Picspam: Kimura Takuya (1994-2000)

Smashing Young Man

by Ender’s Girl

[Listen to “Smashing Young Man” by Collective Soul — for ze total experience!]

Question: What’s the fastest and most effective way to recover from post-traumatic Tsuki no Koibito disorder?


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All you really need, baby.

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24 Comments on “Picspam: Kimura Takuya (1994-2000)”

  1. jana Says:

    Hahahaha, was it really that bad? 🙂 Well, for Kimura’s standards – yes, it really was. But generally there are a lot worse/boring doramas than TnK (Bloody Monday! Last Friends!) Actually I had a one week gap between watching TnK episodes so maybe that’s the reason I could finish it 🙂 I remember it took me a whole week to encourage myself to watch the last two hours ep. 🙂 In the end, I thought they could save the show with Rensuke not ending up with any of his ladies – but I wasn’t that lucky 😦

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahaha, same here, I didn’t want Rensuke to end up with ANYONE, so great was my aversion to that awful man. @_@ Like you said, I know the Jdoramaverse never fails to cough up some really crappy fare on a regular basis, so admittedly TnK may not have been the worst drama ever made, but def. subpar for a KimuTaku production.

      Good for you, you had a week to get over each eppy. I watched Ep. 1 a few months back and the rest I tried to finish in one sitting, but that mahhhvelous little drama managed to bend the laws of time and space so that 7 hours seemed to stretch on for… years and years on end. How did it DO that???? Blegh

  2. Mil Says:

    I hope you are aware that if after the nasty things I did to my monitor while looking at the slideshow I end up conceiving a baby laptop I will hold you accountable! 😀

    (repeat to myself: IwillnotobjectifycuteboysanymoreIwillnotobjectifycuteboysanymoreIwillnotobjectifycuteboysanymoreIwillnotobjectifycuteboysanymoreIwillnotobjectifycuteboysanymore… till dinner time at least!)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ LMAO!!! (“till dinner time at least” = GOLD :D)

      Ano… might I deflect some of the blame towards the subject of said slideshow? 😉 Besides, if he weren’t this hot, that mug of his would never have seen the light of day on this blog. Ah well, if only they could stay like this forever…

      • Mil Says:

        I agree, I too like them when they’re jailb… i mean, young, but I must confess there’s hardly a SMAP member I wouldn’t still ravish now.
        (OK, there is one, actually, but I’ll be a lady and won’t say!)

  3. ditdut Says:

    Loins are tingling. Wow, I’ve never been into Kimu Taku, but dude is freaking gorgeous.

  4. jicks Says:

    lmao@Grease hairdo here:: <<<I almost choked! Though, gorgeous cheekbones I must say.

    Would have to say this pic is my fave:: <<<Too bad they cropped the image so high up xD

    But but but… I do second jana's query- is it really that horrid? I'm just about to start it (wish me luck -_-;) Will bookmark this page just in case I need to come back for PTTnKD treatment lol

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Re the Grease-y look, I know right!!?!?!? Same thing popped into my head as well. Def. agree on the cheekabonezzzz 🙂

      “<<<Too bad they cropped the image so high up xD" << ahahahahahhahahaa I knowIknowIknow. This was circa Beautiful Life… so how come the Nancy Drew hairstyle doesn’t look so bad in this pic? Man is HAWT ^^;;

      Re your TnK query… *squirms* you’re putting me in a fix here, ya know. The “jicks is your friend!” part of me says no no no don’t come within 903483904 m of this drama if you want to retain full use of your brain afterwards!!! And then there’s the “jicks loves KimuTaku so she should get a fair chance to view and critique this drama for herself” part of me, so…. it’s really up to you. 🙂 Who knows, you might even like it — and you know me enough to know I won’t judge you for it, lol. 😉 (Oh and I forgot that there’s the “oooohhh I wish jicks would watch this so we can feed off each other’s horror and revulsion,” hahahaha)

      • jicks Says:

        I watched & finished Tsuki… WTF happened? O___o

        I really tried to like it but I had a hard time staying awake during alot of it. Then, for the parts I was conscious, I just wanted it to end just so the cast could be put out of their misery. They all looked like they knew they’d made a mistake by accepting this series (except for Lin Chi Ling, she just looked like… she had no idea lol)

        I really can’t remember the last time I just didn’t give a flying stuff about a character that The Great One played (yes, even in Mr Brain I was wanted to get in on his memory-loss situation.)

