Vid Clips: Nobuta wo Produce / Seishun Amigo (Shuji to Akira)

THIS Is How You Do High School, Japan.

by Ender’s Girl

I’ve been thinking about Nobuta wo Produce (NTV, 2005) a lot lately — so much, in fact, that I finally attempted writing a decent review. There’s something universal about this drama, and by universal I don’t mean “two half-formed J-Pop idoru frolicking their way through adolescence” lolz. Instead, what I find universal is the way NwP can take us back to that ONE season in our lives that was all at once magical, evanescent, immortal. For we may be nineteen or ninety, but were we all not in high school once? And can we truly look back on that time without feeling the bittersweet nostalgia for days gone by? Because I can’t.

Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in case you’ve also been feeling a strange hankering for Nobuta powah. I know there’s an entire cottage industry of fan-made and fan-uploaded NwP videos floating about cyberspace, but I chose only a few of my personal favorites.

Nobuta wo Produce: Fave Fanvids

1) “Graduation Song” by Vitamin C

This is my FAVORITE Nobuta wo Produce fanvid bar none because the “Graduation Song” lyrics are absolutely PERFECT for the drama, and because the montage includes all those iconic, unforgettable moments. I hope this vid never gets taken down. I must have watched this a bajillion times but it still gets me hard whenever I hit “play.” *sniffle* So watch it, sing along to the chorus (As we go on, we remember / All the times we had together / And as our lives change, come whatever / We will still be friends forever…), and bawl your eyes out all over again. Babies. (Credit: Bankaigirl @ Youtube)

2) “Love Comes Quickly remix by the Pet Shop Boys

I LOVE the nonlinear editing, and the moody atmosphere of the song feels tailor-made for the video. I first found this on Youtube a while back, but the NTV Cyberbots have since shot it down with their Mojako-shaped guided missiles. Good thing the maker uploaded the vid to this Cyrillic streaming site, vbox7. (Credit: van4yta @ Thanks to Sambalici of for providing the uploader’s name.)


3) “Right Here” by Miley Cyrus

This fanvid uses spliced BTS clips (less audio) of Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa. Not digging the song at all (hit the mute button like I did!), but damn the boys sure are cute. There used to be a slashier Shuji+Akira fanvid (look, Ma, no Nobuta in sight!) using the NEWS song “Why,” but it’s gonebabygone from Youtube (bugger!). Oh well. (Credit: AnimeNox @ Youtube)

Seishun Amigo: When the Slash Hits the Fan

4) Official PV

Of course, what NwP-related post would be complete without the theme song’s official PV, which I prefer to call “Gay Cheese with a Hefty Dose of Shipper Crack.” I mean, really: Half-buttoned dress shirts and white Saturday-Night-Fever pants! Faux leather jackets lined with fur! The graceless pirouettes and scissor kicks! Kame and Pi reclining on… crates! Pi “emoting” behind a chain-link fence! 734.5 close-ups of Kame and Pi *slowly* opening their eyes! Nakajima Yuto doing backup with the Dancing Ewoks! Oh joy! Joy! Hahahaha NOT. Believe me, I willfully resisted the song’s riddikulusly dated Latin vibe and queer-sounding vocals for the first 5334.2 or so listenings, but dayyum, that weird little track beat me down eventually. (It’s… Death by J-Disco!!! *rarrrrghghgh*) (Credit: chris7toppei @ Youtube)

5) Johnny’s Countdown 2007/2008

“Seishun Amigo” took Japan by storm to become the No. 1 single of 2005, and since then Ol’ Man Diyanni has used every opportunity to cash in on the song’s mammoth commercial appeal. (About the title, I think the appropriate translation would be “Friend of/from My Youth” rather than the more-used “Youthful Friend,” ne?) Kame and YamaPi have performed their (increasingly desultory) song-and-dance routine at every succeeding Johnny’s Countdown, and here is their 07/08 performance showing Kame and Pi wearing the entire contents of a dumpster (to wit, their signature attire). Joining them on-stage are Ryo (of NEWS) and Jin (of KAT-TUN)… in, uh, equally trashy couture. The net effect? “If Oscar the Grouch were gay and bred with Mad Max.” Good times, good times… (Credit: icyicez @ Youtube)

6) Holy Mother of Pearl!!! Kame Forgot the Lyrics!!!

1:03-1:06 << Ahahahahahahahhahaha. (You can just hear Akira go, “Bakayaro!!!” LOLLL) Ohhhh Kame, you know I love you, don’t you? *wipes away tear* Ah, good times indeed… (There used to be an HQ version of this on Youtube, but those TV Asahi varmints had it gunned down as usual… Foooolssss!!!! lolz) (Credit goes to the uploader at


Added 23 June 2010

7) “If I Were Gay” by Stephen Lynch

tinysunbl gave this excellent rec of a Shuji+Akira montage set to a Stephen Lynch song. I love how this whimsical ditty takes a waggish poke at the whole homoerotic undercurrent of bromance (no matter how, uh, platonic). The innuendo-laced lyrics are gut-bustingly funny, not to mention TOTALLY RIGHT for Shuji and Akira, lol. Upon closer listen you’ll realize that this is really Shuji’s song for his seishun amigo. (Credit: MegamaChan @ Youtube)

My favorite part:

But if I were gay, I would give you my heart

And if I were gay, you’d be my work of art

And if I were gay, we would swim in romance

But I’m not gay

So get your hand out of my pants…

That’s all for now, kids. KON-KON!

