Vid Clip: Umaku Ienai by Yuzu (music video feat. Miura Haruma)

Falling Slowly… or, If All Sidewalk Buskers Were This Cute, Then Let Me Be a Bag Lady!!!

by Ender’s Girl

Argh, I blame jicks for starting it all on her blog! *shakes fist*

Okay so maybe we’re equally guilty here, heh heh. See, lately the two of us have been, uh, trippin’ the light fantastic and turning cartwheels on the floor… er, I meant on a cirrostratus cloud of high school memories and young love and all that floaty, nostalgic stuff — me with my Nobuta wo Produce and Tatta Hitotsu no Koi reviews, and jicks with her rockin’ The Great Sensei Debate post and a now this first look at the upcoming live-action movie Kimi no Todoke (Reaching You), which is — you guessed it! — about  high school romance (based on the shoujo manga by Shiina Karuho).

Kimi no Todoke stars Miura Haruma, whom less acquainted drama watchers must know four essential things about: One, Miura Haruma is not a Johnny. Two, Miura Haruma is only 20 years old, which automatically makes him jailbait for anyone 25 and older (*sheepish hand creeping up*). Three, Miura Haruma is Nihon’s Ultimate Boy Next Door (and yes, I shall shaddup about how cute and adorable and talented he is. shutting up now. totally shutting up.). Four, did I say Miura Haruma is NOT a Johnny??? (“Not a Johnny” :: <insert logical conclusion here> Ahahahahahhaa)

Now to the meat of the matter: Miura Haruma was also featured in a 2008 music video by the J-Pop duo Yuzu. The song is “Umaku Ienai” (“I Can’t Say It Well”), which is basically about the unspoken and unrealized love of an adolescent boy too shy to voice his feelings to the girl he is with. The boy happens to be a budding musician who busks on sidewalks and at parks when he’s not in school — a treatment that can be viewed as Yuzu’s hommage to their own street-musician roots.

The video itself is nothing new or groundbreaking in content or style, but it’s just… lovely and sweet and heart-tugging in its own quiet way. And I can safely say that it has none of the leukemia+blindness+fakecest+suicide+donated-body-organs+gangsta-love-triangles kind of sh*t to spoil your viewing enjoyment. (Although having been conditioned by 937,092 Hallyu-spawned music videos featuring exactly that, I must admit I hit pause at the 3-minute mark (read: The Dreaded Third Act!!!) and went, “Ahhh f**k, is this turning Korean now?????” Lol. Needless to say, that fear was promptly dispelled.)

I think that what this song is trying to say, is that we don’t need such earth-shattering calamities as terminal illness or debilitating freak accidents or any other melodramatic twist to make a sad love story sad, because any love that ends — or any almost-love that never quite makes it to the next level — is a lonely little earthquake in itself, someone’s private world caving in. For some, it’s a mix tape given one summer too late, or a word — or two — left unsaid on an afternoon walk in the woods, or the “quiet desperation” of a teenage boy who can only express his love through a song played in front of others — but whatever the form, adolescent heartbreak is still heartbreak, and painful enough to bear without the boldfaced double whammy of Adversity and Affliction.

“Umaku Ienai” (“I Can’t Say It Well”) by Yuzu

(Oh — and watch out for the 4:11 shot on the porch… Let ME be that melon, Miura Haruma!!! Let ME be that melon!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahah)

“Umaku Ienai” English lyrics

Do you still remember the first day we met?
Our halting, awkward conversation
I couldn’t wipe away the scars of a love that had just ended
So I joked around to hide my cowardice

On that chilly day in spring, I walked down a tree-lined road with you
Before I knew it, doing this had become so natural

I can’t say it well, but my voice and tears
Come pouring out when I think of you
Time passes but I still can’t tell you
I want you to listen without laughing:
“I love you”

Because all we do is joke around,
It feels awkward to say serious things
The longer I put it off, the more I can’t say what’s important
This ordinary street, our usual meeting place
When I turn around, you’re there with your unchanging smile

I can’t say it well, will you forgive me?
In secret or in the open, I’ll sing about you
And make a wish that I won’t forget
On each day that goes by

Even if the world comes to an end
I know you’ll be by my side and I’ll be by yours

I can’t say it well, but my voice and tears
Come pouring out when I think of you
Time passes but I still can’t tell you
I want you to listen without laughing:
“I love you…”

Photo credits:,
Video credit: kanonshou @
Lyrics (English translation):
(w/ minor changes by E.G.)

