERTO / KYOSOKYOKU (TBS, 1996) – This drama effectively put me to sleep before the first episode was even over. Zzzzzzzzz. Bad writing, uninspired direction, characters that don’t do anything for you. Kimura figgerz in a love triangle with this stooped, sad-looking, old little man, and the hammiest actress to ever walk the earth. Why bother? Lol. Mebbe I’ll finish this… someday……

2. ASUNARO HAKUSHO (Fuji TV, 1993) – This drama is the earliest work of Kimura’s that I’ve seen, and his talent shines amid this drippy little sleazefest of a campus soap opera. Curiously enough, Kitagawa Eriko (yes, THE Kitagawa Eriko) penned this sordid, uber-pretentious, amazingly execrable drama. Kimura as Lovesick Geekboy maybe isn’t a role you’d want to see him in right on the heels of PRIDE & Co., but he’s actually the best thing about this stupid grotty show. (Read the review)


So, that’s pretty much it from my end. Enjoy your Kimura dorama. ;)

Keeping the KimuTaku luuuurrrve alive (and festering, hyukyuk),

XOXO Ender’s Girl

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23 Comments on “Kimura Dorama, in a Nutshell”

  1. v Says:

    wow… nice summary! yeah, i agree, kimutaku is best as a romantic lead! but you can’t help but like him in his other roles either… am i biased? lol.. um definitely.

  2. zooey Says:

    Great round-up. Forgot to reply to your post over at about Kimura closing the end of an era. LOL. I fear he may have to give way to the new generation that is slowly nipping at his heels.

    Ah, I remember the good old days… I was first introduced to jdoramas eight years ago and for the “newly indoctrinated”, watching a KimuTaku drama was like doing mandatory homework because most of them were a definite must-see. Even got around to seeing that soccer movie where he wore very short shorts and had Luke Perry’s hair. Boy, did that gelled mop refused to move or bounce no matter how much he ran around. Was such a big fan, I even sat through all 10 episodes of KYOSOKYOKU. O_o

    Lately, I haven’t been that impressed with his offerings. He was outclassed by supporting actors in KAREI NARU ICHIZOKU, was bland in CHANGE and insufferable in MR. BRAIN. Like you, I think what he needs is to be cast as a romantic lead and by golly, be paired with an actress that can bring back that zing; that undefinable chemistry that made LOVE GENERATION, LONG VACATION and PRIDE enduring classics.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “mandatory homework” + “Luke Perry’s hair. Boy, did that gelled mop refused to move or bounce no matter how much he ran around.” >> ROFL!!! 😀 Ohhhh early Nineties 90210 hair, FTW!!! *fond tear*

      “I fear he may have to give way to the new generation that is slowly nipping at his heels.” >> But I don’t think any of the “new gen” (Pi? Kame? Jun? Miura?) has what it takes to be the Next KimuTaku. Maybe in looks+talent Tsumabuki Satoshi comes close, but he’s more a movie actor than drama leading man. (And although he’s incredibly cute, he just doesn’t have the same sex appeal, I guess. Too wholesome? ^^,,) Kimura’s days as a Ren’ai Leading Man *may* be numbered (Exhibit A: Tsuki no Koibito), but his fading will just leave this vacuum that the younger leading men will be hard-pressed to fill. I mean, Kimura’s like… the Halley’s Comet of the Jdoramaverse, lol. 🙂

      I’m with you in hoping that all is not lost, though. Hopefully TnK was just a fluke. (Or not… DOH!) I thought he’d have that zing with ShinoRyoko, but too much Lin Chi Ling in the way, hahaha. I SO WOULDN’T MIND him reuniting with Matsu (!!!). Yamaguchi Tomoko is retired (so no dice), and Kimura did only one project with Yuko — and Pride was so bloody iconic that it may not be a good idea for them to work again. (Halu+Aki = sacred!) So that leaves Soulmate (hehe) Matsu; and since they’ve worked together so many times before, another collaboration would seem only right. 😉

      • zooey Says:

        “I fear he may have to give way to the new generation that is slowly nipping at his heels.” >> The operative word, it seems in this case is “slowly.” Like glacier slow. LOL X)

