Graphics: Anatomy of a J-Pop Breakup (Akanishi Jin & KaT-TUN)

MemberJin Is Dead, Long Live SoloJin!!!

by Ender’s Girl

Within days of Johnny Kitagawa’s big announcement that Akanishi Jin will leave KAT-TUN to focus on his, um, solo career in um, Eeemrricaa (copyright jicks, lol), Jin confirmed his sudden exit in a statement posted on the official JE mobile site. So I guess it’s final, then.

I actually have no strong opinion on this matter, as I was never really a Jin fan outside his adorrrrkable role as Kurosawa in Anego. So one little part of me says “Good luck, Jin!” (to borrow from Mission: Impossible), while another part says, “This U.S. career will self-destruct in 5 months.” *KA-BOOM* — (to, uh, also borrow from Mission: Impossible, haha). I only hope the boy knows what he’s getting into, for as we know too well, many a bright-eyed Asian pop sensation (more talented and popular than Jin himself, or KAT-TUN for that matter) has tried to break into the Western market, and — well, failed. (Exhibit A: Bi)

It will obviously take more than Engrish English proficiency to successfully carve out one’s niche in the U.S. market, much less launch any kind of career there. This isn’t just about knowing how to say “Please pass the salad, thank you very much” with an American twang, or even about making “appearances” in the L.A. club scene with hopes of getting noticed by shady gay benefactors talent scouts and record company execs. Jin will need the right representation and choice of projects, a whole lotta talent, and a whole lotta luck too — which translates to “being in the right place at the right time.” And um, did I also say, a whole lotta talent? Lulz. Anyway, everything is still up in the air, so who knows, right? *shrugs* Besides, at this point only one thing is certain: IF and when Jin’s American Dreamz only end up exploding into a red and black haze of Johnny pixie dust, there won’t be any Plan B (= KAT-TUN) waiting back home like there was in 2007. For the times, they are a-changing… So Bakanishi wants to do America? Well, it’s do or die, Jinny boy.

But I know that somewhere out there, as you read this very word, a KAT-TUN fangirl’s little heart is breaking in two. So here’s a bunch of graphics that I tinkered with last night until this mornin’, me is slow with Photoshop, sees to bring a little cheer during these dark days… or not, lol. These graphics go out to jicks and to all the Jin fans out there — whether you think his escape exit from the group that he’s been with since boyhood is a wise career move, or the dumbest thing a J-Pop Idoru can ever do.


(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Anatomy of a J-Pop Breakup: A Graphicspam in Five Stages

Stage 1: DENIAL

Stage 2: ANGER



and finally, Stage 5: ACCEPTANCE

Photo credits:, Happinesskung @,, iluv2cry @, je_sales @ Wallie by

Translation credit: Jin’s official statement translated & posted by annatanhe @ community.livejournal.kattunlove

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66 Comments on “Graphics: Anatomy of a J-Pop Breakup (Akanishi Jin & KaT-TUN)”

  1. Leen Says:

    LOL, I’m really enjoying your post!

  2. rambutan Says:

    What a brilliant idea to portray the break-up through the grieving process. You crack me up with your humor as well. Thanks!

  3. Cristelle Says:

    wow this is so cute
    and I have to say I feel a TAD disappointed that Jin just up and left KAT-TUN… I guess no one can say they didn’t see this coming =P.
    It’ll be interesting to see if KAT-TUN popularity takes a dip or whether the remaining five will be able to guilt-trip fans into supporting them =P.

  4. momosan Says:

    LOL! My own reading into it isn’t so much that Jin left KAT-TUN as that Johnny shoved him out the door.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Heh heh I tried to keep my phrasing as neutral as possible so as not to inflame ze zentimentz already running high. 🙂

      (But just between you and me, OH YEAH THE GOBLIN KING TOTALLY KICKED HIM OUT. ;-P)

  5. doozy Says:

    I know nothing about KaT-TUN, well maybe a little bit after reading your recent posts, but I thoroughly enjoy reading about them.
    E.G. you always crack me up! especially LOL @ one-track mind “Imma make it worldwide”
    don’t know why but i’m suddenly reminded of the N*Sync song “Bye Bye Bye”…

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      doozy! I totally forgot there’d be readers here unacquainted with Johnny groups. 😀 Yeah, the “Imma make it worldwide” is actually from a lyric in the KAT-TUN song “Gold”, seen here in their opening performance at the 2008 Queen of Pirates concert tour. And you’re right about the “Bye Bye Bye” sound of the song (how’d you know? lulz) (Incidentally this was my very first exposure to KAT-TUN doing their KAT-TUN thing. Made me throw up in my mouth while laughing hysterically, but now I’m used to it, obviously.) Jin is the one wearing the monstrous body wave, and look out for Kame and his eye-patch, lulz.

      • doozy Says:

        I clicked on your link! (perhaps from morbid curiosity…) and wow, had quite a few WTF?! while watching.

        Wat’s with Kame and his pimp cane and bronze/gold eye patch?! Is this the concert where you got that screencap with Kame in “pirate” wear sticking out his tongue for the dorama round-up? (that was my fav screencap comparison, btw)

        And the blond dude wearing an eye patch with heart on it! a heart?! bad-ass pirates they ain’t..

        Dunno how I knew about the “Bye Bye Bye” sound similarity… I guess all b-boy pop songs sound the same. If not for the captions, I would’ve thought that they were singing one song for the entire ten minutes.

        And at the end, when they all changed into those yellow capes, I was like, “the darkness has cloned them at a rapid rate! Now there are like 1928038 of them!”

