Paper Cranes for Japan

It’s a small gesture, but…

When I heard about the Paper Cranes for Japan project, I wanted to take part and do something — anything — that would express my solidarity with the quake and tsunami victims. Although work left me with little downtime for most of last week (which is also why I haven’t been posting new stuff lately… gomen and miane to my 20-odd regular readers, sankyou for sticking it out with delinquent old E.G., lol), Saturday evening finally found me with some paper and a pair of scissors in hand, surfing Youtube for a DIY origami video.  Since my artist-designer sister wasn’t around to make the tsuru for me, I decided to give it a shot (my first ever). And it actually wasn’t half as hard as it looked. Took a few shots of the crane on two sheets of blue craft paper which I had spread on our dining table, and voila — finished product above.

I racked my brains for an inspiring message to accompany my little paper tsuru on its maiden goodwill flight (a haiku? a verse? kana characters lifted from Babelfish?), but in the end a simple word of encouragement felt best.

I had also wished to send this photo for inclusion in the Waratte, Nippon! video project, but I missed the deadline last Saturday by a few hours. So I’m posting it here instead. I know the crisis in Japan is far from over, but for whatever it’s worth… Ganbatte, Japan!

(Make your tsuru and share it, too!)

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3 Comments on “Paper Cranes for Japan”

  1. ralphm1999 Says:

    EG, That’s a wonderful gesture and idea. I too want to find ways to express my empathy with the victims. I did donate but that is so minute that I want to share in a more humane way. Andreia Gray from FB and one of my dance partners in the Nisei Festival posted this link. Feel free to delete it if it is not in keeping with this thread. I am sending a note to this project. Here is the link, hope this tiny URL works:

  2. JADEEYES Says:

    I also took part of this project. I made my crane out of all the memories and good things Japan has given me through its culture… in simple words: Luna Sea, Cowboy Bebop, Kimura Takuya

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