The Kimura Haiku Special

I’m delighted to post a collection of Kimura-centric haiku lovingly crafted by my good friend across cyberspace, Peggy.

But first, a confession! Not many people know this, but it weren’t for Peggy and her avatar of a *certain* J-actor at one of the forums we frequent, I may never have taken up blogging. Said actor initially failed to register as particularly prepossessing (read: hot), or even remotely cute. Googled photos of said actor looked even less appealing than in the avatar — all toothy grin, pointy ears and cartoonish eyes. The fried, wiry hairΒ  was the clincher, the indubitable nail that sealed his coffin shut. Said actor was promptly written off as “Overhyped!” and “Idol FAIL!,” and I’d secretly shake my head at Peggy’s rather puzzling choice for an object of her desire.

(Peggy’s avatar and siggy,

Thus, it was a (cruel) twist of fate that I chanced upon a *certain* drama of said actor, his game face staring boldly out of a hockey mask on the DVD cover. In a rash, ill-considered turn (and for reasons still rather hazy), I found myself purchasing said DVD. In an even crueler twist of fate, the drama turned out to be an epiphanic experience that single-handedly blasted my… er, pride, and my prejudice, to kingdom come.

So. 328263 used sackcloths and a truckload of ashes later, here I am, blogging about the funny-looking dude whom I used to refer to as “Peggy’s Avatar.” I will be forever grateful to Peggy for patiently guiding me through the KimuTaku fandom back when I was a giddy, clueless newbie with hockey pucks in my eyes.

Without further ado, it is my honor to feature ten lovely haiku from Peggy herself…

A Little Light Haiku

by Peggy


Halu strikes the ice
Which melts with joy, but once more
Closes. He glides on.

Halu in his car
Lollipops soften his sharp
Two edged tongue.


Halu and Aki, He sees her eye.

Who did this to you
The bruise cannot be hidden
Rage in Halu’s heart.


The forest is dense
Too green, the trees are crushing,
Whispering “Never.”

Trees losing treasures
I watch the blossoms flying
Spring opens the door.


Words crackle in winter’s air
They will not melt
You have wandered away.

You push me aside
Am I not your son
This heartache will end.


Existence is bitter
The light and love have vanished
Honour, all that stands.

The taste of your food
Awakens the sleeping flame
Love returns once more.


Once Number three Host
Now a Brain with strange powers
I want my Host back.

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26 Comments on “The Kimura Haiku Special”

  1. maAkusutipen Says:

    Yeah what really sold me and acknowledged KimuTaku’s appeal is Pride as well.. lol…

    I was really skeptic as to why he is so popular back then so I sampled his dramas.. hehee

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Good to know I’m not alone, lol. πŸ˜‰ (I mean, if Pride doesn’t do it for you, I doubt any other Kimura drama can make you a believer. Uh… Kimura as murderous sex fiend? Kimura as clueless cauliflower-haired prime minister? Kimura as geeky best friend? Uh, I don’t thunk so… XD)

  2. v Says:

    Yay!!! Am I the first to comment? lol. anyways. it will be my first comment on your blog that is not #^%#% days late.. lol. hihi.. i was wondering who Peggy was when she commented on your blog.. turns out she’s pretty important huh? and a lovely poet.. with a lovely kimutaku poem.. with lovely pix of kimutaku himself…
    and i’m so grateful you saw peggy’s avatar!
    and you’re right.. when my mom was a fan of SMAP, i was like what’s the big deal with kimutaku.. I only saw his pix.. and thought he was so so. lol. its amazing how much difference there is between seeing someone actually act and a pix. ever since i saw his first drama, i will never ever be able to say that he is so so when I see his pix. hum.. wonder if that’s a good thing or a curse?

    • v Says:

      ooopsi daisy, i’m second! lol.

