Vid Clips: Ashita no Joe; Crying Fist; One-Pound Gospel

Boxer… Shorts

by Ender’s Girl

Where I’m from, boxing is the unofficial state religion — and we’re a nation that’s 93% Christian, haha. Boxing is bigger than the Pope, karaoke, and malling combined. In fact it’s almost as big as… basketball, lol. On any given Manny Pacquiao fight morning (or fight night in Vegas, where his bouts are usually held), the entire country grinds to a complete standstill just to witness Pacman pummel the living daylights out of whoever is with him in the ring that day — de la Hoya, Clottey, Hatton, Marquez, Morales.

Televised boxing matches were an inevitable fixture in my home life growing up — although I must admit to always feeling repulsed by the raw physicality and Parkinson’s-inducing brutality that characterized the sport, and that always caused the combatants — whether loser or victor — to emerge from a fight looking like something on display at your friendly neighborhood meat house. But boxing movies — the Rockies, Cinderella Man, etc. —  hold a strange appeal for me because they’re usually premised on underdog stories, boxing after all being a true working-class sport birthed in the slums and back alleys of the given hero’s city of origin. And because boxing is such a personal, face-to-face, mano-a-mano engagement where the world is reduced to two people trying to pound each other into a pulp within a tiny enclosure, while the crowds roar their names and scream for their blood.

So here are three short clips of boxing-themed productions (two films and a drama) starring… let’s see… two of Korea’s most admired actors, and… two Johnnies from Japan, hahaha.

Ashita no Joe / Tomorrow’s Joe (TBS, 2011)

This is a first look at the live-action movie adaptation of the shounen manga classic by Takamori Asao and Chiba Tetsuya. Slated for an early 2011 release, the film stars YamaPi in the titular role of Yabuki Joe, an orphaned juvenile delinquent who discovers his potential — and passion — for boxing while inside the slammer. The story traces Joe’s struggles as a pugilist as he steadily earns a name for himself in the boxing world, taking on one opponent after another until he finally squares off with the reigning world champ.

YamaPi reportedly shed a whopping 8.5 kg (or 18.7 pounds) to look the part of a lean ‘n’ mean (and topless, heh) fighting machine. *whistles in amazement* His training consisted of a punishing exercise regimen and a low-carb diet (seriously no carbs??? I can’t possibly imagine! oh the horror! lol), which all in all brought PiPi’s body fat percentage down to 5%. I do hope more movie stills get leaked in the coming weeks so we can see… um, evidence of that new fighting physique, yesss? 8.5 kg may seem a shockingly large amount of body mass to be jettisoned by one person alone (and I guess that’s why Pi’s fellow NEWS members were reportedly alarmed by his rapid weight loss, lol), but if you REALLY think about it, each of his giant manboobs probably weighs upwards of 9 kg, so losing 4.25 kg per bazoom doesn’t seem like such a big deal, mwahahaha. Unless of course… the meat in those moobs is actually an illusion because the pecs are… inflatable, which in this case they’d weigh close to nothing, lol  (News source and movie stills from TokyoHive)

It’s kind of weird how I’ve managed to remain *mostly* impervious to YamaPi’s sex appeal despite having seen close to all his dramas and films (and despite having seen every scene where he… takes his shirt awwwfff, baby). It’s Kame that I want. There I’ve said it. Dammit. But it’s actually the story’s premise that I’m more interested in, i.e. working-class hero + regulated violence/structured aggression = classic sports underdog formula, immortalized in such films as On the Waterfront (which spawned the unforgettable line, “I coulda been uh contenduh… I coulda had class…”). But no matter how foolproof the formula or how thematically rich the manga source material, I’m not holding my breath for anything spectacular as far as the Ashita no Joe adaptation is concerned. Oh I’m not expecting a cinematic masterpiece (it is YamaPi after all, lol), just something that’s watchable at the very least. Please please, let this movie be entertaining! I mean, God help us if this turns out to be another Kurosagi, blerg. But what gives me a faint glimmer of hope is the trailer’s gritty, intense vibe… And the fact that Pi’s face in the final shot, as he delivers a ferocious left hook right into the camera, actually packs more emotion than his characters from his last three dramas ever did, heh heh heh.