        Thanks for this very interesting first KaT-TUN experience.. ahahah.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hahahahahahhahaha I so enjoyed your very honest knee-jerk reaction to the Queen of Pirates concert vid!!! It’s always refreshing to see a non-JPop fan’s first impressions, they remind me of how I was before I became desensitized to El Freakshow.

          “Is this the concert where you got that screencap with Kame in “pirate” wear sticking out his tongue for the dorama round-up? (that was my fav screencap comparison, btw)” << Yeppp. 🙂 There was only one piratey concert and that was the 2008 one. (Their 2007 con had a giant cartoon mascotty theme — er, don’t ask, lulz). Oh, and thanks! Glad you liked the screencap comparison! After enduring pretty much the entire QoP DVD I had to watch a random episode of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi just to reassure myself that HirotoKame hadn’t run away screaming from the onslaught of SkankyPirateLipLickingIdoruKame. @_@ Phew!

          “And the blond dude wearing an eye patch with heart on it! a heart?!” << 😀 Oh that was Koki, the Scary Spice of the group. (You'll see more of him in THnK.) “bad-ass pirates they ain’t..” << Totally. That's why I have such little patience for KAT-TUN's badass rocker image, because they can never seem to shake off the cutesycuddlysquishy proclivities of Japanese pop culture & society, ergo the heart patches and hand-holding and a million-and-one other gimmicks you'll see at their concerts.

          “I guess all b-boy pop songs sound the same.” << Darnright, it's the Universal Pop Boyband Mono-Song!!! 😀 But I loved ‘N Sync!!!! (hahaha our age is showing) At least those dudes (like the Backstreet Boys) could actually DANCE & GROOVE while singing, and not spend an entire song lounging on cardboard Spanish galleons or swinging from one fake plastic mast to another.

          “If not for the captions, I would’ve thought that they were singing one song for the entire ten minutes.” Hahahaha. I made sure to give you a video w/ subs, otherwise you wouldn’t know if they were singing in Japanese or Engrish. 😉

          “And at the end, when they all changed into those yellow capes, I was like, “the darkness has cloned them at a rapid rate! Now there are like 1928038 of them!”” << Lololol the yellow Sgt. Pepper raincoats w/ the matador tassles were truly a sight to behold, were they not? 😀

  6. jicks Says:

    lmao @ stage 3, Kame: “Think of our unborn child” gahahaha ^^;; Too funny!

    Well, I can’t remember where I said this, but I really hope that all KAT-TUN fans support the guys (the 5 & Jin) thru this *gets a little teary @ Stage 4* You know w/ this piece of news, I feel the most for the hardcore Akame shippers in this universe (but hey, at least maybe we won’t get to hear that term used again -_-;)

    I wish Jin would try to make it as a solo artist in Japan first. And even then, like you mentioned, Bi dominating the ASIAN market as much as he did, couldn’t even make it over there (though I do think he made poor choices on his movies & music collaborations.)

    I also do think Jin has what it takes to be successful on his home turf, but the States is like, yeah. No. Seriously, someone whack some sense into his delusional head. No, wait, okay, fine, I’ll support him but that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea.

    Well, E.G., thankyou for the graphics! But why did Kame get all the cool lines? lol

    P.S. Chibi Stage 5 pic is kinda… scary lol. Not used to such happy chappy grins from those boys~~

    • jicks Says:

      P.P.S. Can you just imagine what Kame+Jinny’s baby would look like??? (O____o)… xD

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        Oh lud, I thought I had effectively scratched out that “unborn child” line, hahaha. Was it still that visible? I only meant it as a bone for the Akame fanficcers who like to write those epic stories where FemmeKame gets knocked up by StrappingHunkyJin of the Wild Hair and Wild Oats. But — oh, their baby!!! I’m sure the little Akame gremlin — er, poppet would pop out of Kame (WTF?) complete with a bad orange perm, glassy eyes and pouty lips, and its skinny frame swaddled in red and black rags (with gold tassels! and bells!) while puffing on a ciggy and bobbing its head, hands behind its hips.

        OMG I got a bit teary too while doing Stage 4!!! When I was surfing for pics and saw that one (it was still in color), I knew it was gonna be Brokebacky perfect.

        “I feel the most for the hardcore Akame shippers in this universe (but hey, at least maybe we won’t get to hear that term used again -_-;)” << Ya thunk??????? Did the Elvis sightings die out after Elvis' death? 😛 Actually I think the term will be used more than ever. I've already come across quite a bunch of freshly pressed Akame fanfics that draw from Jin leaving KT, like… 5 years from now Jin comes back from Eeeemrica and bumps into Kame, sparks fly!!!ohnoessswhattodowhattodo??? — or something like that. I didn’t read the whole thing, the blurbs were entertaining enough. 😀

        “No, wait, okay, fine, I’ll support him but that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea.” << Personally I think that's the most reasonable & realistic stance a Jin fan can adopt at this point. Support w/ reservations. 🙂 I also agree that Jin shouldawouldacoulda tested the waters in his home turf before trying to “make it worldwide.” X__O

        “But why did Kame get all the cool lines? lol” LULZ hahahah you just had to ask, didn’t you…

        Re Chibi Stage 5 pic, hahahaha I know what you mean! But believeitornot, I actually got a bit misty-eyed doing that last one (esp. when I affixed the “NI” to Jinny’s forehead) because I wanted to go back in time and scream at the boys before they did anything… irreparable, “DON’T DO IT!!! DON’T BELIEVE THE OLD MAN OFFERING YOU LOLLIPOPS IF YOU COME WITH HIM!!! IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR INNOCENCE!!! RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!!” Too late for that now.

        • jicks Says:

          I did have to strain my eyes to make out that it was “unborn” but it was worth it!

