Poll # 2: Nobuta wo Produce

The Nobuta wo Produce Readers’ Choice Awards

(Because it’s YOUR turn!)

by Ender’s Girl

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Thank you for taking the poll! That’s all, folks!


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21 Comments on “Poll # 2: Nobuta wo Produce”

  1. So glad we could choose multiple answers, there are plenty of polls for which I could not have voted only for one !
    I did not comment earlier, but your review of the drama was great, as always. You really have the art to draw out the essence of a drama and to put words on the feelings we had watching them. I can imagine it takes a really long time to collect and write down in that ordinated shape all those thoughts, so I wanted you to know I really appreciate your writings.
    Thanks for sharing those articles !

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Oh! Thank you very much! It’s always wonderful to hear words of encouragement from fellow dorama lovers. πŸ™‚

      Yep, writing a drama review can take anywhere from a week (e.g. Buzzer Beat or Orthros no Inu, in other words dramas I don’t care deeply about, heh) to a month on the average (Nemureru Mori and Pride took me several months on and off, because I was so emotionally invested in them). I try to put in a couple of hours’ work every night and on my days off, and that includes re-watching certain scenes/episodes, taking down notes, and maybe doing some research esp. if there’s any historical/socio-cultural/political significance attached to the story. (It’s always fun to learn something new while writing a review. ;-)) I’ve always been a slow worker (deadlines are my kryptonite! blerg!), but most of it is really editing and tweaking work (gahhh you should see my hand-written notes and rough drafts — not pretty stuff at all!). So there’s rarely a time when I post something on this blog without being at least 99% satisfied with what I’ve written.

      I know a lot of my reviews can come across as pedantic and term-paper-y, and believe me I won’t take it against anyone who falls asleep on their keyboard while reading one of my posts, lol. Most of my reviews are meant for slow, leisurely reading, and that’s just how I roll. πŸ˜‰ Still, I can just imagine how much more time and effort it takes to do episodic recaps of a drama, so I look at the happy medium where I’m at, and I think this is where I’ll stay, lol. πŸ˜€

  2. Ana Says:

    Hey ender’s girl:-) Longtime lurker here:-)Your NWP review was just out of this world!:-)You covered all the stuff that I loved about the drama:-)Very few dramas portray friendship in the way this one did.I liked the fact that Nobuta didn’t end up with Shuji or Akira and that the focus stayed on the friendship between the three of them.And well NWP was one of the dramas I started marathoning through after seeing Kame in the totally cracktastic YNSH.:-)The drama was never boring to watch and some of the dialogues really hit home.The supernatural bits came in when it was least expected and added that twist to the show.I think this has gotta be one of the best dramas to introduce people to J-dramas.:-)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hi Ana! Thanks for, uh, de-lurking! Glad to hear you liked the review. πŸ˜‰

      “I think this has gotta be one of the best dramas to introduce people to J-dramas.” << Ohyesss, totally. I always rec this one along with Pride whenever I encounter a J-noobie. ^^,,

      Woohoo, anutha Kamenashi fan in da haus! πŸ˜€ Have you seen Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? *wide grin* I took a break from my re-watch of that drama (because crying can be exhausting, lol) to go see something light and brainless, like Gokusen the Movie. (Oh — oh — looky, whaddya know, Kame is in this one too! lulz) So… YamaNade = “cracktastic,” ehhh? Funny you mentioned it, because that drama is seeeeeriously threatening to horn in on my drama queue. (Back of the line, buddy! Or not, hehe) And I’ve heard people say it “resembles” NwP in its makeover angle. (Does it really????????)

  3. Jenny Says:

    This was actually the second dorama I watched (first was HYD) But I really liked it.
    I think the stiry worked well even if they did change the Nobuta character from a boy in the novel to a girl in the dorama. Horikita Maki just blew me away and her chemistry with Yamapi was a bonus. Somehow her dorama roles after this have not been as good(her movie roles are though for some reason)
    The friendship between the three characters were really touching. All the episodes were well written too and some scenes just stod out, I cried in the scene where Bando poured the flowers over Nobuta.
    Maybe I should rewatch this series now.

