The Little Dorama Girl – Wish List 2010

Naughty or Nice?

E.G.’s Christmas Wish List, 2010 Edition

by Ender’s Girl

Ho ho ho, everyone! *sprinkles Johnny dust all around*

Season’s greetings (and then some) from The Little Dorama Girl!

Oh… you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I’m making my list, and checking it twice
Don’t need to ask around who’s been naughty, who’s been nice

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I know who was misbehavin’
I know whose noses are fake
I know who’s acting is bad or good
(But still keep on for Johnny’s sake, tsk, tsk)

So… they better watch out
They better not cry
They better not pout (unless they’re Jin)
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

Wishes arranged in no particular order…

For KimuTaku: A Very Worthy Project for 2011. Because oh lordy, he sure needs one – after the monstrosity that was Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers), arguably both his worst drama AND worst drama performance evar. Coming right on the heels of the no-brainer procedural Mr. Brain (2009) and the self-indulgent mess of I Come with the Rain (2008/9), TsukiKoi laid a giant moon-shaped egg in both aesthetic and commercial terms and finally proved a most inconvenient truth: that “tried and tested formula,” “all-star cast,” “big budget” and even “Kimura Takuya vehicle” are no longer sure-fire determinants of production quality or ratings success. But despite industry watchers’ claims that his 15-year reign as Kimura Rex Doramae is on the wane, I’m giving him a few more years to… uh, find himself, and return to the fundamentals: story, script, acting, direction. And with that space opera pet project of his — Space Battleship Yamato — opening at No. 1 in its first week of release this month, one thing is certain: Captain KimuTaku’s career ain’t over yet.

For SMAP: A concerted return to clean-living – for healthy lungs and healthy skin! (‘Coz the dudes ain’t getting any younger.) And happiness in their personal lives, with love and peace inside (lol). And an extended Asian tour in 2011/12, please!!! *crosses fingers and toes*

For Kame: A dorama project that people will actually watch (i.e. rate higher than 2% lol) for being well-written and well-acted and for capitalizing on his strengths as a romantic lead. And landing on the cover of a *special* issue of AnAn. (Yes, Virginia, I mean that issue. Heh heh) And… a Jin Limited Edition Blowup Doll for those lonely winter nights ahead.

For Jin: An international solo debut album that will appeal to audiophiles outside his existing Western fan base – otherwise what’s the point of “going worldwide,” eh Jinny? And Kame in bubble wrap (just bubble wrap) packed inside a giant red box adorned with glitter and bells and a gold ribbon. For auld lang syne.


For YamaPi: That the Blue Fairy would visit him one night and grant him his one true wish — to make him a REAL, LIVE, BOY!!!

For Miura Haruma: A drama that requires him to ACT HIS AGE, and NOT play twenty-something high school instructors who cheat on their fiancée with a ferkin’ student. And (this Christmas gift also doubles as an early 21st birthday present), a special sugar-frosted vanilla snowflake cake bearing the following dedication in red cherry piping: “Guess who’s legal now??? XoXo jicks & E.G.” (YATTAAAA!!!)

For Kimu+Matsu: Another project together. Please, God, give them more time. (lol) Just please let them work again. Doesn’t have to be a sequel to one of their old dramas – don’t mess with the classics, y’know? – although a perverse little part of me is DYING to see what their characters in Love Generation would be like as a middle-aged married couple (possibly with kids!). Teppei+Riko 4vr.

For Jang Hyuk: A romcom or dramedy project — think the first part of Windstruck, or Please Teach Me English, or Success Story of a Bright Girl. Something light and funny for a change – give or take a few twists to keep things interesting. Why-so-ssseriousss Emo Hyuk needs to take a vacay for the next two years. Seriously. I want him to laugh and smile again – and I don’t mean “laugh maniacally while hacking Joseon guardsmen to bits” or “smile with supreme irony and pain.” I mean, laugh and smile and get pissed and act silly whilst falling in love — and all that stuff. Ain’t too much to ask for, eh Hyukie? (Keep those killer abs, though. Wouldn’t hurt to stay… uh, healthy.)