          But an Akame Gremlin w/ orange hair & pouty lips, that’s pure gold… & you know Johnny K will pick this skinny little thing up & milk him/her/it for all its worth *$$$kaching!* Maybe the 3 of them could form a mother/father/child trio lol… actually, that’s not funny at all *shuts eyes*

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Oh man, jicks, that isn’t funny at all… LOLLL

            Ooooh Johnny K can be the wicked fairy godfather — er, godgoblin (?) who gatecrashes little Akame’s christening and casts a powerful curse that instantly kills off Jin (who’s shielding Kame, awww) and Kame (who’s shielding Akame while sobbing “not our baby!!! not our baby!!!”), but the curse ricochets back to Johnny after leaving a pinku heart-o shaped scar on the baby’s forehead… The GremlinBaby Who Lived!!! (Sorreh sorreh, just saw the Potter 7 movie trailer last night while watching Inception, haha)

  7. […] rant and commentary on Akanishi-kun’s decision to pursue a solo career overseas, check out Ender’s Girl’s post. It definitely had me laughing and yet nodding in agreement with some of her […]

  8. tinysunbl Says:

    Ender’s Girl=N2O=luv. You always managed to crack me up!
    LMAO@Every pics in this post. Just the sheer color of Jin and Kame photo in depression stage makes my day!!!! Oh yeah, Akame, what an irony!
    ~ remember the good old times watching those fan-made vids featuring Akame a.k.a PG13/R materials~

    I watched the QoP concert but didn’t remember the lyrics “Imma make it worldwide!” Totally missed it until you mentioned in the comment. I think in QoP there’s a song called “Hell, no” too. lmao, is Jin’s future pre-determined in that fateful concert? (where he flirted excessively with Yamapi and probably conceived another unborn child from the affair)

    Homoeroticism set aside, I’m glad Jin leaves KAT-TUN. Now I’ll get to see KAME work twice as hard to deserve the 2 letters (KA). For a band that doesn’t have the vocal but only the visual, that means all sorts of “Kame”-Kame in dramas, Kame in AnAn’s annual special issue, Kame in ….yay!!!!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks! Ohohoho yeahhh, those 1 million Akame fanvids. I may have checked out a few of them, hehehe. 😀

      I think the song “Gold” made such a big impression on me because QoP was the very first KAT-TUN con that I saw on DVD (and yes, I have all of ’em now, hahaha) and that song was part of their opening medley. So though I wish otherwise, I can’t seem to rid myself of the lyrics (“all or nothing, now or never / we can make it happen we can make it all right / time is coming, everlasting / don’t you wanna see us when we make it worldwide?”) no matter how hard I try to forget ’em, lol. @_@

      Hahaha, I remember when PiPi was a special guest on QoP to promote Code Blue, he was there on-stage with KT for like 45 minutes or something, lol. Really, did he flirt shamelessly with BFF Jin? Maybe that’s why Kame was so cold towards him, hahaha. I kept waiting for the Seishun Amigo powah chunyuu lurrrve to appear, but alas, no such luck. Was it just my imagination, or did Kame actually look pissed that Pi never left Jin’s side, ergo the cameras were always trained on them? 😀 After Pi had overstayed his welcome on-stage, Kame took the mike and he was like, “ok YamaPi you can SO go now” hahaha.

      Actually a lot of KT fans are happy that with Jin gone, their own favorite members can finally get their turn. I don’t think they’d be too happy if Kame only took up all of Jin’s commitments/singing parts/screen time, though. Give chance to others, ne? 😉

      A ripped Kame in AnAn? Hellyessss. (Just… no shower scenes, please. lulz)

  9. tinysunbl Says:

    Oh yeah, pardon my low English and Japanese proficiency, I don’t quite get what “I’m seared of heights” means 😦
    Does Gan Ba Re Baka Ni Shi mean “you’re stupiddddd”?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Nothing wrong with your English. 😀 You just misread Maru’s line: “I’m SCARED of heights.” 🙂 You’ve heard that he’s acrophobic, right? I learned about it while reading a concert report of their 2009 April (or was it May?) tour, and there was a part in the program where Maru was supposed to bungee jump or something, and some days of the tour he made it, other days (including the finale) he chickened out. 😉 So I just thought I’d write that into the graphics I was making the other night. Besides, I know Stage 2 was supposed to be “Anger” but I just couldn’t think of anything angry that Maru would say. Same for Junno. (Can’t imagine what could possibly piss those two off. They both seem so awfully nice. I don’t watch Cartoon KAT-TUN so I wouldn’t know.)

      Anyway I just found it exceedingly funny for Maru to say something so WTF- random as “I’m scared of heights” while Kame/Koki/Ueda were reacting angrily to Jin’s departure, and since I couldn’t think of Junno saying anything mean or spiteful, he just ends up going, “I’m scared of Jin, so good riddance.” 😀

      GANBARE (or GANBATTE) = “do your best” or “just hang in there” 😉

      BAKANISHI – It’s a pun on Jin’s name, baka + Akanishi (you’re right, baka = idiot); apparently it’s a term of endearment used by fellow Johnnies — and by extension, the fans. 🙂

      • tinysunbl Says:

        Everything’s clear now, thanks for the explanation E.G. Enlarged photo wouldn’t help me read. need new glasses now->eye popped out too much many times while watching the Johnnies that they’re beyond repair now.

        I didn’t know bout Maru being an acrophobe. I was never enough of a KAT-TUN fan/hater to follow their interviews and shows (before I came to this blog lol. Now it’s impossible to ignore them. What a sissy kittun band that I LOVE to see made fun of- out of love, of course).

        And hell, yesss Yamapi and Jin exchanged glances like crazy. The QoP concert was such a rip-off with Yamapi’s appearance, cuz all he did was flirting with Jin, stirring a Korean love triangle, and marketing his Code Blue drama!!! Well I guest the fanfic writers would have some materials to take home, but that’s about it.

