Vid Clip: Cry for the Smile (SMAP)

“Coz everybody know(s) that spring will come…”

Vintage SMAP…

…and their message for the Tohoku disaster victims:

What things can we do right now.
Let’s all do what we can now.
Whether that’s donating or turning off your electric switches.
Actions like that contribute even just the tiniest bit to the hope of tomorrow.
We can put all of our efforts together.
We can bring our hearts together.
Let’s do it everyone!!!

Source: Tokyohive

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29 Comments on “Vid Clip: Cry for the Smile (SMAP)”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Hi Enders Girl,

    Thanks so much for posting this lovely video of this lovely song. Have been thinking of Kimura singing – “Everybody knows the spring will come” – all winter long on these dark, dark mornings. Of course, the song has more resonance now and I was glad to be reminded of that. Told someone yesterday that 90% of SMAP songs are positive and for me SMAP represent a kind of joy that understands that life does not always seem like a bankansu but that everyday is precious and we only need to try our best.

    My song of the week is Arigatou. The troubles in Japan have made me more grateful than ever for what I have and especially for the people I have in my life (which is what the song is about). And it doesn’t hurt that the guys look particularly yumilicous in the Pop Up SMAP concert version. I am also thankful for SMAP who never fail to cheer me up and on and for all the people I have met in this crazy SMAP world. You’re all so nice!

    I don’t know if it’s appropriate to mention this here or not, but you can edit my comments so… We are collecting money for earthquake relief through the Buddhist temple I attend. We will be forwarding the money to our home temple in Japan who will then send it to where it is needed most. I felt that this might be a good way for people to donate who might otherwise worry about exactly where their funds were going. This is a link to the Midwest Buddhist Temple’s website for more information (please scroll down a bit)

    Thanks again!


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hey Ellen! 🙂 Your comment left me a little misty-eyed (totally your fault! lol). But thanks for articulating how most of us fans feel about the message of SMAP’s music and the positivity they bring to the entertainment world. It’s hard to put into words but you nailed it. 😉

      Yeah, of all the SMAP songs, Cry for the Smile felt the most apt for these hard, uncertain times. (It also happens to be my favorite track on We Are SMAP — more than Love and Peace Inside, and I love that song.) I couldn’t find a vid with the English translation (although there’s enuff Engrish in the romaji lyrics to convey the message to a non-Nihon audience, anyway) but was glad to find this particular Youtube video. The nature shots accompanying the lyrics are just so tasteful and uplifting, plus they’re more, um, palatable for non-SMAPpies who might be surfing this blog. =P

      Oh, and Arigatou is one of my all-time fave SMAP songs, too! *hi-fives* Have not seen the Pop Up SMAP! version, just the Super Modern… version. (Which reminds me I seriously have to schedule a Pop Up marathon one of these days… ^^;;)

      Thank you for sharing the temple link, I know this will open more avenues for people to send help to those who need it most. Much press is being given to the big international humanitarian organizations (God bless ’em all), but I wouldn’t discount the impact that smaller faith-based and interfaith networks are making on ground-level relief work — not just in Japan but in other parts of the world. 😀

  2. Ellen Says:

    Hi Enders Girl,

    You are too sweet! It’s nice that we have a place to be mushy about our idols. I read somebody’s LJ this morning and they were so cynical about the recent smaXsma live broadcast. Wha?? Even if you think their emotions are phony you have to admit their intentions are good. Just don’t know why that was necessary. Been trying to get that “image” out of my head since I read it.

    Have you watched that episode? I am hoping smappiesubs will sub it, and I don’t really want to see it twice, so… But I’m sure it would be emotional either way.

    Even with my tiny, tiny bit of Japanese I can get some of the lyrics to Cry for the Smile. You really made a good choice. I am partial to This is Love, though it’s not really on the We Are SMAP cd. It always cheers me up, especially when Shingo does his little “L” gesture and says – Dis is Lub! (Always cracks me up). And.. I can almost sing the kareoke so…

    Thanks SO, SO much for allowing my solicitation for the Temple. I really like the sort of grass roots feeling of the money being disbursed by them. Really very, very happy (you might even say joyful) to have found SMAP and the community that goes with them.


