Vid Clip: The Orenji Story (credit: tinysunbl @ YouTube)

And lo, the Orenji Saga continues…

(For my dear readers who are probably sick to their eyeballs of my Orenji-centric gushing, or don’t even know WHO OR WHAT THE HEY an Orenji is (lol), gomen ne? Bear with me and I’ll be regurgitating my Kame Dorama Roundup in a little while… Oh what’s that you say? You don’t know what a “Kame” is, either? Then what the dingbats are you doing in my blog? Sheeeeeesh. Lol)

It’s my great pleasure to host on The Little Dorama Girl a fanvid by tinysunbl, which she recently debuted on YouTube. When I checked the comments section of my previous post, I was thrilled to find that she wished to share her newest video with the regular readers of this blog. (Numbering about… nine now, “thag you very buch!” — Er, that was to quote Bilbo Baggins from “The Hobbit,” and how apt since I currently have a cold!)

I’m honored that tinysunbl would single out my recent posts on Tatta Hitotsu no Koi as among her inspirations for this video, but at the same time I’d much rather give the credit back to the entire fandom of THnK, from the subbing teams (without whom the rest of us rabble would never be able to enjoy, much less UNDERSTAND J-dramas); to the seeders and uploaders, may their DSL and hard drives never give out; to the bloggers and recappers who have helped spread the luuurve across (and beyond!) cyberspace; to the graphics wizards who have unstintingly shared their wallies and screencaps for us to squee over enjoy; to the fanfic writers (and yes, even you, slashies, lol) who show us that any drama’s cosmos is as deep, rich and boundless as our own imaginations permit; to the forum mods who encourage responsible discussions and exchanges, no matter how erudite — or slushy-gushy (because ALL fans are created equal! *pounds gavel* [hear, hear!]); to the fangirls and fanboys who keep the Doramaverse running high on their encouraging words and comments; and even to the silent drama lovers, who will ONE DAY de-lurk on some blog or fansite, and RISE UP like the dawn to take the Doramaverse by storm (by storm I say!!! and by the way, thanks for sending the rest of us your positive energy vibes! they do help tide us over!); and last but not the least, to the makers of fanvids, whose bite-sized movies of our favorite dramas let us fall in love with the characters and their stories — all over again. And again, and again…

And as cheesy as it sounds (damn you Zac Efron and your silly little Wildcats! *shakes fist*), we really, truly, are all in this together. For what is FANDOM but a collective and synergistic pursuit, this ever-growing matrix of like-minded individuals who constantly draw from each other the motivation to share, to inspire, to create, and to share some more? All we ask of one another is that we give credit where it is due, and that we pay it forward (or backward, sidewards, any which way), and above all, that we keep the lovin’ ALIVE, because THAT’S what it’s really all about, baby.

I’ve always marveled at how fanvideographers manage to excise snippets of our favorite drama scenes and OTP moments, all culled from 10 to 12 different episodes, and then stitch them together into one seamless and fluid whole. On top of which there’s finding the perfect background song or instrumental track wherein every musical note and riff jibes with the emotional rhythm of the montage. I don’t know how these guys do it, but I raise my Orenji bauble to them — you — all.

So I’m posting tinysunbl’s fanvid not because I felt like she expected me to (and she’d be the first to go, “ehhhh???” at this, lulz), or because the heart-breakingly lovely music made me cry in the first five seconds (okay okay, so maybe it DID make me cry! doh! lulz), or even because all my favorite Hiroto+Nao moments are featured here (although that certainly helped! lulz). I’m posting her fanvid because it’s different, it’s unique, because it tells Hiroto and Nao’s love story through ORENJI’S EYES. (Ohhh Orenji. *fond tear*) For as we THnK fans know so well, that little rubber toy is as much a pivotal character in this drama as Hiroto or Nao, or any of their living, breathing family members and friends. As tinysunbl put it, “Viva Orenji!”

This fanvid brought me to the brink of tears (and over) from start to finish. I love how the combined effect of the muted hues, softened lines, and adagio piano track (“When the Love Falls,” by noted Korean composer Yiruma) nails the whole nostalgic feel of the drama. (My favorite moment is 0:16-0:19!!! Loved that bit of editing magic!) Thanks for sharing this, tinysunbl! Now you can kick back and enjoy your 141,297th re-watch of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, lol.

(SpoilLert: No worries, because although many key scenes are featured, the editing is non-linear. For first-time watchers of THnK, this video will probably whet your appetite rather than spoil your viewing satisfaction. Enjoy!)

The Orenji Story

by tinysunbl

(For those who have some difficulty playing the video on-site, here is the direct YouTube link.)

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6 Comments on “Vid Clip: The Orenji Story (credit: tinysunbl @ YouTube)”

  1. jicks Says:

    tinysunbl, thankyou for creating such a beautiful vid!! (And thankyou E.G. for sharing!) I watched it 5times in a row as soon as I clicked into this post (& will probably rewatch it many times to come.) Perfect choice of b/g music ❤ The 0.32-0.48 segment of the vid is my favourite… I just love the sequence of shots.

    Love live the Orenji story! (^_^)

    lol What is a Kame?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Oh yeahhh I love the 0:32-0:48 segment, too! (oh fickle E.G., fickle, fickle E.G.!)

      “lol What is a Kame?” << ROFLLLLL… Answer: A Kame is almost the same thing as a Jin — but with less hair!!!

      (Heyyyy I saw your comment at the TokyoGraph thread and I am inclined to agree with your theory. I can almost hear Johnny-san singing “Climb every mountain… Ford every stream… Follow every rainbow… Till you find your dream…” from inside his wimple, as Jin walks off into the California sunset, hahahahha.)

  2. tinysunbl Says:

    Awwwwwwwwww, Ender’s Girl! You’re such a sweet…Ender’s girl. I couldn’t believe that you feature my MV in a blog post!!!!!!!!!!!! (errrrrrrr? lol) What an honor for a lowly drama fan like myself!!!! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for sharing it with everyone. I’m so touched.

    English is not my first language, so sometimes when my linguistic ability is inadequate to express my feelings toward a drama, I turn to fanvid-making. Though time consuming, to me it provides an outlet for expressions and creativity.

    You know when you generalize the THnK love to the entire fandom, I was so reminded of the sci-fi term FIAWOL! Yes, fandom is a way of life! (then go sing High School Musical -we’re all in this togethe-)

    @jicks: Thank you for watching (and rewatching) it! You really have good eyes to pick out that favorite segment^^, because there’s a reason why it looks the way it does. All of my vids always flow ok at the beginning but the flow decreases and the mistakes increase as it goes, due to my laziness and lack of patience to the end. That mid part 0:32-0:48 is actually the beginning of another vid I started but never finished. I spent too much thoughts and time on it that I’m sick of the song and the rest. It’s probably my favorite part of this vid, too. Thanks again for your nice comments.

  3. doozy Says:

    Awesome MV, tinysunbl! Thanks a bunch!
    Because of all this THnK talk and gushing, I think I’m gonna put Crying Out Love… on hold for now and watch THnK instead. Darn you, orenji! Hahah.

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