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16 Comments on “Vid Clip: Umaku Ienai by Yuzu (music video feat. Miura Haruma)”

  1. v Says:

    kya!!! i LOVE this post! this week has definitely been much better than i expected w/ not one but 2 posts mentioning haruma. lol at ur insistence that he is not a johnny… well, in my opinion, i find my fondness for him much more explainable than for many other johnnys. lol. the vid was definitely a cool bonus! ^^

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Then may every week be Miura Haruma Week! 😀

      (So, uh, have you seen any of Miura’s dramas/movies? Any recs? Just a hypothetical question… :-))

      • v Says:

        have i seen any of his works? LOL… i’ve seen all of them (as far as im aware), even those where he was still a “kid” or those unsubbed cuz im a haruma-completist as well XD. well, not a lot of his projects are worth recommending if they are in by themselves. i just love HIM, more than the drama or movies. but if ur not expecting too much, then i can mention quite a few (i’ll omit the ones where he has a really small role). i really liked koizora the best as a movie, it was quite touching and was probably his career launcher but i think u might have seen that, and probably crows zero 2 with shunnie and binbo danshi with shunnie as well. u probably also know about akibahara deep movie, or gokusen 3 (dear lord, if they do a 4th one, ill literally scream) and the movie, and he did a bunch of other highschool-related dramas such as samurai high school, bloody monday (a sorta mystery-thriller thing), 14 sai no haha which is really decent but kinda like koizora. he did sports related movies like catch a wave (or smth that about surfing sounds like that), and naoko with ueno juri. and if u like horror, then there’s negative happy chainsaw (u get to see him sing in that one).

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Wow, YOU DA MAN, V!!!! 😀 (lol @ “i just love HIM, more than the drama or movies.” Spoken like a true fan… *YamaPi Buzzer Beat salute*)

          Thanks for the recs! Besides Gokusen the Movie (well, hello Kame, lol) I’ve only seen Bloody Monday season 1 (and been spamming jicks’ BM post with my spazzy comments, lol), and am off to watch season 2. 😀 I’ll def. check out the rest of his dramas and movies. 😉 (And I saw the music vid of the song he and his bandmates did for Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge — hehe what a cutie! Can sing, too!)

  2. […] Vid Clip: Umaku Ienai by Yuzu (music video feat. Miura Haruma … […]

  3. jicks Says:

    I’m so happy I woke up to this glorious post :))

    Not only was I mentioned (lol) but man-oh-man akjdhakhdkch @ the PV! The melon moment is too, er, yummy… I’m not sure if life would be better as the piece he was caressing in his hands or the piece that he lusted after so much that he just had to sneak a bite out of (^;_;^)

    I did gasp @ the 1.11 moment though- got stressed it was veering down a Johnny’s express alleyway… I mean, where are you taking thy hands, boy, where are you taking thy hands??? lol

    The vid kinda looks a little older than what it s though… the MD player totally throws you off (but I like it xD) I suppose ppl still use them in Japan?

    Anyways, this song is lovely! The only song of Yuzu I have on my comp is “Yesterday & Tomorrow” but I am now off to check out more of their work, thanks to you (& also partly thanks to this pretty non-JE-boy. No logic required xD) Ooh, & I like the girl in the PV, she’s the perfect girl-next-door prettiness to match his boy-next-door prettiness (although, I don’t know about you, but the boys who have lived next door to me over that yrs have never, ever looked like that… heck we need to move to Johnnysville xO)

    P.S. lol @ my misinterpretation of the “do we call him Miura or Haruma comment.” ^^;; Now that I know what we’re actually talking about (!), I agree w/ you- he feels more like a Miura than a Haruma. Though I think I tend to refer to him by his full name more often, I like how it kinda rhymes lol

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “I’m not sure if life would be better as the piece he was caressing in his hands or the piece that he lusted after so much that he just had to sneak a bite out of (^;_;^)” << LOL! How 'bout you try being the melon in Miura's hands and I try being the one in the girls hands, and then we trade places and compare notes, yesss? (That is, of course, if we haven’t been reduced already to a melon slushie smoothie pooling on the porch, lolz) 😉

      You’re right, the girl is very pretty in a fresh&wholesome way! (Lol @ “heck we need to move to Johnnysville”! The only boys who live next door to me are this 5-y.o. howler, and this big beefy dude who drives a pickup and has a wife ‘n’ kid, lol. *shakes fist*)

      “where are you taking thy hands, boy, where are you taking thy hands???” << 😀 1:08-1:11 was prolly my fave moment of all, gaaaaah. *thinks bad, un-oldersisterly thoughts* “Get thee to a nunnery, jicks and E.G.! Woulds’t thou be breeders of sinners?”