        Lucky I had this page marked, def need to pause on that Nancy Drew (lol) hairstyle pic. Maybe if I stare at it long enough my TnK’s memories will be erased.

        Let’s look forward to his next series I suppose (& hope it’s not as big of a mess.)

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Ahahahahahaha so you finally bit the bullet!!!! I think I was just as insensate & miserable watching TnK as you were. I’ll bet you’re sick to your eyeballs of shots of the moon and spare change and stick insects by now. 😀

          Lololol @ LCL comment. Though I was surprised to find myself rooting for the characters EXCEPT Lord Rensuke the Gross. ugh ugh ugh I wanted him to go DOWN in the mud and stay there, he didn’t deserve to end up with anyone. (RyokoxShota go go go! lol) This is actually the first time that writing a Kimura drama review feels like a chore. @__@ Remember how we had such high hopes for this project? Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’d be more forgiving of Kimura doing such crap if this was 1993 and not 2010.

          Was it SO WRONG of us fans to wish for an effin’ REN’AI from KimuTaku, was it was it??????????

          His next project had BETTER be worth it… X__O

          • jicks Says:

            lmao, Lord Rensuke the Gross. So true. But, as I keep telling myself, it wasn’t HIS fault. I think the writers should’ve focussed MORE on Rensuke & shape out his character more, you know, give him more of a valid backstory rather than sharing the attention btwn girls. Instead, we were thrown into a half-assed plot w/ half-assed developed characters.

            Re Ryoko+Shota, OH YESSSSSS. I so wanted them to really get IT ON. lol. I must say Matsuda Shota has really grown into a rather nice-looking (& sounding!) man xD

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Completely agree re the writing, it was crap beyond words, half-assed in every way. (It’s just that I’m not familiar with the writer’s face so Rensuke’s mug shot gives me something to focus my loathing on, hahaha)

            Ryoko+Shota yaaahhh I was like, take Rensuke DOWN, Shota, take him ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!! Grind him into the mire! Feed him to the killer mutant water striders!!! (mebbe they have giant carnivorous water striders in, uh, the Amazon?) And take Maemi with you, that wood-working d*ckhead doesn’t deserve her!!!!!!!!

            lol @ Shota comment 🙂 (oh hey weren’t you thrilled each time F2 had a scene together????? 😀 😀 :D)

  5. doozy Says:

    it was strange for me to watch the slide show with pics of kimura looking so, well, normal coz the only show that i’ve seen of him is where he was a monkey/clown neuroscientist? in Mr. Brain.

    He owns the smoldering look, though.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lmao @ “monkey/clown neuroscientist”, dead-on! 😀

      OMG I cannot believe Mr. Brain is the first (and hopefully not the last!!! eep!!!) Kimura drama you’ve seen!!!!!! I always assumed… since you’ve been around since this blog’s early days… that — that — you were a Kimura sort-of-fan (at the very least)… Oh okay, now I remember how you found my blog through Thundie’s Prattle, which means you were a K-watcher first and foremost (but, um… so wuz I!!! lol). Man, you must feel very, very unfulfilled each time you stop by this blog, i.e. “where the hell are those K-reviews???” lolz 🙂

      Oh man. Neuter, weirdo, skippity-skip Mr. Brain is like, SO NOT what Kimura’s all about. (Long Vacation is!!! Pride is!!! Love Generation is!!! Beautiful Life is!!!) ‘Course, I’d never ever tell you to watch the aforementioned dramas, oh no sirreee. I’d never use my blog to ram my fave dramas down people’s tracheas, uh-uh. 😀 😀 😀