        But I guess you’re right, this might just be wishful thinking on my part. I was kinda hoping that the next KimuTaku would not come out of JE. Tsumabuki Satoshi seemed like a good candidate, unfortunately, he’s more the boy next door than the next matinee idol… I mean, love this guy for being so unassuming but he hardly comes across as THE NEXT BIG THING. For a while I thought Yamada Takayuki had a good run but then he got a child out of wedlock so that placed a damper on his career. Plus, he kinda reminds me of a pokemon, you know, short and furry so I eventually had to cross him off my list. The other person who’s had steady work and has come out with decent dramas in the past two years is Tamaki Hiroshi but he’s bit hard to peg down and with those bony cheeks– jury’s still out on whether he can be considered heartrob material. Personally, my bet is on Yamamoto Yusuke but it’s still too early to tell. Don’t even know if he’ll get enough breaks to pierce through the JE stronghold. So yeah, there’s gonna be this big black hole where Kimura used to be the moment he gets too old to play the maverick.

        Oh yes, please. I’m all in for Kimura redeeming himself. Lol. I’d love to see him in another drama with Matsu but if it’s gonna suck like TnK, I think I’ll pass. As for Yuko, well, the thing is she’s always had crazy chemistry with just about everyone she’s worked with (that’s one girl who really knows how to “fake it”– e.g. Bara no Nai Hanaya and Haru no Yuki) so I don’t really know how big a factor Kimura is in making their tandem in PRIDE work. Don’t get me wrong, I love them in it but Yuko is Yuko. :p

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          “The operative word, it seems in this case is “slowly.” Like glacier slow. LOL X)” >> LULZ! Ayt, I get ya now. 😉

          “Plus, he kinda reminds me of a pokemon, you know, short and furry so I eventually had to cross him off my list.” >> OMG this made me laugh so hard! I never really found myself crushing on Yamada, and now you made me realize why. XD Tamaki used to hold such promise, but he looks positively emaciated that I wince whenever I see his photos. What’d he subsist on while filming Nodame Cantabile in Europe? Paper? Re Yamamoto Yusuke — hmmm, I’ve only seen him in HanaKimi and Ninkyo Helper, and he didn’t strike me as heartthrobby material. Has he done a ren’ai that’s worth reccing? But I dunno about his looks, his eyes are too close together and his lips are too… Joliesque? 🙂 But then Kimura ain’t conventionally handsome either, so who am I to say that Mr. Tumbling doesn’t qualify, ehh?

          Oh gosh, yeah, if the next KimuxMatsu collaboration goes the trainwrecky way of TnK, never mind. At least they’ll always have LoveGen and Hero. (And Chuushingura 1/47… lol, maybe not) Thing is, you can never fully predict how a project will turn out until it’s started airing (or at least, production has commenced). This is random, but I’m so looking forward to Space Battleship Yamato. Its box-office performance will be very telling of where Kimura’s popularity will be headed in the coming years.

          • zooey Says:

            “What’d he subsist on while filming Nodame Cantabile in Europe? Paper?” >> LOL. Yeah, he got super skinny. Someone should send him some pot brownies. As for Yusuke, he’s been relegated to playing bit parts but I like that he’s slowly working his way up to starring roles. I like people who work hard hehe. The boy has a weird face and as you said, “Joliesque” lips but who knows? Stranger things have been known to happen in Japan.

            “Kimura ain’t conventionally handsome either” >> So true. I remember watching the first ep of LoveGen and I was like, “is this it? that skinny little fellow is the romantic lead?” But you know, he really grows on you because (as you said) he has loads of sex appeal. Ooh, just saw the preview for “Space Battleship Yamato”– it’s very Star Wars-Star Trek in design. I’m quite curious to see how it’ll turn out.

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            OMG we had the same reaction re Teppei’s First Appearance! (and Kimura in that white towel coming out of the bathroom to freak Matsu out… priceless!) But I actually came to love/crush on Teppei more than I did Sena… it’s very strange (and jicks will probably skin me alive), but true… “Teppei, you’re all I see!!!” *sob*

            The Yamato trailer does have that space opera look, doesn’t it? And do you remember reading the news reports that while in the middle of filming, Kimura batted for a bigger production budget so they could re-shoot some scenes and jazz up the CGI… even if it meant having to take a pay cut and delaying the release date. Apparently he made this push with the studio right after seeing Avatar, hahahaha. I guess he wanted to step it up to Defcon 1 levels. I admire his pursuit of excellence, but I hope this doesn’t turn into another Waterwordly epic vanity project that will sink under the weight of his ego. So… good luck, Jim.

