Vid Clip: Change Ur World PV (KaT-TUN)

Holy Smokes, Did You Feel That? KaT-TUN Just Changed.Our.World!!!

by Ender’s Girl

Well well well, looky looky! Guess whose latest single (from their 2010 studio album No More Pain) sold 118,000 copies on its first day and went on to become the group’s 13th consecutive single to top the weekly Oricon charts????? *pauses for breath*

Ah, the purchasing power of KaT-TUN* fangarls the world over!!!

*I refuse to accept Kamenashi’s co-opting of Jin’s “A” — and Johnny K. can’t make me! I’m no fan of Jin’s, but by gum, the dude earned that “A is for Akanishi” through his blood, sweat and… er, lovejuice, and member or not, he oughtta be allowed to take the damn letter with him all the way to Eeemrricaa! *pounds gavel*

Anyway. Leave it to our favorite JE muffinboys to pick the most grandiloquently titled ditties to sing. They already threatened vowed to “make it worldwide” in their song “Gold”, so why not “change your world” while they’re at it? Or is it possible that Kame & his four backdancers — hehehe, jez kiddin’ – I meant Kame & Co. are feeling extra competitive now that ex-mate Jinny Boy is in the thick of his equally ambitious-sounding Yellow Gold 3010 U.S. tour? Did the remaining KaT-TUN members construe this as Jin throwing down the (pink sequin-studded) gauntlet to – what, an Auto-Tune sing-off? (bwahahaha) Fancy that, five Johnnies and their former leader, vying for global supremacy — one heavily synthesized cheesygay pop tune at a time. The very fate of JE fandom hangs in the balance! Let the JE Hunger Games begin!!! *honks on rusty vuvuzela*

So sit back, relax, and feel the sheer diastrophic powers of KaT-TUN’s latest single re-shape the very foundations of your world!!! (NOT. As if. Hahahahah you be trippin’ again, Johnny-san?)

>> In case the above vid gets shot down by the J-One trolls (again), watch the PV here! <<

Clearly the song is *yet* another self-motivational anthem for fans out there suffering from low self-esteem, lol. And of course, the songwriter just had to choose the tritest, most unoriginal lines known to man: “Flying up too high, sky-high, let us change this sky into our dream …” all the way to the chorus: “You can change your world, once you start soaring, don’t ever be stopped / Come with me, shall we change this future together?… (It seems that nobody warned the boys of what happened to little wayward Icarus from the Greek myths, hmm? Tsk tsk.) And just like the pedestrian lyrics, I doubt that “Change Ur World” the PV will make a dent in fans’ memories beyond those much talked-about shots of Koki straining against his shackles in Samsonian fashion, so I really don’t see this PV changing anyone’s world anytime soon.

As KaT-TUN music videos go, “Change Ur World” rates nowhere near the eye-gouging WTF-ery of “Love Yourself” (I still get nightmares from Kame’s giant red leeches adorning his jacket, and Koki as a pink leprechaun) and “Lips” (for which… I have… no words), but neither is it as impressive as the group’s more theatrical, big-budgety productions like “Don’t U Ever Stop”  — which feels like MJ’s “You Rock My World” crossed with the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. (Just for the record, my fave KAT-TUN PVs would be “Rescue”, and – for sentimental reasons – “Real Face”, despite being *another* cheesygay fondue of red embellished leather vests, dead cut-up minks, artfully bared shoulders and gyrating pelvic girdles. Good times, good times… lulz)

Bookending the music video is a wan-faced white kid, who, at the start of the PV, gets roused from bed in the middle of the night by a levitating cube which magically transports him to another dimension…  (Wait. Or were KaT-TUN performing inside the cube the whole time? So they’re like… miniature people and stuff? Gaahh who knows these things anyway)…  Blaring guitar riffs usher the kid down a dingy tunnel and into what looks like a small prison cell, where he endures witnesses a self-esteem-building freakshow in which the KaT-TUN boys demonstrate the song’s core message of self-realization in various metaphorical contexts:

