Vid Clip: Akanishi Jin on UTB’s Music Talk (08.21.2010)

And a Merry Christmas To You, JinJin! Ho Ho Ho

by Ender’s Girl

Once again, the Yuletide season is peeking around the corner. So what images does Christmas Day conjure for you? Carolers and church bells? Giant lanterns and Nativity scenes? Roasted chestnuts and spiced hot chocolate? Buying, recycling, unwrapping (and swapping!) of presents?

Let’s find out the Reason for the Season according to Akanishi Jin, newly minted L.A.-based solo artist. Here’s a viddy of Jinny sitting down for an interview on the UTB channel’s Music Talk segment where he elaborates on one of the songs he performed on his You and Jin tour, entitled – “Christmas Morning.” What he doesn’t talk about are Auto-Tune, Johnny Kitagawa, and his past life as a Japanese cheezucake — er, J-Pop Idol.

(The original uploader, Sujun2, took the video down on Aug. 27th as she had promised she would. So I’m embedding the only other Youtube video I could find. Credit to akanerojoatardecer.)

[If the grainy Youtube vid below gives you a nasty migraine, you can view the better-quality video on Youku, here.]

“Christmas Morning” lyrics

Snow is blowing on a cold winter morning
Look from you I feel my heart beating
Never thought I couldn’t get to you
Now I wonder how we ever coulda got here…

The first time I saw your face
The storms came, the winds changed
You fogged my mind with snow
I’m blind now, oh…

Music Talk interview transcript (in case the video gets pipped):

Akanishi Jin: I really like (the song) a lot, I don’t know why.

Music Talk: “Christmas Morning?”

Jin: Yeah.

MT: You made the track?

Jin: I made the track. I was running out of time and I had no leeway. (pauses, lets interviewer ponder the impressive headway that the subject has made with mastering his English vocabulary. “leeway,” he said “leeway”!!! new word for the day! way to go, Jin!) And that was like, two weeks before the concert I had to make it, one more song – that was “Christmas Morning.” When I heard this song I had that image. What I did on the stage I was hitting drums. It’s kind of futuristic… singing with a headset I’m imagining that, as soon as I heard this song. [which explains the astronaut suit and distorted *cough Auto-Tuned* vocals, yes?]

MT: Why is it Christmas?

Jin: That’s from my image of this song. Winter and then… a little cold. There is no building.

MT: Right. This is like the future.

Jin: Yeah.

MT: End of the world?

Jin: (excitedly) Yeah, and like there are people starving. But what we only have is love.

MT: That’s pretty cool. [lol did I detect a hint of irony in this dude’s voice? mocking the boy, are you sir?] When the world ends everything is dead.

Jin: Dead. But the love is the only… one… that survived.

MT: That’s “Christmas Morning.”

Jin: Yes.

So… for Akanishi Jin, Christmas Day means a post-apocalyptic wasteland steeped in nuclear winter, where people STARVE horribly to death but will never, ever… lack for… LOVE.

Really Jin really? *cue laugh track*

Flash forward, 2038: A man in a white space suit stands on a snowy, treeless hill, looking out on the endless tundra around him. ‘Tis the morning of Christmas, when all through the… nations, not a creature is stirring, ‘cept for this… Asian! (Ok that was lame.) The world has nuked itself into another Ice Age and everything is DEAD, but — no matter. There is LOVE. The man in white opens his mouth and starts to sing… “Aishiteru, aishiteru / Sore igai mitsukaranai / Aishiteru, aishiteru / Ikisaki wa doko demo ii…”


We-eeellll okay, to be fair to the man, let’s give him enough… leeway (lol) to shake off the JE cheese in which he’s been fondued practically his entire adolescent and adult life, yesss? A few more months rolling with his West Coast homies ought to morph him completely into a bona fide anti-emo rapper who eschews the sappy love stuff and instead writes songs about being a mean, badass mo-fo who does badass things like, um, string up his landlord’s cat, or run a traffic light, or NOT help little old ladies cross the street! Hardcore baby, hardcore!!!

Anyway. Better stock up GOOD on those space suits, Jinny Boy, because it’s gonna be one long, lonely Christmas for you over there. Feliz Navidad, yo.

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Video credit: Sujun2 @ via aramatheydidnt @

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28 Comments on “Vid Clip: Akanishi Jin on UTB’s Music Talk (08.21.2010)”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Haha, what a wonderful image for Christmas day by Jin. I will always treasure it.
    Jin or eggplant has mentioned that he really isn’t interested in being a celebrity but I do think he enjoys fame because he gets attention from the ladies.
    He even dated one of the members of Speed??!! but Johnnie made them break up 😦

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I think it’s being a Johnny that he has zero interest for (now at least), but ohyeah I’m sure he likes the whole celebrity thang outside of JE, if the photos of him canoodling with random chicks at various nightspots are any indication. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’ll never forget what someone posted over at Jin’s DA thread, that all that really matters to him is “sex, foreign chicks, and party” lololol. 😀 So I think it would be safe to say that he’s enjoying the attention he’s getting in L.A. 😀

      • Jenny Says:

        Well, we all know Jin likes his foreign chicks, all his hangouts in Tokyo are places were lot’s of foreign women go drinking.
        So LA most likely agrees with Jin^^

  2. Mil Says:

    uhm… something tells me that JinJin is doomed to stay in my heart for his face and silliness, because I can’t see a way in hell I’ll start to like his music, even now.

