Random Fandom: Miura Haruma (Kimi ni Todoke promo)

Spaz Moment: August 12, 2010.
When Miura Haruma Went from C.U.T.E.… to H.O.T.

by Ender’s Girl

Because I believe in the Law of Averages, I’ve noticed how the universe finds a way to counterbalance my JE-centric posts with, um, the more pleasant things in life, yesss? No matter what shameful content comes wriggling into my blog, events conspire so that I always find something good (and good-looking! heh heh) to make up for the grotesque, something sweet for the sickening, something adorable for the abominable, something yummy for the yucky, something normal for the… well, not. (In short, something Miura for the Kame? Hahahahaha)

So without really meaning to (yeah right, lol), I found these photos from a Kimi ni Todoke promo event last Aug. 11th (the movie opens in Japan Sept. 25th), where Miura came sporting a loose-fitting yukata and a nice summer tan. I don’t know what Sato Takeru has been feeding his BFF these past months, but HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL WHEN DID THIS BOY TURN INTO A MAN????????? I mean, LOOK AT HIM.

clean toes!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

...and clean fingers!!!!! oh crap I'm a goner

Does the yukata make the man, or does the man make the yukata…? Forget it, I don’t care!!! I don’t care!!! ALL that matters anyway is that he no longer looks like jailbait, gahahaha.

And since I am incapable of complex emotions beyond the good old spaz attacks, these Engrish photos should accurately express the current state of my not-so-inner fangirl:

Miura makes me feel HappyEvery Day!!!

Miura makes me feel Fantastic Dream! Miracle Happy Days! *heart*

Miura makes me feel Happy Ageless!!!

Because really, it doesn’t take much for low-maintenance li’l me to be happy as a chlamydia cell, oh no sirreee. It’s the simple things in life that bring me joy, things like… Dirt-cheap orange latex toys. A good book on a rainy day. My mother’s home cooking. A steaming cup of freshly ground coffee drowning in half-and-half. Watching (and dissecting) dramas with my best friend. Anything that SMAP does. An episode of Jeopardy. Padding about in my ratty house sweats. The smell of our basil plants. Salted potato chips. Taking my happy pills each morning before the orderly straps me back into my… uhhh.. neverrr miiiiind

Oh and you know what else makes me happy? A free hug. (Heh heh heh)

(Told you I was low-maintenance!!! LOL)


News Source: Oricon Style via TokyoHive

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Photo credits: AnimeFact.wordpress.com, Engrish.com, TokyoHive.com

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15 Comments on “Random Fandom: Miura Haruma (Kimi ni Todoke promo)”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I feel like a cougar when I look at him and think yum yum ^^
    He has grown up very nicely hasn’t he, I woudln’t mind taking him home with me.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ LMAO!!!!! 😀 And if you do take him home, I’m sure he’ll be very polite and use a napkin and say “thank you ma’am.” 😉 (Yes, the Miura In My Mind is nice and smiling and polite and uses a napkin XD) Although he really oughtn’t be wearing such loose-fitting clothing, it leaves… far too much to the imagination, lolz

      • Jenny Says:

        muahahaha! Yes, he must be a very polite young man.
        Loose fitting clothing but wouldn’t more tighter clothing cause the same problematic situation.(you could see everything very clearly);D

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Ohemgee I know right? 😀 *gets hot flashes — er, flashbacks of Miura and those white tank tops in Samurai High School*

          (Loose or tight, either way… WE WIN!!! WE WIN!!! hahahaha)

  2. Pyjamagirl Says:

    Hello endersss,

    Talk about low-maintenance.. This post just made my day! Our boy has grown up! and on his way to be a housewife-killer *proud

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you thank you! 😀

      lololol @ “housewife-killer *proud” << *fist-thumps left chest area: Represent!!!* lulz

      (I think Miura would be my absolute final limit. Me + anyone younger than Miura (e.g. Nakajima Yuto — now there's a kid who's growing up nicely lol) would be JUST WRONG!!! @__@)

      p.s. I checked out your Tumblr site and it’s rockin’! Looks like we share dramaboy tastes: Miura, Kang Ji-hwan,… mrrarhrhgh *Homer Simpson drool* 🙂