  3. zooey Says:

    Don’t worry, I liked Teppei more than Sena, too. Teppei was dynamic and funny, he also was stubborn and naughty, and I just had a blast watching him. Sena for me just came off a bit too wishy-washy– which is understandable since he was supposed to be in a slump in Long Vacation. Still, Teppei holds a special place in my heart (skinny chest and white towel notwithstanding) because LoveGen was my first KimuTaku series.

    Wow, Yamato does sound like a big budget movie. Can’t help but laugh at the thought of Kimura insisting on a pay cut just so that “they can compete” with the likes of Avatar. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be one big, epic mess. Even then, I’m sure that won’t stop us from watching it. 😀

  4. rambutan Says:

    What can I say? You are the first reviewer/blogger who has tastes closest to mine! Long Vacation is my absolute favorite, and when you wrote: “After watching this drama I wanted to jump straight into the Pacific and start swimming for Japan, lollll.” I really LOL! I’ll leave the swimming to you, while I remain on land to watch another time of Long Vacation, Pride and Beautiful Life. Wonderful overview of my #1 Jp actor!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks a bunch! Great to know we’re in the same *cough* crazy *cough* boat. I’m too chicken — er, unwilling to choose my No. 1 Kimura drama, but the ones you mentioned are def. in my Top 5, too! 🙂 *hi-5*

      Actually, jicks’ tastes may run closer to yours, because LV is her absolute fave. She did a rundown of her Top 5 Kimura dramas here. 😉

  5. lydia Says:

    ENDERSSSSSSSS I’m so glad you’re more a teppei fan than sena!!! YAY YAY YAY! ZOEY hooray for you too!!

    much prefer LG!! if a drama is gonna be sole romance, then just give it to me plain and simple!

    maybe i’ve heard a “good” thing too many about LV so when i watched it…it’s the first takuya drama that i fastforwarded and skipped just so i could baulk at the ending. serious. sorry don’t be offended by my harshness. part of me wishes i could love it like every other takuya fan too but i seriously can’t. Yamaguchi Tomoko is just bleagh…i think she’s someone that look’s better with age. it’s not the whole age gap thing that i’m grossed out by, i loved Kim Sam Soon, but Tomoko didn’t work for me. She was funny but the romance made my skin crawl.
    Saving grace of this drama to me (and also something that’s working subconciously at the back of all LV fans to make them think it a great show) is the GREAT SOUNDTRACK. one of the best. i loved lalala love song even before i watched this drama.

    But but please share with me why you all like LV so much!! I still don’t understand why :/

    I’ll need to flush LV out of my system with Beautiful Life 😀 Hope I get to use Kleenex haha.

    Enders I’m a late takuya bloomer too 😀 Also 2009!! WOOHOO! and can you believe it, he got me interested with Mr Brain :p And you’re right to say Pride was his heyday of ultimate kakoii-ness and in Engine it skydived. ouch. Like in the lyrics of one of the songs in Goong’s soundrack…our dear takuya has probably “drowned himself in cigarettes and beer”; a cigarette and beer too many :/

    Did you notice his lips in TnK??? *FAINTS* hey looked like they were abused with ChuppaChups graffiti lollipops or sth! sooo sad….i hope in some miraculous way, some of his former glory may be restored…not asking for much! even back to 2007 would be good enough, the Manpyo Teppei ultra good man charm 😀

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I wanted Sena for Minami but I def. wanted Teppei for both Riko and… MYSELFFFFFFFFF lulz XP

      “ur dear takuya has probably “drowned himself in cigarettes and beer”; a cigarette and beer too many :/ … Did you notice his lips in TnK??? *FAINTS* hey looked like they were abused with ChuppaChups graffiti lollipops or sth! sooo sad….” << LMAO! This so cracked me up!!! 😀 Yah, I noticed too, unfortunately. The man's still hawt at 38, but he'd be waaaayyy hotter 'n' cuter if only he lived clean, tsk tsk.