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22 Comments on “Vid Clips: Nobuta wo Produce / Seishun Amigo (Shuji to Akira)”

  1. v Says:

    wow! what a treat! thanks for the post and all those vids. LOVE this dorama… it’s EPIC!!! not sure what exactly about it makes it so awesome but it’s a j-classic in my book!

  2. ockoala Says:

    It’s like you were just reading my mind, ED! I just rewatched the first 3 eps of Nobuta last night (instead of Damo as Thundie ordered me to go live in the cave, but how can I resist a Pi-craving!) and now I have these great vids to catch all the highlights.

    Looking forward to reading your Nobuta review. I still don’t “get” the existence of Kame in the idoru world but eh, I’m sure my friends as aghast at my Pi loving so it’s all square in this universe. 🙂

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey there! 😀 W00t — a NwP re-watch, eh? “Korete… distini?” lulz XD

      Re Kamenashi… I admit he does have this uniquely polarizing effect unlike our YamaPinky, who can unite all nations under a rainbow of love. So yeah, I totally get your being “mehhh” toward Kame. He always was a queer little fella… >D But, um, mebbe you’ll change your mind after watching Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just One Love), his 2006 ren’ai with Ayase. That drama made me see him as a viable leading man and catapulted him past Pi in my silly fangirl heart. @___@ (But don’t worry Yamashita, you’ll always be booootiful in my eyes, heh heh)

      p.s. A Damo review, oh joy!!! Now I’m looking forward to that! Your recent reviews at thundie’s prattle are such a joy to read and I can’t wait for MOAR. 😉

  3. doozy Says:

    Aw! Thanks for sharing the videos. Good times… good times…
    Looking forward to your review of NwP!

  4. tgbgbt Says:

    Wow!! Thanks! I LOVE NWB! It was before I learned that Kame was THE KAME and the other guy with the orange-ish hair was THE Yamapi. Thanks! (:

  5. jana Says:

    Exatly the same for me! NwP was my very first encounter with Yamapi and Kame without knowing anything about them. And I like Yamapi since then, because his Akira character is just unforgettable and so lovely:) Also, thougth about this drama a lot a week ago , what a coincidence! Thank you!

  6. jicks Says:

    Aw, the Graduation Song clip! I remember watching that yonkers ago but… I didn’t cry, though it did make me wanna watch the whole series again.

    lol clip#5, Kame for gold!!!

    Well, you know my favourite is clip #4 & you know I squealed when Kame’s fellow bandmate / trashy couture lover showed his lips.

    Anyways, nobuta powaaa Chunyuu! Can’t wait to read ya review ^_^

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Well, that clip #4 was all for you, missy! 😉 (That, and to hopefully draw the Nishikido Ryo fangirls out of the woodwork, heh heh >D)

      You mean… “pursed” his lips? Ehehehehehe Jin-Jin oughta have that signature look of his patented… then he can make some dough every time he does this. *purses lips* :-*

      • jicks Says:

        oh yeah ryo-chan!

        one litre of tears was my first jdorama, so nishikido ryo was actually my first JE crush. then he started bashing women up & randomly kill w/ the bare touch of his evil hands & that was when my love stopped lol

        re jin’s pout patent. unfortunately i think angelina jolie already has it trademarked ^^;;

  7. Sambalici Says:

    Hey, E.G., “Love Comes Quickly” thing: it is russian and uploader’s name is: van4yta (thanks to yahoo babel fish 😀 )

    [sorry I still can’t send messages in jdorama 😦 ]

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Sambalici, you’re awesome you know that? 😉 (Babel fish… of course. *thwacks head*) Thanks for the help! I just edited my post accordingly. 😀

  8. Peggy Says:

    Never did see NowoPro. Don’t know why. It would not give me any memories or strong ties because I went to all girls school from 10 to 17 years. Very much NOT any boys around. Once a year we were taken to the boys school on their sports day. Not allowed to mingle…just watch and maybe applaud.Despite all that we knew who was who. Always cheered the Head Boy running the mile race.
    Ah well different generation.

  9. tinysunbl Says:

    I’m not sure if you see this, but this Nobuta MV also cracked me up:

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      This MV is gold!!!! Had me laughing so bloody hard at the puns and wordplay. The lyrics are totally what Shuji would say to Akira, hahaha! Super thanks for sharing!!! 😀

      • tinysunbl Says:

        LOL I know! Yamapi and Kame in one bed and that line of the song “If I were gay we would swim in romance”->ROFL

        I luv your Nobuta review series, by the way. They’re so detailed and comprehensive. I’m rewatching the entire series just for reading the posts 🙂 And Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. OMG! I couldn’t remember how much tears that series has taken from me. What’s gold is I cried purely because of the love story’s aesthetic beauty, not because of some Korean makjang plot devices such as terminal disease…Kame-kun was surprisingly surprisingly good!!!