Anyway, let’s see how long this video clip lasts this time around before the evil network grunts deal the trailer a most vicious TKO…

[Random: Aishita no Joe…? Tomorrow’s Joe? Now I’m getting flashes of YamaPi as Akira in that really short scene in Nobuta wo Produce where he blurts out, “Today! Tomorrow! Today!” to no one in particular (“no one” being… Shuji lol). Ohhh Akira. *loves on Akira*]

Crying Fist (Sio Film/Bravo Entertainment 2005)

The “Ashita no Joe” manga synopsis reminded me of the 2005 Korean film Crying Fist / Jumeogi Unda directed by maverick filmmaker Ryu Seung-wan (Arahan, Dachimawa Lee) and starring A-listers Choi Min-sik and Ryu’s brothah dearest Ryu Seung-bum as two very different down-on-their-luck blokes who find in boxing a renewed life purpose and — maybe, personal redemption as well. Chungmuro big kahuna Choi Min-sik plays a washed-up boxer and former Asian Games silver medalist who has been reduced to eking out a living on the streets, offering his body as a human punching bag to anyone who will care to pay a few measly bucks. His life is in shambles, his marriage headed for divorce, and he can barely support himself, much less provide for his soon-to-be-ex-wife and resentful young son. Ryu Seung-bum holds his own (and more!) as a dreadlocked petty criminal who gets thrown in the clink, where he comes under the tutelage of an aging coach who teaches him to box. The training gives him focus, a way to channel his rage and frustration against society. (Ahhh, so that’s why Ashita no Joe reminded me of Crying Fist. lol)

This movie is memorable not least of all for its narrative style, which ping-pongs between Choi Min-sik and Ryu Seung-bum’s trajectories. Crying Fist doesn’t tell you who to root for, as both men — the… Old Boy and the Street Punk — have equally heartbreaking backstories, equally valid motivations to get cleaned up, get in shape, and just box. Neither one is the hero of the story — or both men are, depending on how you see it. But either way you’ll cheer desperately for both of them, although in the end you know there can be only one victor. This film hits all the right emotional notes because it delves into the very heart of a prizefighter, both asking and answering the question: Why do we fight? (Or more importantly, what or who do we fight for?)

Both men find themselves on the ropes — literally and figuratively — when desperate circumstances compel them to enter the same boxing tournament. Most of the film focuses on their individual training, and the only time their paths get to cross is when they square off in the ring at the very end. And it breaks your heart that the match isn’t even a particularly prestigious one, or the winner’s purse particularly hefty. But you’ve seen both lives unravel and straighten out throughout the course of the film, you’ve seen the tragedies and disappointments that have befallen them, and you know how badly each man wants to win — not just for himself, but for those whom he lives for — and so you know, as do they, that this bout will be the fight of their lives.

Another striking thing about Crying Fist is the stark, visceral realism of the fight scenes. The punches are graphic and unidealized, each blow leaving you with a sickening thud in the gut and a faint taste of blood in the mouth. There’s one round in the final match that was filmed in one continuous take and delivered in the same uncompromising spirit as the rest of the movie. This sequence is a marvel to watch, a seamless dovetailing of direction, editing, fight choreography and acting that will suck you right into the ring, right into the eye of the storm while the jabs and uppercuts, grunts and pants, blood and spit — surge and swirl around you. Mind-blowingly awesome.

One-Pound Gospel (TBS, 2008)

Lastly, I’m including a fan-made video montage of Kamenashi Kazuya’s scenes from the manga-based boxing drama 1 Pound Fukuin. Why? Just… because, lol. And because… shots of Kame training and fighting never fail to… uh, knock me out cold, heh heh. (Read the capsule review in my Kame Dorama Roundup)


Video credits: chibisake, Ostkreutz, and paulaleta @

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33 Comments on “Vid Clips: Ashita no Joe; Crying Fist; One-Pound Gospel”

  1. Mil Says:

    each of his giant manboobs probably weighs upwards of 9 kg
    mwahahahahahahah! Ok, I was already snickering here and there (and I totally get the whole “surrounded by boxing” environment thing, willing or not) but I wanted to get through the whole entry, but when I read that I choked on my coffee! LMAO!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Of course, 9 kg is just a… conservative estimate. 😀

      • Mil Says:

        *snickers* ahh, Pi’s manboobs could probably feed the mutant kiddies that live in Joe’s slummy neighborhood.