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        You were 2nd? Rats! Foiled again! lol πŸ˜€

        Well, Peggy is kind of my sensei in all things Kimura. Last year I felt so lost in his sea of dramas I didn’t know where to begin, so Peggy (and a few other SMAP diehards from one of our forum hangouts, helped me out with their nuggets of advice. It was from them I learned Kimura: (1) sings & dances, (2) cooks, (3) has his own radio show, (4) climbs mountains, (5) dresses up like a pink poodle sometimes, etc. etc. At first I was like, EGADS! I thought he was just a regular actor? lol. I guess their passion just rubbed off me and gave me a little push down the slippery slope that is SMAP fandom. πŸ˜‰

        Hey, it’s so cool that you and your mom are both SMAP fans. Now you can go to their concerts together. What fun! ^^,,

        “wonder if that’s a good thing or a curse?” => That certainly is food for thought. πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s partly the reason why Kimura hasn’t really gained global recognition. I mean, if a non-Asian saw a movie still or red carpet photo of him in some magazine, they’d probably go, “eew, so UNcute” (lol). But this reminds me of what my best friend said: “Kimura’s appeal isn’t in his physical features. You have to see him in character, in motion.” πŸ˜‰

        • v Says:

          hihi.. yep foiled.. maybe next time? lol. not that’s important. i’m just childish… well for me, it’s kinda of your discovery sequence of Kimura but in reverse. I think I already told you that I followed JE boys ever since I was young and that I knew SMAP since their debut and practically grew up listening to them cuz of my mom (i was still a baby. lol) so I knew Kimura as a singer first and let’s face it, he’s not the most talented singer. (*cough*JE curse*cough*). and he is kinda goofy in his shows so when I was old enough to know that TV does not always mean cartoon and first saw him act, that was a shock to me. and ever since, i fell hard. lol.
          will i ever be able to go to a SMAP concert? i sure hope so… but not with my mom.. frankly, it’s weird to see ur mom fangirling.
          and ur friend is so right.. you have to see him in character, in motion. altho now, like i said, his features are also appealing to me. *sigh*

  3. Peggy Says:

    Happy the haiku has friends. I love haiku. It is obviously better in it’s own language, but I don’t speak or write Japanese, sadly. However, even in English it is great fun and truly rewarding sometimes when a thought works itself out in seventeen syllables. Kimura is great inspiration of course.

    The pictures were added by Ender’s Girl. Strictly speaking when a short poem is on the same page with a picture it is called a haiga. These photographs are great but a real haiga would be a very sparse drawing by the poet. I am not into that level as yet.I am a beginner. Therefore I think E.G’s added photos are just the thing. thanks E.G. πŸ™‚


  4. jicks Says:

    They’re truly great to read! I like the bit citing Love And Honour the best ^_^ BTW, does Pegggy have a blog/website I can stalk?? xPP

    P.S. That last pic of Halu & Aki is so friggin cute ^^

    &lol @pimpalicious blonde spike hair in Mr. Brain pic- I’d still take him xD

  5. Peggy Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I do not have a blog or website. I am lucky to have E.G pushing me to use some of her space. You will find me on some of her pages now and then and she is most tolerant.
    I actually hope that I would also give a push to you and anyone else to try haiku. Poetry in any form is very releasing. Much easier in some ways than prose which I feel always puts a barrier in front of me, whereas poetry gives freedom to expose the emotions more easily.

    I too liked the Love and Honour situation. It was full of emotion but very well channelled in a quite rigid samurai form. Great direction of wonderful actors. Nothing was smothered..everything laid bare and painful but lovely.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      @ jicks – I just see Peggy a lot over at JDorama (where she goes by “brad2”), JiSubAddicts, and (occasionally) at D-Addicts. πŸ˜‰ And Peggy’s also a mean rapper dude, as you may have seen her freestyle poems somewhere on this blog. πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I was so fortunate to find the Halu+Aki+eyelid pic (and the “pimpalicious” (lulz!) pic as well) floating around cyberspace. The eyelid pic didn’t seem to fit with any of Peggy’s haiku, so I jammed it at the end. Too lovely not to include πŸ˜€

      @ Peggy – I never get tired of reading your haiku. So lovely. =D Whether writing in haiku or free verse, you’re a natural, girl! πŸ˜‰

  6. trangpear Says:

    He never fails to entertain me… I love his dramas… At first I dont get why ppl love & puss about him, they said he is the sexiest man. For me, it was really weird for a guy in an ad for women lipstick??? But after watching PRIDE, then Hero,Goodluck & Long vacation… Hahaha, I turned myself to be his fan… He is gorgerous, and talented… πŸ™‚ He and Abe Hiroshi never make me feel tired of watching them in the dramas or movies… πŸ™‚

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lol, that lipstick ad campaign sure was pushing it. πŸ˜€ (But better Kimura than anyone else, ne?)