        Thanks for teaching me “Ganbare” and “Bakanishi” 🙂 Luv

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          “eye popped out too much many times while watching the Johnnies that they’re beyond repair now.” << ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, there's a Johnny wisecrack born every minute. *fond tear* Ahloveit!!! 😀

  10. Yoko-chan Says:

    Uwa! I can’t believe i actually got to laugh out loud at a matter that is sad to me. I kinda needed that. It’s true, it’s not like we didn’t expect this to happen, but i guess i still just like KAT-TUN as a whole more than their solo acts. A lot more. Well… we shall see what happens!

  11. jana Says:

    Hi E.G., as far as I’ve seen, you seem to be the only one on the net who tries to inject some humour into the KAT-TUN breakup situation. Lol! :))) I had trouble with the “chibi” picture, couldn’t recognise Ueda, Maru and Junno at first! And I was surprised you showed us a picture with Johnny, never seen him before, he looks as scary and perverted as I could imagine.
    Actually, I’ll miss Jin’s factor in KAT-TUN, though I don’t like him that much as a person. But I’m also curious about what will happen to Ka + T-TUN in an entertainment world next. This week I watched all the KAT-TUN’s PVs just out of sentiment, so I’d love to know if you have a favourite one. My No.1 is Rescue, I like their “dark” image in it:)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “Hi E.G., as far as I’ve seen, you seem to be the only one on the net who tries to inject some humour into the KAT-TUN breakup situation.” << Fo' realz??? 😀 Well, it's great therapy, hahaha. I know the news is really tough on the fans, but a little levity won't hurt, ne? I tend not to take these things too seriously. I mean it's J-POP fergawdsssakes, lulz.

      “I was surprised you showed us a picture with Johnny, never seen him before, he looks as scary and perverted as I could imagine.” << Hahahahahaha! So true. This was taken back in 2005 I think, so Kame was still a scrawny little chicken. XD Believe it or not but when I first saw this photo I didn't even know who those nubile young lads making up the Goblin King’s posse were. I only went Johnny-hunting because I was a SMAP fan; back then I knew nothing about KAT-TUN or the other JE groups. Much can indeed change in just a year and a half. 🙂

      Oh crud, but Youtube took down all the KT PVs!!! Nuts. Good thing I have a couple of them on DVD, hahaha. I haven’t seen the latest videos, but yeah, the Rescue PV definitely rocks. I liked it A LOT because it didn’t feel like a typical J-Pop video, but it had that “American rap video” vibe going. I also like how technically polished it was, with the noir lighting and urban industrial backdrop, the hip-hop dance moves, etc. No loud orange shiny things anywhere, lol. So it felt professional without trying too hard.

      Another fave would be Bokura no Machi de — for obvious reasons. 😀

      What’s your least fave, then? 😉 From those I’ve seen, mine would be LIPS. I mean. Gawwwwd. Everything I hate about Kame and KT’s image is THERE in that video. Yechchchchchch. X___O

      • jana Says:

        My least fave? Can’t decide, too many options!:) Perhaps Love Yourself – Kame has a horrible outfit on and the whole set and feel is even worse than YNSH opening. If there was an award for the worst costume in each PV, I’m afraid Kame would win it at least for Don’t You Ever Stop, Keep the Faith and Love Yourself, lol! (For Lips it would be poor Taguchi:). And I don’t like Going, it’s just boring, not a single interesting (or annoying) idea in it.

        Have you seen Making of One Drop? Kame mentions there that he “filmed a shot at that pool for a drama once” and it’s really a THnK set!

  12. jana Says:

    Oh, sorry, the most boring KT’s video is D-Motion, I’ve got it all mixed up:)

    As for JE, my very first JE-group encounter were Arashi because of MatsuJun and I got a shock when I saw them performing in their typical colourful/shiny costumes on the stage! I still like Jun and Nino as actors, but as j-idols – no, thank you very much! 🙂
    And when it comes to SMAP, it’s just too painful for me to watch my fave j-artist KT + other members dancing and singing as j-idols (tried to go through their concert dvd but dropped it after an hour).

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ I got to watch the PVs you mentioned… and WHAT the bloody blue blazes, Love Yourself was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Oh my goodness that heart pretzel set piece that kept changing color was so wiggity-wack, and were those red lips on Kame’s outfit? Not giant engorged leeches? ‘Coz he sure had me fooled… @_@ I agree this PV is 93247257 times worse than the discocheese of the YNSH opener, and I had to bail midway through the spectacle.

      Yah, Going and D-Motion’s CGI+Auto-Tune = Zzzzzzzzzz X___o (Going made me recall those lesser American boybands from the late ’90s that liked to wear white, like Code Red or 911 or worse — A1? hahaha)

      Oh I recognized the soiree setting from THnK in the One Drop PV! Thanks for pointing it out. 😀 I dunno if I would’ve wanted SkankyKame dancing all over the SACRED GROUND where Hiroto and Nao once tread, but thankfully Kame kept the skank to a minimum just for this video.

      Arashi and NEWS (from the little that I’ve seen, I only get to watch them “perform” at Johnny’s Countdowns) seem cut from the same shiny-happy-poppy rainbow cheese cloth (and with none of the angry rocker stuff), so I don’t react as violently to these guys as I do to KT. 😉

      Ahhh SMAP… *fond tear* I don’t mind their performances really, because compared to what the lesser Johnnies have been putting out, any SMAP con would look like a nice, sedate lawn party — with cucumber sandwiches and flutes of champagne.

  13. Jenny Says:

    Haha, I love those pics and seriously Johnny himself looks like a mega creep wholikes to be around young boys.

