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Kimura Takuya – 38th Birthday Post

November 15, 2010


by Ender’s Girl

Yes I know, I’m putting this out two days late. That’s what happens when you spend Nov. 13th in bed, nursing a bad cold and finishing your Love Generation marathon. (Why LoveGen? After reviewing the abomination that was Tsuki no Koibito, I was in desperate need of some Kimu+Matsu Teppei+Riko Therapy, ASAP. Ggngngngng. *gnaws on glass apple*)

So, here’s my crudely Photoshopped commemoration of the Dorama King’s 38th year. (Ehh? What’s that you say, KimuTaku??? You want “another birthday poem” you say??? Sorry buddy, but no more silly rhymes until you get your act together! No silly rhymes for you this year!!! *pounds gavel*)

And yes I know, I totally pilfered the idea from Lance Armstrong’s controversial June 2010 Outside Magazine cover. But it was too good a chance to pass up, so… whatevs. Besides, Photoshopped or not, the text on the shirt suits the whole attitude that Kimura has going, they way he’s looking straight at the lens and not giving a sh*t over the “aging pop star” tag he’s been getting a lot lately from detractors — sometimes even from me. I know I love to carp on how Kimura hasn’t been aging well, blahblah, so I guess the shirt’s message is for me, too. Haha.

Otanjoubi omedetou, Captain.

Domo arigatou to sylssim for posting the AnAn scans (04.01.2010) on her LiveJournal. Much appreciated!

I’m publishing this post using an HP laptop, and ohmygoodness I had no idea how completely cack-handed my Photoshopping looks. A first-grader could PWN this. No —  first he’d kick me in the shin and laugh at me, and then PWN this. When I did the graphics earlier using a MacBook, my brush marks didn’t seem *that* heinously clumsy after I tried to erase the original text on the magazine cover, and I *swear* I thought I had done a passable job, but now — eeep! *wears the Cone of Shame* Oh well. *shrugs* B.F.D. Hah hah hah.


To Kamenashi on His 24th Year

February 23, 2010


(How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways…)

To KimuTaku on His 37th Year

November 13, 2009

“I have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum…
Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum,
On my drum…”

– E.G., The Little Dorama Girl

(Netizens: “Nuoooooooo!!!!!!”)

(Ha! Too late.)


[Disclaimer: I stopped writing poetry when I was twelve, and it’s (painfully) obvious from reading this that I’ve picked up EXACTLY where I left off… hahahahaha]

O, KimuTaku, you’re cooler than cool!
Over my heart’s domain, uncontested you rule.
You’re the lone cherry blossom floating in my cesspool!
My Chrysanthemum Throne is your humble footstool.

Each second my heart burns up one kilojoule,
And your voice alone triggers a Pavlovian drool!
In the day I’m reduced to a gibbering fool…
Nights find me restless, a wandering ghoul.

(Toadstool! Whirlpool!)
How I wish I could download you on eMule…


I know that I’m just being obtuse,
But when I don’t see you, I get the blues…
So I try to drown all my emptiness in booze,
Till I turn five different shades of chartreuse!

But babe, you’ve left my Engine running loose!
Only you light my fire, and ignite my fuse.
My pulse keeps racing like a mad mongoose!
Your smile alone can derail my… caboose.

(Netizens: “We’re not amused! Report abuse!”)
So to go any further, I must sadly refuse.

(Oh don’t stop, E.G.! Do continue, E.G.!) Oh, all right… Click to read MOAR!!! MOAR bad birthday poetry! MOAR!!!