    Unless he starts taking after 50 cent and wear so much bling that it confuses me and I end up humming along.
    Oh my! Could the autotuned chipmunk voice in “Do you think about me” be JinJin’s future career path? 😀

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Dunno why he has to go the Daft Punk/chipmunky route when it would completely underutilize those powerful pipes. He could do R&B soul w/ a little rap mixed in instead of going all-out clubby. Or maybe the rocker style will suit him better. You’ve seen Bandage, right? Another commenter here said Jin made a v. convincing rocker dude. 🙂

      • Mil Says:

        Lord yes! *composes herself*
        Ah-hum, I mean, yes, I have seen Bandage and very much appreciated Jin in it. If his “slut-boy” performances in JE productions were slowly making me abhor him (especially since he started looking more and more gloomy whenever offset or behind the scenes) Bandage renewed my… artistic interest in him. *cough cough*

        But JinJin has said in more than one interview that the most difficult thing for him was singing over a rock rhythm (why? why? your voice sounds great! and you can rap it up a little if you have to! you can be my little Japanese Brandon Boyd! he even does ridiculously sexy poses like you do!) so I kinda gather that that‘s not going to happen.

        Have you seen the film? It’s not exactly a masterpiece, and it seems like someone in the editing room had a bit o’ fun with the cut and paste, so the story sometimes goes a bit… away? Also, Jin seems to be the only rock singer who is as experienced as a teletubby thrown at a Stones post-gig party. But I found that rather endearing, so I let it go! 😛

          • Helicidae Says:

            So I’m not the only one who thougt that Jin resembled Brandon Boyd a tad bit? ;)OK, maybe not so much in terms of looks but in terms of… I don’t know how to put it… behaviour? Sex appeal?
            At any rate, they would probably get on quite well since they both seem into the same kind of things: music, a little partying here and there, the company of fair maidens, California…

          • Mil. Says:

            At any rate, they would probably get on quite well since they both seem into the same kind of things: music, a little partying here and there, the company of fair maidens, California… …my fantasies (wearing very, very little, if anything at all…)

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I haven’t seen Bandage yet, but it’s definitely on my to-watch list. I was interested in the story (standard tale of struggling young artists trying to make it big while learning to get along with one another, it seems) as much as I was in Jin’s performance. The movie got a pretty good rec on John Kincaid’s site, probably the closest thing to a glowing review from a non-JE fan. 🙂 Now your comments make me want to view Bandage all the more. ^^;;

          Oh Jin said that about singing rock? Nandeee… *headscratch* lol I always thought rock was the easiest to do because you kind of just let loose, be natural. And Jin’s voice is solid enough to sustain the energy of a high-powered rock song.
          Does he not want to overtax his voice, which is why he’s relying so much on electronica these days?

          LOL @ Brandon Boyd analogy! *waits for (non-JE) Incubus fans to shriek in indignation* I never made that mental connection but since I am neither a hardcore Jin nor Incubus fan, I’ll take your (and Helicidae’s) word for it. 😀 Besides, Jin’s weight tends to yo-yo A LOT (and he does look like he’s packed on some pounds since living stateside…) and the last time I saw him looking as lean as Brandon does in the pic was the time he did that (infamous) AnAn shoot. 😉 And if he decides to stay clubby there’ll be less chances of seeing him dress like Brandon Boyd (who btw was smokin’ in that photo, thanks for sharing!). But now that you’ve mentioned it, the lyrics of Drive seem perfect for Jinny Boi at this particular juncture in his life. 🙂

  3. jicks Says:

    lmao @leeway. Gold. Must admit I was a bit shocked when the boy dropped that word into his talk lol And… well, can I say, he does have a nice accent xD

    But… oh my dear Jinny-Jin-Jin, you have such an obscured image of what Christmas is about! Oh what did Mr Johnny-san do to your psyche as you were growing up?? *hugs*

    I can’t say I love (or even like too much ><)the song, I think it's… the synthesised super high-pitch voice *squints left eye* But way to go w/ the white galactic suit & robotic drum action brother! Street cred right there ;O

    E.G., thanks for sharing this clip (you know I loved it) & thanks to Sujun2 for upping it. Kinda interested in the next part though- Lovejuice ne? What kinda inspiration led to the penning of that track me's wonder? x{{{{{

    • jicks Says:

      P.S. I forgot to say, I don’t really like his handwriting in that piccie ^^; (but his siggy is a’ight I guess.)

