The Little Dorama Girl – 1st Anniversary Post

A Good Year

by Ender’s Girl

Graphics by and from jicks. Thank you jicks! Best thing I heard Kame say all year, lollll

The Little Dorama Girl has just turned one! I know, I know… surviving a year in cyberspace may not seem a big deal for longtime bloggers and other active netizens, but for people like myself, whom Nature has… *gifted* with the attention span of a Jack Russell terrier pumped full with uppers, one straight year of doing this kind of stuff IS a big. fuggin’. deal, yo. So, 365 days, 72 blog posts (438 if you count the unfinished drafts, hahaha.  again — Jack Russell terrier!!! can’t fight Mutha Naycha, yo. lulz), 1,460 comments (3,380 including the spammy variety), and over 76k+ page views later… I’m still here! Like it or not!  Still dorama-ing to the beat of my own drum (or so I’d like to think), still inflicting my meshugaas on hapless wayfarers, still adding to the content pollution of the blogosphere — or at least, a tiny corner thereof —  one review/rant/rhapsody/rumination at a time.

Any blogger – whether their site has a readership of 10, or 10 million – will tell you that blogging is truly an experience like no other. For starters, I had to learn the ropes on the fly, but thanks to the user-friendly WordPress platform I got the hang of things quicker than expected. (WordPress is a godsend for non-techies like me, whose learning curves are asymptotic to… zero, haha.) And it took me a while to establish my rhythm of watching, reviewing, editing and posting – each step a time-consuming process in itself – though to be honest I still hit a few snags and roadblocks now and then, not to mention the occasional detour that I end up taking whenever a new drama catches my fancy before I’m done reviewing my previous one. (Ah, self-diagnosed ADHD – you are my blessing, you are my curse!)

As you very well know, The Little Dorama Girl isn’t one of those superblogs that get a bajillion hits a day and churn out new material every five minutes or so. I don’t watch dramas in “real time” or recap/live-blog whatever’s currently airing on both sides of the Sea of Japan. I don’t stay au courant (as in, “I know what YamaPi had for lunch today” au courant, heh) on the latest dirt on Asian entertainment. And as far as producing new content is concerned (and by “new” I mean “everyone watched this drama six months ago” new, lol), I’m well aware that I tend to finish and post reviews at a rate somewhere between that of a three-toed sloth… and a barnacle.  (I honestly don’t know how the superbloggers do it, but I doff my hats to them, fo’ shizzles! Even if I had the time, energy and political will (lulz) to keep abreast of the J-/K-/Tw-/C-drama scenes AND write about them every night AND STILL have time for that leetle thing called “Real Life,” I don’t even know if I would. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted already, lol. So to the superbloggers, may your creative vats be ever brimming!!! And may you never run out of English vocabulary words like I do from time to time!!! *Buzzer Beat salute*)

But what I do know is that I’m very satisfied with where I am right now, in my little cyber rathole – er niche, this happy medium where I can let my thoughts (and, uh, fangirl tendencies) run amok free. It humbles me to know that people out there actually read this sh*t, lol. At this blog’s onset I had absolutely no idea how readers would take my hard-wired predilection for writing fiendishly long, discursive (and oft-incoherent) drama analyses. (And I know my writing style has turned off many a casual visitor – not that I blame them, lol.) As a blogger you write primarily out of the need for self-expression (because if you don’t get the crazy voices out of your head you’ll go even MOAR batsh*t crazy for sure), but at the same time there’s that not-so-little part of you that hopes other people will also like the stuff you put out, and that they’ll come back for MOAR of whatever it is you have to offer.

For that reason, I consider myself very blessed with a small but active readership. Thank you, dear readers, for inexplicably deeming my posts worth checking out on a regular basis, as frivolous and deranged as they often sometimes are, lol. The massively deregulated comments section of my posts is where this blog truly comes alive, so I thank all of you who have taken the time to drop me a line or two. (You know who you are!) The comments here swing from insanely hilarious to fangirly-crazy to thought-provoking and insightful at turns, but they’re always fun to read. Whether or not we share the same views is immaterial; for wherever and whenever minds meet – whether it’s to discuss something as picayune as Kame’s nailpolish for goodness’ sake, or something as weighty as… the legal ramifications of fangirling Miura Haruma, lulz – we always come away the richer, do we not? Um… DO WE NOT? Taking the fifth, are you? Lolll

To be honest, when I began blogging I was bracing myself for the positive : negative comments ratio to be something like 10 : 90 (since I knew that most of my reviews could hardly be considered the “benign and politically correct” variety). But what I didn’t expect was a 99.9 : 0.1 positive : negative ratio, oh wow!!!  (Not that criticism isn’t welcome here; I’ve had a couple of not-so-favorable reactions regarding my writing style and that’s cool. Appreciate the honesty.) So as much as possible I try to reply to comments because really, it’s the least I can do. And because I enjoy it, duh.

