Picspam: Miura Haruma Calendar 2011

A Miura a Day Keeps the Johnnies Away

by Ender’s Girl

Since jicks and zooey started the ball rolling with their New Year posts, let me chime in and wish everyone a happy 2011!

And for dyed-in-the-wool fans of Miura Haruma, there’s no better inspiration for the 365 days ahead than this guy’s charming little desk calendar. I found the scans of the calendar via Miura’s LJ comm, but good thing Nikki of was able to post the raw photos on her site. (Thanks to jicks for nudging me in the right direction.)

My second reaction to the calendar (the first being, “Aaaaaaaaaaaa”) was that whoever conceptualized the photo shoot was a frickin’ genius by capitalizing on Miura’s boy-next-door image – the same image that has consistently fueled his mass appeal over the years. Here he’s shown to be just a regular guy — your Everyboy if you will: fresh, playful, parent-friendly and wholly accessible.

The stats don’t lie, either: in 49 out of  the 72 photos (or a whopping 68%) Miura is seen doing regular, everyday stuff at home, be it eating/drinking/cooking (11 shots), doing his chores (4), doodling/writing (2), or just chilling (24). In a brilliant marketing ploy, the calendar is also quick to remind us — through the 5 bedroom/couch shots and the 3 bathroom photos — of Miura’s very subtle brand of sexuality. In other words, he can be hot — but never horny. (Are you taking notes, Kamenashi?) Nothing overt, just suggestive enough of… well, the possibilities. But no worries, for the boy doesn’t bite. (At least, not yet.)

So I tampered tinkered with my favorite calendar shots (see example above). A word of caution: some of the graphics that I worked into the photos are a tad cheesy, while a few others are downright creepy. (And Imma say sorry in advance to jicks for dragging her name into a couple of the creepy ones, lol.) My corny graphics notwithstanding, you gotta admit — the boy is fine.

And last but not the least, my personal favorite…


So consider Miura Haruma the… healthier alternative to the other idoru and ikemen clogging the fangirlsphere. Daily doses of Miura have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of JE-related diseases, the most dangerous of which being Yamaplegia (temporary paralysis of the facial muscles, resulting in an expression of utter vacuity, but accompanied by the rapid enlargement of the torso muscles) and Kamelepsy (a sudden but intense seizure characterized by severely impaired judgment, often resulting in obsessive internet searches of photographs and Youtube videos of a certain JE idol, and almost always followed by an overwhelming sense of guilt and self-loathing).

So, take your Miura vitamins every day, children. He’s good for the heart!

MOAR calendar photos @

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64 Comments on “Picspam: Miura Haruma Calendar 2011”

  1. mshaydown Says:

    I LOLed at bad grammer and hotaru

  2. jana Says:

    Hahaha, there’s a name for my disease, the symptoms description fits perfectly, esp. the sense of guilt after every seizure (which comes very often in my case) 🙂

    I wonder if it’s too late to be cured by Miura Haruma, but I’ll give it another try with Kimi ni Todoke 🙂 Thanks for your “healthy” picspam!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LOL! I kind of had us both in mind when I wrote down the symptoms for Kamelepsy. 😀 But I believe your condition is so far advanced you’ll be requiring several rounds of Miuratherapy, hehe.

      W00t, give me a ring in case Kimi ni Todoke cures you of your Kame fixation! (I’m still waiting for my copy myself.) (Bloody Monday and Samurai High School might work, too — despite the ridiculous plots. ;-))

      • jana Says:

        Oh, I’ve actually tried the Bloody Monday cure several months ago, but it did no good, turned out to be the worst drama in my book (haven’t seen Kami no Shizuku yet 🙂 ) Somehow I managed to endure it to the end – only because of Miura’s presence. Since then, I’ve been waiting for his GOOD drama/movie. There’s always a refreshing feeling in the air when Miura’s around (e.g. certain coffee bar at the beginning of Gokusen the movie 🙂 ).

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          LOL! So Bloody Monday was a dud, and like you I wouldn’t have schlepped through the whole thing (including Season 2) if not for Miura. But you’ll prolly find Kami no Shizuku the duller drama by far. Can’t wait for your reaction to that one, hahaha *rubs hands evilly* 😀

          “Since then, I’ve been waiting for his GOOD drama/movie.” << Augh I know right??? It's all about role choice, role choice!!! Miura's at the cusp of that definitive period in any actor's life where drama/film choices matter more than they ever will later in their career. The dramas and movies he does in his early to mid-20s will set the tone for the rest of his work. If Miura plans to achieve stardom as a a romantic lead, he'll need his own Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, his own Orange Days — in short, a classic romantic drama that’s well-made and well-acted and indelible enough to be THE drama that people will remember him by, regardless of whatever he does afterwards, good or bad. And I’m not sure that his new project with Toda Erika is the one. X_O (I believe this calls for a job for… Kitagawa Eriko! lol)

          • jana Says:

            Yes, role choice is the key element, there’s nothing else to say! I’ve already “checked” the plot of Kimi ni Todoke by watching an anime version, you can see I really want to give Miura a second chance 🙂 Kitagawa Eriko or Kudo Kankuro would be great, but what if all the good roles are being offered to Johnnies first? 🙂

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            So did you like the anime?