        So I still got to get around watching One Pound Gospel (Why? Why? Why do I still watch manga-based dramas? Either I liked the manga and was disappointed by the drama or thought the manga was horriful – yes, yes, that is really the combination of horrible and awful, yes – and the drama too, but with more pathos and running around) but i remember from reading the manga some 15 years ago *jaw drops & skin crawls* that Kame’s character would be undergoing incredible tortures in order to lose weight and always ended porking out when things went wrong… if that’s in the drama I think seeing Kame doing that alone would compensate for bad script/bad acting/bad idea in general! 😀

        RE: Boxing Craze ahoy – Last time I went back home to the Philippines was Christmas 2008, right after Pacman had turned De la Hoya into a welcome rug (poor Oscar, I used to “play” him all the time on the PS2 version of Fight Night) and my at-the-time almost-boyfriend had asked as a souvenir a Pacquiao t-shirt, obviously. I spent my entire holiday going from mall to mall looking for a t-shirt that seemed to be sold out the second after the new stocks arrived, aaaargh!

        (I lied, only half of my holiday. The other half was spent meeting relatives I hadn’t seen since I was potty-trained who would ask me when I planned to get married and spawn. That was usually my cue to I remind my brother that the shops would close soon and we still had to find the bloody t-shirt, haha!)

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          LMAO @ “mutant kids” + Pi’s moobs!!! bwahahaha now I’m getting flashes of all those slummy mutant chillun swinging from Pi’s… er… neck, lol >D

          Re 1PG, yeahhh I thought the story was inane and repetitive, esp. the yo-yo dieting arc. Obviously Kame couldn’t gain and then lose weight the way his manga character did, so whenever he “gained” a few pounds he’d just stick his tummy out, and I’d go, “oh you’re fat again, huh? yeahriiiight…” Loved how he was totally in character, though. He really held nothing back, and didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed by all the ridiculous things his character had to do. (like… get half-naked hahahahaha)

          Your homecoming story is so cute! Ahhh, nothing like spending the Xmas hols in the Phils., bec. here we celebrate it alllll month long baby. 😉 LOLZ @ your relatives! You must have felt a *bit* overwhelmed by the eybrybody-is-family! fiesta atmosphere of clan gatherings. Hope you finally found a Pacman shirt that you liked… (He’s a duly elected congressman now, did you hear? At least he ain’t representin’ my district lol @___@)

          • Mil Says:

            so whenever he “gained” a few pounds he’d just stick his tummy out
            hahaha, that’s brilliant! Like wearing glasses when you have to appear unattractive! Gotta love mangas and dramas just because of this cheesiness.

            He’s a duly elected congressman now, did you hear?
            LOL, I heard, I heard! I kinda wondered if he used the san miguel ads as electoral posters, and then I realized “Silly me, he’s Pacquiao! He needs no posters, just has to remind people to use his full name and not Pacman!”

            (Yeah, found the shirt at the very, very end, I got “lucky” and found a rather expensive one that wasn’t selling out like a hotcake because people wanted to have some money left to also buy Christmas presents, haha, sigh)

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Good for you! (And for the shirt, which I hope is in good hands now, lol) 😉

            Hahahaha don’t be surprised if more than a few of Pacquiao’s future constituents wrote “Pacman” on the ballot. Candidates get to choose an “official” nickname just for the elections, and I’ll bet “Pacman” was it. But it’s interesting because Pacquiao actually failed in his first bid for Congress 3 years ago. I guess he won this time around because he switched to another district where the competition was less stiff. (The first time he was up against a well-entrenched political clan, so… no dice.) Personally I’d rather NOT imagine what legislation he’ll be thinking up for the next 3 years. Besides, he only got into politics because his powerful backers made him. Me, I just want him to box, man. @__@

            (LMAO @ your glasses analogy ^^;;)

          • Mil Says:

            Me, I just want him to box, man. @__@

            I know! It’s like, I don’t know, Jamie Foxx deciding to become a rapper despite what he actually is good at is oscar-winning performances. Only it’s not like Jamie Foxx at all, it’s kinda worse because he’s dabbling in…politics?!

            Besides, I’ve notices that in his “congressman-mode” pictures he’s not wearing his half-dozen gold rings he usually sports when he’s not, well, in a ring pummelling people.

            He’s not gonna last! Pacman sleeps, bathes and does those other things a proper lady doesn’t mention with those rings on, he’s practically Samson with short hair without ’em!

