Kimura Takuya – 38th Birthday Post


by Ender’s Girl

Yes I know, I’m putting this out two days late. That’s what happens when you spend Nov. 13th in bed, nursing a bad cold and finishing your Love Generation marathon. (Why LoveGen? After reviewing the abomination that was Tsuki no Koibito, I was in desperate need of some Kimu+Matsu Teppei+Riko Therapy, ASAP. Ggngngngng. *gnaws on glass apple*)

So, here’s my crudely Photoshopped commemoration of the Dorama King’s 38th year. (Ehh? What’s that you say, KimuTaku??? You want “another birthday poem” you say??? Sorry buddy, but no more silly rhymes until you get your act together! No silly rhymes for you this year!!! *pounds gavel*)

And yes I know, I totally pilfered the idea from Lance Armstrong’s controversial June 2010 Outside Magazine cover. But it was too good a chance to pass up, so… whatevs. Besides, Photoshopped or not, the text on the shirt suits the whole attitude that Kimura has going, they way he’s looking straight at the lens and not giving a sh*t over the “aging pop star” tag he’s been getting a lot lately from detractors — sometimes even from me. I know I love to carp on how Kimura hasn’t been aging well, blahblah, so I guess the shirt’s message is for me, too. Haha.

Otanjoubi omedetou, Captain.

Domo arigatou to sylssim for posting the AnAn scans (04.01.2010) on her LiveJournal. Much appreciated!

I’m publishing this post using an HP laptop, and ohmygoodness I had no idea how completely cack-handed my Photoshopping looks. A first-grader could PWN this. No —  first he’d kick me in the shin and laugh at me, and then PWN this. When I did the graphics earlier using a MacBook, my brush marks didn’t seem *that* heinously clumsy after I tried to erase the original text on the magazine cover, and I *swear* I thought I had done a passable job, but now — eeep! *wears the Cone of Shame* Oh well. *shrugs* B.F.D. Hah hah hah.

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35 Comments on “Kimura Takuya – 38th Birthday Post”

  1. jana Says:

    I was waiting for your Kimutaku birthday post and here it is 🙂 I agree with you he doesn’t deserve a poem this year, so let’s hope he’ll be doing better next time! *currently watching Engine to celebrate his anniversary*

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Ohohoho, re-watching Engine are you? I got just the thing for you! 😀 Actually, when you mentioned Engine I remembered I had a review somewhere that was 70% done, so I decided to finish it. So… thanks for the (indirect) reminder, lol 😉

      • jana Says:

        OMG, you made my day, with posting your Engine review right after I’ve finished watching it! Thank YOU! Actually, I have to confess I watched Engine for the first time only now *ashamed* 🙂 The reason is – the other Johnnies keep distracting me from concentrating on dorama king’s oeuvre (recently Okada and Nagase, if I should pick out some names).

        I hope you’ll recover soon, this could help a little (though I’m pretty sure I’m the last Kimura fangirl in the world who found this CM on youtube) 🙂

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Recover? Recover? *fans self* Girl, you just made my BP shoot up to 9387478/100, hahaha! 😀 *runs off hyperventilating*

          Ehh, don’t worry if it was your 1st time to watch Engine! 😉 I agree, plenty of other Johnnies to keep us busy. Oooh Nagase, huh. Now that guy is also one sexy beast! (Funny, but the animal sound I always associate with Kimura is “rarrghgh!!!” while with Nagase it’s “awoooo!!!” lulz)

  2. doozy Says:

    *googles BDF* oh.. that’s what it stands for. ahhahahaha
    (Seriously, I’m so out of the loop with all these abbreviation. It took me a while to figure out what “FTW” means.)

    Even though I don’t know you that well, I still (slightly) resent you for not inspiring another hilarious E.G. poem this year. Nonetheless, Happy Birthday, KT!

    p.s. Hope you’re feeling better now, E.G. thanks to love potion No.9.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Heh heh heh. 😀 Poems like these, you gotta earn these things, man. (Are you listening, KimuTaku, ARE YOU LISTENING ??!?!??!)