      (oooohhh Manpyo Teppei in those business suits? uber-cute. but it was nobility of his character that made him 9034094x more attractive! ;-))

      Re LV, don’t beat yourself up just because you weren’t crazy over it the way many of us were. (Although perhaps had you not fast-forwarded the drama your viewing enjoyment could have been greater since you would’ve felt the emotional buildup in Sena and Minami’s relationship as they slowly — and at different points, too — realized the subtle shifts in their feelings for each other. Much of the satisfaction from LV is in witnessing the slow simmering of their friendship into full-scale romance. :-))

      Bottom line is you either like a drama/actor/actress/whatever or you don’t; these things are hard to rationalize anyway because it ultimately boils down to subjectives. You found Yamaguchi Tomoko “bleagh” while I found her confident and sexy and fun and interesting. The romance in LV made your “skin crawl” while I found it lovely and sublime (though maybe not as maddeningly addictive as the romance in LoveGen) — we just happened to see things differently is all. (At least we agree on the soundtrack, yay. Lol :D)

      • ridia :p Says:

        yea KT’s stil hawt hawt hawt! that shall be my birthday wish then, for him to LIVE CLEAN 😀

        “(oooohhh Manpyo Teppei in those business suits? uber-cute. but it was nobility of his character that made him 9034094x more attractive! )” AGREED! hahaa!he was just the IDEAL good man, love him!

        As for LV i prob heard too many good things about it so i really had my expectations way up then when i saw her face…oh no…haha
        but even though i fastforwarded, i did so without missing all their moments! still didn’t work for me though.perhaps when tomoko sits better with me i’ll try LV again 😀 What made me feel “grossed out” for want of a better phrase, was perhaps the melding of their very different lives…she was always sleeping around and he was, well, squeaky clean.and so i didn’t like the chracter change in sena…

        but i’m comforted to see at least some ppl liking LG more than LV :p and of course yes the soundtrack!! I think Toshinobu’s genius haha (: Love Rain save the day for TnK cos it was so -.-

        I’m just glad he didn’t get together with what’s-her-face Xiu Mei 😀 😀 😀 😀

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          “perhaps when tomoko sits better with me i’ll try LV again” << Lol, slim chance of that happening considering Tomoko is in semi-retirement. 🙂

          Toshi and his afro FTW!!! *loves on Toshi*

          “but i’m comforted to see at least some ppl liking LG more than LV” << I think that's usually the case with KimuxMatsu shippers, who comprise a small but fervidly loyal subset within the KimuTaku fandom. 😛

  6. elway Says:

    just found ur web n really help me with Kimu’s drama guide. thx a bunch!!!
    love all ur wonderful review!!! XD
    i start watch his film in ‘Good Luck’ (although i watch it in 2003 n didn’t really remember d story except the good looking leading man. Lol )
    n then suddenly in 2009 start again with mr. brain,
    after found ur web, continue with hero , pride, LV and the rest still have to wait cause i still downl it.
    i think i just got Kimura’s syndrome too, xP
    he’s totally become my 1# Jp actor of all time
    hoping he always stay in his 30years look ( cause he’s so hottttt in pride)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks for dropping by, and do make yourself at home! 😀 (Heh, which reminds me, I have to update this post and include a paragraph on Tsuki no Koibito. :O)

      Lol, I can see you got bitten by the KimuTaku bug yourself. Enjoy your Kimura Dorama Festival! 😉

      • elway Says:

        i already seen Tsuki no Koibito before, after watch Mr. Brain. and got bored in first 10 minutes. but maybe i will finish it… maybe…. someday…

        hey, i just watch LG, BL and sora kara ( in progress of re watch Good Luck. and totally agree about your comment about his saving the world from total annihilation for decide to keep those troll hair. Lol!!)
        and i decided sora kara to be the second best of his drama (who cannot resist his evil-cute smile), of course the first one has to be LV. i don’t really like LG, but have to agree that he has best chemistry with Matsu.

