Pics & Vid Clips: Miura Haruma (My First Aomori 2010)

Densha Otoko, If Only You Looked Like… THIS!

by Ender’s Girl


And if you were a passenger waiting at the station and the platform conductor were that cute, would you even get on the damn train?

No, I didn’t think so either. Hahahahahahhaha

MOAR!!! CMs where Miura cosplays as a conductor:

(Credit: BuleMonster @

MOAR!!! of Miura’s latest My First Aomori wallies can be found at (Thanks to blogmaster Nikki for uploading!)

It’s hard to pick a fave because all the wallies look so… (for lack of a better word) yummy, but this photo where Miura tinkers with a shamisen made me think of the Penniless Sitar Player (= Miura) strumming his Magic Sitar Who Can Only Speak the Truth (= E.G.) from the movie Moulin Rouge! And boy oh boy, what “truths” I’ll be screaming — er, speaking, baby!!! Hehehehehe

So, which wallie is your fave? *winky*

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18 Comments on “Pics & Vid Clips: Miura Haruma (My First Aomori 2010)”

  1. therainhouse Says:

    I wouldn’t get on the train either, I would get a job at the train station and make Miura stand up straighter and take notice of me.

    I have several favourites, a contradiction, I know, who’s the girl playing the shamisen beside him?

    And I like the one where he’s laughing with the kids.

    The one where he sleeps on the branch, that’s a tie for first place along with the wallpaper where he’s playing the shamisen with the girl beside him.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “would get a job at the train station and make Miura stand up straighter and take notice of me.” << LOL, that's the spirit! Fight-o!!! 😀

      I think I've seen that girl with Miura in another Aomori CM/catalogue — probably the one that jicks posted on her blog. I don't mind if they add a pretty wench from time to time, lol. So long as Miura stays the freeetiest one of all! Hehehe

  2. Jenny Says:

    I would pretend to be wounded and ask if he would carry me onboard the train, then I would pretend to faint and get a iron grip on him and never let go.
    That’s my masterplan ;D

    • therainhouse Says:

      Darling if that happened, I would call the ambulance and have you sent to the nearest E.R. And if you’re planning to insist on Conductor Miura going with you, I’ll either tag along or get one of my paramedic friends from the hospital to keep an eye on you.

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        @ therainhouse – Lmao, the plot thickens! I see catfights amid the oxygen tanks and the CPR machines! XD

        @ jenny – I admire your… uh, tenacity lol. Just go easy on that iron grip, or Miura might think you’re in rigor mortis or something, and call the coroner instead, yikes! 😀

        • Jenny Says:

          Be prepared for a catfight with all the clawing and hair pulling ;D

          The morgue rofl!! Yes i must remember to be careful. Maybe I should starts instead and then he’ll feel sorry for me.
          Hmmm, the plot thickens.

  3. doozy Says:

    Get on the train? Heck, I’ll pitch a tent and live at that station! Not so I can jump oogle at him, but so that I can keep an eye on him for you, E.G. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. (psst, don’t tell Satoshi.)

    All the wallies are so purty! My fav is the one of him reading on the tree coz I currently have a soft spot for guys who hang out on trees. heeehee.
    Which one do you currently have on your desktop? 😉

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “My fav is the one of him reading on the tree coz I currently have a soft spot for guys who hang out on trees. heeehee.” << Oooh, nice. I hope it's not 'coz boys in trees make you wanna creep up on them unseen and then POUNCE on them from the underbrush, hahahaha!

      (fave wallie? eybreeting!!! any pic of our clean, sweet, wholesome, fresh-faced Miura spread over my desktop is 100% safe for home/work/church, baby!!! … er, mebbe 'cept for THAT pic, if ya know whut I mean hyukhyuk)

      “It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. (psst, don’t tell Satoshi.)” << Hahaha!!! I'm so touched by your… *altruistic concern*, my friend! *giant rolleyes* 😛 But oh, poor, sweet Satoshi, you'll break his little kokoro in two. Bad doozy, bad doozy! lulz. I can just imagine him watching you camped out on the platform from across the tracks, going…

      Er, wrong picture. I meant this one:

      Ohnoes, scary!!! That's not it either!!!