      “It took me a while to figure out what “FTW” means.” << Lawl, I know right? It was just last week when I found out what "FML" means 'coz I asked my sister after seeing the abbreviation in this gut-bustingly funny link that was circulating around Facebook. 🙂

      p.s. Thanks for the well wishes, doozy! Lol, but I actually got worse this week. I was away doing fieldwork the last coupla days and when I got back around midnight my first stop was the hospital E.R. Thankfully the tests didn’t show anything serious, just a nasty li’l cough virus. (Away, li’l bugger! Away!) Prolly all the stress from work and travel and blogging, y’know? (lulz) So starting tonight Imma treat myself to a nice long weekend of MOAR drama watching, FTW! (hehe)

  3. mitsuki_442 Says:

    Yay! Me too, been waiting for your Kimura bday greeting/feature post. (oh well, it may not be too late to post a note in my FB too).

    I had to google “BFD” and check that Armstrong link…hehe, now I know. Darn, KT is so hot he really doesn’t look like he’s 38 and all KT fans would think the same.

    Happy birthday Captain!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey mitsuki! 😀 Never too late to greet someone HBD, y’know. (*winks at jicks*) In fact, let’s follow therainhouse’s cue and celebrate Kimura’s “very merry unbirthday” for the other 364 days of the year! 😉

      Are you a LiveJournal user as well? In the SMAPxSMAP comm they’ve been spamming all of Kimura’s hard-to-find photos and mag scans. Been drowning in his hotness like kerrreyyzeee!!! *drowns some more*

      • mitsuki_442 Says:

        Hello again EG!
        Yup, I signed up in LiveJournal just late last year when I cannot anymore resist not being able to access smapxmedia video uploads and of course when they’ve flooded the smapxsmap community with all of Kimura’s UBER-HOT photos *nosebleeds*

        And thanks to them also, I learn about magazine releases with Kimura as cover. I ‘pestered’ a friend coming home from Japan to grab me one from a local combini. :-))

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Yep, the SmapxSmap and SmapxMedia comms are great places to find new stuff and meet terrific people. There are also 2 “Kimura a Day” comms, which means double the daily KimuTaku goodness! 😀

          So, ah, have you seen Kimura’s sizzling AnAn photo shoot from 1998? Yes, THAT one. 😛

  4. jicks Says:

    Don’t worry about the photoshop thing, Kimura’s probably just glad you didn’t touch his already touched-up face agahahah (I love you Kimmy! You will always be my ichiban… SMAP boy lol No, seriously, LOVE you more than my furniture^^;)

    But in all seriousness, I agree with the BFD attitude. I know we sometimes make fun of him & all but he is still the one & only. He is amazing at what he does *chokes on can of sardines* No matter what he does in the future I will still find a way to make it through any piece of his work… even if it hurts me to the bone.

    Anyways, Otanjoubi Omedetou to the Dorama King! ❤

    P.S. Hope ya cold is subsiding, I, myself, am going through hayfever (for me, that means lotsa random sneezing at 123km/h speeds & frightening the bjesus outta the people around me.) Love Spring to bits for all the pretty flowers but really, could do without all the pollen~~!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “No, seriously, LOVE you more than my furniture^^;)” << LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Wansuke Kimmy’ll never really live down those furniture jokes, evar, will he? 😀

      True dat, everything you said about him. (One of the benefits of being a fangirl: you can diss your idol with impunity, lol) Bottom line is we WUB him. Can you imagine the Jdoramaworld without him??!?!?!? Who’d they give his roles to? Imagine YamaPi doing Manpyo Teppei (bwahahaha yeah right) or Asakura Keita (hmmm… same awful curly hurr… might work, lol)? Takki taking on the Sena role??? (e.g. Yamaguchi Tomoko: SENAAAAAAA!!!!” Toneless Takki: “Minami.” Yamaguchi Tomoko: SENAAAAAAA!!!!” Toneless Takki: “Minami.” lulz) Kame skipping around in a hat, eating a banana? (okay that might… work too, lol) Nishikido Ryo babysitting orphans??? (bet he’ll just beat the poor things up anyway *rolleyes*) Oh the Doramaworld without its king… the horror, the horror!!! 😀

      p.s. Oh man, hayfever! Bloody allergens filling the air. *shakes fist* Why does pollen even exist???!? (uhhh… to make more flowers? lulz) I’m still under the weather myself, so do let’s get well together! Ganbare jicks! *overdoses on Vitamin C lol* (Ummm… you sure it’s not an allergic reaction to watching Binbo Danshi? j/k)

      • jicks Says:

        lmfao, I would pay good yen to see Pi play Manpyo Teppei. The laughs would be spectacular! (love you Yamashita-san xDD)