For Kang Ji-hwan: A straight-up action thriller flick. Wear killah suits and shoot baddies? How cool would that be.

For Lee Byung-hun: A Hollywood feature film that he can actually be proud of (read: does not involve characters from cartoons only 6-year-olds watch). Western audiences don’t know what they’re missing; there’s MOAR!!! to the man than just his hot, ripped body and kickass stunt work, ya know – valuable as they may be, lol. So… calling all casting agents! The man already speaks English, fergawdssake. Make him the Next Big Asian Thing for the new decade. Don’t put all your eggs in Jang Dong-gun’s basket, we all know how The Warrior’s Way (aka The Warriors — What? lol) fared in U.S. theaters. The wide, wonderful world outside G.I. Joe (and its 3,043 crap sequels) awaits, Hunnie! Break free and fly, my Hunnie! Fly!!! Fly!!!

For Oh Ji-ho: A straight romantic drama – but nothing too melo; no cancer/incest/struggling-single-papa plots, please. For as his work in Chuno has proven, Serious Actor Oh Ji-hoooo has finally arrrrriiiived! (Yee-haw!!!) *munches on confetti* You don’t have to be exploited for your Greek-god looks and fabuloso physique no mo’, Zio. (Um… never complained while you were, though. Hihihi)

For Won Bin: A romcom, pwitty please!!! He can rest his Serious Actor laurels for the time being since his last two films, Mother and Ajusshi (The Man from Nowhere), were a hit with the critics, film fest jurors and the general movie-going public. And for an actor making his big industry comeback, nothing could possibly taste sweeter. Plus, all of Korea already worships the man for his voluntary posting in the DMZ during his MS stint a few years back. (So you ain’t got nuthin’ left to prove to nobody, Won Bin darling.) It’s OUR turn now. Let 2011 be the Year of the Wonbin Fangirl!!! Rargh!!!


Oh looky – there’s MOAR!!! I had a few other presents left in my garbage bag Santa sack, so Imma hand them out now…

For Oguri Shun: A mix tape (lol like those things still exist these days) featuring the songs “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy, “Confessions Part 1” by Usher,  “What Makes a Man Do That” by Daryl Worley, and the carrier track “Careless Whisper” by Wham! Album jacket inscribed with a special dedication from ex-GF Yamada Yu.

For Johnny Kitagawa: That he will get EVERYTHING HE DESERVES – if not in this life then in the next.

(Uploader: jarredlanky @ YouTube)

For Kim Jong-il: Pirated DVDs of Shiri, Joint Security Area, Taegukgi (okay, maybe not Taegukgi), Welcome to Dongmakgol, and – above all – Silmido. Plus the DVD of Team America: World Police as a bonus. Make love not war, yo. *vee sign*

For Bae Yong-jun: The opportunity to serve his government as a Goodwill Ambassador to North Korea — given the recent tensions across the 38th Parallel. Gunboat diplomacy and international mediation don’t seem to be working, so I think it’s ‘bout time Prez Lee Myung-bak unleashed his secret mega weapon of mass delusion er, mass persuasion, that can blow Kim Jong-il’s entire propaganda machine out of Pyongyang. Fear not, for Blessed Yonsama the Peacemaker shall unite the two Koreas – one blinding, beatific smile at a time. With the Great King and God-Emperor Yonsama blazing the path to peace, success of the mission is a foregone conclusion – just ask the Winter Sonata fans.


So, I’ve made my list, also checked it twice
Some wishes may be naughty
But OHBOY would they be nice!

(And should they all come true…?)

Ender’s Girl will streak through your town!

But I’ll do it when you’re sleeping
Fat chance if you’re awake
So unless you’re in a perverse mood
Please be good for Johnny’s sake

So… you better watch out
And, uh… try not to cry…
‘Coz you’ll want to gouge your eyes out
When I come flashing by

(‘Coz if my Wish List comes true…)

Imma streak through… YOUR… TOWN!!!


(So what’s on your wish list?)


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24 Comments on “The Little Dorama Girl – Wish List 2010”

  1. Ellen Says:

    You are TOO funny!!! And you rhyme and I don’t require subtitles to know how funny you are – funny that!!

