Graphics: Nobuta wo Produce Icons (credit: topazera @ LiveJournal)

86 Nobuta wo Produce Ikon-kons from topazera @ LiveJournal

by Ender’s Girl

It was a monumental oversight on my part to not have included topazera‘s amazing batch of icons in my recent posts about Nobuta wo Produce. Thus, it’s my great pleasure to rec them here in a separate post.

Here are just a few, for starters:

These icons elicited everything in me, from laughs to sniffles to “awwws” to loopy smiles, because they’re all so incredibly funny and clever and slashy and sweet. Best of all, they NAIL the very essence of this drama and its characters whom we have all come to love so much. But don’t take my word for it! Do check them out — and please credit topazera accordingly. Thanks muchly!

Click to view MOAR of topazera’s icons!!! MOAR!!!

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2 Comments on “Graphics: Nobuta wo Produce Icons (credit: topazera @ LiveJournal)”

  1. v Says:

    woohoo! love this!! if it was a year ago, i would have saved every single one of them… now, i’ll be more selective but it’s so hard to choose… i guess i’ll have to wait till the weekend to have time. so THANKS!!^^

    lol.. about the “DA MAN” comment… i feel embarrassed but happy at the same time.. it’s funny how ive just watched she’s the man on tv… (y wasnt i doing my hwk.. TT sorry, ive got no excuse.) so when i read ur comment, i laughed out loud cuz it reminded me of that movie. XD

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      So happy to hear you loved the ikon-kons, too. (And they’re not even mine, lol)

      Hey, “She’s the Man” was such a cute, adorable movie! Not a bad way to spend homework time… besides actually doing your homework, lol. Exam season should be nigh, so good luck reviewing for tests and tying up those loose ends at school! Ganbare 😉

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