        Oh, & your Nishikido Ryo beating the kidlings comment… gahahaha Priceless ^O^; But you know, mebbe Kame would work better as Mr Turtle (jicks, you are so lame-o! lol) I think he would suit up a’ight as a pro-racer ;O Or maybe, him & Jinny could’ve been in the orphanage together… that woulda been interesting xDD

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Kame as a pro racer? Hecksyeah, why not! So long as he races cars and not motorbikes — ‘twould remind me too much of Headless Yuuki and his stupid scooter, hahahaha. Okay, now you’ve got me visualizing Kamenashi in a racing suit, gloves, helmet and Ray-Bans… vrooom vrooom baby!!! 😀

          LMFAO @ Akame in the orphanage!!!!!!!!! Do they get to share a bunk? Stop messin’ wid mah imagination jicks!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet the two will just fight over everything, from the toys to the makeup er… to the food I mean, all the way to the Salvation Army clothes. Then a chipper social worker in a tracksuit, pigtails and glasses will start working at the orphanage and drag the poor boys off to a nearby field so they can kick some cans while chasing the sunset. Ugh. @__@

  5. Peggy Says:

    Birthdays have a way of being forgotten in my neck of the woods. Mostly my own these days.
    Must absolutely make mention of


    I think it is MAY 15TH. ? Happy birthday E.G. when you reach The Takuya age I hope you will look as young as he does.

    It always boggles my mind when I read comments re Takuya getting ‘old’ or ‘aging’
    First… he is ageless. Second… he matures like a fine wine. Third…. he definitely has more ‘everything appeal’ for any woman out of her teens. Teens just wouldn’t understand what it is he has to offer. Even tho he never seems to want to offer anymore. Lucky Shizuka.

    So he is 38/39…You know I can’t even remember being that age. If I had know then what the ensuing decades would bring..I might have made the climb to the top of Mount Fuji and stayed there. Ah but then I would never have known Takuya. Glad I did not take the mountain route.

    Happy Birthday E.G.and may more. 🙂

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      OMG Peggy!!!

      It’s a shame (i.e. shame on you E.G.! >P) that I didn’t get to read all your greetings on my birthday!!! I was virtually M.I.A. from the blogosphere for the whole of May and the first 2 weeks of June (it’s a looong story @__@) and when finally I logged into my WordPress again, I spotted your messages. I wanted to reply to this batch first before I went and answered the rest of the comments. 😉

      Thank you thank you for the wonderful thoughts that you sent my way! 🙂 Lol I also hope that when I reach 38 I’ll be fit enough to climb Mount bloody Fiji (although I don’t think I ever will… I love my sedentary life too much hahaha). (I guess that leaves me 7 years to whip mesself into shape, yikes!)

      Hugs and kisses from MY neck of the woods! (And… um, I don’t suppose you have a Facebook? :D)

  6. gaijin mark Says:

    According to the ever reliable JDorama, YES, today is E.G.’s birthday!! Happy Birthday E.G.!!

    Hmmm, my birthday is May 14th (really!!) I wonder if E.G. and I are twins, separated at birth. (by a couple decades)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      gaijinmark — You’re May 14th??? Get outta here!!! Woot woot!!! 😀 (Hahaha are you SURE we’re decades apart in age? Never seemed that way to me 😉 … but then again, I never would’ve guessed Ralph M’s generation until he told me. But whatevs… age is just a number, yo. xP)

      And I guess this also means… I’ll never forget your birthday, either!!!! Lolol 😛 Belated happy happy __th birthday g-mark, and domo arigatou gozaimasu for the greetings! 😀 (Btw I realized that A.D. and Ralph are on my FB, but not you. Drop me an email if you want to link up, k? ;P)

  7. jana Says:

    I’m glad I checked on your blog and this entry just accidentally today – Happy Birthday to you, E.G.! (I miss your drama reviews.)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks a bunch, jana!!! 😀 I wish I had seen your greeting earlier (like, a full month ago lol) but RL stuff kept me away from my blog. Still friends? (Care to make that “FB friends” too? heh) 😉

      zomg I MISS my drama reviews too!!!! T___T Lately it’s been just movie reviews (‘coz they’re easier to do hah hah hah), and right now my pending drama “reviews” are jumbled wad of notes. Yarrghh I need my blogging-brain back! @__@

      • Jana Says:

        Although I’m on FB very randomly, I’d love to have you on my friends list! 🙂

        I’ve seen several j-movies from 2010 lately (Norwegian Wood, BECK, Kimi ni Todoke, Ooku) and maybe I had more fun with them than with doramas this year! Can’t find a really good one, is something wrong with this industry?