For Kame, “changing your world” means smashing through a stone wall – and then posing seductively for the camera while the rock fragments drift away in slow-mo like little asteroids; for Junno, it’s bursting out of a giant water bubble – and then posing seductively for the camera while the hydrokinetic droplets disperse around him; for Ueda, it’s walking through faiah unscathed – and then posing seductively for the camera while the flames lick at him harmlessly; for Koki, it’s breaking free of the *cough CGI cough* chains that bind him to a massive boulder – and then posing seductively for the camera while he does his usual garbled shtick that passes for “rapping”; for Maru, it’s falling off some rooftop and – uh, not screaming – and then posing seductively for the camera while he floats prettily away; for JinJin, it’s – it’s – oh. I forgot. JinJin is no longer with us. *moment of silence* (Oh all right, I’ll say it anyway: for JinJin, “changing your world” means giving your old bandmates the finger — figuratively (or not, lol) — and hooting, “Like, so long, suckahs!” before making a beeline for the States… and then posing seductively for the camera while stuffing his face with freedom fries. Lulz)

Extra quickie points:

  • You know our KaT-TUN homies are growing older when their costumes AREN’T the first thing you notice in their music video. *sentimental tear* The dark denim+leather and belted gray tunic-jackets are actually quite sedate for KaT-TUN standards, and I liked the ensembles for the most part – except for that ridiculous feather boa around Kame’s shoulders. So gay. So Kame! lulz
  • I’ve always wondered why, despite their catchy appeal, there’s something about Ka-Tunes (or KaT-TUN tunes, haha) that’s always felt off. Now I know it’s because pop boyband vocals and a heavy rock sound do not gel. AT ALL. Hecks, I’m fond of the group – so fond that I guiltily hoard their concerts and stuff – but they’ll always come across as half-baked baby rocker wannabes to me. (But at least they went easy on the Auto-Tune this time.  ResssPEKT baby!!! *fist-thumps left chest*)
  • The cutest one in the video? Junnosuke, hands down. With the aristocratic cheekbones, poufy forelock and tunic, he looks like… an elfin prince. (Okay that was cheesy, but who cares.) And the least cute? It’s a tossup between puffy-faced, dead-eyed Kame and greasy ringlet-maned, dead-eyed Koki. At least there’s a refreshing twinkle in Junno’s elfin eyes (there I’ve said it again. doh!) that’s reflected in his smile. Me likeee.
  • The shot that made me laugh the hardest? When Kame gets his Diva Moment!!! at [4:16 – 4:20], in which he channels his idols Celine Dion, Cher and, uh, Robin Gibb. Tossing his head back (so NOT digging the Nancy Drew flippy hair!) and swaying sinuously to the music, Kamenashi screeches belts out the climactic solo lyric “Chaaaange… thaaaa…. wurrrrllllddd” while the blinding white spotlight floods his face and nukes everyone around him within a 500-km radius. LMFAO.

The poor white kid watching them? Never had a chance, lol.

And whoever edited this PV somehow cut out the REAL ending, where the kid wakes up from his reverie/night terror/out-of-body experience and bolts from his room screaming, “Mommyyyy!!! There are dancing gay monsters under my bed!!!” – and not noticing, in his fright, the alien probe sticking out of his wazoo. Said kid then remembers the life lesson his five nocturnal visitors have taught him so ham-fistedly: that he can. change. his. world! if! he! tries! hard! enough!!! Something clicks in his mind. The next several days see a spike in 911 calls placed from various points in the city. Reports come pouring in of abandoned warehouses inexplicably burning to the ground, sabotaged water pipes, and massive holes blown through random brick walls. Nobody is caught, but rumors are rife that these acts are the handiwork of known terrorist groups.  Finally the truth is revealed when one S.W.A.T. unit on night patrol chances on a ten-year-old boy trying to break into a Laundromat with an ax and acetylene torch, and carrying a sealed bag of explosives. And as the authorities haul the boy off to the pediatric psych ward, nobody, of course, believes his outlandish claims that “the dancing gay monsters” under his bed made him do it.

Change ur world, baby.