            Re Kudo Kankuro, haven’t seen any of his work. But I have Tiger & Dragon and IWGP on stand-by. Would you recommend Kisarazu Cat’s Eye? Been hearing good stuff about that drama. 🙂

            “but what if all the good roles are being offered to Johnnies first?” << Bwahahahaha!!! Then WE fangirls win either way, right!!?!?! 😀

  3. Pashmina Says:

    I just loooooooove your posts, makes me laugh out loud each time. Thank you. Happy new year !

  4. jicks Says:

    bwahahahaahaaa LMAFO *chokes on watermelon* *coughs* *COUGHS* I dunno about “healthy” or this stuff being “good for you” but, OMG, I sure love this post!!! Golden job with the graphics & captions xD I think I’ve gone through it 5 times & I’m still LOLing hard *tears stream down tomato red face*

    My second reaction coincides with yours completely- THIS IS THE Miura we love to pounce on, er, like!(My first reaction however was Wooooaaahhh…UH-OH *crashes into tree*) lol @ the “whopping 68%” factor: that’s an undeniable stat! Btw- parent-friendly and wholly accessible– TOTALLY. I couldn’t imagine any okasan or otosan prohibiting their daughters from dating this guy (well, mebbe mine, but that be more because they are concerned FOR Miura lol) Oh, & I want to know exactly what you mean by “wholly accessible” teheheh Ahem.

    I seriously cried when I got to the pic of Miura is sitting at his computer. You’re so lucky he personalised a msg to you! lol And the one where a blurry Miura has woken up to your signatures around his joint: GOLD. Sounds to me someone may have made their dream Anan cover shoot turn into reality ahahaha
    ^^lol Miura#2 is about to flash you his boxers (T_T) Miura#1 looks like he’s wanting to feed me bird seeds or something to stop me vulching on him lol (-_-;)

    OH how AMAZING is the cake we made for his 21st!! xDDDDDD Top icing job there girl! ;P And if he wants his darn towel, he’s gonna havta come out & geddit himself >O>… But don’t fret, I have it all fresh & fluffy- totally used scented fabric softener ;O lol

    Hey, I actually LOVE washing the dishes! Chore Boy can dry ’em if he prefers, or just, you know, wait on that sofa lol

    Re Yamaplegia & Kamelepsy lol I’ve also heard about this Jinphilis business. Apparently contracted via perusing sealed sections of a certain Japanese magazine resulting in a delusional perspective of what it takes to take over the world. Yellow gold patches may develop on skin. A beastly craving for an exclusive French Fries & gin diet is also a common symptom. lol.

    Oh, one last thing: I just want to say, lemme be the melon, oh let me be the melon… in his mouth gahahahahaa, ahem. I heart the “I watermelon you” pic muchly too xDD

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Healthy or not healthy, I’m glad this post made you laugh! 😀

      “I couldn’t imagine any okasan or otosan prohibiting their daughters from dating this guy (well, mebbe mine, but that be more because they are concerned FOR Miura lol)” — lololol your parents are the best!!! 😀

      “wholly accessible” – I think I really just meant “more stalkable” and — to use your terminology — “more pounce-able” lol

      Miura @ his PC: note how tense the poor boy looks in drafting that email, crouched on his chair and all, hahaha. And speaking of the AnAn shoot… 1 down, 2 more to go!!! hehehe (but really, Miura’s lucky I let him wake up with his shirt on, bwahaha)

      “^^lol Miura#2 is about to flash you his boxers (T_T) Miura#1 looks like he’s wanting to feed me bird seeds or something to stop me vulching on him lol (-_-;)” << Hahaha flash his boxers? I thought Miura #2 was either gonna moon me or "fart in my general direction," lol. I thought you'd like Miura#1 giving you his undivided attention (even if that attention came with a bowlful of bird seeds, lmao) 🙂

      “And if he wants his darn towel, he’s gonna havta come out & geddit himself >O>…” << ROFLLLL!!! Even my imagination has its limits, aieeee. Oh my eyes my poor eyes!!! So Imma just hide behind the door while the two of you play… er, Towel Tag, lolzzz

      “Hey, I actually LOVE washing the dishes! Chore Boy can dry ‘em if he prefers, or just, you know, wait on that sofa lol” << LMFAO *pounds table and cries* Yeah, him waiting on the sofa sounds like a better idea. No good if those smooth hands of his get cracked from all that detergent, lol. Besides, we can always take turns on the couch — I mean, washing the dishes, lololol 😀