    I laughed so hard at your wish for Yamapi that I thought I would get in trouble here at work!

    Don’t think I could top your wishes if I tried!


  2. doozy Says:

    So you’re promising to streak if the wishes are granted eh?! ahhhahahaha!
    I second your wish for Won Bin. The man’s probably checked off all the items on his Serious Actor = me list so why not a romcom where he can laugh, eat, fall in love, and eat some more coz he’s so freaking thin these days.

    And dang, that pic you chose of Miura… good work, there!

    How come only wishes for male celebs, no actresses?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      EatPrayLove, Won Bin!!! 😀 Yeah, our Man from Nowhere’s looking a little lean these days, but nowhere as anorexic as Hyun Bin. (Seriously, is the man starving himself? He can fit inside Ha Ji-won’s chest.) @__@

      You liked Miura’s piccie? Hehe thanks. ‘Smore where that came from, baby… *strokes laptop* 😛

      p.s. Rats, foiled again! I thought no one would notice the all-male wishlist, hahahaha. Yah I tried to think of some wishes for the gals, but nothing came to mind. I’m sorry I’m sorry!!! *beats chest and wears ashes & sackcloth*

  3. momosan Says:

    We _almost_ got Hyukkie in Secret Garden, so he’s fishing for a comedy, apparently. But first – Midas. Whatevs.

    Ditto for all of the above, but as your obasan, can I also plead with Santa to deliver a decent meal to Kame and Pi? Someone needs to feed those boys. Possibly Shun’s mom, because he isn’t missing any meals.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Midas? Oh crud, Hyukie. Not anutha ANTI-HEEEERO ROLE……… *yawn* Q________Q

      Yah, I heard he was THIS CLOSE to doing Secret Garden, but from what I gather from the fans, the Binnie-HaJiWon chemistry is working awwwlrighhht. 😉

      What do you mean Kame and Pi, did you say Kame and Pi? Kame’s never been buffer in his entire life (he ain’t skinny Shuji from 2005 no mo’!). And Pi — well, Pi has been 120% muscle and sinew since 2006, so I don’t see why he needs to beef up some more. Although he did deflate those muscles a *widdle* bit for his role in Ashita Joe. But I’ll bet he’ll be back to RamboPi early next year. *rubs hands*

      • momosan Says:

        That news clippie thing about Joe said that Pi was down to like 117lbs. Now that’s a skinny little Johnny-boy. This is clearly the obasan in me (or more likely the Italian zia in me) coming out and wanting to feed people, but dang….

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Hahaha, I get ya momosan 🙂 Feed the Pecs, Feed the Pi!!! Feed the Pecs, Feed the Pi!!! (And may I humbly suggest that your new dietary regimen be BIG on brain food? The poor boy could use some. I haven’t seen a real thought pass through his head since lord-knows-when.)

  4. jana Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, I hope your wishes come true, esp. for KimuTaku, Kame (including the AnAn issue), Jin, Yamapi and Johnny! (I’m glad you didn’t forget to make a wish for him *evil laugh*)

    My personal wish for Okada Junichi: please don’t get involved in another action drama/movie next year because your acting abilities are far better than playing a bodyguard or what.

    I don’t know the k-actors on your wish list (yet) so after watching The World That They Live In my wish for them and all the drama making staff in general is: don’t overwork yourself, we want you to stay well and alive 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      *hi-fives* Merry Christmas jana! Thanks for adding your wish to the pile! 😀 (Lol @ Okada being typecast as a bodyguard ^^;;)

      (Whoa. You watched The World that They Live In? Was it as big a yawner as people say it was? :-P)

      Yep, I didn’t *just* make a wish for Johnny-san, but I gave him the starring role in my latest Xmas poem! *more evil laughs*

      • jana Says:

        Well, The World that They Live In was a bit boring, esp. at the beginning, but for a reason – it was the most realistic Asian drama I’ve ever seen and real life is most of the time boring as well, right? 🙂 As I watched more and more episodes it got better and more interesting, every character had its own development and at the end I didn’t mind rewatching it all over again (I swear it had nothing to do with me being a fan of Hyun Bin) 🙂