    PS Here is the link to the Pop Up SMAP version of Arigatou
    I would like to take a big spoon and scoop up the very oishii Kimura. I’m sure you will agree!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Thanks for the link, Ellen! Hehehe I wish there was a way to repay you for all the SMAP goodies you send my way 😉

      W00t, that Pop Up perf made my day. KimuTaku was very omnomnom oishii indeed! Didn’t know if I wanted to run onstage to thread my fingers through his hair, or wipe the sweat off his face with my pinafore, teehee =D Loved the striped-shirt ensemble on him, Shingo and Tsu. Tsu was looking especially cute — never mind if the studded cuff on his left wrist was so George-Michael gay, hahaha. But Goro was so LOL in that animal print shirt. Anyway, I’ll just bet that last shot of ShinTaku before the lift doors closed was your fave moment! 😉

  3. Ellen Says:

    Enders Girlfriend!

    You know we are like sisters, sisters in some late night J-drama sharing the same man (or even sometimes men)! Yes, you know me very well, I am lovin’ that last minute where Shingo and Kimura’s faces are up together so cutely. I am attempting to download Pop Up SMAP now and will watch it with lots of popcorn and wine which I will not be able to consume because I will be kyaaaaing too much! No subs will be needed! BTW have you seen Shingo’s new Chinese CM? He is fast approaching his own Shingo brand of hotness.

    And because you know I can never get enough – this week’s song once again features Shintaku and 3 other guys at the end as a bonus. Viva Amigos!! Yes, I’m cheering for you my friend but also telling you the name of the 1998 SMAP concert from which this week’s song is taken. In a effort to remain cheerful, I think we should all do as the guys have here, and don beach wear and flip flops, and make like it’s an endless summer! PS Harmonica playing never looked so hot!

    In an effort to spread SMAP love and just generally samppieize the universe I have started sending a song ‘o the week. I have advised people that they may unsubscribe, and that I will not hate them too much if they do. Don’t think I need worry about, you, my little pinafored Sis, as we share the same tastes.

    Yes, I find our dear Captain playing the harmonica hot and am sorry that the video of him playing on some late great Santaku has disappeared.

    Enjoy and enjoy again (& again – why the hell not?!) and then next week, enjoy another one!

    Have good one!

    PS I heard a rumor that smappiesubs is subbing the sXs live broadcast from last week.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I love sharing KimuTaku with you, too! Why ever would I want to keep him to myself? That smexiness is too much for just one person to handle, anyway! (But you can keep Shingo lololol :-P)

      Thank you for sharing this linky! (Hahaha how the heck did you know I have a thing for harmonica players? :D) It was so cool to see the boys jamming and being all laid-back and stuff, it gave me the sudden urge to grab my beach towel and stretch out on that stage — beside Kimura’s legs, ‘coz that’s the best view, lol. (And hahaha, I’ll admit, Shingo looked so young and cute, and with that spiky hair reminded me of a newly hatched thrush or something. Kawaii! And, er, no I haven’t seen his CM xD)

      And that wine+popcorn combo sounds yum. Might try it one of these days…

      “smappieize the universe” << Hahahaha I kinda love this! 😉

  4. Ellen Says:


    Sorry to dun you with another link but I thought you might like to read one of our professor’s take on Japan’s coping skills


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Yeah, that was an interesting read. Made me appreciate Japanese society all the more. 🙂 (Hmmm… I think I belong to a society that’s more individualistic than collectivistic… Uh-oh. @_@)

  5. elway714 Says:

    really nice song!!
    most smap song is really worth listening and have a very deep meaning
    may them still together for the next 50 year! really love all about them (even the weirdest thing that start growing on you)

    shingo voice really suprise me in this one, is he really that good in english?!

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Hi there! Um, I don’t think any of the SMAP dudes are really fluent in English. I mean, they probably understand the language, but I doubt they can carry an actual conversation.

      But I’m glad you like this song as much as I do! 🙂

  6. Ellen Says:

    Hey E.G.!