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Heh heh so long as your FB page has the real you in the profile pic (and not some favorite car or favorite animal lol), then drop me an email and we’ll link up! 😉

          Heh heh, I’ve been watching more movies than dramas lately, too! I have Norwegian Wood on queue and I’ve seen BECK, KnT and 13 Assassins (have you seen it?). But the loooong wait for the official Space Battleship Yamato DVD is terrribly frustratingggg…. Q____Q

  8. Peggy Says:

    Hi gajin mark,

    so you are birthday child also. Happy birthday and many more.

    No more comments re GO?? I have almost stopped watching and no longer d/l Don’t tell UNO WHO

    Blow out the candles and enjoy the cake..:-)

    • gaijin mark Says:

      Thanks Peggy! All compliments gratefully accepted!
      I didn’t have a cake, however I did have a birthday chocolate bar thanks to Wynter.

      Re: “GO”, I think it went, or maybe it’s already gone. 🙂

  9. Peggy Says:

    Happy Birthday

    Ah well Kimura san
    You are indeed the man
    for all seasons it seems.

    No matter what the role
    Your face always beams.

    You cannot really hide the power you have inside…
    That certain chemistry that somehow gets to me
    and melts my bones.

    And so you’re thirty nine they say
    I gently urge you, stay that way for me.
    I stayed at thirtyfive
    Must say it makes me feel alive
    Just looking at a picture of those days and then
    I look again and see you smiling and you
    are thirty nine. Just right I’d say for one my age.

    If I were only thirtyfive again.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ This is so sweet, Peggy! Lovely rhythm, too. 🙂

      Although I would’ve preferred to freeze Kimura at age 25 (c. Love Generation hehe) OR at 32 (Pride! hehehe), 39 would be a nice age to remain at, I think. =)

      And I can see that your birthday is a few days away! 😀 But I’ll always think of you as 35. 😉 Have a great one, Peggy!

  10. gaijin mark Says:

    You know, good old whats-his-name had another birthday this month. But I guess for the purpose’s of this blog he’ll stay 38.

    Cue up Rod Stewart, “Forever Young”.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahahaha 😀 I was actually hoping to finish my Karei Naru Ichizoku review in time for his 39th bday, but my brain had to take a sick leave after I made it upchuck all those Johnny’s fairy tales, and I don’t think it’s ever fully recovered x__O (Come back brain, come back!!!)

      (I’m more familiar with the Jay-Z version of “Forever Young”, i.e. “Forever young, I wanna be forever young / Do you really want to live forever? / Forever, and ever”. But the Rod Steward song has way nicer lyrics :-))

  11. Peggy Says:

    He has to remain the same age from now on because I am not intending to get one iota older.
    No more birthdays being celebrated around here….:-)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Heehee 😛 But I actually look forward to him hitting the big 4-0 next year! ‘Tis a nice round number doncha think? ^^;; Anyway I’ve started thinking about how to celebrate his 40th… I don’t think I’d want to write another poem or story. A video tribute maybe? =D

  12. Peggy Says:

    Actually the only song I ever thought of when I heard the name Takuya Kimura is Nature Boy.

    ‘There was a boy. a very strange enchanted boy
    and he would wander very far, very far,
    Over land and sea…..

    When we first lived in Manhattan all the little shops that sold records (remember those?) had a loudspeaker playing ‘Nature Boy’ and I loved it. New York was a marvellous city then. It changed.

    So no more birthdays for me.. song or poem or whatnot. A Kimura video sounds nice. Kids, dogs and Pittanko would be good. . also Kimura when he prays at a Buddhist temple.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I know this song! It was in the overture/prologue of Moulin Rouge. Very strange and haunting tune, would actually be perfect for Kimura’s Naoki character in Nemureru Mori,hee hee 🙂

  13. Peggy Says:

    – And there be rainbows but they don’t touch the ground
    until they see you
    And then they all surround you and you are glowing
    So I remember you whenever it rains on a sunny day.

    E.G It’s yours to complete

  14. And yet, when I look, it seems you are so far away
    Conquering the fields and other things.
    Would it be easier if you had wings
    Angels have them. why not you?

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