  2. zooey Says:

    Good call not to expect much from Pi’s performance… I think the best thing that he can do that’s Brando-esque would be to slur his speech. Is he even capable of method-acting? Aww, no To Heart and Holyland? Or how about Kubuzoka in Go? These dramas and movie also have a boxing theme even though the latter two don’t star Johnnies. 🙂

    Oh and what’s with the music of the Ashita no Joe clip? I swear, the first 16 seconds, I was waiting for the King of Siam to walk in. LOL

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Brando-esque? Pi slur his speech? Man, if you watch Kurosagi the Movie (which I’m sure you never will anyway, lol) there’s a longish sequence where he speaks Engrish like a stroke victim, even Brando would be shamed. >D

      Thanks for the boxing movie/drama recs! I didn’t know there were more of these in Japan, haha. Maybe I’ll start with Holyland. (But um… so which Johnny is in To Heart? jez curious hehe :D)

      Kubuzoka Yosuke — Man but his character in Long Love Letter = hatessss!!!! I kept wishing the giant mutant radioactive bugs would just eat him alive, lol. As for the actor, he just… annoys me. Him and that troll hair. But I didn’t know HE was the dude in Go, which I’ve heard great stuff about. Oh dear, I guess I’ll have to watch Go, then. lol

      “I swear, the first 16 seconds, I was waiting for the King of Siam to walk in. LOL” << LMAOOO 😀

      • zooey Says:

        One of the Kinki Kids is in To Heart— Domoto Tsuyoshi. I don’t have anything against the two Domotos, they actually have some good dramas in their filmography and I had a blast watching them in Bokura no Yuuki. From what I remember, To Heart wasn’t all that bad either… that is if you can stomach Fukada Kyoko.

        Holyland is quite good, at least from what I’ve seen. Still waiting for the subs to be completed before I watch the rest of it. Haven’t seen Long Love Letter but Kubuzoka’s 2 films with writer Kudo Kankuro are really a must-see. I liked “Ping Pong” so much that I even own the original dvd. 🙂

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I’ve put To Heart and Holyland on my to-watch-out-for list, thanks for the recs! 😉

          LLL – I wouldn’t watch this again in a million years. Dullest drama evarrr @_@

          Lol @ “original dvd” XP

  3. jana Says:

    I’m not a big fan of this sport and the only drama feauring boxing I’ve seen so far is The Snow Queen (and loved it to pieces:). However, after watching the fanvid with Kame you posted I’ll give boxing a second chance 🙂 Also curious about Pi expressing more emotions in his new movie 🙂

    Btw, the most popular sport in my country is ice hockey – which is the reason I couldn’t enjoy Pride as much as I wanted to.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “However, after watching the fanvid with Kame you posted I’ll give boxing a second chance” << Lollll that's good ol' Johnny powah at work for you… 😀 Hey, I'd love to hear your thoughts on 1PG when you’re done with it! (no pressure though… ;-))

      Ice hockey, how… cool! 🙂 So I guess you didn’t enjoy Pride that much because the hockey wasn’t depicted realistically enough, huh. ^^;;

      • jana Says:

        “So I guess you didn’t enjoy Pride that much because the hockey wasn’t depicted realistically enough”
        Yes! I mean playing hockey was ok, except the fact it’s a really fast sport and there’s no time for smiling at your girlfriend during the match, not to mention involving a seriously injured goalkeeper in the finals, ha ha 🙂
        But I must admit I’ve never seen a greater hockey captain/player than Halu! So charismatic (and sexy)! I was totally convinced that he puts his heart into it.

        “Hey, I’d love to hear your thoughts on 1PG when you’re done with it!”
        Sure! 🙂

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          ROFL!!! Loving your hockey+Pride comments! 😀

          • jana Says:

            Hi E.G., I finished 1 Pound Gospel yesterday and have to thank you again for recommendation 🙂 I never expected a boxing drama to be so entertaining (could it be because I don’t know much about boxing? haha) The plot was rather uncomplicated and childish (I guess the original manga is something different), but still liked it a lot. It wasn’t meant to be a real life story anyway. As far as I can see, the greatist thing in this drama was Kame’s acting! Kousaku was such a child, but I really enjoyed his boxing enthusiasm, love for food and sister Angela, genuine joy, and sometimes crying and misery. I’ve never seen Kame to be so relaxed and unaffected (was it just acting or rather his real personality?). Also have to say he looked better than in his previous dramas wearing a tracksuit or boxing outfit all the time 🙂 Now I wish I could watch more Kame’s series, but the only one left is Kami no Shizuku.