Above all, I guess what I’m most thankful for is that this dinky little blog has given me a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow drama fans all over the world – be they bloggers themselves or ex-lurkers turned serial commenters, lol – and share our love and passion for Asian entertainment “…and a lot of other crap” (to quote the Candy.Me blog header, lulz). Some of the sites linked to mine are run by people whom I’ve known and admired long before I took up blogging, while the other blogs I just serendipitously found – and became an instant fan of – only this past year. I didn’t really expect to make new friends in the course of blogging (as my initial philosophy was, “crawl out of cave. publish new content. crawl back into cave. crawl out of cave. publish new content…” lol) but I did anyway, in a lovely stroke of good fortune. (You know who you are!) Glad we met, yo.

So please count this anniversary post as my big DOMO ARIGATOU / KOMAPSUMNIDA / THANK YOU / SANKYOUU (lol) / MARAMING SALAMAT PO – to everyone who’s supported this blog and made it what it is. I look forward to another year of MOAR!!! Johnnies drama and film watching, MOAR!!! Johnnies fangirly exchanges, MOAR!!! Johnnies bad poetry and fiction, MOAR!!! Johnnies music vids and pic/graphics spams!!! And if there are three things I’m determined to do better in Year 2, it’s the following: to watch and publish more balanced K/J content; to actually finish what I start – especially if it’s a series of related posts – and not leave readers hanging; and to be nicer to Tegoshi Yuya. No, on second thought, scratch that last one, LOL.

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42 Comments on “The Little Dorama Girl – 1st Anniversary Post”

  1. The Little Dorama Girl ? 1st Anniversary Post…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Ralph Moratz Says:

    Hey LDG,

    I can’t believe you wrote all this in one single year. I think there is enough to fill a book. Can you imagine what there will be in – say -10 years? 🙂
    Will WordPress have enough capacity? And best of all, it’s all good…interesting,,,,a very satisfying reading experience…. When I am writing one of my blogs, in the back of my simple mind is a gnawing constant question… how would LDG phrase this? I bow to your masterful just sucking up, you are truly a creative wielder of your pen… how quaint, can I still say “pen”? The old phrases creep in and I suppose they are still apt for descriptive invective… my gosh who uses a pen anymore, how do you hold one?

    OOps… as usual I tend to drift.

    I think I’m starting to become philosophical. For example as I mature, the days speed by at ever increasing paces. Now I’m feeling guilty that I’m shortchanging the rest of the population of the Earth who are inadvertantly forced to keep in synchronization with my rapid flight through the years. How can I make amends? 🙂

    I want to put a link on my blog to your blog also. How please?

    Happy 1st anniversary. I look forward to the next 12 months of your endearing phrases.


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Ralph! Lol, you’re being way too kind with the compliments. (I never thought myself a writer. That would be my mom, lol. Like… she gets paid for it and stuff? Me, I just blog. heh =P) But thanks for your boundless morale-boosting! Believe me, it goes a long way 🙂

      I know, I know, I can’t believe I made all that stuff ooze outta my brain in the space of one year, lol. I look forward to more fascinating stories from your blog as well. 😉

      How to link: Dashboard => Links => Add new => paste my URL in the Web Address field: => Then fill out the other fields, like “Name” / “Description” / “Categories”. When you get to the box that says “Target,” I suggest you check “blank — new window or tab.” That way readers can open the link in a new window without having to leave your page. 😉

      • ralphm1999 Says:

        Done. I made a link and learned a new trick. 🙂

        I read your mother’s article when you linked to it on FB. That’s when I wrote that now I understand the source of your excellent talent. 🙂

  3. carolina Says:

    YAYYY Happy 1st Birthday!! (:
    I really do love this blog! And really, it’s a big sankYOU, because you make this blog so amazing!
    I certainly hope there will be a lot MOAR Miura fan-girling! …and all the other stuff, of course 8D
    Keep it coming!!<3

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Mi-u-ra? Who is this… Mi-uuuu-raa that you speak of? *blinks twice* *gets the pinkeye for phoniness*

      Hahahahaha. Guess I can’t fool you. But thank you thank you for the kind words! And for sharing & spreading the fan-girling lurrrve — this is what it’s all about, baby! 😀