    I heard Jin auditioned for the 4th pirates of the caribbean movie. ( a japanese pirate grr argh matey)
    Oh and btw Mika Nakashima is a Zombie in the resident evil movie that will be released ;D

    His english seems decent though thanks to his punishment from a few years back when he went to the Us to “study”. There was claims that he got a girl knocked up so damage control and Jin was sent away.
    But everyones been like nooooo, I can’t live on without Jin (lol) so it’s nice to have someone take it with a sense of humour for once.
    I think the band get’s along better without Jin actually.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “seriously Johnny himself looks like a mega creep who likes to be around young boys.” << ka-ching!!!! Could not have said it better! 😀

      Jin… AUDITIONED for Pirates4????? Hahahahahhaa WHY. All he had to do was show the studio execs a Queen of Pirates concert DVD and thus save himself the trouble of waiting long lines at the casting calls… >DDDD

      “( a japanese pirate grr argh matey)” << Lulz the thought cracks me up!!! Although shouldn't it be… “mate-o!!! mate-o!!!” lol

      Mika Nakashima << she's pretty 'n' stuff, so cool. 😉 jicks is a much, much bigger Mika fan, so I'm sure she'd be very happy to hear about this. Er… I just hope it isn't a bit role?

      Re the Jin rumors, yeah I'd expect all sortsa crazy sh*t to surface, and since we aren't privy to Johnny’s inner sanctum or Jin's personal life, who really knows for sure? Don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of all the juicy JE dirt-o even if we tried. *shrugs* But if Jin meets any modicum of success stateside, I guess it wouldn't really matter what his true reason was for leaving KT (both in 2006 and in 2010). People are gonna forget if the U.S. career was even the point of his hiatus, or a matter more messy and personal. But first, he has to MAKE IT WORLDWIDE!!! lulz

      • Jenny Says:

        Yes, Jin should have done that^^
        I do hope he has some success, the guy can sing but I’m not sure how well the mainstream audience will react towards him.
        In Japan I think he will be popular unless the jimusho blacklists him.

        JE-dirt there propably so much dirt on the agency (and Johnny himself) it might help when he kicks the can to be able to uncover some of it, there has been claims of abuse for over 20 years. Now you get hit by a lawsuit when you try.

        Mika is at least in the trailer but I don’t know about the whole movie.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hey thanks for sharing this! 😀

          “the jimusho” << lol this definitely had a Yakuza feel to it! 🙂

          Well, Johnny-san is as old as dirt, so ohhyeahhh youbetcha the Gnome King’s got a LOT of it under his rug… >D Though I doubt it’ll all get exposed when he finally croaks, since dear little sister Mary will be taking over the family biz… @_@ (And I do wonder if she’s got a few skeletons of her own…)

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  15. John Kincaid Says:

    I don’t normally follow JE happenings deeply, but the news about Akanishi Jin leaving KAT-TUN is interesting, possibly because I just saw BANDAGE last night.

    I have to say that KAT-TUN’s music is absolute crap and their appearance is…interesting (I’m a guy, sorry girls! At least I’m somewhat entertained by Kame…sometimes). I’m surprised they are so popular, I guess they have “sex appeal”? And massive promotions. Anyways…

    BANDAGE. Jin can make it solo. Definitely. But I don’t know about the U.S., I think he needs to stick with Japan. (Can he even quit JE? I think not.) He has an interesting voice for rock, the soundtrack for BANDAGE is quite good. Get a band behind him with the support of Kobayashi Takeshi and there will be success. But…my guess is that JE will handle things strangely, push for him to continue U.S. activities (which will die out, FAST), then he will return to Japan dejected. Who knows, maybe he can become a “rock star”?

    All I know is that he has massive Japanese fan support, so he can do pretty much anything. But if he waits too long, that fan support will die…much like most boy band members fade into oblivion (though JE has the magic power that seems to keep boy bands alive into their 40’s!).

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Are you just talking about Jin’s singing in Bandage, or his acting as well — or the movie as a whole? Or did you like all three? 🙂 I haven’t seen Bandage (should I? XD), but yeah, he does have pretty strong pipes, which is why I don’t know how different KaT-TUN will now sound with their best singer gone. Although his distinctive ululations can grate on you once you’ve listened to, like, 20 straight KT songs, haha. And I must say that I will miss the song portions where Jin and Kame harmonize, because they actually pull this off well.

      I dunno if Jin will even find it easier to transition from J-Pop to J-Rock, since it’s a different fan base. I know that all KT songs are rock-tinged (they’re JE’s resident Angry Young Johnnies, remember?), but winning over a new set of fans will be a different thing altogether. But — who knows? It may actually work out. Like you said, the Jin loyalists don’t have to cross over into being J-Rock fans, they can just buy his albums. It would be a shame to see SoloJin’s career crash and burn, if only because it would be a waste of his talent (and not because I’m a fan or anything). So yeah, if and when Jin’s US Invasion ends up in flames, RockerJin 2.0 may be a better Plan B than having to crawl back to Johnny-san and beg to be reinstated into KT (which Jin would never do anyway).

      “I have to say that KAT-TUN’s music is absolute crap” << Funny, I used to think so myself!!! Then 4 concert tour DVDs later — I actually like their music now!!!!! hahahahaha. (Same thing happened with me and SMAP — story of my life, baby. Hah hah) KT songs are horribly infectious despite the logic-defying Engrish lyrics and ear-splitting heavy metal riffs. They'll beat you down eventually, these damn pop songs.