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Hey! Glad you liked 1PG! 😀 Yeah, wasn’t the drama a fun, worry-free ride? I agree that it was Kame who made this drama watchable more than anyone or anything else. I just wish that he and Ex-Sister Angela kissed in the final scene! I mean, they were married for Pete’s sake and he still was acting like a kid, lol.

            Really, is this how Kame’s like in real life? He seems very energetic and voluble and outgoing on CTKT, quite the perfect host really. Maybe a li’l less naive (and less kind, hehe) than Kousaku, though. 😉

            Kami no Shizuku? Hahahahha good luck, amigo! =P

  4. wolforion20 Says:

    Looks like it could be interesting. Here’s hoping that YamaPi actually does show more emotion vs his usual emotionless expression (though he is good at showing shock and acting like a drunk) 😛

    Ah, Rocky. I bought the entire collection (sans newest one) for my grandfather for Christmas one year. We spent the entire week watching our favorite boxing underdog.

  5. the movie seems interesting.

    but of course, I scrolled right down to the 1 Pound no Fukuin video^^

    “It’s Kame that I want. There I’ve said it. Dammit.” – and how this made me laugh! ^^ lol.

  6. ockoala Says:

    Ah, it actually LOOKS much better than I expected, visually. Acting? Totally cannot tell – could be Rocky 1 or Rocky 4.

    And Pi doesn’t look scary gaunt like he does in some of the BTS stills. He looks… a credible young boxer.

    Between KimuTaku in Space and Pi in a Ring, our year end is set, baby!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      KimuTaku in Space + Pi in a Ring…??? I LOVE THISSSSSS 😀 I’m bringing out the champagne bottles as we speak! Drinky drinky…

      All this needs is… Kame in the Zoo. THEN we’re all set, ahahahahha >D

      (I’m throwing in Miura Haruma’s movie Kimi no Todoke as well. Teenage love affair, yes!!!)

  7. jicks Says:

    lmao @ all the stabs @ Pi-Pi in this post xDDDDD Felt kinda bad for laughing so hard… but then again, it’s all kinda true ;O

    I had no idea he was grueling himself thru so much to make this movie! Wah, maybe he is a true artist to his art after all… now if we could just work on the acting…

    I didn’t think I was a boxing person but then realised that I’ve actually seen quite a few: Crying Fist, A Fighter’s Blues (Hong Kong flick starring Andy Lau,) Star’s Runner (Vanness Wuuuuuuu!), The Hurricane, Ali. But I may have momentarily dozed off at some stage in all of them lol

    That was a really cool fanvid of Kame in 1Pound Gospel… hmm, maybe someone should organise a Kame VS YamaPi knockout session on Pay Per View… we could be box-side squirting water onto their faces haha

    Btw, my national sport is football. But not the global one (which we call soccer here,) it’s Australian Rules football. We use both our hands & our feet, but no one else does in this world ^^;

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ Aussie Rules football, is that the same as… rugby?

      “now if we could just work on the acting…” << bwahahahaha hear, hear! 😀

      Girl, you've seen more boxing flickies than I have! Oh I remember when Star’s Runner came out, this was right on the heels of the MG craze. I passed on that movie because that’s when I realized that it was Mei Zuo I liked, and not Vanness.

      Totally hilarious fantasy of yours, this Kame vs. Pi showdown! A la… Celebrity Death Match? Brutal and cheesy and lots of body contact, yesss!!! (Guess who’ll be wearing pink boxers, and who’ll come in red and black satin shorts with glitter and tassels!) 😀 Instead of singing the national anthem before the match, maybe the two can regale us with a Seishun Amigo performance (with encore), hahaha. And while you douse their heads with water, I’ll be giving them a neck chop-massage, heh heh heh. (But how will we divide our time between each corner? how how? lulz)

      • jicks Says:

        Nah not exactly like rugby… similar in that there are goal posts, ball’s the same shape (a smidgen smaller) but the scoring is different & it’s a little less… brutal lol In Aussie Rules, there is a lot more kicking, passing around & general running. Not that I’m actually a fan though of either sports though- call me a sissy or what have you but I prefer non-contact sports ;O

        A large part of my reasoning to watch Star’s Runner was because of Kim Hyun Joo. But Vanness was actually pretty alright in it from memory (skinship may have marred my judgment lol)

        Celebrity Deathmatch yea-ah! lol @your Seishun Amigo in place of the National Anthem suggestion … I’m feeling ya *practising lip-syncing skills now* ;O We could even have Johnny-san in on this! Perhaps he could be the referee… but I have a fair idea who he is gonna make, er, guide to be the victor ^^; *flashes Pi Pi #1 banner*

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          PiKame lip-syncing + Johnny-san’s refereeing duties + rigged match + PiPi banner = ahahahahahahhahaha YES!!!