      • doozy Says:

        The main reason why I watched Mr. Brain in the first place was for Ayase. It came out right around the time that I was high on HnH. And then I saw Kimura’s name on the cast list and thought, “hey, I heard this dude’s name thrown around a lot. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.” Can you imagine my reaction after seeing him on Mr. Brain? *flashes to Skippy eating his 12874th banana*

        Love your subtle yet not-so-subtle Kimura drama promo. ahahahhaha.

        Man, you must feel very, very unfulfilled each time you stop by this blog
        Au contraire, my friend. I love your blog because your writing is so much fun to read!

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          *is abashed* *scuffs ground with shoe* Thanks doozy! (Lol I swear I did not go fishing for that compliment) 😀

          Oh riiiight, I forgot about Ayase. She was such a non-factor in Brain that I forgot about her altogether, lol.

          *flashes to Skippy eating his 12874th banana* << Ahahahahahha :DWell, I’ll take Skippy over Evil Smarmy Slave-driver any day. *shakes fist at Tsuki no Koibito*

  6. jicks Says:

    I’m afraid not even having the full F4 could’ve saved this series lol But still, I did mini-squeal when both Abe & Shota were in the same frame together xD

    Did enjoy listening to them speak Mandarin though. I know Abe has Chinese heritage so it was natural for him but Shota’s wasn’t too bad considering he’s Japanese through & through xD

  7. miri Says:

    *______* coming out of lurkdom to say … mmm yeahhhh. That slideshow is turning me to mush. The man is not really my type but he has truck loads of natural charisma and presence. I can’t imagine seeing him in the flesh and not being reduced to a mess.

    lol and I would wish my favorite was as magnetic but … I don’t want to be more obsessed than I already am.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hi! Thanks for, um, delurking ^^;;

      Have you seen any of Kimura’s dramas? If his photos turn you to mush, then Long Vacation/Love Gen/Pride might reduce you completely to 100% undiluted fangirl puree. hehe 😉

      So who’s your favorite then? Do spill!!! 😀

  8. gaijin mark Says:

    Sorry kids, but I need to vent and I can’t do it over at

    It’s a Sunday night, nothing to do, so I popped in episode 1 of “Long Vacation”.

    So, how can anybody with an I.Q. higher than a bowling ball not see how great Kimtaku is?!!?
    Geez, it reminds of the guy at Capitol records that said, “The Beatles have no commercial value.” What the hell is their definition of “talent”?!!? What the hell can they be thinking?!!?

    Okay, I’m all better now. Nothing to see here. Everybody please move along. Thanks

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahahaha 😀 You’re always more than welcome to vent here ^^;;

      “Okay, I’m all better now. Nothing to see here. Everybody please move along. Thanks” << Lol that was fast! Good to know a little Long Vacation therapy is still effective as ever! 😉

  9. Peggy Says:

    Eventually everyone will see the talent that resides inside Takuya Kimura. I honestly can’t say what age suits him best. He was a gorgeous young stallion in his early twenties I must say. Now that he has been maturing …well. everything gets better and more satisfying and he does seem to know how to ladle out his charms in just the right quantity., My only hiccup is the subject matter and language he has to use on his radio show. Must say the Japanese are outspoken about sex and it’s environs. Kimura is no slouch in this area and never has been. It’s just that a little of what you fancy does you good. There is a modicum of sufficiency which satisfies and anymore times…superfluous. They do send in some near the bone questions but he answers them all.

    By the way E.G….just because I don’t know where to put this I will ask you here. I am going out of my mind with passion for T.O.P who is the rapper with BigBang. He is utterly complete and so young and so . . complete. G.Dragon ain’t bad either. They deserve a space somewhere here so I can rave without being dismissed from class.
    Yes I am begging.

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