      Abe Hiroshi is one of my fave J-actors, too! He and Kimura make a great tandem that never gets old. I love seeing them in comedic situations, but I hope they get to do straight drama someday. πŸ˜‰

  7. Peggy Says:

    There is something quite unusual about Kimura. I mean apart from all the obvious things we like to admire. E.G’s remark about the lipstick ad. made me think that Kimura has broken the ice in different directions all his SMAP life. He does these odd ads. He grows his hair long. That was strange at the time but all the Japanese lads tried to copy and like it.
    Anything he does as a character in a drama has to be done with care because ordinary people try to copy him. More of them tried out for pilots and cabin attendants after the drama ‘GOOD LUCK’. Then of course he revived the interest in ice hockey with “PRIDE’. The reason they had to stop showing ‘GIFT’ was because he was so adept at doing knife tricks, it became dangerous when high school kids began injuring themselves. Anything he does gets attentioon. He is so good at what he does and he makes it look easy. It ain’t easy….!!!
    Now admirers are wondering how he can look so young and act so cold and subdued. Photos are criticised. They have to look again and see that he is showing us the character of the CEO of the interior decoration company in his new drama. He said himself that is a new role and a nasty man. Hard bitten s.o.b who knows how to say no to everyone when he doesn’t like their work or speech. this is no smiling idol now. Kimura evolves and I think he won’t fade away into the good night very soon.


  8. Peggy Says:

    OH..Forgot to say I have sent E.G. some more haiku…nothing to do with Kimura. don’t know where she will put them.

  9. Peggy Says:

    Halu and Aki, He sees her eye.

    Who did this to you
    The bruise cannot be hidden
    Rage in Halu’s heart

    This would be better done in a waka with 31 syllables.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks, Peggy! I’ve updated the post to include this haiku. πŸ˜€

      Re The KimuTaku Effect, I’m not surprised he was able to set all those pop culture trends. πŸ˜‰ I also don’t mind his character on TnK being an ass. After those goody turns on Mr. Brain, Change and Karei, a little nastiness won’t hurt, I suppose. ^^,,

  10. trangpear Says:

    I dont know why, but watching him acting, I feel that acting is an easy job to him, he can easily transfer to indeep characters.. A lot of actors try so hard in some emotion scenes, but with him, it is believable and convictable acting, we can see pain or happiness from his expression.. πŸ™‚ Veterans are truely talented and experience… Can’t wait to watch his upcoming drama, Moon lovers even I’m not a fan of Lin Chi Ling

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      lol, I have yet to meet a dorama fan who doesn’t think that LCL’s acting abilities are about as real as… the Tooth Fairy. πŸ™‚ Still, I guess it’s just fair that I give her the benefit of the doubt, since I haven’t seen any of her films/dramas — oh yeah, not counting the “Sotto Kyutto” PV, where she sure knew how to stand in a park and look pretty… XP

      I can’t wait for Tsuki no Koibito, either! ^^,,

  11. autumn 1 Says:

    Hey peggy! Way to go!!! Great job!
    Hey EG, if you ever want to go watch SMAP concert in Japan, please invite me. Would love to go with you then we can have lots of fun. haha!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey autumn!!! πŸ˜€ Hahahaha, I’d love to go see the boyz on their 2010 tour with you, but the price of the tickets will most likely cost an arm, a leg, and some other random body part — and I’m not quite ready to part with my kidneys just yet, lol. Alas, I’m but a regular working stiff, that by the time I’ve saved up enough to watch their concert tour from Tokyo to Osaka, it’ll probably be for their golden jubilee, hahaha.

