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News Nibbly: Idols Jin and Meisa Tie the Knot Before You Can Say “Dekichatta Kekkon”

February 14, 2012

Jin Takes Meisa for a Test Drive, and Guess Who Calls ‘Shotgun!’

by Ender’s Girl

Last February 2nd, at the Akanishi-Kuroki Nuptials…

(Just kidding!)

So news is out that Akanishi Jin, who by the look of things spent the better part of his adult life taking his, uh, WildOatsMobile for more Test Drives than he can probably remember, is now a Married Man – and maybe a Dad-to-Be as well, with brand-new wifey Kuroki Meisa rumored to be a couple of months impregnito (lol). Shocker, I know. (While Meisa’s condition isn’t official (yet), her abrupt cancelation of all media and event appearances a few days before the Feb. 15 launch of her new album has kept the grapevine buzzing and those raised eyebrows, well, raised.)

Jin’s vows, after the jump!


The Little Dorama Girl – 2nd Anniversary Post: Once Upon a Johnny

November 3, 2011

The Terrible Twos

The Little Dorama Girl turned two a few days ago (um, yay), although I know that things have been a little quiet on the bloggy front the past year. To be honest I haven’t had much progress with my drama To-Watch and review To-Write lists due to (what else?) Real Life obligations. But I hope that my 22 regular readers (down 2 from 24, ohnoes!) find themselves in a forgiving mood as they read this. THANK YOU for continuing to patronize my daft fangirly drivel, really I mean it. I don’t know if you notice, but I totally feel yer lurrve each time you drop me a line! Your comments brighten up my day, and that’s a fact. =D (And – dammit lurkers, STOP HIDING IN KAMENASHI’S CLOSET! lol)

Graphics by jicks (sankyou jicks! words are not enough!!! gahahaha xD)

So I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve cooked up for my Second Anniversary Offering. Then again, maybe you’ll read this and curse the day you chanced upon my site, hahaha. But it’s Johnnies who got me blogging, and by gum, it’s Johnnies who’ll KEEP me going. I owe their skinny, tinsel-clad heinies more than most people give them credit for, so this post is for them – and for you, if you can, uh, keep an open mind while reading. This is something I’ve never tried before, but DAYYUM I HAD FUN WRITING IT SO THERE!!!

xoxo Ender’s Girl

*cue fairytale-y music*

Hello, I’m Ender’s Girl. For centuries, storytellers have spun their tales of magic and enchantment for the young at heart. There’s something about fairy tales that feels so familiar and universal, regardless of culture or clime. Some of these tales are funny, some are scary, and some romantic. But whatever the setting, these classic stories never fail to enthrall and entertain us – whether in their original form, or as modern-day retellings given a feminist  twist, like Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber,” or a satirical spin, like  James Finn Garner’s “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.”

I’ve taken the liberty of adding my own voice to the growing potpourri of contemporary fairy tale adaptations. So sit back and relax, and enjoy my collection of familiar stories – like you’ve never known them before:

A poor aspiring performer learns that with patience, hard work and a little magic, musical dreams really do come true, in “Jinderella.” A wooden puppet who yearns to be a real boy sets out on the journey of his life, in “YamaPinocchio.” And a beautiful kabuki princess fleeing great danger crosses paths with five multi-talented, chain-smoking miners who may just change her life forever, in “Matsu and the Five SMAPs.”

Enter my Never Never Land. After the jump!

The Little Dorama Girl – Wish List 2010

December 21, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

E.G.’s Christmas Wish List, 2010 Edition

by Ender’s Girl

Ho ho ho, everyone! *sprinkles Johnny dust all around*

Season’s greetings (and then some) from The Little Dorama Girl!

Oh… you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I’m making my list, and checking it twice
Don’t need to ask around who’s been naughty, who’s been nice

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I know who was misbehavin’
I know whose noses are fake
I know who’s acting is bad or good
(But still keep on for Johnny’s sake, tsk, tsk)

So… they better watch out
They better not cry
They better not pout (unless they’re Jin)
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

What does E.G. wish for her favorite J- & K-stars in 2011? Click to read MOAR!!! MOAR!!!

Vid Clips: Ashita no Joe; Crying Fist; One-Pound Gospel

August 20, 2010

Boxer… Shorts

by Ender’s Girl

Where I’m from, boxing is the unofficial state religion — and we’re a nation that’s 93% Christian, haha. Boxing is bigger than the Pope, karaoke, and malling combined. In fact it’s almost as big as… basketball, lol. On any given Manny Pacquiao fight morning (or fight night in Vegas, where his bouts are usually held), the entire country grinds to a complete standstill just to witness Pacman pummel the living daylights out of whoever is with him in the ring that day — de la Hoya, Clottey, Hatton, Marquez, Morales.

Televised boxing matches were an inevitable fixture in my home life growing up — although I must admit to always feeling repulsed by the raw physicality and Parkinson’s-inducing brutality that characterized the sport, and that always caused the combatants — whether loser or victor — to emerge from a fight looking like something on display at your friendly neighborhood meat house. But boxing movies — the Rockies, Cinderella Man, etc. —  hold a strange appeal for me because they’re usually premised on underdog stories, boxing after all being a true working-class sport birthed in the slums and back alleys of the given hero’s city of origin. And because boxing is such a personal, face-to-face, mano-a-mano engagement where the world is reduced to two people trying to pound each other into a pulp within a tiny enclosure, while the crowds roar their names and scream for their blood.

