Vid Clip: Rising (Yoshida Brothers)

Rising Sons

by Ender’s Girl

That photograph of Miura Haruma playing a shamisen in my previous (and completely unrelated, lol) post, reminded me that this year-old blog has yet to feature my FAVORITE J-music people… who don’t sing. (hahahaha. nice save nice save! hahahaha *pats self on back*)

The Yoshida Brothers need no introduction, really. I first stumbled across them a few years ago via the music video of “Rising.” The sounds and images from that first viewing remain seared in my brain: this is traditional+modern fusion J-rock at its best — picture two nondescript dudes dressed in the colors of the Japanese flag and sitting in the middle of a circular metal podium, rocking their shamisen like there was no tomorrow while backed up by a black-clad 4-man band. It’s a performance that is, in 15 letters, F-U-R-E-A-K-I-N’ A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

I don’t know why I waited so long to put this video up. Without further ado, here’s the phenomenal duo’s “Rising” MV from their 2008 international album Best of Yoshida Brothers. (There’s a little red box that pops up at 0:37 but just ignore it; this is the official Youtube vid so you won’t find a better picture quality anywhere else.)


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5 Comments on “Vid Clip: Rising (Yoshida Brothers)”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I love them!!I’ve been a fan for a few years.
    Some of their calmer songs are so beautiful, they are my ultimate relaxation music.

    These are some of my faves by them;

    There is also a great but unfortunately disbanded group of female traditional musicians, Rin’.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      You’re right, the slower tracks are indeed lovely. Perfect for a Tai Chi/Pilates/Yoga workout! Thanks for linking them! 😉

      It’s a shame that Rin’ is no longer active. Just when I was starting to be a fan! 😦 (I loooove that song you shared. Love it.)

      I think my 2nd fave Yoshida Brothers track is “Storm.” Listening to it always makes me wanna run outside and play in a thunderstorm, like I used to do when I was 25… Er, what I meant was, when I was 7!!! When I was 7!!! lulz

      Interesting… you seem to lean more towards the Brothers’ serene, meditative tracks while I prefer the more rockin’ ones. Either way — it’s all good! 😉

  2. doozy Says:

    Wow, that vid is rocking! I always love the mix of traditional and modern in cuisine, fashions, and especially music. Have never heard of the Yoshida Brothers before this so thanks for posting the clip!

  3. therainhouse Says:

    Wow, this is wickedly cool. I didn’t know that Japanese traditional instruments could do rock. I’m missing out! Ah.. This is wicked cool. Yoshida Brothers, huh?

  4. Ender's Girl Says:

    @ doozy & therainhouse

    I know right!?!? 😀 Fusion done well always makes for an interesting listen/watch/taste. And these two dudes are at the top of their game. I’ll bet they can take a spool of dental floss and — and — a can opener, and show us how to ROCK IT. lulz

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