Pic: Miura Haruma (Russ K 2010 Catalogue)

Insert Caption/Thought Bubble Here…

by Ender’s Girl

Let me preface this utterly gratuitous entry by saying three things: (1) I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ACTUALLY PUTTING THIS PHOTO OUT HERE. ON MY BLOG. So if you can see this post, it means I hit “Publish” before I had the chance to chicken out, hahaha.


(3) Why on earth did those Russ K ad people choose to include this particular snapshot among the dozens they must have taken? (Their fanservice would put Johnny K to shame (Russ K, meet Johnny K!!! lulz)… okay maybe not Johnny K, since he always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else in that department, hahaha). Well, it sure got people talking, though I doubt anyone ever mentioned the clothes, lol.

The picture you’re about to view (taken from the 08.30.2010 catalogue, and showing Miura Haruma in… uh, fighting form, if you know what I mean lol)Β will make you gasp in horror, or chuckle in amusement, or roll your eyes and groan, or cackle like a banshee on crack. Or it will make you walk away from my blog in disgust, muttering “I thought she was just gonna do REVIEWS, for Pete’s sake… Ugh. Fangirls.” and never to return. (Well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Sorry to disabuse you of my carefully cultivated illusion of respectability (haha as if). “Popeye” might as well be my middle name, because… “Eye yam what Eye yam.” lulz) But whatever your reaction may be, the point is that you cannot NOT have one. Not with this photo. Heh heh.

Don’t you think the picture is just begging for a caption to call its own? Or perhaps a thought bubble — or two, or three?

I’ll start the ball rolling with this caption:

“Hello… 911? I’d like to report a suspicious-looking package…”


*facepalm* (Now I’m the one who feels like running away from her own blog, lol)

YOUR TURN! Be free and creative; censorship will be held to the barest minimum, lol. (It’s not every day that I get to be like this, so… go fer it!!!)

And because I hate taking responsibility for my own actions, I really ought to.. uh, THANK jicks for first
blogging about Miura, Ishida Nicole and Kento Kaku being the new image models for the Russ K clothing brand. More photos from the Russ K site via Nikki’s blog.


Oh! Well! What do we have here? Heyyy Miura, Kamenashi says hello… (LOL)

Miura vs. Kame: AND THE WIENER IS………….. (heh heh)

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30 Comments on “Pic: Miura Haruma (Russ K 2010 Catalogue)”

  1. leile Says:

    why do I feel like you are secretly revelling in publishing this post..
    though I have to admit…it is looking mighty suspicious.However,if you looked closer…oh wait!did I just say look CLOSER..I think I did!!!aHahahaha..
    ok back to topic..if you were to look closer..I think it is just the angle..not what were are thinking..
    I’m not sure what you guys are thinking but heck I know what I’m thinking!!!!!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “secretly revelling”? hush now! *eyes dart furtively about* lol πŸ˜€ But to be honest, I think there’s a bigger side of me that’s reviling the reveling part, haha

      Could be the angle… I gotta admit the checkered pattern of his pants (who wears such silly looking clothes anyway?) may have created an optical illusion or something. Hmmm… well this merits a closer inspection indeed! lol

  2. Jenny Says:

    Miura nom nom ❀
    Why do attractive guys make me incohesive sigh.
    Fist I was what package (a bit slow I know) then I went all oh I see to oooooooh.
    Um well it could be the angle of the pic right or okay really who cares it's Miura nom nom.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LMFAO @ nom nom & Miura!!! ahahahahaha I have no words… *pounds fist on table* πŸ˜€

      • Jenny Says:

        The Kame picture!!! Can’t unsee!! Horror!
        Yes, Miura is nom nom nom nom.
        My version.
        Miura; Hey baby
        Girl: teheehehe, your hot
        Guy; Dude, that’s my girl (glare)
        Miura; Your wearing your granny’s trousers so of course she wills choose me. Look how suave, handsome and cool I look.
        Girl; teheheh I’m cute and smiley
        Okay I have really bad imagination
        Miura nom nom

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          LOL @ granny trousers!!! Although I can’t say that the pants Miura’s wearing, cut from the finest cafeteria tablecloth, look any better than Kento’s, hehe πŸ˜‰

          So basically you’re like, Miura = nom nom nom, and Kame = no no no!!! lol

          • Jenny Says:

            Miura’s tablecloth pants are a tad bit more stylish then granny pants Kento.

            Yes, you could say that Miura nom nom and Kame no no(sorry Kame, I like your acting but that’s it)
            It’s also a amazing detail that Miura isn’t a part of JE empire.

  3. doozy Says:

    ahhahahaha @ Eye yam what Eye yam… you are such a dork!

    Caption: “Get all your minds out of the garbage can! It’s not what you think. I’m actually… 3 months pregnant and my back is killing me.”