News & photos: TokyoHive
Lyrics translation: xmonster1603 @ LiveJournal
Video uploaders: JinxYucci @, akchun @

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24 Comments on “Vid Clip: Change Ur World PV (KaT-TUN)”

  1. therainhouse Says:

    The little boy goes to a store and No More Pain, ‘Look, Mommy, those are the dancing monsters and they’re on the cover of a CD! Please let me buy it, Mommy, please!’

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      ^ LOL! 😀 So the mom relents and buys said album for the kid… then out of curiosity, gives the CD a spin when the boy is asleep. The next day she joins the KAT-TUN Love comm on LJ, starts a fan blog, orders all the KAT-TUN sh*t from Yes Asia, and spends sleepless nights downloading Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes. Kid grows up virtually motherless and goes on the Jerry Springer episode “How Japanese Boybands Are Destroying American Families!!!” @__@

  2. Jenny Says:

    bwahahahahahahah!! Lolz, love this.
    Funnily though I read that Kttuns sales are declining after Jin’s departure.
    The PV sounds hilarious (especially the seductive poses, my my did YOU get seduced by them) but I don’t think I can watch the whole thing without crying out mommy myself.
    Even though I never liked Jin aka Eggplant bazooka or Mr.Eggplant(whatever sounds right)he could sing.
    If I had to choose a JE band I like I have to admit Arashi with their rainbow colored outfits are nice, their music is nothing special but it’s uplifting.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “but I don’t think I can watch the whole thing without crying out mommy myself.” << Hahahaha! 😀 Although believe me, the PV isn't as unwatchable as I’m making it out to be it seems. 🙂

      Me, seduced? Hard to feel seduced when you’re laughing your ass off 99% of the time. X_o

      True, “Love Yourself” (pre-Jin’s departure) performed better in its debut week than “Change Ur World,” but drama theme songs generally sell more because not just the KT fans are buying the single. Hmmm… not sure if the “Jin era” vs. “post-Jin era” trend is that clear-cut yet, as IMO it’s too early to tell. The next 2 or 3 albums hereon should be very telling, though. But I hope the group remains commercially successful even without their best singer (LMAO @ Jin’s Eggplant monikers, never fail to crack me up ;-)),’coz KT’s just… too entertaining not to watch, lol.

      • Jenny Says:

        Well, we can only see how well things go for the guys with no Jin. Both in sales and general how the group acts(in a way maybe they are relieved that he is gone, he always seemed more like a solo performer sometimes)
        Jin’s nicknames were invented after his anan Sex issue pics and after that they stuck.

        Somehow I think the guys of Kttun need a new stylist, someone with actual taste maybe.

  3. rubyredrabbit Says:

    Bahahahaha…. you’re posts brighten my day at work.

    By the way…. wtf is up with Koki’s hair…. i never thought I’d miss his shaved head look….

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thank you for the lovely compliment! 😀

      Hahaha, Koki’s hair = I know right? I miss Skinhead Koki too!!!!!! *sentimental tear* Now it’s like he got dunked in a drum filled with axle grease before showing up to shoot the PV. @___@ But Koki’d better not go near Firewalker Ueda or that head of his is gonna blow! Lulz

  4. jicks Says:

    Oh this has made my day week! I had to watch it another time after reading your post to go over all your points because the first time all I could concentrate on was Kame’s father boa lol (btw, lmao@ “So Gay, So Kame”… <<<—So true lol)

    All PV long I was waiting for a pole to drop down from the skies above in front of Mr Turtle Boy & have him, er, unleash it lol

    …the dude earned that “A is for Akanishi” through his blood, sweat and… er, lovejuice…
    ^^gahahaha Golly golly, the stabs at Jin in this post are Pure (YELLOW) Gold. He’s more than likely flipping us the bird with one hand & using his other to scoff down French Fries as we are making fun of him & his ex-boyfriends wanting to Change The World for the better by, er, 3010 lololol

    Oh, & the lil white kid with the NYC+LA-traffic like background noises- surely a subliminal reference to the Capital A taking off to foreign places 😉

