Pic: KAT-TUN Chewing Gum Ad

(Pick a Fruit Now!)

by Ender’s Girl

You know your blog is headed for Sh*tsville when your last 83727 or so posts have been nothing but an endless pimp parade of movie trailers and music videos, random musings on things J-pop, unapologetic picspams of J-hotties, and prurient discourses on, um, unusual anatomical sightings. (Heh heh) And now, indulge me yet again as I add to the content pollution of the blogosphere by posting another snapshot that betrays far, far more than it originally intended to. (Sankyouuu to Helicidae for sharing the link in the comments section of a previous post. You don’t know how much this photo made my day, Helicidae!)

The ironic thing is that despite Japan’s penchant for wordplay and punning, the creative super-geniuses behind this bubble gum ad campaign featuring the KAT-TUN boys (in happier days, tsk) apparently failed to grasp the situational irony (or sheer WTFLOLLery) of plastering six JE androgynes (wait that’s redundant, lol) above a banner proclaiming the “Power of Fruits.” Oh, the power of the written word! Hahahaha

And, ahhh — the poor things, they never had a clue, lol. While they stood in front of the camera and posed in their (uncharacteristically) preppy vests and sweaters, too cool for the gum sticks they were holding, little did they know that the very language that they just loved to mangle to an unrecognizable degree in their songs — would later exact its sly vengeance through this delicious double entendre. Fruits for the fruits indeed, bwahahaha.

The comments from the Engrish.com post, most of them coming from people who had absolutely no idea who — or more accurately, what — KAT-TUN were, just freakin’ killed me. Here are a few choice morsels:

Darth Nav’i: “People here say they are not gay in real life but who knows. Think most of the Fruit Power gang is SMAP,most popular gaylike group in Japan for years. Loved by all. Laughed at by all foreigners, I suspect. Anyway, funny!”

Wile E. Coyote Super Genius: “Carson Kressly moves into music management.”

phoenixx: “well at least they warn you how bad they are”

John M: “The one on the left [meaning Junno] looks like a vegetable to me.”

*dies laughing*

MOAR ROFLtastic comments here.

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11 Comments on “Pic: KAT-TUN Chewing Gum Ad”

  1. Jenny Says:

    ahahaha, love it power of fruits!
    Japanese commercials are hilarious.
    To be honest I wouldn’t be suprised if someone in one of the groups are gay.
    Too bad I can’t find it now but there is a funny commercial with News when Morita Takahiro was still a member.

    The comments were so rofl worthy, Smap is laughed at that I know especially Qeantin Tarantino though they were lol worthy after appearing in bistro smap.

    Oh but randomly found this, a list of former JE and what they are doing now.(Mary Kitagawa seems like one scary woman)


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few of these Johnnies turned out to be honest-to-goodness fruits! 😉

      Hey thanks for the link. Good to know there’s life after Johnny, eh? 😀 The only guy I recognized (aside from Mori, that is) was Motoki Masahiro, but only because he made waves with Departures last year. The rest I didn’t really know, but it was interesting reading about them (well, most of them at least) leading semi-normal lives away from the limelight.

      Mary Kitagawa — ahhh so that’s how she and Johnny have split the Evil Empire. She’s more into the boys’ TV work while Johnny handles their auditions and concerts. Man I shudder to think what she looks like, the dragon baba… @__@ Kinda like Johnny crossed with Cruella de Vil, perhaps?

      • Jenny Says:

        Me neither and especially after the catchy slogan power of fruits.
        I didn’t even know there we so many people or talents in the jimusho.
        Well maybe it’s good Jin got away so he wont become more fruity or vegetable like^^ (eggplant Jin)

        There seems to be a divide withing the company because Mary and her daugher don’t get along at all. Well see what happens after Johnny-san kicks the can.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          ^ Ooooh, more dirt, ahloveeet! Lol, it seems like everyone’s just hanging around waiting for Johnny to croak — the fans, Mary, his Jimusho underlings, and most of all the poor little Johnnies (and ex-Johnnies). Well he can expect a heckuva turnout at his funeral, that I’m sure of. 😀

  2. jicks Says:

    My favourite comment has to be from Grifter: “I’m going bananas over these guys!”

    And yeah, the vegetable comment… poor Junno!

    ^^^^^^LMAFO is about right -______-”

    Maybe this is the reason why the band fell apart lol

    All I have to say is, chewing gum makes your face go slim, Jinny-Jin-Jin! (btw, this is how I like him looking in this pic^^)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “Maybe this is the reason why the band fell apart lol” << Bwahahaha quite valid, quite valid! ^^;;

      Re Jin — I know right? His weight tends to yo-yo the most among KT, so he really ought to go easy on the Krispy Kreme over there, tsk tsk. 😀

  3. doozy Says:

    the slogan is so wrong and yet… so right! (that is, if my impression of who/what KAT-TUN is correct since it’s mostly based on reading your gushing/mock tease/analysis.)

  4. ockoala Says:

    Thanks, EG. I just spend wayyyy too much time on that site. Good to know the most egregious and repeat offenders of the English language are the Chinese.

    I respecially want to eat a rude and unreasonable chicken. Because who would want to eat a polite and reasonable chicken?

  5. Helicidae Says:

    It’s a great piece of Engrish, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m glad you like it as much as I do… It might be wrong but it’s just so amusing.
    Unfortunately, this will be my last comment for a while since I’ll have to live without Internet for the next couple of months. *whines*

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “great piece of Engrish”? Dude it’s priceless 😀 Thank you once again!!!

      Wow, no Internet huh. That kind of sucks. Anyway, when you’re wired again you know where to find me… and you favorite fruits too, hihihi =P

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