  4. jicks Says:

    Congratulations, woot-woot!! *throws confetti*

    I think I speak for many when I say this- you never cease to amuse, entertain, enlighten, educate & crack us all the heck up :))

    Without wanting to get all corny also (*puts on best Yamapi-like emotional face* *Director yells: “CUT!!!!!”* lol,) I just want to say that I am particularly grateful for the exposure you’ve helped give my page. Thankyou! But more importantly, like you said, it’s been most fun meeting so many fellow fangirls Asian entertainment lovers & being able to maturely yet light-heartedly discuss it all xDD

    So here’s wishing you another year of fabulous bloggingness… & many, many more to come!

    P.S. Love how you dropped the names of ya 2 favourite J-boys in this hallmark post, &, Pi’s. ;P

    • jicks Says:

      Err… I went to post this image in my original comment but I think it failed. Giving it another shot now^^

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        Arigatou gozaimasu jicks!!! On, like, so many levels!!! lol 😀

        First I just wanna: “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhiskagkskklllalmmmggdfhoiweouwoifindndnfndnkf!!!!” to your “leetle” present-o. You are a genius. A genius!!! That was my Christmas/New Year/Valentine 3-for-1 present right there!!! (I’m tempted to also say “Halloween” but won’t, hehehe. Because the boy looks FINE and UN-GIRLY here, woot!) This photo is def. front-page material, yo! *bumps up to top of post*

        And lolololol yourself @ dropping Woody-Pi’s name hahahaha!!! So which “emotional face” is this from? His crying scene in Buzzer Beat (with Kitagawa Keiko rolling her eyes on the other end of the line), or his crying scene in Lunch Queen (with Yamada Takayuki caught rolling his eyes in the background), or his dying scene in Shounen wa Tori ni Natta (with his mum rolling her eyes beside him), or his “recounting my tortured past!!!” scene in Kurosagi (with Maki rolling her eyes in the next window)…? So many to choose from!!! >DDDD

        Btw you give me way too much credit for your site’s exposure, heehee. But thank you just the same. 🙂 My work here is done. *detaches anal probe* Klaatu phone home. Klaatu go home. *beams self back to mother ship* But seriously, any eyeless turnip (huh? but — turnips don’t have eyes lol) that came across Candy.Me would instantly recognize a gem of a blog if there ever was one. I’m just happy I found fellow drama fans out there who enjoy reading your posts as much as I do. So… kanpaiiii! 😉

        • jicks Says:

          tehehe Glad you liked the pic! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it- I could so hear those words coming out of his mouth lol ;O

          Never noticed it before but going by this image, your Kame boy seems to have rather nice, white teeth! Way to go! xDD (perhaps a non-smoker, woohoo!)

          *waves to zooey* sankyou for ze compliments ^_^, & rightbackatcha with the rest of your comment too! sharing the love of doramas has indeed never been so fun 😉

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Kame’s teeth are nicer than Pi’s fo’ shizzzelz lol. (But not nearly as nice as Miura’s pearly shells — er whites! Nyahahaha) But sorry to burst your bubble because Kamenashi IS TOO A SMOKER! Hrmpgh. Guess whom he (allegedly) picked up the habit from? Your boy Jinny. *rolleyes* Word is that Kame eased up on the cancer stick while Jin was on hiatus in 2006, but quickly resumed after “Bakanishi Returns” (lol). I hope this means with Jin gone, Kame is living cleaner these days…? YEAH RIGHT. HHAHAHAHA (Ah the powers of triple bleach treatments lol) 😀

  5. Jenny Says:

    Happy one year anniversay!! And let there be many more to come(If I could I would hand you a present, a lovely Miura Haruma wrapped in a big bow^^)

    Your posts and reviews are fun to read and very insightful.And so let’s have a drink to more JE-ness and other things to come!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you Jenny! And thank you for that wonderful present-o! 😀 Ohohohohoho so the… um… package comes with a nice big bow ehhh? Well that won’t be tied in a ribbon for long, I can tell ya that, ehehehehe +D *thinks naughty thoughts*

      Kanpai baby! *glugluglglug*

      • Jenny Says:

        I’m glad the present was so enjoyable;D(of course there will be naughty thoughts, it’s Miura Haruma after all)
        I hope he brings you much joy and if you continue another year who knows what you will receive then wink wink nudge nudge.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Ah crud, and here I was wrestling with my dark side to keep those naughty thoughts at bay. Oops, too late! Hahaha

          “who knows what you will receive then wink wink nudge nudge.” LOL! Then… let this blog live to be a hundred! Kanpai! *drains bottle* 😀

  6. therainhouse Says:

    One year old! Happy belated birthday to The Little Dorama Girl.