      “(though JE has the magic power that seems to keep boy bands alive into their 40′s!).” << Hey… SMAP's Nakai Masahiro is only 38!!! lol. Well, SMAP just kicked off their 2010 tour in Hokkaido, so the audience turnout during this series of concerts will be very telling of how much mojo and staying power those dudes still have left. I hope they at least wait until Shingo turns 40, haha 😀

      • John Kincaid Says:

        I was pleasantly surprised by BANDAGE. Really liked the cast and the music was good. I would recommend it, especially if you are a Jin fan.

      • leilana Says:

        Have you seen “Bandage”? It seems like everyone is praising this film and I don’t understand why. I saw it – it’s not like it was a completely worthless crap; it was pretty decent and the music was truly awesome (all hail Takeshi Kobayashi!) but to me it seemed… unfinished. The story and the characters weren’t developed at all. Towards the end, the main character, Asako, points out to Natsu (the character played by Akanishi – which is pretty cool in this movie, by the way) that she hates herself and at that point I was “Eeeeh? Nande?” because up until that point her inner conflict simply does NOT appear. So I’m really curious – have you seen the movie and if you did, what was your opinion about it?

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I def. agree with you about the non-development of the characters and story (and like, WTF was that little subplot with Kora Kengo?)… AND acting (I’m looking at you, Bakanishi). But I really, really liked the direction and cinematography. I thought those aspects somehow elevated the movie to at least a watchable level. And I LOVED the music. I’ve always been more into band music (rock or alternative) than into pop acts, so I was extremely partial to the music and the jamming scenes in Bandage. 🙂

          • leilana Says:

            I read that Kengo’s character, Yukiya, was actually in love with Natsu and that’s why he hated Asako so much. While reading this I was like “….Okay, how come did I miss this?” So I asked a friend of mine to watch the movie with me and at the end I told her about Yukiya’s feelings and she said she didn’t notice them at all. So it wasn’t me. XD

            And the music… I have that damn album on repeat since December. I even consider buying the original CD, this is how much I actually liked it. Oh, Akanishi, if all of your songs would be that good… Unfortunately, we won’t hear such songs anytime soon, ’cause he said he found it “difficult” to “sing in rock” (Sing IN rock?! Really, Jin? Well, this comes from the guy who says “that’s gotta be banana”… so…)

  16. jana Says:

    @ J.K. : Saw Bandage movie last night too, what a coincidence:)The music was pretty good as well as Jin-singer. However, most of the times he didn’t convince me his character (Natsu) is a real rocker. It has nothing to do with his acting, I just don’t think any rock singer is so pure as Natsu seems to be when it comes to women, and his image is rather “j-idolish”, too (unlike the rest of LANDS members) Sometimes even his acting is very similar to what I’ve seen in KAT-TUN’s Making of PVs (moody, annoyed Jin waiting for his shoot).
    But I still think it’s worth watching it, it is the best Akanishni’s performance I’ve seen so far (know him just from Anego and Gokusen 2) and there are really good co-stars in the film, especially the guy who plays Yukiyo. Not to mention about three scenes with an atmospere which gave me goosbumps.

    Akanishi talks about his rock singing in this interview,
    so I don’t think he switches from what he’s doing now to rock ever. I wonder what he’ll be told to do if he fails in U.S….

    @ E.G. : “I have to say that KAT-TUN’s music is absolute crap” << Funny, I used to think so myself!!! Then 4 concert tour DVDs later — I actually like their music now!!!!!

    No way, I was like that too! The difference is it was just one DVD Tokyo Dome concert later I had to download my set of "K-T's greatest hits" and listen to it every morning before I leave to my workplace, ha ha:) Well, I don't think it's a real music, but anyway, at least it's energizing, and not always the "universal boys band song", yes:)

    • John Kincaid Says:

      I think that Jin played a lot of himself in the film, which is a good thing. He was pretty convincing as a rocker, in my opinion (at least as opposed to other, similar films). I do agree that they portrayed him as fairly “pure,” but it didn’t steep into typical JE actor fluff. He was pretty straightforward and had a bunch of pretty dark, self-centered scenes.

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        Thanks for the recs, both of you. I think I’m putting this movie on my to-watch list. 😀 (John, I enjoyed reading your Bandage review on your site. 😉 Good to know you took a chance on the film despite the, uh, Johnny factor)

        @ jana

        Awww, reading Jinny’s interview cut my heart into little ribbons! @_@ The boy really, really, really does want to make in the U.S. *sigh*

        Haha, KT songs are a great morning energizer, indeed! So which con was your first? Mine was QoP, so that’s prolly why it took me a longer time to, uh, recover. Last week I found myself marathoning all 4 concert DVDs in 2 days, and the closing shot of the 2009 BTR con was that of Jin peeking out from the backstage, waving goodbye. I was like, “oh man.” Y__Y

        • jana Says:

          My first K-T (and j-pop) DVD con was Break the Records 2009, three months ago or so. Didn’t expect much, but to my surprise I liked it and enjoyed it from start to finish. I was really impressed by the size of the show, had no idea a j-idols group gig could stand comparison with e.g. U2 PopMart Tour (of course I don’t compare music!! 🙂 ) Have to watch again Jin’s final goodbye in BTR. *sigh*

          I agree, QoP wasn’t that great, I felt YamaPi’s presence on the stage was over the top and ruined the con atmosphere somehow. And why the same “pirate ship” idea again? We’ve already seen it back in 2005 con.

          “Last week I found myself marathoning all 4 concert DVDs in 2 days”

          Eeeeh? My time interval between watching K-T cons seems to be about a month 🙂 What is your favourite one? My fav is BTR for now, especially for Kame’s and Jin’s solos. But still have three left to watch *looking forward to it*

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Oh I didn’t know KT did a piratey con back in 2005! I’ve only been keeping track of their cons since their 2006 debut. BTR – yeah the set pieces and pyrotechnics were impressive, ne? I remember thinking, even SMAP doesn’t have as many gimmicks (or costume changes, lol) in their concerts.