    You never fail to make me laugh out loud (perch under KT’s legs! – as if you were the first to think of it!). And, yes, thank you, I will keep Shingo, who is looking so good these days I want him for all 3 meals and not just dessert!

    I have found so many awesome videos lately (one was of all the guys singing Toiletpaper Man – Goro rockin’ out with Kimura is priceless) but I don’t want to dun you, or is it spam you? I’m so not into the lingo! But as you said you like hot harmonica from long haired guys from Japan (that is what you said, isn’t it?) Here’s another one I found

    Of course, my fave bit in last week’s song o’ the week was that SMILE Kimura gave to Shingo at the end. Sigh! Shintaku 4-ever!

    Hope the following is not too long but I thought you might like the translation. As I said, you can always unsubscribe to the song o’ the week. E.

    This week’s inspirational anthem is taken from SMAP’s 2003 MIJ (Made in Japan) concert, which the concert was and presumably the guys were, too! (Made in Japan, that is). In the middle the guys cite contemporary Japanese who have made their country proud and end by vowing to also do their best. (Special thanks to Sarachan for translating the SMAP members statements – Arigatou, Sarachan!). Nihon Ganbare!


    Susume English Translation

    Night and day, we are
    Step by step to the future

    Today we are run down again
    And stumbling over something
    But we’re living even as we fall

    The tears flow
    Drenching our faces
    It’s not a cool way to live

    But I don’t want to be the sort of adult
    Who says
    The only way your dreams won’t be shattered
    Is to not dream at all

    Let’s go boys

    Today we’re going west and east
    Not letting the rain get us down
    Let’s walk

    Always north and south
    Not letting the wind get us down

    We’re muddled again today
    And stuck in deep
    Getting betrayed and getting hurt

    Blaming others
    And lying
    And getting really down everyday

    But I don’t want to be the sort of adult
    Who says
    The only way not have a broken heart
    Is not to love at all

    You go, girls

    Today we’re going west and east
    Not letting the rain get us down
    Let’s walk

    Always north and south
    Not letting the wind get us down

    There are stars in the sky
    So look up, see?
    Let’s walk

    Our dreams aren’t here
    So don’t stand still

    Today we’re going west and east
    Because we have
    Hope in our hearts

    Night and day, we are
    Step by step to the future

    Go forward
    Go forward
    To the dream
    You have chance

    Go forward
    Go forward

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I was LOLing my way through Born to Be Wild — I’ll just bet KimuTaku was really, really feeling it! Hahaha 😀

      But ohmygosh, Susume ~ loved it to bits. Not one of the SMAP tunes I’m all that familiar with, but it’s one of those tracks that hook you right from the intro bars. This really is the quintessential SMAP song: the uplifting lyrics (hey thanks for supplying the translation! ;-)) + the never-say-die Nihonjin spirit + and the playful vitality and crazysexycool quality that are only vintage SMAP.

      This concert video was also what effectively settled the long-raging issue inside me: I consider KimuTaku to be at his hottest and cutest from 2002-2004!!! 😀

    • gaijin mark Says:

      They have an oldies station here (Los Angeles) that I listen to sometimes when I’m driving around. The last two or three times they’ve played Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” that video has popped into my head.

  7. Ellen Says:

    Hey E.G.!

    Wah! You really know how to sum up a SMAP song. You said it all and so much better than I could – ha! There are SO many inspirational songs by the genius 5 but Susume is right up there with the best of them.

    Have to say, though he looks better than 99.9% of the 38 year olds I’ve seen, Kimura was defo at a peak around 2003-2004. But you know Kimura is always Kimura so we have to love him, even though it can sometimes be hard to accept our idols are aging (isn’t it enough that WE are??). Of course there’s always my bb, Shingo…

    Hope you are ready for more vintage Captian (I think you probably are!) because this week it’s SMAP to the Rescue!!

    Ok. We’re changing it up here at song o’ the week headquarters. This week we have a music video (PV or promotional video in Japan) and a dramatic one at that. Yes, the guys have gone all noir and gangsta’ like on us. So sit back and crank it up because here come SMAP looking WAY cool in their black suits and all.