    Suddenly feel like singing the Mad Hatter song. A very merry unbirthday to you, to you.

    I think it’s because there are like-minded people who are equally passionate about J-pop. I’m still lurking around.. Haha, it’s been fun reading your articles and your rants about JE’s boys.

    There’s nothing wrong with your writing style, it’s fine. Don’t listen to those people who say that your style isn’t right or whatever, because you should do what you’re comfortable with and what suits your site best. Once again, happy belated burp-day!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement! Oooohhh, and please do regale us with that Mad Hatter song, the nuttier the performance the better! 😀 (Anything that’ll make me dream of Johnny Depp 2nite, teehee) 😉

      • therainhouse Says:

        A very merry unbirthday to you. To who? E.G!

        Here’s a toast to MOAR unbirthdays for every single second you write about Kame and Miura and Yamapi! Merry merry unbirthday and All Saints Day to you, E.G.!

        And it’s interesting that your blog’s birthday falls on Halloween. Counting the days till the next birthday. =)

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Oh yay, my very own unbirthday song! Oh what a frabjous day this is! 😀 Thanks a mirriyon, and I hope you never lose your muchness!

          Hahahaha Halloween – I know right? Methinks my subconscious chose it because… Johnnies are scary? lol

  7. momosan Says:

    Happy Bloggiversary!!! And many happy returns of the day!

    After reading TnK part 2 I believe I may owe you sake and another adult beverage of your choice. 😎

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you muchly! Haha, “bloggiversary” — luv that! 😉

      And thanks for the extra (mega)dose of moonshine! Hey — sake, Baileys, sangria, shochu, schnapps (oh schnapps!)… it’s all good, baby! 😀

  8. doozy Says:

    E.G.! Happy Anniversary, yo! I’m gonna echo previous comments and hope for many more “review/rant/rhapsody/rumination” to come!
    Also, I love that you respond to readers’ comments because it makes us (me) feel like we’re part of this small, tight group of Asian entertainment lovers instead of casual passerbys.

    re: the cover picture (courtesy of jicks)
    Okay, so when it loaded, I saw the first half and was like, “hehehe, E.G. and her Kame… by the way, pretty eyes you have there Kame.” And then I scrolled down to view the second half and my knee-jerk reaction to the tongue/wink was, “ew. wat is that?!” sorry E.G., heh.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahahahaahahha! *full shrink mode* I conclude that your… reflex action to bottom half of said photograph stemmed from a previous traumatic experience caused by another picture of Kamenashi showing him in full pirate gear and sticking his tongue out rather lasciviously. Said trauma may have been further cemented by your accidental exposure to a video clip of a particular concert performance from which the offending photograph was taken. 😀

      But seriously, thanks doozy!!!!!! Lol, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but according to my built-in Geiger counter — er, instruments, this blog inexplicably gets MOAR!!! good vibes whenever you stop for a chat! 😉

      • doozy Says:

        this blog inexplicably gets MOAR!!! good vibes whenever you stop for a chat!
        Aw! I’m touched by your comment. Actually, I was having a really stressful and crappy day today and your comment sent me to my happy place. Thanks, E.G.!

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hope your week has taken a turn for the better, doozy! 🙂 You know, whenever you’re feeling lousy you can always take a bathroom break and recite to yourself in the mirror: “I AM A DOOZY!!!”

          “doozy” – something outstanding or unique of its kind (according to Daffy Duck the Oxford Eng. Dictionary. pretty kewl, huh? ;-))

          • doozy Says:

            hahahaa @ Daffy Duck!

            Thanks, yo!
            The week’s getting better, due, in part, to your kind words and miura’s prettiness. 🙂

  9. jana Says:

    Hi, E.G., happy anniversary from another regular reader! Half a year ago when I desperately searched the Internet for any information about my new obsession (with Kimura’s dramas) I found this blog with your super long reviews and there was even more than that (especially Kame and Yamapi-centric posts 🙂 Love your sense of humour and grown-up critical point of view, but also your crazy fangirl side 🙂 Thanks to your blog and all your readers posting in discussions I found out there are many kindred spirits who enjoy their j-dorama life as much as I do 🙂

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey jana! Thanks for the lovely greeting. 🙂 Always a pleasure to have you drop by for our group therapy sessions lol. (“crazy fangirl side” hehehehe guilty as charged! All I can say is, it takes one to know one! lulzzz :D)

  10. Happy first anniversary, The Little Dorama Girl! 🙂

    I didn’t know it’s only been a year.
    I’m so glad to have known about your blog, and I would have to thank you for leaving a comment in mine (had it not been for that, I might have discovered this ‘wonderland’ a little bit late). Reading your entries about the dramas and ze boys we love has made my (and certainly other kindred spirits’)fangirling days so much more colorful!