            I think I just marathoned the 2006/07/08/09 DVDs the other week because I belatedly found myself feeling… sad? (is that the word? lulz) over Jin’s departure, when the news had initially left me unaffected. I told my friend about it and she said, “so… stage 4? lol”

            Fave con? As a whole maybe the first one, Real Face. 🙂 But I like bits and pieces from the other cons, like the Tengu song from QoP and Kame’s solo from CTKT II You. And I always love it when Kame and Junno do their “Special Happiness” duet. I like the Koki+Maru duet too. I don’t remember if I liked anything from BTR though (hehe peace). Maybe ‘coz I’m not really a fan of the newer songs. And prolly ‘coz Kame’s Water Dance destroyed any pleasant memories I may have had from that concert, lol. @__@

            Hey you heard the latest fan reports from the 2010 con? Apparently Kame’s solo is some kind of vampire ero dance with Juniors… lots of Juniors. =D

  17. jana Says:

    There are two K-T cons subtitled by (the greatest fansubber ever) newshfan from the time before their official debut, even though the boys didn’t have enough their own songs back in 2005 and 2003 🙂 Concerning 2005 con, please be prepared to see the worst costumes ever, lol 🙂 (haven’t seen the first dvd yet), but the show is actually very good.

    I think your friend got to the point, so funny 🙂 I felt also sad because K-T group with six members was over, but now after watching Bandage movie and many promo clips (Jin looked much happier collaborating with Kobayashi Takeshi than doing the usual stuff with K-T) I’m rather glad that at least one member could “run away” to L.A. from Johnny.

    Ha ha, Kame’s Water Dance was way too much! But I like his 1582 girly performance 🙂 Yeah, I’ve seen a picture of Kame with vampire fangs 🙂 Could it be a Twilight influence?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      What you said about Jin reminds me of that old Kurt Russell movie Escape from L.A. … but in this case it would be Escape to L.A. ^^;;

      “Could it be a Twilight influence?” << Yeah, what else could it be? Probably wanted to cash in on the whole craze — THE J-POP WAY!!! 😀

      “Concerning 2005 con, please be prepared to see the worst costumes ever, lol” << Oh man you mean there's worse than what they've been wearing to their 2006-2010 cons? Bwahahaha. Ohhh Johnnies, you never cease to amaze me… *fond tear*

  18. Mil Says:

    Well, I’m reading this post a bit late but someone suggested it for the crazy graphics, lmao!
    Great job, and I love the fact that Kame’s unborn child thought is still readable despite you scratched it, it feels like he’s trying to censor himself from that thought, haha! XD

    Personally, I’m a fan of Jin Akanishi as an actor, I enjoyed his face and how funny he could be in jdramas such as gokusen 2 and yukan club. Whereas KAT-TUN… eh. I’ve been kind of following the band for about 3 years now, where by kind of i mean “whenever I feel a bit down and want a pick-me-up I watch old episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN and laugh like an idiot”. But their songs… my feelings are totally mixed about them. I sometimes put them on as a background because they have silly “rock guitars” in ’em without the songs being actually interesting enough to distract me from what I need to do, but otherwise I only occasionally hear them when I watch PVs.

    Now, KAT-TUN PVs are rally, really odd, imo. First time I watched them, I think my first was “Real Face” I was like “Wow, I’ve never seen guys being so obviously sexually exploited before.” (seriously, not even Backstreet Boys being showered on in a basketball court shouted as much “sex me up!” as Real Face) and since I always thought this felt wrong enough when done to girls you can imagine what my reaction was to these young boys (disgust mixed with “well, equal opportunities, I guess…” and some “WTF?”).

    But then I saw too many of them and my social awareness gave in, submitted to the JE dark side. So now I watch these videos, and half of my brains keeps repeating “morallywrongmorallywrongmorallywrong” and other half goes “Lalala, eye candy!”

    Biggest KAT-TUN laugh? first time I watched/heard “Yorokobi no Uta”. Of all of the rockin’ wannabe songs in their repertoire, this was the most ridiculous! It starts off with these tough guy poses and heavy guitars… and then you can just see hearts, daisies and jumping puppies framing the scene as they start yelling that yeeeeeeeeee, they love you! 😛

    (I better not get even started on their concerts…)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey thanks! 😀 Lol @ “crazy graphics” -> one of the best compliments I’ve heard so far! Well I do try… *curtsies awkwardly*

      “I always thought this felt wrong enough when done to girls you can imagine what my reaction was to these young boys (disgust mixed with “well, equal opportunities, I guess…” and some “WTF?”).” + “half of my brains keeps repeating “morallywrongmorallywrongmorallywrong” and other half goes “Lalala, eye candy!”” << ROFLLLL we're soul-sisters, girl!!! It's a daily struggle, baby… lulz

      I agree, the Real Face PV was just so LMFAOtastic, mainly 'coz of an oversexed Kame gyrating in a 12-y.o.'s body @_@

      LMAO @ your description of the Yorokobi no Uta PV. 😀 (I'm assuming you're talking about the PV? Have not seen it, just the con perfs) But I actually love that song, it's just so rainbowcheesehappy! In a non-AngryYoungJohnnies kind of way! I have tremendous fun every time the boys perform YnU at their cons, zipping about the stage and grinning like little kids. It's like the one song where they get to stop pretending they're supposed to look cool and edgy and sh*t.