    Are you watching any good doramas now ?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Wow, HYD – now there’s another iconic drama meant to be watched and re-watched… Great way to start your Jdorama career, I must say πŸ˜‰

      Am I watching any good doramas? More like re-watching: THnK (for my review). But not continuously, as the past few days I’ve managed to squeeze in stuff like, uh, Gokusen the Movie, lol. It was so bad I had to cleanse my soul with a couple of REAL movies. πŸ™‚ Then there’s my unfinished Brilliant Legacy mission, which I promised myself I’d finish one way or another.

      As for new stuff, hmmm… let’s say I couldn’t resist and finally gave Tsuki no Koibito Ep. 1 a try. One word: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Man I cannot wait to see the rest when all the subs are out. πŸ˜€

      • Jenny Says:

        Yeah, HYD will always have that special place as the first dorama I watched. The korean version still gives me nightmares.
        I haven’t seen Gokusen the movie, the first season was good season 2 & 3 meh.
        Brilliant legacy, I never finished it, I can’t even remember on which ep I was on.
        Tsuki no koibito I can’t even bare to watch somehow all the pics I’ve seen has confirmed my suspicions.

        Currently I’m watching Mother. It’s different, moving story and the little girl actress is so good.
        Shinzanmono is good to with Abe Hiroshi.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          “The korean version still gives me nightmares.” << LMAO!!!!! Too funny… *tear* πŸ™‚ Yeah, I got through halfway but just couldn't continue. I think Goo Hye-sun misinterpreting "spunky, winsome heroine" for "total retard" was what spoiled it for me. Maybe I'll get back to this someday, maybe I won't.

          You may also want to check out jicks’ epic 5-part MG vs. BOF vs. HYD smackdown on her blog. It’s nothing short of awesome! πŸ˜€

          I haven't done any research about the Jdramas I'd be interested for the next two seasons because my three-track mind has been on TnK, Sunao, and HnH2. But Mother (Yamamoto Koji, yay!) and Shinzamono (Abe, yay!) sure sound interesting, so thanks for the recs! πŸ˜‰

  4. v Says:

    lol at ur Rob=whale pic… HILARIOUS! (even tho i dont really get the similarity. XD. and dont apologize, i always thought robbie was way overrated). I liked my so-called life and veronica mars too!!! it’s sad that they did not work out…
    and LOVED ur poll! give me any NwP and it’ll cheer me up. altho i had quite a hard time making my mind up. XD

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your computer. 😦 Hope you didn’t lose any important files… *cough* dramas *cough* Er… I meant important school stuff, lol. (Oh, and don’t worry about that long reply that never saw the light of day. Maybe it was never meant to be ;-))

      Re the poll, you can click on more than one choice each time you vote (though you can only vote once). But yeah, it’s SO hard to make up one’s mind! There’s a couple of answers I’d change if I could go back and take it all over again, but I know that’s not possible. πŸ˜€

      (Re Rob Pattinson = beluga whale, both have chalky white skin, both have small round eyes on either side of their heads… still don’t see it? Okay, I’ll stop trying to brainwash you, lol)

      • v Says:

        lol… i did loose around 100 gb of stuff but that’s okay cuz i have most of that on dvds… what i really hate is when i loose a rare vid that’s super old and that you cant find anymore but this time it didnt happen. as for school stuff.. haha.. frankly, they are my last of worries if i loose my j/k/ch/tw clips…

        oh, i didnt know we could click several choices.. -_-” my bad.. at least, i’ll know next time! ^^

        actually, i kinda see the connection w/ rob now… he DOES look like the whale. haha. kuddos to you for pointing that out. and im praying there’s no rob diehard fan here or we might get murdered. XD
        as expected, twilight kinda stole all the awards at MTV.. but so many other good movies deserved that.. but i dont care. the only time i cared about that whole meaningless show was when Rain won!! i actually screamed and my roomate was what’s the deal with this guy. but his acceptance speech sure didnt help convincing her.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Actually it’s my bad, because I didn’t explain at the beginning you can choose more than once. πŸ˜‰