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ROFL, Miura preggers you say??? Gold. (From the garbage can and into the.. well, look whose mind is in the gutter now! hahahaha :D) That’s so twisted, I love it! (But… hmmm… I thought it was only Kame who could get knocked up, lol)

  4. momosan Says:

    Sorry, I’m still laughing too hard to come up with a caption…..

  5. Peggy Says:

    Love the pic. EG But Package? which one dear yours or his.

    Will the photo change if we come back later? As did the one in JIN. Hope not.


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ LOL his package of course! πŸ˜€ (besides there’s only one visible in the pic)

      The photo changes with time? Why not, hehe. And there ought to be a product disclosure statement along the lines of “Each part sold separately” and “Batteries not included”:

      “Size of package varies with viewers’ comments.” (lololol)

  6. jicks Says:

    lol@doozy’s pregnant concept xDD

    Gasp in horror? Check.
    Chuckle in amusement? Check.
    Roll your eyes and groan? Check.
    Cackle like a banshee on crack? Check.
    ^^All in that order, too^^;

    Caption time!
    Miura: “Hey man, what’s up?”
    Kento (rolls eyes): “Er, kinda obvious isn’t it?”
    Nic-chan: “Oh Kento-kun, man up! Miura-kun is only trying to rise to the occasion here…”

    (& now jicks makes a run outta here… >>;;;)

    Btw, thanks for dragging me down in this, too, E.G.! *high five* I’ll see you in jail ;O (hope they have WiFi in there so we can continue to blog lol)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LMFAOOOOO x 37876374367 πŸ˜€ Ahahahaha your caption had me laughing in my seat for a full minute nonstop!!! It’s gonna be hard to top that racy three-way exchange… *fans self * Can’t breathe can’t breathe!!! *dunks head in 7-Up*

      (And Kento rolling his eyes? SO in character lol. That guy always looks either pissed, or really pissed.)

      *sigh* Guess I’ll see you in the pokey, then. (lol WiFi is an absolute necessity indeed! :-)) Don’t forget your bright orange shirt with the big black “P” on the back. (Although we could request the jail warden to change it to a pink shirt with “Pi” instead, lolol.) And let’s see… can we bring our JE pinups too? You bring Jin and I’ll bring Kame, and Miura’s poster can be shared through a crack between our cells, lol (jicks: M-W-F & EG: T-Th-S, and then we let him rest Sundays tee hee)

      • jicks Says:

        GAHAHhaaaHa, the pink Pi t-shirts ^O^ Haute couture, prison style! We should pitch the fashion idea to Johnny K xDD

        lmao @ the pinups suggestion… Fine, we can share Miura, but no peeping at my Jinny poster from you sister! *irons & rolls up THE anan pull-out* I’m ready (-_-) Can I bring an uchiwa too?? xP

        …AND THE WIENER IS…………..
        LMAAAAAAAOOO. Golden in a league of its own *sweats*
        And your addendum ^^;;;;;;;;;
        There ain’t no optical illusion there, baby *shuts eyes*

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          “irons & rolls up THE anan pull-out* I’m ready (-_-)” << LOLLLL!!! Oh good heavens, I totally forgot about the AnAn centerfold haha. Don't worry, I won't be peepin'… mebbe except for the solo shot of Jin on the lawn teehee πŸ˜‰ An uchiwa — something tells me we’ll be using this quite vigorously lol

          Re Kame, I know right??? Photo cracks me up every time… esp. when it's painfully obvious that unlike Miura in the Russ K pic (and whose proximity to the girl's body was what probably triggered the, um, response), Kame is surrounded by four strapping men, so you do the math lulz πŸ˜€

  7. Helicidae Says:

    OK, I have no idea who this Miura person is. Obviously, I’m not that engrossed in the vicious world of J-entertainment yet… Maybe my soul still can be saved? But the picture is hilarious.
    So here’s my shot at the caption contest:

    Anita Peter (on the left), talent scout with Johnny’s Entertainment, spotting some new promising victi… um… talents for her company.

    And this thread hits a new low… πŸ˜‰

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lol, Anita Peter the email scammer? Tsk tsk, the poor kids don’t know what they’re getting into… Thank heavens Miura has been with Amuse talent agency ever since he started out in the biz, and not JE. (Yay for him! And for us lol XD)

      Oh dear, that photo isn’t exactly the most flattering introduction to Miura — for a non-fan such as you, that is. Well, if you give dramas like Bloody Monday and Samurai High School a spin I’m sure you’ll see his appeal. πŸ˜‰ Or you could view jicks’ bazillion Miura-centric goodies over at her blog, like the Uno Fog Bar and Aomori series of commercials. I’ve also posted the music video of Umaku Ienai, where he plays a young musician in love. Miura’s pretty much my antidote (and jicks’ as well, I’m sure of it lol) to all things JE. πŸ˜‰ *tries to forget that the kid is just 20* lol

  8. doozy Says:

    the addendum! my eyes… my eyes!
    ROLF LMAO! ahhahahah!