        I’d say The World that They Live In is a must for all k/j-drama fans cause you get a picture of how these dramas are made. Still I can’t believe there are so many great ones being produced under the time pressure and on the verge of everyone’s exhaustion…

  5. jicks Says:

    bwahahahaha The pic you used for YamaPi!!!!! Golden!! But, er, if it were me, I wouldn’t waste any of my wishes on the wooden thing- at least not before all the others. I mean, to generate enough power to turn him into an expressive being, it’s gonna surely disrupt the equilibrium of this universe extremely, like shake it to its very core. And it so ain’t 2012 yet! Maybe we can just make him wait until 2030, when the entire world has turned into Yellow Gold, lol. But by that time, Pi would probably be looking into botox, so even though we’ve waved out magic wand over him, he still won’t be able to emote human emotions lol

    Oh the day Kame’s butt face plonks itself on THAT cover of AnAn I’m so going to photoshop you into the scene ahahaha Just lemme know where you wanna be, er, composition wise xDD

    Dude, that pic of Kang Ji Hwan is so diiivine!! Like, the look in his eyes *sees stars* But totally agree with the kinda movie he should be making next, I’m thinking throw Lee Byung Hun into the same flicky too. I dunno, I definitely would be lining up at the cinemas.

    Won Bin in a romcom, YES please. Even if you minused out the comedy & went K-melo on me with the romance, I’d still watch it. Han Tae Suk in Autumn In My Heart style, only this time, he gets the girl ❤

    Btw, I have the cake baking in mah oven, dude, so don't forget the icing & piping stuff lol ;O

    And ohh yeah, Captain Kimura, ganbare masu!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LMAO @ “wooden thing” and disrupting the equilibrium of the universe!!! 😀 (Speaking of botox, I doubt Pi would even *need* injections when he hits 35 since he obviously was *born* with the botox gene, lol.)

      “Kame’s butt”? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? 🙂 Since he doesn’t have one. A butt, that is. *evil lol* But his weird little face on The Cover of AnAn will do quite nicely, ahahaha. And zomg I can’t thank you enough for offering your amazing photoshopping skills for the good of mankind, lol. So long as Kame’s photoshoot doesn’t involve shower heads, farm animals or little boys in Dracula capes, I’M SO IN BABY. I’ll leave it to your discretion where you wanna put me, composition wise. (On top!!! On top!!! lol I did not just say that) @_____@

      Kang Ji-hwan + LBH in a buddy heist/con OR action thriller? SOLD SOLD SOLD. 😀

      Re Won Bin and Autumn Tale: to this day I still don’t get why Song Hye-gyo chose SSH over Won Bin. I mean, gawwwdz. It’s frickin’ WON BIN.

      You’re bakin’ that cake already? Awesome!!! Can you keep it in the chiller till April 5th? Ohboyohboyohboy I can’t wait to get my fingers on the birthday boy — er, cake! Birthday cake! 😛

      • jicks Says:

        lmao @ your stabs at Kame’s derriere (or lack of, okay okay)!! And shower heads & farm animals & dracula capes (hmm, kinda sounds like some twisted Psycho thriller film)… I can so feeel the love someone in the comment lol

        Re Autumn, I know right, WHY did she choose SSH??? It still creeps me thinking about it. I’m not usually a second guy kinda gal (& I don’t think you are too! ;P) but Won Bin’s character in the series was one of the very few who I blatantly preferred over the actual leading man. In fact, the only other one I can think of Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers, but that was possibly more due to the douchebag that was Goo Joon Pyo.