    It’s SMAP. It’s Fly from the Birdman cd. Oh, and for those of you who are younger and more sensitive Goro-chan fans, please be advised that not a single hair on his head was hurt during the making of this video.

    If this is not enough SMAP drama for you you can also check out the complete video. It’s much longer and features lots of OTT acting from people who aren’t Kimura Takuya (who has more screen time and therefore looks WAY cool WAY longer). Also, it has subs.

    As always – enjoy!


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      “Oh, and for those of you who are younger and more sensitive Goro-chan fans, please be advised that not a single hair on his head was hurt during the making of this video.”

      Heehee! 🙂 Yeah I remember this PV, Ellen! Quite memorable because it was one music video that actually had a concept. And a pretty ambitious production, too. Like you said, very noir and gangsta and all that stuff. And the edgiest and raciest I’ve seen SMAP do. (Woohoo, Shingo in a 3-some with two gravurettes!!! Tsuyopon in a girlie club! ;-)) Reminded me of those Hong Kong Triad movies — but with Johnnies! lol 😛 Not too sure if it goes down among my faves, though. I mean, Goro suddenly breaking into song while getting himself beat-up by the evil joker-clown was just so WTF-random, hahaha. And the ending… um. To this day I still don’t get it. So they fly away, like… birds? That explains… the single feather left behind…? Um… why? lol 😀

      “features lots of OTT acting from people who aren’t Kimura Takuya” << Bwahahaha! The scene with the OTT gun-dealer was a LULZZ 😀 But I think Nakai was the cutest here. So cute as the chauffeur!!!

      Anyway, as much as I liked the concept and stuff, I'm not sure if that song was suited for the look and feel of the mini-movie. It was so… happy and bouncy, lol. Btw have you seen the MV of Jay Chou's In the Name of the Father? Same HK gangsta-noir concept, but the music was a better fit, IMO.

      But I did enjoy rewatching Fly, so thanks for the vid links! 😉

  8. Ellen Says:

    Hey E.G.

    Yeah, I had really mixed reviews from last week’s song and by that I mean 2 whole people objected to the violence(?!). I thought it was pretty obvious that the guys were just posing and trying to look uber cool. I mean, this is SMAP, were talking about! But it did make me want to see Nakai play a real badass.
    <<Goro suddenly breaking into song while getting himself beat-up by the evil joker-clown was just so WTF-random,

    See, I love how random that was. And, yeah, like a HK movie without the OTT bloodshed. Can't say I really care for Jay's MV, though I take your point. Jay's ambition often spells pretention for me and his "acting" (have not seen Green Hornet) still has it's "" firmly in place.

    Oh, and they're birdmen. So they can fly. As I said before, this is SMAP we're talking about so…

    Hope everyone can enjoy this week's song in any case.
    But before we get to that, I have an extra linkie for you (because you've been so good and all). I don't know about you but I think I may have to revise my opinion of Kimura's peak because this clip says 2009 on it and our Captain is looking WAY fine! I am so in love with this bit of video for many reasons and on many levels, all of which I'm sure you can correctly guess.

    The grass is green, the sky is blue and Nakai is wearing a cool hat… It must be song o' the week!
    Mixed reviews of last week's song had us at SOTW HQ baffled. Would a soft "boy" band ballad soothe the subscribers? Or maybe a video shot in a playground with peace and love and a subtle plug for Softbank as a theme would win back the punters. But then it came to us in the midnight hours, as it usually does, and it was – Freebird. The 2002 single reminds us here at HQ that spring might actually arrive sometime in the next 2 months (well, we're hoping anyway). Anyway, the video's pretty and the guys are pretty and Kimura is sporting a kurti so… enjoy!

    I couldn't find a translation that did not sound somewhat awkward but I did think bits of the lyrics were worth noting.