          Actual dialogue from Celebrity Deathmatch Episode 58 (Beavis vs. Butthead episode), with minor adjustments *cough by E.G.*…

          Nick Diamond (about Beavis *cough Kame* and Butthead *cough Pi*): “There’s something peculiar about those boys, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

          Johnny Gomez: “They’re two-dimensional, Nick.”

          Nick Diamond: “Come on, Johnny! All JE idoru are two-dimensional…”

          Johnny K. aka Mills Lane: “Okay you two punks, I want a good clean fight. Any questions?”

          Beavis *cough Kame* *likes MILFs*: “Uh yeah, heh. Can I do your sister, Mary? Heh heh”

          Johnny K. aka Mills Lane: “I’m in no mood for your wise cracks. Now let’s get it ON!”

          Butthead *cough Pi* *not the brightest bulb in the room*: “Uhhhh…” *dead-fish stare* “Get it on? I’m not gunna get it on with you dude.”

          lolzzz >D

  8. Jenny Says:

    There is another boxing movie that premiered in may with Hayato Ichihara and Kengo Kora called Box!

    Ashita no Joe has Yusuke Iseya <3(sukiyaki western django, blindness etc) who is a great actor so I'm wondering why he is playing second fiddle to Yamapi.
    But I prefer Pi-chan with more meat on his bones like he has in Kurosagi(that dorama has to get me a second season because I want my KurosakixTsurara kiss, in the manga they do kiss I mean)

    One pund gospel I have to admit that dorama was super sweet and I enjoyed it. I've read the manga years ago when I was a Rumiko Takahashi fan.
    Kame and Meisa were adorable, and see Meisa can play sweet girls not only tough chicks.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey, Box! seems like an interesting movie, thanks for sharing the vid! 😉 I like the good-friends-become-contenders-in-the-ring premise, it has great human drama potential.

      I’m not too familiar with Yusuke Iseya, but from the PV the dude looks wired and intense! A bit scary even, lol XD And um, I guess the answer to your (rhetorical?) question is that he’s 2nd fiddle to Pi because Ashita no Joe is a YamaPi vehicle first, and boxing movie/manga adaptation second.

      Heehee @ Pi with more meat on his bones… You know, I recently came across an exchange in the comments section of a LiveJournal post about Pi’s interview in an Aug. 2010 AnAn issue. Apparently the blogger who did the English translation called Pi’s chest “mighty,” which naturally got the fans (and me) worked up over his new, uh, epithet. Man, “mighty chest” really, really is LMAO =D Hope it catches! ^^;;

      • Jenny Says:

        Yeah, he can be intense.He is a former model now actor speaks fluent english and has done several different type of roles. (and good looking too)

        Let’s se how well Pi can carry the movie, he is not exactly the most talented actor in the agency but I guess one of the most popular ones.

        His chest hahaha, I saw this pic of him

        from around his Kurosagi days and he looked mighty fine then before he lost a lot of weight.
        Box does look like fun and Kengo Kora sure is on the rise now as a actor.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Okay, now I’m totally getting the Iseya Yusuke appeal. Thanks to you I’ve looked up his filmography, photos and vids — and well well well, let’s just say I feel mighty interested in… knowing him a wee bit more. XD And I like that he doesn’t have just one LOOK, because it kind of changes depending on the camera angle, lighting, costume & scene context, etc. No wonder he started out as a model. 😀 Oh and you’re so right about his English!!! If I bumped into him on the street (theoretically speaking ^^;), he and I could actually have a conversation!!! Love his accent, too! I found this ESN vid of him and Fernando Meirelles promoting the movie Blindness. At the end he talks about his environmental advocacy for solid waste management (omomo I love him already lol) and he goes, “I want to solve the problem of the universe…” (LMAO) but corrects himself right away with a roll of his eyes — SO CUTE! XDDD

    • Mil Says:

      There is another boxing movie that premiered in may with Hayato Ichihara and Kengo Kora called Box!

      That is so making my to-watch list, thanks for the link!

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