  9. nattacatta Says:

    Hahaha, well, I am not quite sure what to say in response to that photo.
    And oh my god, Kame. Unlike the slight unsureness of Miura, I don’t think that image needs a second look… whether a second look was taken part in is not to be disclosed.

    Before I say anything else (incriminating), my caption:
    Rockets blast up, up and away at Demode Diner.

  10. Peggy Says:


    On second thoughts..wit needs brevity don’t you think?


    LIFT OFF !!!!


  11. jicks Says:

    ^^Hey, have you seen this yet?? Beware! The red-plaid pants are in the house lol (& 8:42-8:46 of Part3, xDD Yea-ah!! *high-tens*)

    But what will probably get alot of us talking is the boy’s “Ideal Girl” checklist ^U^

    I’m definitelu out… but I can work on it *slaps on SPF3000+* lol Actually, I need to re-blacken my hair & er, grow it out as well. Nah, scrooit, it’s all too hard xDD

    • doozy Says:

      Did he get a hair cut? looks similar to Doctuh’s in SnN. I like the shu style better coz it has more character/oomph.

      *slaps on SPF3000+*
      at least that’s safer than slathering on whitening cream/bleach… ahahhhaha!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      No I had not seen this yet!!! But thanks to you now I have!!! One good turn deserves anutha doncha think? hehe

      But HOLY FUNGUS what in the HEY was that outfit???!??!?!?!?!? Firstly I wasn’t loving the bowl cut + mop top hybrid. (agree w/ doozy on the Shushushu hairstyle) And that ridiculously boring cobalt blue ojisan long-sleeved shirt, paired with those horrible checkered pants — I know I said I had dibs on his red plaid pants, but the cut of this pair was just Ronald McDonald awful. Exchange those pointy suede shoes for soft-soled flats and he’d look the part of a Chinese peasant during the Cultural Revolution, or an extra on those Sunday morning kung-fu shows, the one going “Big brotha! You keelld my mastah!” lol

      I’d much rather see him dressed as Adam Glambert at the KOBE Collection 2010 Fashion Show, although 5 seconds into ogling the black leather & rockstar blazer I realized I like him best a regular laid-back guy wearing his Russ K clothes. πŸ˜‰

      Re the Ideal Girl checklist (is he, um, checking it twice? does he want to find out who’s naughty and who’s nice? well… there’s only one way to find out. c’mere, precious one… *pats space between E.G. & jicks* LOL): That’s IT? What about… “can click her heels like the leprechaun from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” or “hates being around snot-nosed little kids” or “likes to squash bugs on the window sill”??? Those are essential traits too, don’t you agree??? @_@ Anyway, like you I wouldn’t get past the first three criteria anyway. I never use sunblock (lol @ SPF3000+), I don’t plan on reverting to my natural black hair shade any time soon, and I distinctly remember stomping all over a bouquet of roses that some guy gave me back in high school — so I guess that’s also a cross mark for “romantic” right there, lol.

      “Nah, scrooit, it’s all too hard xDD” << *high-tens right back at ya* That's the spirit! πŸ˜€

      But um, wardrobe notwithstanding, ARGH how cute WAS this guy on Oshareism??? In Part 2 – 4:38 – 4:42 he does that tongue-in-cheek thing again, in SLOW-MO and with his eyes HALF-CLOSED, and I remembered your fave pic from the Russ-K Aug. 23rd catalogue where he does JUST THAT, and I was like, WHOA he totally did this for jicks!!! lolll

      • jicks Says:

        lol Ronald McDonald pants. True! True! But alas… I liked the shirt. And I liked the shoes. Just not within context of THIS outfit >< I think he looks really young here with the bowl hairdo (i.e. cougarship status magnified lol.)

        or β€œhates being around snot-nosed little kids” or β€œlikes to squash bugs on the window sill”??? Those are essential traits too, don’t you agree???
        ^^lmafo! Oh man, snooty little spoilt brats irritate me too! Especially the ones who don’t use their “pleases” & “thankyous” >< But your bug-squashing hobby could v. well bump you up THE list- I seem to recall him not being too fond of a certain bug on a previous ep of Oshareism xD

        I saw those KOBE collection pics from Nicky-Nikki's blog you shared!!! At first I was like "Mother of fudge" *sweating bullets* but like you, I soon thought the same thing- I agree he's much suited dressing like the (perfect) boy-next-door. (Where-ever that "next-door" is, if I find it, I'm so moving in xDD)

        Re the slow-mo tongue-in-cheek, squinty-eye moment… oh you know me too well xDDDDDD

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