    More (Nobuta) powaah! 🙂 *as a present-o, blowing some Yokohama autumn breeze your way and some Hiroto scent too^^*

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you thank you!!! Well, I’m glad we found each other’s blogs, too! 😉

      Yay, thanks for the marvelous present-o! Blow my way, Yokohama breeze, blow my way!!! *breathes in deeeeeeep* I can faintly make out the mingled odors of cigarette smoke and motor oil wafting over the briny smell of the sea… And underneath all that… the scent of a heart breaking… *sniffle* *sigh*

      Argh! Hirotoooooooooo 😦

  11. ockoala Says:

    Happy Bloggirlyversary to you!!!

    You deserve all the hits and wonderful readership. Your reviews are detailed to the hilt, not to mentioned so hilarious sometimes I need to stop, take a bathroom break, or five, and then resume. Reading your posts involve training my bladder to be more well-behaved.

    Hugs and kisses, and I always want MOAR, MOAR, MOAR from the sweetest Ender’s Girl. 😀

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey there! Hugs and kisses right back at ya in your eucalyptus tree (adorned with Jung Woo-sung pinups tacked to the bark, natch!)! 😀 It’s great encouragement to hear that from you. More power to your blog and I look forward to your 1st Bloggirlyversary too! (and the ones after that, of course! ;-))

  12. zooey Says:

    Can’t believe that The Little Dorama Girl is already a year old, my how time flies. I remember stumbling upon this blog sometime in April, reading your Kimura drama roundup and instantly becoming a regular reader/fan. Will always be in awe at how you deliver detailed and witty reviews, as well as crazy-funny material about your favorite JE boy(s). So congratulations girl, it’s been quite a year and a productive one at that– 72 blog posts (wow!). Let me also just say that it’s fun having you and jicks as fellow drama fans/enthusiasts. So yeah, bring on year 2!

    And jicks, great work on the graphics as always. I can already imagine E.G. squeal with delight. Saw the first pic and was surprised at how normal Kame looked in it and then I scrolled down and went, “Ahhh… that’s more like it.” 😀

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Sankyouu zooey! Ehehehe I didn’t know it was the Kimura drama roundup that roped you in, lolz. But seriously, hey — the feeling’s mutual, mon! 😀 So here’s to our brogs — este, blogs. Kanpai! (Another round of okonomiyaki, watcha think? Although one of these days we must do Little Tokyo. Where real Japanese men cook your food! lulz)

      “and then I scrolled down and went, “Ahhh… that’s more like it.”” << Ahahahahahhahahahaa I know right!!!!! *wipes snot tears of mirth*

      • zooey Says:

        I’m game for another round of okonomiyaki, now all we have to do is set a date lol. Will finally be able to give you the SMAP concerts that I promised + I’ve unearthed my copy of Koi no Ochitara that I wasn’t able to bring the last time we met, so I’ll be more than happy to bring it along on our next food trip. 🙂

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Ssankyou ssankyou!!! Yay for the SMAP Concerto — er concerts!!! Yay for Koi no Ochitara!!! Yay for another food trip!!! (Mebbe Marie can come along next time? Dunno her LJ username though.)

  13. rambutan Says:

    Happy anniversary, Ender’s Girl! “…still adding to the content pollution of the blogosphere” – how I chuckled at this humorous expression. Yes, I can always rely on a good laugh/ be amused when I drop by. Keep it up. MOAR!

  14. Hi! EG/LDG,

    Congratulations on turning ONE!!

    I miss your mile-long posts at our forum, but I know I can always get my fix here in your very own corner in cyberspace.

    More power to you, dear!!


  15. thundie Says:

    Oops, I’m so friggin’ late.

    Happy 1st birthday, E.G.!! You’re one of the bestest bloggers out there and I stand in awe at the stuff you write and your insane mastery of the language. Your posts never fail to make me laugh. You rock, girl!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Dearest thundie! 🙂

      No worries, my friend! Thanks for the encouragement! I owe a lot to you, y’know. If this blog had a fairy godmother, you would SO be it. *hugs*

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