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahaha, guess it just goes to show that you can never take the KT outta Jin, nor the Jin outta KT. They’ll never be free of each other and ah loveeehht! lulz 😀

      “All PV long I was waiting for a pole to drop down from the skies above in front of Mr Turtle Boy & have him, er, unleash it lol” << LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no no we wouldn't want THAT happening, now would we? 😉 Although knowing our little polecat, that's prolly the reason why he kept that feather boa handy, lolololz. Good thing the white kid woke up before the damn pole had a chance to materialize, ahahahaha

      The stabs at Jinny were all for you, girl! Bwahahaha 😀 (Err… not to step up the pressure, but… btw how's that Bandage review coming along? *runs screaming from jicks and hides in Saddam Hussein’s old hole*)

      “flipping us the bird with one hand & using his other to scoff down French Fries as we are making fun of him & his ex-boyfriends wanting to Change The World for the better by, er, 3010 lololol” << Hahahaha I thought Jin said in "Christmas Morning" that the world is gonna get nuked before 3010??? Guess his "ex-boyfriends" (lulz) won't be able to do much world-changing then… *scratches head*

      • jicks Says:

        The Bandage review?? I wanna dooo iit! But I still haven’t seen it yet ><" !! The DVD place I usually go to here has it but the last 3 or 4 movies I've purchased from them have had very VERY questionable subtitles. And by questionable, I mean my Yellow Gold darling could probably do a better with the translation ^^; YesAsia has it I think but it's AU$40+… & as much as I like the manskank, I don't think any (regular edition!) movie is worth that amount of money.

        Btw, feather boas aside, why are Kame's eyes so puffy nowadays? Could it be too much crying-at-night over Jinny's departure? gaahahrhagh *throws up in own mouth* -_-;

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hahaha I too would not plunk down all that moolah just to be ripped off by YesAsia (sorry, but their prohibitive prices really are tantamount to highway robbery). So… go girl! Ganbare on finding a cheap er, more affordable copy with good subs! Lookin’ forward to all the Jin-love you’ll be pouring into your review, heh heh. 😉 *rubs hands* (Er, let me know when you’ve gotten hold of a copy, will ya? So we can watch it together lolz)

          Re Kame’s puffy bags — I know right? My personal theory is that those dermal fillers Turtle Boy had injected into his cheeks — he prolly got tired of YamaPi making fun of how bony his face was, lol — pulled down the skin under his eyes and made them look puffier than usual. *shrugs* Or we can always go with the simplest (ergo most believable) theory that it was Jin’s leaving that caused it — as you so eruditely expressed above, lol. 😛

          • jicks Says:

            lmao at your botox theory. But hmm, mebbe Pi’s REAL motive is to paralyse Kame’s ability to emote with his face gahaa… (I did not just say that!^^;)

            I do shudder to imagine how much it’s going to hurt when I do get around to my Bandage love viewing & reviewing… but I have a barf bag prepared lol

            And oh, maybe we can do a triple movie marathon sesh together! Yeah! Bandage, followed by Ashita no Jo, followed by Kimi ni Todoke: Rock Gawd Wannabe VS Peccy Boxer VS High School Boy… now wouldn’t that be one heckuva rollercoaster ;Ooooo

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            You forgot Space Ranger KimuTakuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. reimin Says:

    I kinda feel REMEMBER is more rock than the Change Ur World. Kame’s voice was all over the song but it was solid.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Yeah, pretty solid vocals from Turtle Boy in that song. 🙂 I still find “Change Ur World” a heckuva lot more catchy, though. And Koki rap-growling “G-O-O-D-B-Y-E” at the start of “Remember” made my hair stand on end, lol.