    Even if "that" wasn't there and "this" was I don't think I'd be satisfied
    Even if life was peaceful and tranquil, and pretty much predicted my future
    Sleepless nights and incidents that wounded my heart will continue
    No matter how many times I try to build my confidence, it won't stop
    Things which you love and things which are precious
    Line up like the colors of the rainbow
    Let's spend some time together so we won't forget
    Just like this sky

    You're fine as you are and I'm fine letting time flow by as I already do

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Lol, I didn’t find the violence in the Fly music video off-putting. Some people actually thought it excessive? 🙂

      Oh, speaking of Jay Chou and Green Hornet, I watched this movie last week — or tried to, I ended up hitting FFWD until I couldn’t take the boredom and predictability and I switched discs to Tron Legacy (bad idea too! hahaha). It was a bit painful seeing Jay Chou struggle with his English lines, although there were a number of scenes between his character and Seth Rogen’s that had great potential, esp. those that capitalized on their fuzzy bromance, haha. 🙂

      “The grass is green, the sky is blue and Nakai is wearing a cool hat… It must be song o’ the week!” << Hahaha! And so it is! ^^;; Oh I love Freebird, nice choice for SOTW! (I have to let you know I had to go look up what what a kurti was, lol) Nice PV too, although the version I’m more familiar with is the one with the laid-back ’70s vibe and shot with a some kind of grainy, slightly fuzzy lens. 🙂

      Re that bonus linky……………….. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I have no words. No wordsssss (Why you so hawt, Kimmy? WHYYYYYY T__T)

  9. Ellen Says:

    Hey E.G.,

    Ha! I remember when I saw Jay in Initial D and I wondered at first if his character was supposed to be slow witted because he was speaking so strangely. Then I thought, oh, it’s ’cause he’s speaking Cantonese. Then I realized that THAT was his idea of acting. Poor Jay. He is such a brilliant musician but it’s not enough for him.

    Glad you liked last week’s song. Love that KT flashes us. It’s just for a second but… I prefer this PV to the other one where they go on yet another working bakansu.

    I thought at first that that the gold bits on that wet suit KT was wearing were cut outs. Imagine! Or maybe not…

    I believe I have taken my obsession with SMAP to the next level. I am now all up in the SCS forum. It’s like a gold mine there. Remember when Muaki Osamu was on Bistro and they were talking about their pretend detective show? Well, it aint pretend anymore.

    Hot and cool at the same time! Why was Kimura never a cop before? I hope my more sensitive subscribers will forgive me for saying that he is too hot with a gun. And Nakai?? My fave badaass! Can’t wait!

    What do you think of the new single.? I didn’t like it until I watched smappiesubs version. Then I got all choked up. The ending credits for Shingo’s drama are also perfectly suited to it. I am watching the drama on keyhole. I get to see a very crappy transmission of which I can only at best understand 2 words for half an hour at 7am on Monday mornings and I’m lovin’ it. It’s very cute and charming and light and sunny.

    But… you’re probably thinking, that’s all very well, Ellen, but what about the song o’ the week??? Well, sit down and stand up and get ready for SHAKE!!! If this doesn’t wake you up in the morning then there really is no hope for you! Don’t know who is having more fun in this week’s song o’ the week – SMAP or the Lucky-sans (people whose ticket number was chosen and who therefore get to do a hippy happy shake with the guys). I only know that this clip from the 2008 Super Modern Artistic Peformance concert makes we at SOTW HQ sore from smiling way too much! Hareruya!!!


    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Oh hey I remember that clip from the 2008 S.M.A.P. con! “Lucky-sans”, huh? So that explains the fans milling on the moving platforms, hobnobbing with SMAP *is jealous!* Y___Y

      Haven’t listened to the newest SMAP single, unfortunately. I get my crack at LiveJournal and I haven’t been there in quite a while. Actually I’ve been away from LJ longer than I’ve been away from my WordPress blog *shame* Got a lot of stuff to catch up on, it seems… o__O

      “I remember when I saw Jay in Initial D and I wondered at first if his character was supposed to be slow witted because he was speaking so strangely. Then I thought, oh, it’s ’cause he’s speaking Cantonese. Then I realized that THAT was his idea of acting. Poor Jay. He is such a brilliant musician but it’s not enough for him.” << Hahahahahahaha!!!! This totally made me laugh!!! Poor Jay Chou! (not) 😀

  10. Peggy Says:

    Ellen and E.G.

    Many thanks for this page. I was feeling very ‘last century’ today and when I found this song of love to my darling Kimura and SMAP it was the tonic I needed. so THANK YOU!!!!!