      Re Jinphilis – Ahahahahahaha I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! It sounds so… sick and dirty and infectious bwahaha. And the symptoms were so SPOT-ON!!! (Hey we totally should do a collab, a JE medical glossary or something, lol)

      LOL you wanna be the watermelon in his mouth? Done. (And aaaaaaa did ya notice he was doing that tongue-poking-cheek thing again?!?!?!) XDDDDD

      • jicks Says:

        ^^I knew there was something I (extra)liked about that watermelon piccie..(!) xDD I’m thinking he really should invest in patenting that look 😀 I just remembered as well you posting a PV by YUZU a while back with Miura executing another cute watermelon moment. So, conclusion must be, Miura+Watermelon=WIN! xD

        Miura @ his PC: note how tense the poor boy looks in drafting that email, crouched on his chair and all, hahaha.
        ^I know, I know, that’s why it’s one of my favourite pics you did! The combo of the pose & your caption is like a total match made in heaven. I’m keen on seeing what you wrote in your reply to the boy though, hehe~~

        lmfao @ the idea of a JE medical glossary, that would be the most hilarious thing xD Well, off the top of my head, “Takkiitis” rolls off the tongue pretty nicely too, and Ryoahrrea lol I’ll leave the medical definitions up to you though ;D

        Oh, & just for the record, I left the towel on a clothes horse in front of the fireplace & made my way back home long before a certain someone hopped outta the shower thankyou… ;OOO *pops Miura Vitamin* (Thanks doozy for capturing the goodness in bottle form lol)

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          LOL I actually went back and viewed the Yuzu PV to check out THAT scene, but it turns out it wasn’t a watermelon but a cantaloupe. Who cares — same melon family! 😀

          “I’m keen on seeing what you wrote in your reply to the boy though, hehe~~” << Haha if you insist… I would've wanted a reply email that was all vampy and edgy enough to entice the boy, but knowing mesself I'll prolly just send him a vid of myself singing that Willy Wonka song, bwahahaa. “Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination… Take a look and you’ll see into your imaginatioooon…”

          And ahahahahaha I lovelovelove your newest additions to our JE medical glossary!!!!!!! Takiitis sounds like a pretty nasty condition (though not half as nasty as Jinphilis bwahahaha) while Ryoahrrea seems gross and messy — whatever it is, lol. Hey — I’m so sold on this glossary project (even if takes us the whole year to get it done, knowing us both, lol). We could post Part 1 on your blog and Part 2 on mine, or something like that. Pics and graphics would be nice, too. It’s gonna be sick and epicly evil, I can feel it already!!!! 😀

          Oh and can I say you are much too considerate to leave the towel in front of the fireplace for Miura before skedaddling, lol. I’m sure he won’t have a hard time finding it — unless of course, Pi finds it first. Remember he’ll also be coming from his shower — hopefully not in the same bathroom as Miura, lmfaoooo

          • jicks Says:

            Dude, for some reason, I’ve only just seen this reply (probably delusional from ODing on doozy’s MVpowder, lol @_@)!!! but LOL at your Willy Wonka performance. And Pi coming out from the same shower?? Deary! :DD You’d wanna hope Kame isn’t around then either, lol.

            Re the JE medical glossary, a chance to be EVIL?? Hells yes I’m sold ;PP We should probs divvy up the boys first (I’m definitely bagging Jin & Jun xDD) but, yah, a year+ for the deadline sounds good to me, LOL.

          • jicks Says:

            P.S. Have you managed to catch any eps of his current dorama as the student leecher (if only he was going for older women and not younger, hey?^^; lol)?

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Pi and Kame in the showa together? Aaaaaaaaahahahahhaa. Wait, lemme get my camera, lulz

            “student leecher” LOL!!! Nopee, I haven’t yet, will wait till all the subs are in — or are they? Been rather out of the loop lately. You? 🙂

            “(if only he was going for older women and not younger, hey?^^; lol)?” << Now why do I have the funny feeling that would be a great concept for a dorama… 😛

        • doozy Says:

          I’m concocting a special Mi(ura)mosa as we speak! *cue mad scientist hair and cackle* ahahahhaha

          I’m also thinking of formulating a powder version of Miura Vitamin so that you and jicks can sprinkle it on all things edible. What do you guys think? Is that going overboard?

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Oooh oooh, can I be your Igor? Can I can I? I promise to be nothing but gross and obedient!!! 😀

            Powdered Miura Vitamin sprinkled over our food? w0000t!!! But knowing myself and jicks, we’ll prolly just swipe one of your packets and snort the Miura powder every time we get. More potent side-effects this way, heh heh xP (so feed your Miuraddiction too! lulz)

  5. doozy Says:

    You even did the math and stats for the calendar. Really paid close attention there, didn’t ya? ahhaahhahah!