      Re the MD player, I suppose we could view this video as a (semi-)autobiographical account of one of the Yuzu dudes — they did start their music career busking and all. Since they debuted in 1998, their early street musician days (early to mid-90s?) must’ve been around the time that MD players were the rage. It took me several viewings to realize that the two men who stand on the sidewalk watching Miura must’ve been record company scouts, so it makes sense that he leaves town (and the girl *sob!*) to pursue a professional recording career. (At first seeing the two men I was like, omomomo they’re loan sharks come to extract Miura’s liver and he’s gonna die outside in the snow clutching his beloved guitar and MD disc!!! Then later when Miura boards the train I was like, oh he lives but he’s on the lam from the loan sharks so he has to skip town!!! Then I realized I wasn’t in Kmusicvideoland no more, lol. See, I kinda is slows… @_@)

      • doozy Says:

        Thanks for sharing the MV (what a hottie!) and the lovely lyrics translation (aw!).

        LOL @ the above scenarios
        You have been watching WAY too many k-pop MVs, dear E.G.! Need to watch more of these kinds of story to decondition your wild imagination.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Lol, I know right? *headdesk* 🙂 When me is in Jdoramaland me just want huppy huppy time…

          I dunno if you’ve seen this, doozy, but said “hottie” did a 2009 ad campaign for Shiseido Uno Fog Bar together with your sweetie Jun-ni from Lunch Queen, plus Oguri Shun and Eita (Jun-ni’s rich best friend from LQ). The Beatles-themed CMs are the most adorable thing I have ever seen. So if you just want 3 idle — but drool-worthy! — minutes in heaven, you may want to check it out. 😀

          • doozy Says:

            OMONA!!! It’s my first time seeing this! Thanks very very much for the link! The combined prettiness of those four boys are just beyond words. Dayum!

            Yes, my sweet Jun-ni! Hahah. Thanks for that too!
            When Jun-ni was spraying his hair, I was like “too much product! too much!” and then he smiled that boyish smile of his and I…@#$%^&*!

            I’m using Shiseido skin care product and now, I’d be thinking of those darlings when I slap cream on my face. Ah, good times ahead!

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Awesoooome!!!!! 😀 Lol yeah, I usually roll my eyes whenever I see a guy preening, but with those four? *insane giggling and eyelash fluttering*

            Shiseido, FTW! Then may you dream good dreams (preferably filled with four mop-haired boys in suits prancing around England) when you sleep with that night cream on! (Lay it on thick baby… lay it on thick!!!) Though to be honest if those boys told me to use Kiwi Shoe Polish instead, guess what I’d be slathering all over my face at night? lulz X__O

      • jicks Says:

        ^^The Koreans have def messed up your psyche!! I thinks you need to down some… NEWS & or Arashi PVs- they’re bound to elevate you back to rainbow fairy land xD

        I’ve watched this Yuzu clip a few (hundred) times over & even though Miura & girl don’t stay together, it still makes you feel so good!!! Bittersweet in a ways (love the bicycle rides too, classic old-school high school sweetheart romance xP)

        lmao @Shakespeare ref xDDDDDD Oh a nunnery wouldn’t hold me down at all. In fact, it would probably turn out to be a v. wicked Sister Act remix lol

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Ooooh Sister Act!!! You know you make me wanna (Shout!) Kick my heels up and (Shout!) Throw my hands up and (Shout!) Throw my head back and (Shout!) Come on now! 😀

          “I thinks you need to down some… NEWS & or Arashi PVs- they’re bound to elevate you back to rainbow fairy land xD” << Heh heh. Believe me, I've tried those happy JE multi-vitamins… but every time I'm in rainbow fairy land I keep getting this strange hankering for the post-apocalyptic wasteland of red and black that is a KAT-TUN PV… @______@

  4. kirei Says:

    yay… im watching the anime.. i hoped they’ll be at least near equal in quality ^^V

  5. Carolina Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh! I. am. FANGIRLING~! yesyes I wanna be that melon tooo *U*
    She kinda reminds me of the sister from Bloody Monday, does she not?? Maybe it’s just me… >_>

  6. Jennifer XD Says:

    Yay! Haruma got to be in the video!!! I mean this is his favorite band!!! I’m so happy for him. It should have been a tribute to Kimi ni Todoke!!! I think Mikako Tabe and him make a good couple!! They are so cute in the movie and in real life. oh well :((( >_>

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