      But just in case our plans ever materialize… it’s a date, girl! πŸ˜‰ Do you know what to wear to the concert? Let’s see… Puffy orange jacket, check. Hockey mask and jersey, check. Live Aid T-shirt, check. Ray-Ban shades, check. Wheelchair, check. (Because I’ve always wanted to go up to the forest-y place near Fuji-san and scream, “Shuuuuji!!!! Shuuuuji!!!” lolz) @___@

  12. autumn 1 Says:

    Haha!!!! You’re right. That was what i was thinking too. By the time i could save enough to go japan, they would be too old to dance and look at. How? HOW??? but since they are having a world tour – so probably china is more affordable. heeheee

  13. Peggy Says:

    Moon Lovers?? Well I have watched up to episode 6. Waiting now for the English subs for 6. Impatient. although I must say it was not too hard to figure it out.
    The first few episodes were like having a tooth pulled. When was the plot going to get going, and when would that Chi Ling model be able to speak dialogue more than one word a minute….. Never, it seems. I can’t stand her voice and she is a lousy actor and why did they hire her and pay her so much money. Don’t tell me Kimura insisted just because she was OK in that CM that SMAP did some time ago.????????
    At last the recent two episodes are opening things up and Kimura is able to show some emotion in his role. He really is a fine actor and looking back now I can see where his cold calm moves were just right and not infuriating for the audience. We are used to emotions all over the place with him and this role is so different. I think the best way to really enjoy this drama is to d/l and watch with subs in one viewing.
    The rest of the cast in this drama is wonderful. They make it look so easy and of course that makes Chi Ling stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t know the name of the Japanese actor who plays MING but he is so fine. He is really the weak small thief type who hides behind a woman’s skirt as if he were born to do just that.
    Kimura’ daily blogs are funny.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Ep. 6? Wow, Peggy, you’re in the homestretch!!! πŸ˜€ Well I’m glad you found the story picking up eventually. Kimura being “cold and calm” – you mean like his role in Sora Kara? That kind of cold and calm? Because that’s the last time I think he played a character that was deliberately unsympathetic. Anyway, you’re darn right about me watching this drama in one sitting. I came into this really, really wanting to like — nay, love it (probably more for Shinohara Ryoko than for Kimura himself, lol), but after that first episode I don’t know. But I’m glad you’ve come to like it, so maybe I will, too.

      I stopped keeping tabs on the rensuke blog (you mean over at julie’s translation blog, right?) in case there are spoilers, but yeah, from what I’ve read so far the entries are pretty entertaining. πŸ˜€

  14. Peggy Says:

    No spoilers really from his blog entries. However, he sometimes slips in WUS but it’s really not about the actual plot too much.
    I think you should try this drama when you can watch it from beginning to end without a stop. I am sure it makes more sense and is not quite so irritating. Chi Ling is truly out of her depth in this role. Mystery to me why Fuji would spend so much money to get her and house her in Tokyo.
    I like Shinohara very much and she manages to get the most out of her very limited role, as it has been so far. She can do a lot with her facial expressions and eyes. Of course Kimura also uses his eyes but he is a real S.o.b at first. He can fire a man so politely but with such obvious cold finality. He is a cold hard business tycoon who wants what he wants when he wants NOW! Kimura did not like the character at all and said he would probably have lunch with that sort of man and then never see him again.

    • Peggy Says:


      Are you there or anywhere these days. I have been a missing link and I m sorry for that. I still try to keep up with Japanese drama etc and still love Kimura. I have not enjoyed some of the later dramas and the present one AT HOME ? I stopped. Not my Kimura and he does let them make him look old and dull. WHY???

      Well I am trying to get back in touch with you. I think of you so often and I have been out of touch for almost two years as far as computer is concerned. Various surgeries and surgeons killing me. Really. Dead as doornail for half and hour. Next life is amazing. Japanese surgeon was determined to bring me back and he succeeded eventually. It has been a very difficult eighteen months. I go for one more throat surgery on June 28th. Say prayer if you get this. My birthday on 17th and will tell that surgeon to give me a good birthday present. so I can eat and drink and talk as I once did. Cannot get back to some sites including jdorama. People have ruined my computer. I never allowed anyone to use it but I was unable to see what they were doing and could not stop the damage. I have had to learn great patience and stay calm for the past months. Maybe that is why this happened to me. I am being taught patience and have to find out why I am still here. Must be a job that I still have to get done.
      Must stop Too long Hope this will go through. Love Peggy

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