    The captions are hilarious! Looks like you and jicks look are having a ball over at Miura’s. Love all of them, especially “male Hotaru” and “wild side”.

    Miura Vitamin, coming soon to a store near you?

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LOL I know right? At some point I stopped in the middle of tallying the photos and asked, “what the heck am I doing?” hahaha

      Thanks doozy, I love the Hotaru and wild side photos, too. (Me and jicks, having a ball? Does it show that much? lulz :D)

      Miura Chewable Vitamins? You betcha! And an entire Harumatherapy product line, too! Smells good, tastes even better, lolol

  6. Ariel Says:

    The way you gleefully bash Kame and Yamapi is so hilarious. Your like the mean girl in the playground pulling their hair to make them cry because secretly you really really like them he he he.
    I really really like them too, Hiroto converted me to JDorama and Naoki made me fall deeper in love. Then Yamada Tarou made me wish for such an awesome onii-chan.
    Minami-kun no Koibito was the only one I did not like and really being a new convert I’m not that critical but the story just didn’t go anywhere. Hey would be glad for any recommendations on what JDorama to watch.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hahaha, I kind of love the hair-tugging, mean girl analogy! (Actually, I’m also the type that kicks sand in Kame and Pi’s eyes then runs away and hides behind the seesaw or something, while they start howling for Johnny K. :-P)

      Yamada Tarou… So you’re into Nino? Kewl! Although I’m not an Arashi fan, I really admire Nino’s acting work. Have you seen Stand UP!? One of the best J-comedies I’ve seen, if not the best. 😀

      Other recs (but you might have already seen them, though): Nobuta wo Produce (Kame and Pi twogether! my all-time fave Jdorama); Proposal Daisakusen (Pi in his best romantic role, IMO); Byakuyakou (heavy drama; disturbing themes); Lunch Queen (charming story about food, family and love); and of course, the KimuTaku staples — Pride, Long Vacation, Hero, etc. etc. 😀

      • Ariel Says:

        Thanks a lot and no I haven’t yet watched any of this although NwP is in my watchlist because of your awesome review, Proposal Daisakusen I’ve watched on and off since its on Q11 but kind of mehhh for me, but i’ll give it another shot, Byakuyakou also read your review and found the premise intriguing. And yes i’ve fallen for Nino so Letters from Iwo Jima and now Stand UP is a must. I will not rest until all this goodies are in my hands!!! I want more Kame! though I refuse to watch his sleazy pole dancing doppelgänger, that is not my Hiroto not not not not…

        • Ariel Says:

          Oh EG! can I kiss and hug you for recommending Stand UP? I seriously love this series, experienced withdrawal symptoms sign of a good drama for me. I love the characters, just everyday life trying to lose your virginity he he he. Who ever thought of using a love motel bathtub to work through your angst brilliant! or just a perve like all of us, need I say that those were some of my most fav scenes. The scene where Kō-kun, Udayan and Shō-chan in the bath together helping the latter work out his feelings for Chie almost killed me whaaaa ha ha! The dynamics of their friendship is wonderful to watch. Chie-chan, as the object of affection was great she’s there for all of them without being intrusive while going through her own pain. She’s all kinds of awesome, one of the best drama heroine. So for her I offer the song of TLC “Damage” so apt. So thank you, thank you, thank you for your recommendation!
          I got my hands on all the DVDs in my to watch list, broke my budget until the next payday but hey I could stand to lose more weight and vegetables isn’t so bad just ask for more sauce in your rice, who needs to eat when you can watch, fighting:-)

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Omo omo I’m elated you loved Stand UP! as much as I did!!!! You’re welcome a hundred percent for the rec; me I’m just glad I got the opportunity to rec this drama. I had a huuuge grin pasted to my face while reading your exuberantly glowing comments. Stand UP! was one of those rare dramas where everything just worked, from the cast chemistry to the direction to the plot to the writing, which was brilliant at finding the right balance between the riotously funny and the heartwarming moments. And you’re right, the love motel bathtub scenes were the BEST!!! Before I popped this drama into my DVD player I thought I’d get another J-teen sex comedy, but it turned out to be so, so, so much more and I found myself laughing and crying alternately every episode. I have yet to watch another drama that made me laugh so hard. Perhaps I never will. Doute Four 4vr!!!!:-D

            Re your previous comments, bwahahaha @ everything you said about sleazy Kame vs Hirotooooo, so true!!! 🙂

            And lol, I hope your newest stash of drama DVDs prove to be worth it! ^^;; I know what it’s like to compulsively buy new DVDs even though I’ve exceeded the budget. So now I have a whole pile of unwatched K- and J-dramas… and yet I always ask my dealer when the new shipment has arrived, lol. Jdoramas = they will eat your life!!! Ahahahaha

  7. Jenny Says:

    muahahahahah! Brilliant!
    You really worked with this one, it must have been very demanding(not)to do this post.
    Miura’s email is especially touching, what have you been doing to the poor boy.