          Oh noes, I hope I haven’t turned you off Twilight altogether! @__@ Yeah, I heard about the MTV Movie Awards (though I cannot remember the last time I watched one in full… prolly circa LOTR days, haha). Oh, was Bi’s speech that terrible? I thought all those formal lessons and Hollywood exposure had paid off by now. I mean he doesn’t speak English like Lee Byung-hun, but he can articulate complete thoughts alright. Maybe the accent just gets in the way. And maybe your roomie will change her mind when she sees him shirtless and, uh, ninja-y in Ninja Assassin. His bod in that movie? HAWWWT. πŸ˜€

          • v Says:

            lol, dont worry… i didnt need you to turn me off from twilight. im over it for a long time now. actually, since the first book. i did skim through the other book but it was painful. and i didnt even watch new moon altho i admittedly watch twilight quite a few times. im not sure i make sense but it was so bad i was fascinated. now, i enjoy reading reviews that bash twilight such as the ones by sevenses or by dan_bergstein on Sparklife… that guy is so hilarious he even got a fanclub! lol. i actually read through his whole twilight and new moon recaps in one sitting to catch up and he just finished eclipse.. i CANT wait for breaking dawn.
            anwyays, back to topic, i havent watched MTV the whole show in years too. usually, i just wait for highlights on yahoo to come out to know what crazy thing happened but i watch it this yr for Rain, just to know if he won (i wanted him to win so badly). but yeah, his speech was not too good. not because of his accent which was really decent but because of how awkward it was. it was really weird and short. and my roomie was turned off NinjaA when she saw the bloody trailer.. but im telling u, rain’s bod is worth it! altho i like his cute smile best.

  5. twentynineandcounting Says:

    I just took the polls! It was fun! Makes me want to watch Nobuta wo Produce again (for straight hours, this time!) Just finished the drama two / three days ago πŸ™‚

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I just saw all the NwP lurrrve over at your site. And I felt exactly the same way, when those 10 eps were up I didn’t ever want them to end…

      • twentynineandcounting Says:

        Too bad there wasn’t any SP. Or perhaps it might ruin everything. The ending just had to be that.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Yeah, I know what you mean. Although I wanted my Shuji+Nobuta+Akira love to go on forever, the drama ending was just right. I wouldn’t have wanted an SP/sequel/movie either. NwP was just one of those rare dramas that are perfect and whole and complete by themselves, that any sequel would be a disservice to the quality (and memory) of the drama.

  6. Jara Says:

    Ender’s Girl, I want to thank you for amazing, exhaustive and erudite review of NwP. I just finished watching it about 2 hours ago and I’m in a weird place at the moment. I’m sad that the show is over (and by the thoughts about youth and the past it has inspired) but there’s a warmth inside me after having watched it. When I was in a frame of mind where I wanted to overthink the drama and devour any extra information or other opinions on it, I came across your excellent review and the other NwP-love posts on your site. I’m glad to know that someone else has put so much time and thought into this amazing drama. Nobuta wo Produce dwells in a world of hope and promise where things seem much lighter and possess greater clarity. The thoughts you expressed really summed that up. Thank you. I think that Nobut practising her smile on a dog was a classic moment that should have been in the polls though!

    Two thoughts:

    One. Is it just me, or did Erika Toda look her best ever in this drama? The way her hair framed her face and her makeup were perfect here.

