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News Nibbly: Idols Jin and Meisa Tie the Knot Before You Can Say “Dekichatta Kekkon”

February 14, 2012

Jin Takes Meisa for a Test Drive, and Guess Who Calls ‘Shotgun!’

by Ender’s Girl

Last February 2nd, at the Akanishi-Kuroki Nuptials…

(Just kidding!)

So news is out that Akanishi Jin, who by the look of things spent the better part of his adult life taking his, uh, WildOatsMobile for more Test Drives than he can probably remember, is now a Married Man – and maybe a Dad-to-Be as well, with brand-new wifey Kuroki Meisa rumored to be a couple of months impregnito (lol). Shocker, I know. (While Meisa’s condition isn’t official (yet), her abrupt cancelation of all media and event appearances a few days before the Feb. 15 launch of her new album has kept the grapevine buzzing and those raised eyebrows, well, raised.)

Jin’s vows, after the jump!


The Little Dorama Girl – 2nd Anniversary Post: Once Upon a Johnny

November 3, 2011

The Terrible Twos

The Little Dorama Girl turned two a few days ago (um, yay), although I know that things have been a little quiet on the bloggy front the past year. To be honest I haven’t had much progress with my drama To-Watch and review To-Write lists due to (what else?) Real Life obligations. But I hope that my 22 regular readers (down 2 from 24, ohnoes!) find themselves in a forgiving mood as they read this. THANK YOU for continuing to patronize my daft fangirly drivel, really I mean it. I don’t know if you notice, but I totally feel yer lurrve each time you drop me a line! Your comments brighten up my day, and that’s a fact. =D (And – dammit lurkers, STOP HIDING IN KAMENASHI’S CLOSET! lol)

Graphics by jicks (sankyou jicks! words are not enough!!! gahahaha xD)

So I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve cooked up for my Second Anniversary Offering. Then again, maybe you’ll read this and curse the day you chanced upon my site, hahaha. But it’s Johnnies who got me blogging, and by gum, it’s Johnnies who’ll KEEP me going. I owe their skinny, tinsel-clad heinies more than most people give them credit for, so this post is for them – and for you, if you can, uh, keep an open mind while reading. This is something I’ve never tried before, but DAYYUM I HAD FUN WRITING IT SO THERE!!!

xoxo Ender’s Girl

*cue fairytale-y music*

Hello, I’m Ender’s Girl. For centuries, storytellers have spun their tales of magic and enchantment for the young at heart. There’s something about fairy tales that feels so familiar and universal, regardless of culture or clime. Some of these tales are funny, some are scary, and some romantic. But whatever the setting, these classic stories never fail to enthrall and entertain us – whether in their original form, or as modern-day retellings given a feminist  twist, like Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber,” or a satirical spin, like  James Finn Garner’s “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.”

I’ve taken the liberty of adding my own voice to the growing potpourri of contemporary fairy tale adaptations. So sit back and relax, and enjoy my collection of familiar stories – like you’ve never known them before:

A poor aspiring performer learns that with patience, hard work and a little magic, musical dreams really do come true, in “Jinderella.” A wooden puppet who yearns to be a real boy sets out on the journey of his life, in “YamaPinocchio.” And a beautiful kabuki princess fleeing great danger crosses paths with five multi-talented, chain-smoking miners who may just change her life forever, in “Matsu and the Five SMAPs.”

Enter my Never Never Land. After the jump!

Vid Clip: Cry for the Smile (SMAP)

March 23, 2011

“Coz everybody know(s) that spring will come…”

Vintage SMAP…

…and their message for the Tohoku disaster victims:

What things can we do right now.
Let’s all do what we can now.
Whether that’s donating or turning off your electric switches.
Actions like that contribute even just the tiniest bit to the hope of tomorrow.
We can put all of our efforts together.
We can bring our hearts together.
Let’s do it everyone!!!