    I have a letter to Miura as well, it goes something like this;
    Dear Haruma-chan
    Do you want to join in my imaginary male harem ? You’d have a lot of friends like Iseya Yusuke and some of your co-actors from Crows zero.
    not a crazy stalking fan (well maybe just a wee bit)

    I poured my heart into that one ;D

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks jenny! I saw the raw photos a few days ago and thought something was… missing, so I decided to add some text, lol. Plus, I used instead of Photoshop, which gave me a much easier time. 🙂

      Hahaha I love your not-so-subtle invitation to Miura to join your boy harem! I’m sure he would be honored to find himself in such respectable company as Iseya Yusuke, Shun and Yamada Takayuki. You’ll probably have your hands full, though. Maybe you can enjoy them on a rotating schedule, lol 😀

      • Jenny Says:

        I’m still in shock over Miuras horrible choice over his next drama.
        It just sounds…..lame, I mean I have nothing against teacher-student romance doramas because some of them can be really good but Miura is way to young to act a teacher and Toda Erika, she’s not exactly the greatest actress.
        I might give one ep a go, I haven’t had any doramas that I’ve been really hyped for in a while(where is my Jin season 2)!
        I miss hilarious doraman like Kisarazu cat’s eye(beeru beeru), Stand up and Nodame.

        Did you hear that Kengo’s and Maki’s Byakyakou was selected to show in the Berlin film festival, I’m quite suprised.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          IKR? It’s like Miura’s in too much of a hurry to grow up or something. >P If they really had to go make this drama, they should’ve cast Tsumabuki Satoshi or someone a bit older, to give the role more credibility.

          Byakuyakou in Berlin? Good for Maki and Kengo! Is the movie out in theaters in Japan??? Hope it’s doing well at the box office, and that the critics aren’t giving it a hard time… 🙂

          Are you officially reccing Kisarazu Cat’s Eye? I don’t have it on my to-watch list (yet), but mebbe I should, ne…?

          “(where is my Jin season 2)!” << LOL! Hear, hear!!! 😀

          • Jenny Says:

            I agree, ooh and I agree especially with Tsumabuki Satoshi.
            I think both Miura and Toda could have been a bit more older for this type of part.

            They had a screening yesterday but the official date for release is 29.1 so another week. I remember reading that the reviews from tiff were good but I guess we have to wait a bit longer for preper reviews.

            Yes, I recommend Kisarazu. It’s crazy but hilarious. The cast clearly had a blast working together and it shows. And the characters names are epic; Bussan, Ani, Bambi, Master and Ucchie.

            You should watch the Always movies and maybe even review them, they are nice feel good movies and fun as well.

            Isn’t Jin 2 suppose to air in april and I think I heard something about a movie too.

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            That clip from Kisarazu had me chuckling from start to finish! “U-U-Ucchie…” LAWLL And you’re right, from the sound of their names they seem like really fun characters, hahaha. Will give this drama a spin when I’m in the mood for a few laughs. Thanks for the rec! 😉

            I’m all stoked for JIN season 2… and there’s a movie too? Wow, I guess it shows how little of the manga source material has actually been adapted for the screen. So long as Uchino Masaaki and Ayase are still on board for the movie, I say bring it on!!! 😀

            The Always movies — Did you mean Always – Sunset on Third Street? I remember this was shown at our local Eiga Sai but I failed to catch it. I’ll keep an eye out for the DVD, though. 🙂

  8. M Says:

    Dear E.G.,

    You are one of the brilliant j- and k- entertainment out there!

  9. zooey Says:

    Lol, that’s a whole bunch of pics there, not to mention a whole lotta of tampering. Have to salute you for the stats, though I must agree that the pics are so domestic, so candid, they kinda bring a whole new perspective as to how ridiculously flamboyant JE boys are packaged.

    This shoot totally had that boy-next-door image down pat, I just wish that they put out more money for better lighting. But since the concept was probably more on doing a slice-of-Miura…err…life thing, must concede that it’s actually an effective form of anti-JE marketing.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LOL @ “whole lotta tampering”, guilty as charged hahahaa! 😀

      “Anti-JE marketing” << Totally! At least my fangirling has the entire spectrum covered. It's good to be well-rounded lol 😛

      I agree that the photos could've used better lighting. I also wish the pics were in HQ and not so grainy, but hey — I ought to just be glad I found them at all. 🙂

      Btw, sorry if I took so long in replying. Was in Bora for a wedding last week. Pics are on my FB — hey wait a minute, we haven't added each other on FB yet. Only if you're game, that is. Besides, that way you'll also get to add jicks and doozy to your f-list. I'm sure they'd love that! 🙂

      • zooey Says:

        No prob, girl. You already mentioned a while back that you were going to be busy that weekend. Sorry for the late reply, been cramming things at the office. I actually have been doing my blog rounds since last week but I haven’t had the chance to sit down long enough to read the posts until today.