      • Mil Says:

        “LMAO @ your description of the Yorokobi no Uta PV. (I’m assuming you’re talking about the PV? Have not seen it, just the con perfs)”

        Yep yep, it’s the PV. I later found the Cartoon KAT-TUN episode where they first introduced it and there it didn’t seem so out of place (that show’s SO cheesy, but they are laughing and pulling pranks at each other and that’s refreshing after the “doyawantmybody” stunts they pull at live performances and PVs). They were giggling and jumping around as usual and then said something like “This is a song you could sing at the Karaoke” before performing it. And I went, “Yeah, I could”

        But to understand what I meant about the PV, watch the first 53 seconds (haha) and the contrast with the later bunnies and heart candies mood of the song 😛

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          There, video link all fixed! 😉 Thanks for sharing this! Oh! Ahahahahaha now I know what you’re talking about! Egads, did the KT boys even listen to the lyrics of their own song before they started acting all dark and emo and cagey inside the elevator??? SONG. OF. HAPPINESSSSS???? *giant roll eyes* Unless the incongruity between song and PV style was meant to be, um, ironic??? LMFAO I doubt it >D

          PV was mighty entertaining from start to finish, though. 🙂

          • Mil Says:

            I know right? When Koki has his fingers heart-shaped at his chest I always half-expect him to transform into a Pretty Sailor Warrior, haha!

            Have you ever watched the show “Video on trial”? Where a bunch of comedians and DJs show a pop song video and comment on all the silly parts of it? Example! I kinda wish they could do one of a Johnnie’s vid! KAT-TUN would be my pick, but I’d be happy also with a crack at NewS or Arashi! 😀

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            No, this was my first time to watch VoT, thanks for sharing the link! Hahahaha, the commenters were hilarious! 😀

            Oh man, that’ll be the day when a JE vid gets its own “trial…” 😉 (And I agree, KT should def. be the very first featured artist!) I just dunno if anyone would go through all that trouble to upload a re-edited PV with their comments and stuff, only to see it get shot down the following week by Jimusho trolls. @__@ Still, whoever should take on the challenge will find the whole experience to be great, cathartic fun. My best friend and I watched a couple of KT PVs/perfs together and vivisected each video from start to finish with mingled horror and glee. Spent the whole time laughing/groaning our brains out, lol. I think we stopped when she decided she could never, ever be a Kame/KAT-TUN/JE fan no matter what, leaving me to soldier on alone in my Johnnyrrific flailing and grubbing. 😀

          • Mil Says:

            I totally had that experience, when the Rescue vid was released! I was half horrified because living in Europe I had been exposed to that discotrash type of rhythm since puberty and maaaan, it makes my ears bleed. But with, uhm, the fantastic mute feature enabled I can enjoy the… uhm, dancing performances? Yes, that.

            So in my hormonal storm I decided to share the goodies with my best mate and she was totally oblivious to their pher… to their talent! I couldn’t even get her to laugh at the set props they had stolen from The Crow, bummer.

  19. […] posts: Anatomy of a J-Pop Breakup ; To the Faithless Departed ; Tuesdays with […]

  20. leilana Says:

    I love you. You were amazing in this post (but then again, I can’t remember a time when you weren’t, haha). As fond as I am of Akanishi (hell, I even dubbed him The Supreme Lord of Hotties in my mind, which, I think, says quite a lot about my level as a fangirl), I don’t think he’s gonna make it. I’ve listened to that song of his, Test Drive. It’s nothing different from the other 387534896108978536235347 dance-pop-whatever songs I’ve heard this year.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahaha thanks! (And uh-oh, sorry if this was a long time coming. Have not checked my bloggy in a full month and a half! :O)

      Test Drive is pretty catchy for the first 5 seconds, but then all pop songs are like that anyway. I totally agree with you, this song sounds just like any other bog-standard dance-pop ditty out there. Same thing for Sun Burns Down. (And now I can’t even remember how different one song was from the first. Oh wait, there is no difference. @__@)

      • leilana Says:

        I know, I know. *Yoda voice* Jinny, make it worldwide like this, you shall not! I sense much Autotune in your voice, young one. Listening to you I am because your fangirl I am. As shallow as me, not everyone is.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          ROFLLLLL this is the shizz! Hahahahaha (esp. the Autotune part — too funneee!) 😀 Yes, Johnny Grand Master Yoda, yes! (yellowgold lightsaber sound FX) *shrruumm! shrruumm!*

  21. South Says:

    OMG I laughed so much. X3 Jin’s thoughts, think of Johnny-san (lol), afraid of heights and the Akame-jokes-will-never-get old, the posing Kame with the “never in this town again”, well, you know the funny, you made this haha.

    I don’t live in USA but it seems Jin is hitting #1 places or something? I don’t like his stuff though, and his pv are not even worth watching, he hides one of his best features: his dance and his face. Not to mention the songs are so electronic-feel that Jin’s voice doesn’t sound as awesome.

    But I’m happy for him…

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks! Glad you share my sense of humor! 😀

      Yeah, Jin’s two singles have apparently topped iTunes and Billboard club/dance charts… but they pertain to digital downloads (in the USA at least), so I don’t think they’re really THAT big a deal. Unless I’m grossly mistaken, physical album sales are still the prime determinant of commercial success for recording artists. 🙂

      • South Says:

        I thought so. Also, you might wanna check “That’s what she said”, a new song, Bakanishi is getting a lot of hate from that song alone in arama@livejournal. I listened to his Japonicana’s songs preview and…he should have listened to Mori’s not real advice, Aquaneesha will destroy himself with this music. O_o

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Yeah, I just checked the Arama post. The song lyrics made me want to vomit in my mouth from start to finish. Diss.guss.TING.

          “he should have listened to Mori’s not real advice, Aquaneesha will destroy himself with this music. O_o” – HAHAHAHAHAHA. So true! ;D

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