        April 5th? Yeah I got it! Can’t wait lol Although 18 is the age in my country when you can legally drink & legally drive (not at the same time though^^!) 21 is a much BIGGER DEAL, like, you’re officially a grown-up xDDDDDD So guess what, this, er, cake is gonna be huuuuuuge lol

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I know, right? We’re not really 2nd Fiddle groupies, you and I. (Yeah, before I finished reading your 2nd paragraph I was already thinking that besides Won Bin in Autumn Tale, the exception for you would be BOF, while for me it would be Brilliant Legacy and Chuno.;-))

          “So guess what, this, er, cake is gonna be huuuuuuge lol” << LOL! Oh the cake will be huge fo’ shiz, ‘coz… we're gonna be in it! :O

  6. Jenny Says:

    Merry Christmas! Hopefully your dreams will come true.
    The list is great, I agree on so many things(I love the mix tape for Shun, I still can’t believe he cheated even though I think he cheated on his former momusu gf too)
    Kame in anans special issue, no I’m still traumatised over Jin’s issue even though I want the one with Osamu Mukai(nom nom)any hope that Miura will do one in the future….and the dorama with him and Toda. don’t think it will be on my must watch list.
    My my Yon-sama looks so like a woman in that pic and I watched him in untold scandal and there he was actully hot seducing ladies, please stop being like a woman.
    My wish Iseya Yusuke under my Christmas tree(that didn’t happen but I’m not giving up, maybe for my B-day)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jenny! *hugs* As Neil Gaiman said on his blog, “May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.” 😉

      Really, Shun cheated on his ex-GF too? Tsk tsk… Ah, cheating… the gift that keeps on giving, lol 😛

      Osamu on AnAn? W00t, why NOT! Dude’s a cutie. ^^;; Hehe, I’d def. wish Miura do AnAn too, but maybe not this year. (When he’s in his mid-20s, perhaps?) I’m just getting used to the fact that he’s no longer jailbait for me and jicks, so AnAn in 2011 will prolly just give us an aneurysm each, lol.

      Yonsama turned into an ajumma some time between his last movie, April Snow (with Son Ye-jin) and his 2007 drama, Legend. Prior to April Snow (2005) he went through this Rambo phase (did you get to see his photo book? scared the living daylights outta me), which must have damaged his soul which is why he went all ajumma on his poor fans shortly after. And he’s never looked back since, lol

      “My wish Iseya Yusuke under my Christmas tree(that didn’t happen but I’m not giving up, maybe for my B-day)” << This totally made me LAWL!!! 😀

      p.s. No wish for Maki this year? ^^;;

      • Jenny Says:

        Really so I should definetely not look at the photobook if I want to keep my mental sanity intact.
        Well, for Maki I wish a good success with all her projects and maybe a season 2 of Kurosagi(in the manga Kurosaki and Tsurara kiss and I want my on screen kiss NOW)and a holiday the girl looks so tired lately.
        Yes, poor Iseya Yusuke didn’t find his way to me this time but I’m not planning on giving up this easily.

        I should have ordered the issue with Mukai but didn’t want to have to explain to my mom why I’m ogling at a naked asian dude. I have my hopes up for Miura now that he is legal(fangirls rejoice)

  7. ambergold Says:

    LOL oh, the Bae Yong Jun thing cracked me up. Love you ❤

  8. mitsuki_442 Says:

    Happy new year! Hehehe!
    You are very funny! I like this wish list.
    And of course, I agree with you on your wish for Kimura, SMAP and Kimu-matsu. I also want to see the golden combi pair up again for a dorama.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! 😀

      (Looks like our Golden Combi will have to wait a little longer before their reunion project. Kimura’s TBS dorama for Oct. 2011 is anything BUT a ren’ai. :-))

  9. lalalala Says:

    i’m really courious to ask this.
    are you a smap fan?
    cause most of your review totally not say so.
    i agree that their not so good with singing and the costume for their concert a little bit….
    but they a have a couple song that really good.
    so, what do you think about their group? and for each individual member??

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Depends on your definition of “fan.” 🙂 SMAP is my fave J-pop group by a mile, but that doesn’t mean I don’t groan or roll my eyes whenever the Fab Five sing out of tune or dance out of sync (which is like, most of the time, lol), or when they dress up in these really cheesetastic costumes (which is ALL of the time, lolol). Paradoxically, I like to poke fun at them precisely ‘coz I like them so much — individually and collectively. And they may not be the best vocalists around, but I do love some of their songs to crazy bits. If that merits being called a fan, then I guess I am one 😉

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