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13 Comments on “Index”

  1. ditdut Says:

    Oooh, can I do a request?? I watched this super old Jdramas when I was in like 1st grade. It’s called Anything For You (君のためにできること). If by any chance you’ve seen it, can I interest you in reviewing it??

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      I haven’t seen Anything for You. I just looked it up (wow, 1992, huh), and the only familiar name I saw on the cast was Otsuka Nene, lol. I don’t even know if this is subbed. But if I ever come across the drama I’ll try to give it a look. 🙂

  2. v Says:

    hey… i’m not sure this is a request thread.. actually, i’m pretty sure it isnt.. but i would be interested in you covering nodame cantabile.. just because i loved it. and kurosagi to know if you hated it or loved it or if it was meh for you. and um, actually, there are plenty of dramas that i would like to request (i think i’ve watched close to 150 jdramas alone, not counting kdramas or tw dramas) so the end of the story is that… forget my requests. you would die if you didnt. just post anything and im sure i’ll like it anyways. yeah, i pretty think as i speak. or write in this case

    • Ender's Girl Says:

      requests and suggestions are always welcome. 😉 i enjoyed nodame (didn’t like it at first, then it just grew on me) and i’m really fond of the characters, but i don’t love it (or hate it) enough to want to write about it. as for kurosagi, i don’t plan to review it in great detail, but hellyeah i’m including it in my yamapi dorama roundup. besides, it’s too… interesting a drama (heh heh) to not write about, anyway. XD

      • v Says:

        sorry for the double post… i replied in the wrong place.. so yeah, i’m looking forward to your review of kurosagi… should be interesting and funny… btw, i know this drama is not out yet but would you consider doing tsuki no koibito once it’s finished… i don’t know how good it’s gonna be but i’m still freaking out about it. i mean, it has kimutaku AND shino ryoko (i loved her in anego!). and i think but i’m not sure, also matsuda shota (meh), kitagawa keiko (meh), hamada gaku (that guy is hilarious) and other pple too that i forgot. haha. that’s just me to request smth that’s not out yet. sorry.

        • Ender's Girl Says:

          Well, I’ll just bet all the J-Ent blogs will be buzzing with reviews, recaps and first impressions once Tsuki no Koibito comes out, and I’m looking forward to joining the fray. I love reading other people’s reactions, so the more the merrier! 😀 But my reviews come a season or two late because I wait for a series to be completely subbed before watching it. So I’ll be more like a straggler than one who’s actually in the thick of the action, lol @__@

          • v Says:

            yeah.. i know what you mean. I am kinda of a straggler for most dramas too. when i’m not, it’s painful (literally) waiting from week to week and going crazy. like with k-drama you’re beautiful, my life was completely messed up (in a really really bad way with really bad consequences) because i was watching it live. and right now, i’m following 4 k-drama live (oh my lady, prosecutor princess, cinderella sister, personal taste) and 2 tw-drama live while watching past jdramas so i’m literally crumbling. lol. and me too! i love reading reviews. (what do you think i’m doing on your blog? lol)

          • Ender's Girl Says:

            Wow, that’s a lot of dramas to fill up a week! 😀 I’m also interested in watching Prosecutor Princess (for Park Shi-hoo! and the evil chick from All About Eve. man she rocked!), Personal Taste (because I’ve always liked Son Ye-jin and I want to compare her performance to Ayase’s from Hotaru no Hikari), and probably Cinderella’s Unni (for CJM). Ahhhh so many dramas to watch and so little time to watch them… @_____@ (why does the real world have to get in the way? lol)

  3. v Says:

    haha… great! looking forward to it!

    • v Says:

      hihi.. yeah you’re right.. KT was never about vocals… it’s about.. what again? kame TRYING to act sexy? lol. i guess KT is just KT, w/ everything that goes with it. anyways, prosecutor princess is so underrated in my opinion. it might not be the best drama of the yr but still, PSH is hot in it, even as a stalker. and ur right, KSY rocks! she’s hilarious and so pretty as ma hye ri. it’s a 180 degree turn from her kick-ass role in IRIS and evil step-sister in All about Eve. i watch personal taste for both lee min ho and son ye jin. i never thought to compare ayase’s role in hotaru no hikari with her role as gae-in but ur right (again. lol), they are similar. i think i’m leaning a bit more for ayase altho it’s a close toss up for me. I’m not in love w/ Personal taste but it’s growing on me. and cinderella’s sister is really good. I watched it at first just because everyone liked it but the acting is really good in it. CJM is yummy but his character is starting to irritate me a bit. anyways, right now, prosecutor is on the top for me. and I’ve just finished Hero w/ Kimura Takuya! i can’t believe ive delayed until now. that drama rocks!

      • Ender's Girl Says:

        The way you described the 3 new Kdramas made me want to watch them all the more! 🙂 (lol @ CJM = yummy. I don’t crush on him the way you do, but the man sure can act. I mean — Fashion ’70s and Goodbye Solo, hello! ;-))

        Yay, you watched Hero! Team Josai 4vr!!! XDDDD (I’ll bet you can’t get “Can you keep a seeee-crehhht” outta your head these days, lol. Um, I hope you watched ALL the way till after the end credits? ‘Coz my best friend was about to turn her TV off in frustration and I had to scream at her that she ought to keep watching till the very end, lol.)

        • v Says:

          sure.. let me know what you think of them when you finally do watch them.. It’s kinda weird since for the first time since a long time (actually i cant remember when that last happened and ive been in the k-zone for long), 3 dramas airing at the same time are arguably equally appealing. i know a lot of people who watch all 3 at the same time. usually, im only interested in one drama per time slot. anyways, it’s so interesting when you look around and see pple arguing which drama is better. cinderella sister’s is quality-wise arguably the best and does draw higher ratings and perhaps more fans. some pple call it too angsty. prosecutor princess has less fans (because of its ratings and premise, many people choose to not watch it, or watch it later in its airing) but those who do watch it usually LOVE it and it’s my personal fav altho it’s a close call among the 3. the good thing is the cheerful acting and PSH hotness but some find it too much like legally blonde (huh?) and do not like PSH stalkerish character. plus, all the speculations about the mystery is driving pple nuts. and it has never been less clear who the lead male is. pple are still undecided about that. and personal taste has its own charms too and grows on you, especially in the later chapters and also draws strong devotion from its fans (like dramabeans, kdramaguk, etc.).
          ooopss. i wrote more than I planned. the end story is it’d be fun to know which one u like.

          and yeah, Josai 4vr! and ur right, i do have “can you keep a secret” ringing in my head. how did you know? lol. um, didnt watch all the way. will go check it now. thx for the tip. but i stil say Halu is kimu’s hottest role thus far. ok, ill stop rambling now.

        • v Says:

          oh.. and to clarify.. I don’t crush on CJM.. i do find him cute in the drama and he is charismatic but not my particular style.. but I do concede that he has his charms and he does affect me as a girl. and i like him as an actor. but speaking of crushes, i still have way too many to count. and not all of them are for obvious reasons

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