    The shock? well the nurse at my doctor’s office had no clue when I mentioned the name of Sir Lawrence Olivier. He had similar medical problem which is why his name left my lips. Blank stare was reply and ‘Who is he’ Never mind….just the best Shakespearian actor of the 20th century. I really am past my sell by date.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Peggy, you’re more than welcome!!! I wouldn’t be in the SMAP fandom if it wasn’t for you. 😉 (By the way, a few nights ago I re-watched the Super Modern Artistic Performance 2008 on disc. Grinned like stupid all throughout. Good times!!!! hahaha :D)

      I thought everybody over the age of 25 knew Olivier. x__O These are indeed strange times we live in…

  11. Peggy Says:

    So OK I took a header right into my clothes closet today. thank goodness the doors were open. the shoe boxes were a little softer.
    No damage just untidy boxes and a few bruises. Was trying to save the glass of water I was holding, instead of me. So now I just went through this page to revive myself. I just wish people would stop saying I look so good ‘for my age’ It makes me feel so old. At least this thread makes me feel good all over again. thanks E.G and Ellen
    amd SMAP…..:-)

    Please consider this a rap E.G.
    You don’t really know what you do for me
    Just listening to him makes the day so fine
    A champagne sparkle or nice old wine
    So good.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Peggy!!! I do hope you are feeling much better now!

      (You seem to have recovered quickly enough to write that lovely rap though! hahaha :D) Again I bow before your poetic flair. Bravo! 😉 “champagne sparkle or nice old wine” -> I love this!!! I guess it depends on the role he plays, ne? Teppei in LoveGen and Sena in Long Vacation – def. the sparkle! While Keita in Change or Manpyo Teppei in Karei -> def. the wine, eh? IMO Pride, Good Luck and Engine would rate a good solid, celebratory beer right after a hockey game/transatlantic flight/race 😀 Hero would be… I dunno, chocolate milk? LOL. And Sora Kara… dayyum, that would probably be a giant shot of tequila, lol =P

      (Peggy there’s got to be an easier way to connect online. Are you on Facebook? Care to link up? jicks and gaijinmark and ralph are there too :-))

  12. Peggy Says:

    Ellen, I’m a tough old bird so I’m fine. It was first thing in the a.m so did not dwell on a glass of wine..had my usual Irish breakfast tea, good and dark. PS Did not spill more than a drop out of the glass and was still holding it when I landed. Really warp speed…..
    I am no facebook or Twitter person. I do not even use a cell phone. hate phones. Actually I am so involved with d./l historicals that I don’t have enough time to add the latest electronic bonds. I do miss you now and then and think ‘where can I find her at the right place’ but I usually do find you and it is sunshine for the day. Right now I have just finished the 1998 version of Takeda Shingen. If I could only find the right ‘burn a disc’ instructions on this wretched Windows 7. I know it’s there somewhere. Also have the Kimura short version of ‘Nobunaga ‘. think it was prior to 2000. Also d.l the very early ‘Nobunaga’ from 1992 (I think that’s was the year) Can’t find subs for the Kimura one but have great subs for the other two. Must say the Japanese had a wonderful way with samurai genre in historicals. Great Acting then as well.
    You hit the right dramas for the rap. I agree that Hero would be chocolate milk.. Really that made me laugh since I was not truly smitten with that outing. I think the only ones who really ‘get’ Kimura have watched him since he was growing into his skin. He was always brave and trying to stretch his acting chops. Did not always work.
    I am looking forward to him and the dogs in the next drama. Sad story but true so has a chance of being a solid drama.