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I’ve added the “If I Were Gay” fanvid to this post. Thanks again for the rec! 😉

          Lol, glad to hear you liked my reviews. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of re-watching something like NwP or THnK. At this point in his career Kame ought to be thinking about returning to what he does best instead of slumming it in yet another manga remake. So have you seen YamaNade? (I haven’t, but it’s lurking just under the top of my to-watch heap.) Any good? @__@

  10. tinysunbl Says:

    I’m so happy you like my recommendation and even update it on your post!

    YamaNade? I watched the first ep., thinking to myself the entire time: “this is the kind of disaster when you put F4 in Ringu and Nobuta Wo Produce.” The manga/cartoonish vibe didn’t click with me the way it did in Nobuta, and acting+pacing just fell flat, so I put it at the bottom of my watch-list for now. I will have to return to it later though, all for Kame-kun (darn it). Moreover those who continue with the show give some very positive feedback about it.

    I just got a chance to read through the comments in this blog, and esp. like the sarcastic discussions for Kame LOL. Looking at recent pics, veriety shows and concert clips of Kame makes me worried for the boy. At this pace he will be gay before he is. Or shall I borrow your word “devolution.” (Speaking of devolution, freaking love that Dune parody for Yamapi. I can even relate to Ender’s Game (the Battle School scenes of little children and Johnny the controller. Genius EG. I’m looking forward to your final one. LOL)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Ohhh which sarcastic comments? They’re so many in this blog I’ve lost count, lol. 😀

      F4+Ringu+NwP = gold!!! Analogy FTW! I think my limiting factor to YamaNade isn’t so much the mangafied treatment as Tegoshi Yuya’s sick-puppy expression that just BEGS random people to go over and punch him in the face, urgh.

      “Looking at recent pics, veriety shows and concert clips of Kame makes me worried for the boy. At this pace he will be gay before he is.” << LMAO!!! For me the Water Dance from KT's BTR 2009 tour was scraping the bottom of the gheyboi fanservice barrel. You mean there's worse??? @__@

      Oooh, another "Ender's Game" fan! ("The enemy's gate is down!") And the idea of Johnny-san as Mazer Rackham is SO freakin' hilarious and I never thought of it before! 😀 But I'm glad you liked "The Devolution…" I wasn't sure how readers would take it when I began it, so it's very encouraging to hear that you're looking forward to the final chapter. 🙂 I have the ending in place, it's just the plot holes in the middle that I need to figure out. 🙂

      • tinysunbl Says:

        OMG. I just watched the Kattun BTR concert DVD since you mentioned the Water Dance…and Kame…xkghgobfhfWTFhkgafuck give me back my Hiroto!!!!

        Some of my impressions:

        Kame made the most weird noises and gestures among the six

        Beastyyyy Kame emoting in a cage? LMAO

        And then comes the kimono-water dance (is this the water dance a.k.a. “the bottom of the gheyboi fanservice barrel” you refer to? They sang Water Dance at the end, but that Water Dance song looks so much more normal compared to this dancing in water part by Kame) I remember seeing him in kimono dancing as femininely as possible before, but back then he looked quite elegant, like…let’s say, Lady Murashaki? Now I don’t know what to describe him? Stripper in a gentleman club? And then there’s a part when he holds a sword with those come-sag-me kind of eyes. Aigoo aigoo R-rated stuff..

        Adam Lambert…here Kame comes

        • tinysunbl Says:

          Oh yeah, I anticipate your final Chapter of the Devolution would have some reference to/inclusion of Yamapi’s AnAn photos^^ Yes? no?

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Lol, there’s a thought! Great idea, thanks for the suggestion! 😀

            Re that Water Dance (s)experience, your honest reaction was so LULZZZ! Unlike you, I didn’t have the stamina to watch all the way till the end (Water Dance = too traumatic!) so I never got to see Le Grande Water Dance Finale. I think I know the old Kame kimono performance you’re referring to. Yeah, that was still def. normal, and nowhere near this one (and the whole I’m-smearing-lipstick-over-my-mouth-‘coz-I’m-so-sexy bit? YUCKYUCKYUCKCKSCKSKK). Stripper in a gentlemen’s club? More like katooey live show (katooey=Thai name for transsexual) in one of those cheap-o hole-in-the-wall types in Bangkok’s red light district. Ahhh, these *lovely* Water Dance memories will take more than industrial-grade bleach to erase from our skulls, blerg. @_@

            And lol, Kame don’t have nuthin’ on The Glambert (who is so rockin’ queenly and fabulous)!!! At least Adam doesn’t send mixed signals by doing romantic lead roles alongside his gayrrific concerts, haha.

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