Source: Tokyohive

Paper Cranes for Japan

March 21, 2011

It’s a small gesture, but…

When I heard about the Paper Cranes for Japan project, I wanted to take part and do something — anything — that would express my solidarity with the quake and tsunami victims. Although work left me with little downtime for most of last week (which is also why I haven’t been posting new stuff lately… gomen and miane to my 20-odd regular readers, sankyou for sticking it out with delinquent old E.G., lol), Saturday evening finally found me with some paper and a pair of scissors in hand, surfing Youtube for a DIY origami video.  Since my artist-designer sister wasn’t around to make the tsuru for me, I decided to give it a shot (my first ever). And it actually wasn’t half as hard as it looked. Took a few shots of the crane on two sheets of blue craft paper which I had spread on our dining table, and voila — finished product above.

I racked my brains for an inspiring message to accompany my little paper tsuru on its maiden goodwill flight (a haiku? a verse? kana characters lifted from Babelfish?), but in the end a simple word of encouragement felt best.

I had also wished to send this photo for inclusion in the Waratte, Nippon! video project, but I missed the deadline last Saturday by a few hours. So I’m posting it here instead. I know the crisis in Japan is far from over, but for whatever it’s worth… Ganbatte, Japan!

(Make your tsuru and share it, too!)

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Just a Few Words

March 13, 2011

3/11/2011, 2:46 pm

As Japan reels from the massive earthquake and tsunami that — in more ways than one — have shaken the entire nation to its core, and as the people of Nihon continue to brace for a potential nuclear disaster, this blog joins the many voices across cyberspace and all over the world in extending sympathies to everyone who has lost loved ones, livelihood and property to this inconceivable tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers go with them, even as we all continue to hope that the worst is already over.

– Lessandra

How to help


Picspam: Miura Haruma Calendar 2011

January 7, 2011

A Miura a Day Keeps the Johnnies Away

by Ender’s Girl

Since jicks and zooey started the ball rolling with their New Year posts, let me chime in and wish everyone a happy 2011!

And for dyed-in-the-wool fans of Miura Haruma, there’s no better inspiration for the 365 days ahead than this guy’s charming little desk calendar. I found the scans of the calendar via Miura’s LJ comm, but good thing Nikki of was able to post the raw photos on her site. (Thanks to jicks for nudging me in the right direction.)

My second reaction to the calendar (the first being, “Aaaaaaaaaaaa”) was that whoever conceptualized the photo shoot was a frickin’ genius by capitalizing on Miura’s boy-next-door image – the same image that has consistently fueled his mass appeal over the years. Here he’s shown to be just a regular guy — your Everyboy if you will: fresh, playful, parent-friendly and wholly accessible.

The stats don’t lie, either: in 49 out of  the 72 photos (or a whopping 68%) Miura is seen doing regular, everyday stuff at home, be it eating/drinking/cooking (11 shots), doing his chores (4), doodling/writing (2), or just chilling (24). In a brilliant marketing ploy, the calendar is also quick to remind us — through the 5 bedroom/couch shots and the 3 bathroom photos — of Miura’s very subtle brand of sexuality. In other words, he can be hot — but never horny. (Are you taking notes, Kamenashi?) Nothing overt, just suggestive enough of… well, the possibilities. But no worries, for the boy doesn’t bite. (At least, not yet.)

So I tampered tinkered with my favorite calendar shots (see example above). A word of caution: some of the graphics that I worked into the photos are a tad cheesy, while a few others are downright creepy. (And Imma say sorry in advance to jicks for dragging her name into a couple of the creepy ones, lol.) My corny graphics notwithstanding, you gotta admit — the boy is fine.

MOAR Miura after the jump!

The Night Before Christmas (starring Johnny Kitagawa)

December 24, 2010

I promise, this is the last of my holiday rhymes. For this year. I meant, the last for this year. Heh heh heh. Or should I say, Ho Ho Ho. Without further ado:

by Ender’s Girl

(Yes, the dude in the Santa suit is Johnny K. As if you didn’t know me by now. Enter my Rhymeland now!!!)