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        That “M” was how I wrote my M’s when I was in the 5th grade… But hey, I actually think the semi-cursive is cute 😉

        Lol @ Jin = damaged forever by El Gobrinu Kingu!

        hahahahha @ your last line, hahahaha! I don’t think I’ve even listened to Lovejuice in full, because I can’t get past the title. Makes me feel dirty already, lol…

  4. leile Says:

    oh found this video which I think you should check it out since you are a such a Miura fan lately!!and it even has Tsubaki Satoshii and Oguri Shun and Eita as side dish..and I wouldn’t mind if you could translate the video too..

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      And what video is this, pray tell? 🙂 Did you mean the time they guested on Oshareism Ikemen Daishugo SP in 2009 to promote their Uno Fog Bar CM campaign? I don’t speak Nihonggo, but jicks was able to unearth recaps of the transcript, which she shared on her blog post here. Hope this is what you meant? ^^;; (btw lol @ Satoshi/Shun/Eita = “side dish,” careful ‘coz jicks and doozy might hear you! lol :D)

  5. Helicidae Says:

    I absolutely LOVE these UTB videos! They’re pure comic gold and your comments made this one even more hilarious. *wipes tears from eyes*
    So according to Jin, Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas because they’re looking forward to… dying. *lol* What does he do in L.A.? Hanging with some end-time cultists by any chance?

    Maybe somebody should send him a Bible. CliffsNotes version. In English… Cause I hear his Japanese is not that great. Fans even gave him a dictionary once. A Japanese dictionary.
    His English, however, has improved so much! Leeway. Wow. I had never heard that word before. Who thought that Jin “Car Shrimp” Akanishi would ever be able to teach people hard English words. Is this the beginning of the end? A Merry Armageddon and a happy New Year to all of us!

    Before I forget: Here’s the Lovejuice segment.

    Priceless. Jin openly admits to fantasizing about undressing random green eyed women. In a bar. Plus, he knows words such as “saliva”.
    How can you not love this guy? Easy on the eyes and so incredibly entertaining! 🙂
    I can’t wait for your thoughts on this latest piece of Jinius.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lol @ Jinius and dying and end-time cultists and Merry Armageddon, hahahahahaha! 😀

      Seriously, fans gave him a Japanese dictionary? You mean a Japanese-English dictionary, right?

      LMAO @ “Car Shrimp!!!” I remember coming across that vid and laughing so hard I started crying. He was cute when he realized how Baka he sounded afterwards, though. 😉

      OMG I’m so glad you linked that Youtube vid before it was shot down. That Music Talk segment was 8374873483x more entertaining than the last, mwahahahahahah I can’t believe he actually said “that’s gross…” OHHHH JIN. And the (mis)adventures continue, lalalalalala….

      • jicks Says:

        Boooo! I missed the Lovejuice vid :((((( *flees to L.A.* But, judging from what I’m reading, I may be a better off person never having seen it lol


      • Helicidae Says:

        Well… I’m afraid we’re talking a monolingual Japanese dictionary here. At least, he’s quoted as saying (during a concert):
        “Thank you to all the fans who gave me a Japanese dictionary with the note ‘Please get more intelligent soon’!”

        According to some fans who speak Japanese, our Jinius occasionally has some difficulty in reading… writing… and speaking Japanese.
        Let’s cut the guy some slack, though. There are how many zillions kanji characters in the Japanese language again? Maybe that’s what Jin likes best about English: There are only 26 letters…

  6. […] Vid Clip: Akanishi Jin on UTB's Music Talk (08.21.2010) « The … […]

  7. Helicidae Says:

    @ jicks:
    And don’t miss the latest segment. Unfortunately, it’ll be deleted by Monday night.

    Jin’s personal opinion about his musical opus “Hey Girl”? “Song is stupid, lyrics is awful”.
    And again, his inspiration was drawn from a “daydream” and most definitely NOT from his personal experience!! Of course not! I mean, please! Well, except for these poetic lines:

    “I’m so f*cked up turn the party up
    Till we all puke up we change that up.”

    That’s Jin for you, ladies and gentlemen, always classy like none of these… um… Nevermind, we like him anyway, don’t we? 😉

  8. Helicidae Says:

    I just realized that I got the lyrics wrong. Actually, they read “[…] Till we all puke up we chug it up.” Hmm, is that really a correct sentence? Just wondering. Cause to me, it sounds suspiciously Jingrish but who am I to judge? I’m hardly an expert on English slang. 😉

  9. South Says:

    omg please I’ll be laughing forever. Love Jinny but omg, his Christmas. How is it that everyone is dead but there is love around, HUH?

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