      I wonder if the song was meant for Ol’ Jinny? 😀

  6. mil. Says:

    quick return (so much to catch up with! picspams! anniversaries! reviews! how will I ever get through all that! :P) because, well, a KT-TUN PV cannot pass without my two cents.

    glad to see that to compete with former band-pal Jinny, the four of them decided to call to the dark powers of the Moonwalker! (imagine Johnny-sama explaining that yes, the kidnapping and life-scarring of Maculay-look-alike kids might be morally wrong but it will do wonders! wonders I say! to their careers)

    And in all of this there’s only one thing that’s really important to me: is Junno’s banana-mullet due to a dorama, and if so CAN I HAVE IT NOW! NOW! NOW! it HAS changed my world alright…

    • mil. Says:

      oh noes, did I say four AGAIN? why oh why do I keep leaving Ueda out? almost as if he freaked me out and I mentally tried to forget him every time!

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        mil! 😀 Ohohoho how sharply tuned your KT/Jinny gaydar er, radar is!

        Lol, the comparisons to the MJ vids and Macaulay Culkin are inescapable, ne? Right after watching the “Change Ur World” PV I looked up the “Black or White” theatrical version music vid (which is prolly my fave MJ song anyway). At least Culkin was still as adorable as I remembered him, whereas the white kid in “Change Ur World” barely looked alive, lol.

        Junno’s “banana-mullet” << LMFAO!!! 😀 Too bad he doesn't have any new dorama lined up, so it was all prolly just for the PV. Hope he keeps it throughout the end of the year at least. I'm liking it a lot, too. 😉 (It's Koki who ought to be getting his head shaved soon! @__@)

        (Lolz poor forgotten Ueda. True, he looked a bit freaky doing those weird poses in the fiery furnace. X_O)

        • mil. Says:

          Wow, I must totally have missed this reply back in the day! 😀

          Re: kidnapped video kid At least Culkin was still as adorable as I remembered him, whereas the white kid in “Change Ur World” barely looked alive, lol. – I’m assuming Satan Johnny-sama held him captive in that room on set for all the weeks it took to get the make up and costumes that somehow clad our dear skanky boys ready (and possibly forgot him there after the video had been done too!)

          Koki’s hair most def looks terrible, I mean with all the heavy CGI his scenes involved couldn’t they just edit those greasy and possibly living-tentacled locks out? It can’t be that much more expensive than making him appear like some badass Titan whom pities the foo… i mean, the chains!

          And concerning Ueda: (Lolz poor forgotten Ueda. True, he looked a bit freaky doing those weird poses in the fiery furnace. X_O) Dunno what it is, man! In the last years Ueda just creeps me out! I guess I can’t get over how he moved on from looking like a healthy, pretty girl into looking like a moody sex offender, it’s just the kind of vibe I get from him lately, ya know?

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Bwahahahaha your held-captive-by-Johnny-san scenario makes perfect sense!!! The boy looked as wasted/stoned as the KATTUN 5 themsleves. x_O And I second the motion to edit out Koki’s medusa hair. Oh those greasy tentacula were definitely alive — I think they were even helping him rap his lines!!! Still, his whole “Prometheus Bound” shtick was so laughtastically lame.

            Re Ueda — I think that “moody sex offender” (hahaha) vibe has something to do with the increasing amounts of collagen filler the boy seems to be pumping his lips with each year. I think he’s gunning for that full-lipped sex kitten pout (ergo “moody”!) when it’s only making it look like he has two engorged leeches sitting on his rima oris. I used to think it was Kamenashi who was the most damaged of the lot but now it’s so clear that it’s Ueda, tsk tsk.

  7. momosan Says:

    EG, hey – Kimutaku in Space comes out tomorrow. I’ve read one preview from a showing in LA and it might be….good….for a space jockey movie. 😎

  8. metropolis Says:

    I don’t know why but the line “change your world” associated to this video make me think there saying to this little boy to accept his homosexuality and to scream proudly “I’m gay” on top of a building like kat tun members do. Am I crazy?

    • mil. Says:

      No worries, I’d say you’re just channeling the KaT-TUN vibes and reacting in the most natural way to them!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lol, now there’s a thought!!! 🙂 Or maybe Kame kidnapped the poor kid and brought him along for the KATUN concert tour. For all we know he could’ve been one of the pre-teen slaveboys dancing ’round Kamenashi during his gahdawful boyrotic vampire solo number at the 2010 concert ugh ugh ugh. Quelle horreur!!!!!

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