  7. Fenesta Says:

    Hi EG, I stumbled upon your blog and didn’t regret every seconds of it 🙂

    Ok, it’s gonna be a long story 😉 couple of years ago when I was on a crossroad between dorama vs kdrama, my friend (who’s a big kdrama fan) gave me Endless Love and she promised that I will love that series. (I already had Beautiful Life but decided to watch Won Bin first ;-). So I watched Endless Love, and honestly speaking I cried along until at the end of episode 20, when that stupid freaking son of a gun threw himself onto the running truck, dying (smiling!!) and we could hear the girl (who’s already DEAD) on the background saying : you are forgiven. I was !@#$%^&*(. I basically yelled at my friend saying : i dont find anything romantic in suicide except for Romeo+Juliet!!

    Anyway, after a week (or more, I totally forgot), I had time to watch Beautiful Life. Now, I didnt cry as much as I cried for Endless Love, but I remember I was “oooohh” and “aaah.. so sweet” along the way. But omfg the ending totally won me over. It was one of the most beautiful endings I had ever watched!! I mean, when Shuji was riding his bike and he said: If there’s a world after life, it’s in our heart. Nee Kyoko, did I love you like I should have? (me : sobbing) and fast forward to the scene at the salon when the little girl asked : where are these places while pointing to the pictures on the wall, and Shuji smilingly said : in my heart. I was literally GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (brb, I need to drink a gallon of water first)

    So, to sum up my exhausting post above 😀 what I wanted to say was that Beautiful Life is my ultimate KimuTaku’s dorama. Totally a turning point for me 😀 I watched LV & LG before, but THIS particular dorama sealed my faith into Kimataku’s harem, and there’s no coming back from there :D. so, I will basically recommend this dorama to anybody who wants to start their Kimutaku’s journey.

    PS : Sorry for the long post, and I dont mean to compare dorama to kdrama, everybody has their own preference 🙂

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hi Fenesta, it’s nice to meet you! I have no idea how you came across my blog but you’re welcome to drop by as often as you like! 🙂

      Wow, those scenes from BL that you just described made me recall how intense my own emotions were while watching that drama. It really is a classic and a keeper, huh? (Maybe one reason why I haven’t reviewed BL is because I don’t want to revisit certain parts of the story, and the emotions associated with those parts. Shuuuji!!! :-()

      P.S. Hey no worries, I don’t mind long comments at all 🙂 And I know what you mean, the melodrama in Kdramas can be excessive at times. (But did you get to watch the other Season Dramas after Autumn Tale/Endless Love? Winter Sonata is my favorite Season Drama.) That’s partly the reason why I picked up Jdoramas after about 6 years of straight Kdrama watching. But Kdramas and Jdoramas have their own strengths and shortcomings, so I guess it boils down to what you’re in the mood for at a given time. 😉

      • Fenesta Says:

        I bought Koizora DVD and when I googled for reviews, I came across your blog :-).
        I did watch Winter Sonata (I also watched Hotelier&All About Eve), but again, I just didn’t really connect with the story. Perhaps because I don’t dig the whole “amnesia” thing, it’s too telenovela for me and I couldn’t stop thinking : how come he’s still alive after those 2 freak accidents? damn :-). Also BYJ just doesn’t work for me, haha.. but like you said : both Kdramas and Jdoramas have their own strengths and shortcomings, I just prefer Jdorama more 🙂
        Btw, have you watched Swing Girls and Waterboys (Satoshi Tsumabuki)?? I LOVED those movies, I would love to see your reviews on those movies 😀 😀

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hi there! ;D

          “I couldn’t stop thinking : how come he’s still alive after those 2 freak accidents? damn” – LOlolol too funny!!! 😀 I loved Joon-sang to bits, but there is really no way he could’ve survived the multiple head traumas. I remember reading that he dies in the original script but the PD decided to change the ending at the last minute.

          Haven’t seen Swing Girls, but Waterboys was very entertaining and heartwarming! And Buki was such a cutie in those Speedos, heehee xD

  8. gailT Says:

    I can’t believe this little piece of Kimura Takuya dorama guide exists in the internets. hallelujah! Actually I can. Bloggers are amazing people.

    My first KT drama was Pride, and for me, KT is Haru. I have seen TnK, and I still liked him in it. I wanted to check out his other work, but there are so many I couldn’t choose which one to check out first. Thank you, this article will be helpful. Maybe I’ll try Long Vacation first because I also have a crush on Takenouchi Yutaka.

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