  3. jicks Says:

    LMAO @the Engrish piccies; perfectly hysterical (^O^;;)// *fist bang*

    I was so going to do a spazz post on this but you beat me to it!! Jailbaitee Great minds think alike… had I recovered faster from these images I may have trumped you! lololo

    That “…and clean fingers!!!!! oh crap I’m a goner” hand print pic kills me!! lol They look like they’re having so much fun sinking their palms into that clay *chants: I want to join in!!*

    And, hmm, I think it’s 71.6% “the man makes yukata” + 26.4% “the yukata makes the man” + 2% good ironing xDD

    Btw, love your lil “DIY Miura” checklist *nods head vigorously to every dot point* LOVES most:
    – brushes 3x a day (and flosses, too)
    – is straight (but likes to cook)
    ^^We really are quite easy to please!

    P.S. I signed up to the Free Hugs movement quite some yrs back when Ju Ji Hoon was giving them out (w/ Park Shin Hye):

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey fellow Jailbaitee (lol), you should’ve gone ahead and spaz-posted, girl! You know how we feed each other’s dark guilty pleasures, and I love it every time you fangirl!

      “They look like they’re having so much fun sinking their palms into that clay *chants: I want to join in!!*” << I wanted to BE THAT CLAY!!!!!!!!

      “And, hmm, I think it’s 71.6% “the man makes yukata” + 26.4% “the yukata makes the man” + 2% good ironing xDD” << Bwahahahaha so true! (Even Lady Kamenashi looks like a Real Man when he's in a yukata/samurai garb. Okay maybe barring that geisha kimono he wore for his BTR solo. *throws up in mouth*)

      Re Free Hugs CF – omo thanks for sharing! Such a cute concept, although there is NO CHANCE IN HELL the stars will ever do that in real life. Y__Y But I did not see this PV before!!!!! Man, thanks for reminding me of all that I love about JJH. (I'd say the way he hugged PSY was very bigbrotherly, was it not?) And… wait. JJH wasn't the one giving out free hugs (PSY was the only recipient, rats!), it was that other dude. Though I must say if I ever got harassed by a human chain of guys wearing F-R-E-E-H-U-G-S shirts, they'd BETTER be CUTE and smell NICE, otherwise… nightmare!!! lulz (But if it were Joo Ji-hoon, I'd take him any which way hehe ^^';;)

  4. jicks Says:

    lol, Lady Kamenashi. Oh, the love xD

    Yeah Ji Hoon’s hug was a bit big-brotherly, but still I couldn’t help but wish to be in Shin Hye’s place. Kinda like the situation of wanting to be, er, in Takagi Haruka’s shoes in Bloody Monday, so to be protected under a certain Falcon’s wings -_-

    Speaking of which, I bet that boy would smell nice. A hug then? No problem-o!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Of course he smells nice too! Aigoo how could I have forgotten to put that on our Make Your Own Miura list? *thwacks head*

      You know, the more we construct our DIY Miura, it’s like… the more I get to know him, lololol… I’m so happy we got to do thissss 😀

      But can you imagine us cornering the kid — er, YOUNG MAN — in the middle of some park, and instead of wearing shirts that spell F-R-E-E H-U-G-S (there’s just 2 of us anyway, no can do), we’re wearing those Engrish tees (see above)… LOL but I don’t think he’d mind. It’s not like the boy — YOUNG MAN!!! — would find anything funny about the shirts, anyway :O

      • doozy Says:

        jicks and e.g., you two are hilarious!
        where is this Miura list? may i take a peek?

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          All here, baby. Scroll down to the comments section. And feel free to add a few of your own. 😉

          (And do check out the link that jicks provided in the same comments section, showing Pi in an old Russ K CM. You’ll love our precious little PiPi even MOAR!!! :D)

  5. bbmecury Says:

    I need a hug too!!! From big brother Haruma!!! (yes… let me be delusional… don’t remind me that the age gap is the other way around)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “big brother Haruma”? Ooooh, role-playing, how kinky! lololol 😀 Do let’s be happily delusional together! =P Mebbe I can fish out my fusty old high school uniform — given that it’ll still fit me, hahaha

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