      That's MOAR!!! like it. "Emo Satoshi Thinking About Doozy" 😉

      • doozy Says:

        hahahha @ the first two pics and captions!
        @ the last pic, he’s speaking to me through his expressive eyes… *faints*

  4. jicks Says:

    I claim the one with the horse! lajhsdlakjsdlj I claim the one with the horse! Ridiculously… mine lol The boy just looks so carefree here, feeding the little thing of nature away, completely oblivious to how darn kawaii his smile is… *chomps on bale of hay*

    LMAO @your title. If densha otoko did look like this I would take out a mortgage to buy all the Hermès tea cups I can find right this sec. Then I would get myself employed as the ticket person or the cleaner or something, & on our lunch breaks, we could meet in the tea room & fondle together… with our pretty tableware lol xDD

    • therainhouse Says:

      jicks, don’t forget the CCTV cameras will be watching you. Don’t get too cosy, why do I have a feeling you’ll be the one to make a move on him first?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “*chomps on bale of hay*” << Bwahahahahhaa!!! *pounds table and cries* Okay okay, if it means that much to you, that pic of The Horse and His Boy — all yours, baby! 😉

      And lolololol @ your crazy wonderful Densha Otoko what-if scenario! (I second therainhouse’s warning — beware the CCTV cams — unless you can pull off a Dr. Kame on Mr Brain, lol) So, good luck on your evil brilliant plan, amigo! I am cheering you on, as I believe is everyone on this thread, all screaming: “KITAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” while golden telecom arrows shoot upwards from all over the globe, hahahahhaa. (Can I be the Shun character uploading racy Miura+jicks ASCII artwork, can I can I??? :D)

      • jicks Says:

        haha Kitaaaaa~! Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a geek too! I remember you reviewing/comparing the Densha dorama & movie… I have the movie lying around somewhere but I still haven’t gotten to it 😦 I’m thinking my recent perked-up interest in Yamada Takayuki is gonna get me off my heinie & look for it real soon (like, as-I-finish-posting-this-comment soon^^… oh, & Eita plays one of the hikikomoris, ne? Double score!)

        …unless you can pull off a Dr. Kame on Mr Brain, lol
        ^gahahaha I like it! xDD Actually, that was probably my favourite episode of the entire series… but I remember the ratings were the lowest of all the episodes or something lol (poor Kame -_-;)

        btw, @therainhouse, how you see me like that lol *crosses heart*

        • therainhouse Says:

          Well, jicks what if our dear Miura is too shy, in that case, you would most definitely make a move on him, no?

          Oh, use the pick up line I gave you.

          ‘You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen..’

  5. mil. Says:

    And if you were a passenger waiting at the station and the platform conductor were that cute, would you even get on the damn train?
    something tells me that my ticket would mysteriously vanish and I’d somehow require his assistance…

  6. gaijin mark Says:

    Okey dokey I didn’t know where else to put this, so this looks like as good a place as any seeing that it has to do with Miura Haruma.

    I saw “Tokyo Koen” today and I thought it was pretty good. Miura spends his spare time taking pictures in the park and one day this man shows up and offers him a bunch of money if he’ll take pictures of his wife who frequents the park, the man is certain she’s cheating on him.

    So, expecting it to be a mystery/thriller type with Miura getting caught up in this husband/wife/lover triangle it didn’t go that way at all. Still I liked it. Miura was pretty good but the big surprise for me was Nana Eikura. I’d seen her in a couple of pretty forgettable dramas, (Hitomi, Naka nai to Kimeta Hi) and it took me awhile to remember her. Then when I did figure out who it was I said to myself, “That can’t be Nana Eikura, she sucks!” Not anymore.

    Two complaints. One, the movie drags some about 2/3rds of the way through.
    The other complaint is that we seem to be going through one of those phases right now. You know, for awhile every movie had to have an obligatory nude scene. Then there was a time when every movie had the obligatory car chase (which always involved at least one car crashing into the obligatory fruit and vegetable stand). Now we have the obligatory gay character. In Tokyo Koen it’s Ukaji Takashi. Look him up and see what he looks like. Then imagine him at a party in a pink dress with a boa. If you’re like me and like to have something to snack on while watching a movie, you might want to hold off on the eats until that part of the movie is over.

    But otherwise I thought it was a very good movie and Miura did a good job with his character.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Oh gosh, I almost forgot about Tokyo Koen. @__@ Of the latest Miura stuff, that movie was kind of my least priority. I’d been meaning to watch his teacher/infidelity drama and his Police Academy-ish series with Sato Koichi first. Tokyo Koen‘s premise (and cast, besides Miura) didn’t do much to stir my anticipation. But since you’re reccing this one, Imma have to download it very soon! 😉

      I never cared much for Eikura Nana, but since you say she’s the revelation here, then I suppose she deserves a second look. 🙂

      I know Miura has the acting chops, he just needs a good enough vehicle (good writing, good direction) to give him a chance to shine. His last few movies weren’t those vehicles, IMO — Kimi ni Todoke wasn’t enough of a challenge, while Gokusen the Movie was just plain awful… and don’t get me started on Koizora lol. If Tokyo Koen gives him a chance to stretch his range a little then it oughtta be a good thing. 🙂

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