        Aww, would you believe it? I don’t have an FB account. I have a thing against social networking sites, didn’t even bother to set up a friendster account when it was popular at that time. 🙂

  10. kp Says:

    i just found you. and how i wished i had discovered you earlier bc you are so incredibly funny and entertaining. i also love kame, the ACTOR but am so turned off by kame the SINGER. and miura haruma is as cute as a button

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hi kp! It’s a pleasure to meet you, and it’s an added treat to know we have the same opinion of Kame (and Miura!!!). 😀 Hahaha, I dunno how you stumbled across my little blog, but I’m happy you’re liking what you’re reading so far. Make yourself at home! 😉

  11. mil. Says:

    She’s got a brand new netbook and a brand new internet key and she ain’t afraid to use them!

    Happy happy new year to you EG! My 2011 had started off quite on the down side, but after this Miurafest everything around me is so beautiful! Even if everything around me is an insanely dirty bus, loud obnoxious schoolkids on the loose and old folkies grumbling about the weather (oh yes, baby! now that she’s armed with the ultimate portable devices the stalk-mart is open 24/7, mwahahahah!)

    Your graphics cracked me up as always! Only thing is that being on the move I can’t make my usual soundtrack of assorted squealing and slurping, but it’s ok, I saved the pillow picture and plan on making a shrine for it the second I get home tonight.

    But while I enjoy Miura’s healthy charm as much as the next person (mh, not the person sitting next to me right now, apparently) I’m still gonna hafta ransack your blog for some manwhore updates, as I’ve been out of the game so long I’m sure they must have embarassed themselves in some fashion while I was looking the other way! So much to catch up with! Will be back! Will comment like crazy! please freak out moderately but don’t ban me from your blog!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      MIL! Yahoo, welcome back to the Web! 😀 Hahaha I can just imagine you trying to surf the net in that noisy bus rocking to and fro, sandwiched between the runny-nosed kids and the old curmudgeons, hahaha

      A Happy New Year to you too! I’m sorry to hear you were a bit bummed coming into 2011, so I hope things are starting to look brighter for you. (And why were you on that bus? Are you on the lam from the polizei or something? lulz :-P)

      Glad you enjoyed the graphics! The pillow picture is all yours baby. (Come to think of it, “Mil” is also a pretty short name to embroider on the boudoir pillows, hehehe XD

      Nothing new here about your fave manskank, I’m afraid, except that he came home to do some concerts and will be releasing his first solo album (under Warner Music Japan) come 4th of July. (Now that’s his very own Independence Day for ya — kaboom!) Maybe he’ll do a Europe tour soon — wouldn’t you just love that? Lol 😀

      • mil. Says:

        great, i’ve got more bad music to look forward to! 😀
        the idea of jin touring in europe terrifies me, yo. mainly because 1) i’d certainly go see him and be excited like a demented ferret and 2) i’d be twice as old as the average girl at the gig!
        that’s why i was half-hoping that this forced JE abstinence would have done something in terms of, you know, getting healthy habits like eating veggies and swooning only for men who didn’t look pre-pubescent and wear props a dominatrix forgot in their changing room. it didn’t. i was listening to my old mixtapes from when i was young and innocent (well, more than now anyway) and when came on i immediately started picturing scenes from real face, haha!

        (Come to think of it, “Mil” is also a pretty short name to embroider on the boudoir pillows, hehehe XD yes, and that would be discreet! not like the image of me staring at him i’d have airbrushed on his ceiling, cause I feel that would freak him out a little 😛
        (actually I even thought of how mil is short enough I could actually brand the poor kid with it, and then felt ashamed of how Johnny’s influence has managed to gradually turn my brain into a scary, scary place!)

        Are you on the lam from the polizei or something? haha, not currently, and as far as I know, unless the restraining order half the j-actors filed against me has been already signed, but I maintain that we were (almost) all consenting adults!

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          I’m sure you’d make a pretty fab demented ferret, LOL! A lot of Jinny’s songs have that clubby vibe, so I’m sure he’d fit right in with the Euro concert scene. 😉

          “not like the image of me staring at him i’d have airbrushed on his ceiling, cause I feel that would freak him out a little” Lol, and which image would that be? Hope it’s not this one, hahaha:


          Hey too bad that Youtube link you sent is blocked in my country, bugger! 😦 If this is a vid from the Real Face con (which I happen to have on disc and have re-watched way too many times that I ought to), all I can say is that I… I know the feeling, lol. JE abstinence is haaaarrrrd!!! (That’s why I need to take my Miura vitamins every day lest I suffer a KAT-TUN relapse gawwd forbid)

          Speaking of KT, zooey wrote this rocking commentary after watching their BTR con. Hilarious!