    Two. One thing I had wanted to see in the final episode was a reference to the willow tree from episode one. I don’t know why (and I know that Shuji had grown up from the days of using it as a charm), I just wanted to see some evidence that it was alive and well at the end of the series – after all, it had formed such an integral part of Shuji’s character at the time that it was introduced. Plus, it had brought Shuji and Nobuta together. I wanted to see it prospering, re-planted somewhere. I think that would have been a nice rounding-out touch. Maybe that’s just my psychosis talking, though :p.


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you very much, and you’re more than welcome! Believe me, there’s nothing more emotionally rewarding than meeting someone who treasures the dramas you hold dear with the same fervor. And I totally, absolutely, 100% understand what you mean about that lingering warm feeling and being “in a weird place” right after watching this drama. I, too, began combing the interwebs for all the reviews and analyses that had ever been written about this drama, because if I didn’t my insides would burst. I found a lot of terrific write-ups but I still needed to read MOAR!!!, and that’s partly why I did my own review, lol — although it took me a year before I could finally process all my emotions (read: could think about the drama for two seconds without falling into pieces… now I believe I’ve improved to… 10 seconds without falling into pieces, lol) and put all my thoughts into words. So if my review has further added to your love and appreciation for NwP, then that’s more than I could ask for as a blogger. That’s what it’s all about baby πŸ˜€

      “Nobuta wo Produce dwells in a world of hope and promise where things seem much lighter and possess greater clarity.” << I love the way you put it and couldn't agree more! =D

      Re Erika, I think she always looks fetching no matter what drama she's in (have you seen Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, for example?), but I get what you’re saying about her looking especially pretty here. It probably has a lot to do with her styling, but I think it’s also because her character had that special glow about her, Mariko being That Girl, that perfect student/friend/girlfriend/varsity athlete from high school whom you’ll always remember with wistful admiration — even if she later becomes just this idealized memory from your past. πŸ™‚

      Re the willow, hey that’s an interesting thought, and it would’ve been nice to have one last shot of the tree after it had crossed the ocean. But at the same time I kind of liked how its story wasn’t given full closure, because for me it was enough that in their heart of hearts, Shuji and Nobuta knew deep down that the willow was going to be fine — regardless of its destination. I also felt that this sort of treatment was more realistic and emotionally resonant because hope was really all that Shuji and Nobuta (and the viewer) had to give them the assurance that the tree would flourish, bloom and bear fruit wherever it was re-planted. πŸ˜‰

      • Jara Says:

        I actually have Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, but I haven’t watched it yet. I didn’t realise Erika was in it, I just noticed Haruka Ayase. Guess that’ll be next on my list. That’s one reason I have to be careful which posts of yours I read, because some (like your posts on Tsuki no Koibito) relate to shows that I have got, but haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

        At the moment, I’m watching some Korean series, but I made time for Nobuta and slotted it in because it looked special (and it was!). By the way, have you seen God of Study, the Korean version of Dragon Zakura? It’s very good. I wanted to suggest it as possible review fodder for you.

        I get what you say about the willow.

        “hope was really all that Shuji and Nobuta (and the viewer) had to give them the assurance that the tree would flourish, bloom and bear fruit wherever it was re-planted”

        That’s very meta! Good point too. I just wanted something to set it apart from the one shot phlebotinum items in the series like the monkey’s arm or the spirits of the school. But, like you say, it draws us in to the story and sets us on the level of our beloved characters by having us accept the matter on the same ‘faith only’ basis.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Oh no worries about my THnK review, it’s very benign. πŸ˜‰ I wrote it specifically for drama fans who haven’t seen the drama, or who may have seen it but didn’t like it the first time. I just felt that THnK was not getting as much love as it deserved, so I guess you could say my review is a pimp post of sorts. Anyway, I do hope you get to give that drama a spin when you can. I’d love to hear what you think of it afterwards! πŸ˜€ (Btw Erika plays Ayase’s besto friend.)

          I’ve only seen the first ep of DZ and have not seen a single ep of GoS, but — a Dragon Zakura vs God of Study smackdown? Hey why ever not? Thanks for the cool suggestion! πŸ˜‰

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