    Much as I love you and admire Gage I think I will refrain from the pagebook waters. Peg 🙂

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      Awww, no Facebook, Peggy? :-/ I have a Twitter but never use it. Facebook is actually quite useful when you wish to re-connect with old friends and family living abroad. But no matter, I’ll try to check the comments of my blog more assiduously from now on. Do let me know if you ever change your mind about that Facebook thing, though. 😉

      The Kimura Nobunaga was from 1998, methinks 😉

      Heh heh, I do remember you saying that Hero isn’t your favorite Kimura drama xD Oh, and I heard the first episode of Nankyoku got a 22+% rating. Pretty strong start, huh? 🙂

      In the meantime I’m watching the BBC upstairs-downstairs series Downton Abbey. Have you seen it? Absolutely loving this show. (What is it with you Brits? lol) It’s from the writer of Gosford Park and the story is set in the Edwardian era. I know you love period pieces (well, Japanese period pieces, lol) so there’s a chance you’ll like this one too. 😀

  13. Peggy Says:

    Yes to Downton Abbey. They do well with that genre don’t they. Did you ever see Upstairs Downstairs. I think that really made those kinds of stories really get going. It was totally based on real incidents. Hurrah for the British ‘Upper class’ It still goes on so also hurrah for genuine family breeding??? Maybe. All interesting of course.The weekends in the country houses were so genteel…A little hunting and shooting and indoor games after dinner.
    There was talk of a carry on series but I rather fancy that fell part?Right now I try to fathom the one about the ‘Doctor’ living way down in the south coast and hating blood when he sees it. Must say I find it so difficult to understand the English accent after all these years in US plus I watch so much Asian that the faces don’t look quite right to me these days.. It is a little weird…. Then when I talk to doctors etc they all say ‘what part of England do you come from’…It’s been ‘sixty glorious years’ for heavens sake..just like Queen Victoria. There was a film made with that title many years ago. Anna Neagle played the role. Pretty good at the time and with the permission of the Royal family. Later on they did one called ‘Mrs Brown’ I think. Nearer to the truth probably. Judy Dench played her this time and a famous Scots comedian played Mr. Brown the Scottish gamekeeper I think.
    I did not see it but I believe it would be worth searching out. Judy is so great. Used to play Shakespeare on stage in London. Was Juliet and then moved on up to lady Macbeth as she got older.Lovely actress. I have heard other actors talk about her Juliet.
    Well, babbled on enough I think. Peg.

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I have Upstairs Downstairs on disc but didn’t feel like watching it yet. I’m still very much in a Downton frame of mind and don’t wish to change gears just yet. 🙂 But I’m a sucker for those Regency/Victorian period pieces on BBC and ITV, like North & South and the bajillion Austen adaptations. Also a big fan of BBC’s contemporary retelling of Sherlock Holmes which zooey highly recced (which is why I watched it; Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, FTW!).

      I haven’t seen Mrs Brown although I know that Judi Dench got an Oscar nom for her role. (Have only seen The Young Victoria lol) Judi was a terrific Mrs Fairfax in this year’s Jane Eyre (the one with Michael Fassbender playing Rochester, swoooon. been telling jicks how he’s my current Hollywood crack ^^;;). Judi’s a fantastic actress, her and Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith and Vanessa Redgrave. Would’ve been nice to watch their younger selves attack Shakespeare onstage. 😉

  14. Peggy Says:

    E.G. If you get a chance try to find an old Liz Taylor/Richard Burton film called (I think) ‘TheV.I.Ps” I will check the title and let you know if it is different. The reason is to see a young Maggie Smith playing a devoted assistant to Burton. It’s a good film and their parts are so great to watch. Really star cast with several stories to follow.
    Not a Vanessa Redgrave fan but Helen Mirren is such a wonderful actress. Very British without going over the top.

  15. Peggy Says:

    Oh well…My brain has cleared after thinking about this film. I will try to clear it up for you. In the first place it was not regarded with great pleasure by the critics. I loved it and I think there was a good audience for this film. Where else would you find the Burtons, Margaret Rutherford, Maggie Smith, Rod Taylor(great in 1963 at least) and Peter Sallis, a wonderful English actor. Not to mention Orson Welles and Sir David Frost. A veritable ‘Ed.Sullivan Variety Show.’
    Maggoe Smith was secretary to Rod Taylor who was going broke in his business. She pleaded with tycoon Richard Burton to write a monstrous checque to bail out her beloved boss. The other back stories were all compelling and/or amusing and made sense. They were all stranded at a London airport in fog and thus the tale was told. It was the acting that made the interest not the drama of the basic story.

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