          Hahaha, good luck with that restraining order! I guess that makes 3 of us; me and jicks have been keeping our orange prison shirts handy just in case the Child Services sniff us out. But all that’s gonna end this year when Miura turns 21 ahahahaha *rubs hands*

          • mil. Says:

            bwahahahah, thank you EG for linking a pic that so perfectly embodies what a GUILTY pleasure Jin is to me (and not the “oh god, what would his MOM think of this relationship” type of guilt that Miura causes, more of the “oh god, I so cannot believe I find you hot. now come with me, i’ve got handcuffs and whipped cream” type)

            the video wasn’t a KAT-TUN concert (i’m too old for them to be part of my school memories, sob), but it could’ve been the theme song johnny was listening to when he decided the direction his business was gonna lead his boys to (“I’m a slut” by Howlin’ Maggie)

            but the linky was hilarious, I haven’t had the chance to read the full on experience yet, just the beginning, but the mindset and psychological preparation zooey had was not too far away from mine 😛 only problem is, I now sense I might be infesting zooey’s blog too, and I don’t know if you’re gonna get away with that, mate!

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Oh zooey’s blog is one of the few islands of sanity in this sea of fangirly babbling (e.g. my blog, jicks’ blog, etc.), so it’s a great place to go for more sober and objective drama reviews. 🙂

            Btw, last night (it was, vewwy, vewwy late last night so nobody else was awake to see what manner of WTFery was afoot in my room) I watched Johnny’s Countdown 2010-11. Same old sh*t we get every year, except — NO JINNY!!! 😦 I didn’t expect to feel a little pang (but I felt it anyway) when Kame started to sing “giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara…” on the crane platform thingy and there was NO JINNY! to do the second voice all the way down to “riaru wo te ni ireru n’ da…”, just reedy little collagen-lipped Ueda tsk tsk tsk. KAT-TUN with NO JINNY! looked so… decimated, lol, mainly ‘coz Jin was the biggest (and at times, the tubbiest) member and his presence always took up a significant amount of space, hahaha

            So after the Countdown I naturally just had to pop my Bandage DVD into the player, hahaha. I liked the movie a lot — mostly for how well-directed it was, and for the acting from the cast, who kept it natural all throughout. (And getting Jin to be Jin for all 2 hours of the film — GOLD! stroke of GENIUS! lulz) I was also TRULY hoping things would work out for Jin’s character and his Ingenue Groupie. Anyway, I know jicks is planning to review Bandage, so I’m def. pysched to read her take on it. 🙂

  12. jana Says:

    “So did you like the anime?”

    Anime version of KnT was rather good, I liked the plot and all the characters, but pacing was extremely slow. By the end I was a bit disappointed because the real story has just begun but there were no more episodes. I guess we get more in the movie, so I’m waiting patiently 🙂

    Kisarazu Cat’s Eye is one of the best doramas I’ve ever seen, that’s my recommendation 🙂 Everything you wrote to Ariel about Stand up! could be also said about KCE, only the leads are a few years older, more pitiful and even more funny. Besides the actors, Kudo Kankuro is a real star here (that also goes for Tiger& Dragon, haven’t seen IWGP yet]. One day I’d love to read your long KCE review! 🙂

    • mil. Says:

      Anime version of KnT was rather good, I liked the plot and all the characters, but pacing was extremely slow. I agree, but in their defense, they were being faithful to the manga, which while being delightfully sweet is ridiculously slow-paced to the point of exasperation.

      btw, just butting in to endorse jana and Jenny’s recommendation of KCE. really, watcha waitin’ for! 😉

  13. Jenny Says:

    Yeah, the Always sunset on third street movies. They are nice movies and I’m not suprised about how popular they became and that a third one is in production now.

    Jin, so excited I’m really curious what happened to Nokaze and how will our Jin-sensei do with having two women fawning over him ^^ and let’s not forget Sakamoto Ryoma(so one of my fave characters)who was freaking hilarious.

    Kisarazu it’s a fun drama and there are two movies too that are just as crazy.
    Here is some more fun clips:

  14. Ender's Girl Says:

    @ jana, Jenny & mil

    That does it! I finally got mesself a copy of Kisarazu Cat’s Eye! Hahahaha. Are y’all happy now? Hahahaha (And whoever said peer pressure is necessarily a bad thing? lulz :-P)

    @ Jenny – Jin+Saki 4evarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! (she can’t get married to some other guy in Season 2, she can’t she just can’t!!!!!)

    @ jana & mil – I can’t believe the KnT DVD comes out in March, arghghghghg. That’s 2 whole months away arghghhhghfgh

    • Jenny Says:

      Good for you!!! Prepare for a absolutely crazy, wacky and hilarious show,now why can’t Kankuro Kudo write a show more like Kisarazu. Unubore deka wasn’t so fun.
      I don’t know about Saki and Jin except Nokaze(Miki)+Jin 4ever!!!!!
      I haven’t read the manga so not sure what’s in store for them but Miki was a invented character or so I read.
      And found an review of Byakuakou and it’s lloking good;

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        Yeah, that was a pretty glowing review. Thanks for the linky, Jenny! 😉 But — OHNOES the reviewer said Kora Kengo didn’t deliver as expected??? Too bad. Now I rly rly rly want to watch this movie so I can see for myself! :O

    • jana Says:

      Yes, I’m happy for you!!! I’m so looking forward to your opinion/review 🙂 Currently watching Unubore Deka and has to agree with Jenny it isn’t as fun as Kisarazu, but still far better than Mr. Brain and many other shows, hahaha 🙂

    • mil. Says:

      That’s 2 whole months away arghghhhghfgh
      ikr? that’s also 2 extremely dangerous months of potentially bad choices I shall make, doramawise, in order to keep mesself entertained! but I’m going through posts here and on jicks’ to see if there’s anything I haven’t watched, so be warned: my next screening will be entirely the fault of one of you lot! 😀

  15. mil. Says:

    I was also TRULY hoping things would work out for Jin’s character and his Ingenue Groupie.
    hahaha! me too, but mostly I was TRULY ashamed of myself! in her place, with Jin or a number of other actors I shan’t list here but I think you can imagine, there wouldn’t have been the time to be so modestly pure, I’d already be in jail on charges of sexual harassment!

    I didn’t expect to feel a little pang (but I felt it anyway) when Kame started to sing “giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara…”
    I know! I have shamefully (or luckily? points of view) betrayed KAT-TUN (KaT-TUN? KT-TUN? Kame & his bunch? Rebels without a fruit?) when it comes to lives because I can’t bear the idea of hearing their oldies without Jin’s voice lead… I mean, joining in!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      LMFAO @ “Rebels without a fruit”!!!!!! 😀 Well at least you have their old cons to revisit whenever you feel nostalgic for some Jin-KT-TUN lovin’.

      But this got me thinking so now I’m trying to assign Spice Girls names to Kame & his bunch.

      Koki = Scary Spice, definitely!
      Jin = Ginger Spice (big-boned and given to weight gain, flamboyant, first to leave the group ahaha)
      Junno = Sporty Spice (well, he does know how to do backflips and stuff)
      Maru = Baby Spice (coz he’s the most innocent looking)
      Ueda = Posh Spice (same expression, too! the puff-my-lips-out, tilt-my-head-45-degrees, close-eyelids-partially, hold-for-2-hours)

      …which would leave Kame without a Spice Girls appellation. So we will make one up just for him! He can be Skanky Spice. Or Stripper Spice. Hahahahahaha

  16. kaigou Says:

    Yamaplegia (temporary paralysis of the facial muscles, resulting in an expression of utter vacuity, but accompanied by the rapid enlargement of the torso muscles)

    OMFG. Absolutely ded of the lol over here.

  17. shin Says:

    I just became a fan of Miura Haruma XD and I am glad I chanced upon your webbie XD I am also a fan of KAT-TUN (mainly kame/maru)…

    I actually kinda think that Miura feels more refreshing than JE boys 😛 Just a thought^^

    I like the 2011 calendars shots…simple and cool^^

    Miura is good for my heart. Seriously XD

  18. Daily doses of Miura have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of JE-related diseases, the most dangerous of which being Yamaplegia * this’s hilarious but true. When i’m taking Miura vitamin seem like it successfully reduce my yamapi-syndrome.*
    i must be dated for just reading this now.apparently just b’come his fan recently. i love ur posts…
    omg ur medic vocabs’r awesome.i might end up smiling/ laughing by myself when reading my medic book

  19. metropolis Says:

    i’m french and i just discovered your blog, i’m also a huge fan of haruma miura and i was just wandering: did you know this little breath of fresh air could sing too? You can see it there:
    The guy is not the best singer in the world but he is refreshing as always, and his smile is just priceless 🙂

    sorry for my bad english!

    (and i agree: he IS better than chocolate!)

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Oh much thanks for the linky! Hahahaha so the boy can carry a tune, fancy that… Not bad indeed, in fact I’d say he was *slightly* better than the average Johnny, lol 😀 (Wasn’t he part of that idol group “Brash Brats” or sumthin? He was *this* close to being a Jpop idoru, eeeww hahaha) I’m not digging Miura’s all-white outfit but then I guess that’s 3987438 x better than what the Johnnys wear to their concerts, eh? @__@

      Anyway, welcome to my blog and make yourself at home! 😉 And your English is perfect, what are you talking about? =D

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