So here are three short clips of boxing-themed productions (two films and a drama) starring… let’s see… two of Korea’s most admired actors, and… two Johnnies from Japan, hahaha.

Click to view the vids!

Random Fandom: SMAP and KaT-TUN, Mori and Jin

August 5, 2010

To the Faithless Departed
(Because Johnny-san Hates! Members! Who! Leave! Him!!!)

by Ender’s Girl

Johnny & Jin in happier days

Something funny happened at the KaT-TUN concert in Tokyo Dome.

(Yes I know you’re sick of KAT-TUN, lol. Don’t worry, this isn’t about them. Er, technically.)

Don’t Shoot the Messengers?

Last July 25th, Johnny Kitagawa sent Akanishi Jin a message. — In a bottle, you say??? No!!! — In a — Johnny!!! Actually — No!!! — In a pair of Johnnies, to be exact! Tokyohive reports that during the July 25th MC portion of KaT-TUN’s World Big 2010 Tour (WTF World Big????? hahahahaha), the topic turned to TV dramas that members had co-starred in. And Kamenashi Kazuya, ever Johnny’s loyal hatchet man-thing, pointedly asked Taguchi Junnosuke if he had ever done a drama with another member before, to which Junno (aka The Member Least Likely to Act Like an Ass — Until Now) replied that no he had not, (conveniently) forgetting that he had actually done not one, but two dramas with newly minted ex-member Akanishi Jin. (Yukan Club in 2007 and Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru in 2001.)

Junno’s loaded denial sparked off a wave of indignation among Jin fans and prompted heated reactions that Kame and Junno’s snarky exchange was tantamount to “mistreatment” of the former KaT-TUN idol. (Snarky yes, but… mistreatment? LAWL riiiight. What is Jin, a 4-year-old child locked away under the stairs?) Both camps (Jin vs. KaT-TUN) have since exchanged accusations and sundry excuses, all swinging from the “keep blinking real hard until you get the logic behind them” headscratch-worthy variety, to the downright LOLWHATesque — like, Technically Jin isn’t part of the band no mo’, so Junno wasn’t obliged to mention him!!! Or — maybe Junno simply forgot!!! He forgot that he did those two dramas with Jin, amongst the — um, oodles of dramas he’s done it’s so hard keeping track of ‘em all!!!

Click to read MOAR!!! MOAR!!!

Graphics: Anatomy of a J-Pop Breakup (Akanishi Jin & KaT-TUN)

July 22, 2010

MemberJin Is Dead, Long Live SoloJin!!!

by Ender’s Girl

Within days of Johnny Kitagawa’s big announcement that Akanishi Jin will leave KAT-TUN to focus on his, um, solo career in um, Eeemrricaa (copyright jicks, lol), Jin confirmed his sudden exit in a statement posted on the official JE mobile site. So I guess it’s final, then.

I actually have no strong opinion on this matter, as I was never really a Jin fan outside his adorrrrkable role as Kurosawa in Anego. So one little part of me says “Good luck, Jin!” (to borrow from Mission: Impossible), while another part says, “This U.S. career will self-destruct in 5 months.” *KA-BOOM* — (to, uh, also borrow from Mission: Impossible, haha). I only hope the boy knows what he’s getting into, for as we know too well, many a bright-eyed Asian pop sensation (more talented and popular than Jin himself, or KAT-TUN for that matter) has tried to break into the Western market, and — well, failed. (Exhibit A: Bi)

It will obviously take more than Engrish English proficiency to successfully carve out one’s niche in the U.S. market, much less launch any kind of career there. This isn’t just about knowing how to say “Please pass the salad, thank you very much” with an American twang, or even about making “appearances” in the L.A. club scene with hopes of getting noticed by shady gay benefactors talent scouts and record company execs. Jin will need the right representation and choice of projects, a whole lotta talent, and a whole lotta luck too — which translates to “being in the right place at the right time.” And um, did I also say, a whole lotta talent? Lulz. Anyway, everything is still up in the air, so who knows, right? *shrugs* Besides, at this point only one thing is certain: IF and when Jin’s American Dreamz only end up exploding into a red and black haze of Johnny pixie dust, there won’t be any Plan B (= KAT-TUN) waiting back home like there was in 2007. For the times, they are a-changing… So Bakanishi wants to do America? Well, it’s do or die, Jinny boy.

But I know that somewhere out there, as you read this very word, a KAT-TUN fangirl’s little heart is breaking in two. So here’s a bunch of graphics that I tinkered with last night until this mornin’, me is slow with Photoshop, sees to bring a little cheer during these dark days… or not, lol. These graphics go out to jicks and to all the Jin fans out there — whether you think his escape exit from the group that he’s been with since boyhood is a wise career move, or the dumbest thing a J-Pop Idoru can ever do.


(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

Click to see MOAR graphics!!! MOAR MOAR!!!

Dorama Roundup: Kamenashi Kazuya (2005-2010)

July 18, 2010

The Kurious Kase of Kamenashi Kazuya

by Ender’s Girl


This is the second installment in my Dorama Roundup series (the first being Kimura Dorama, in a Nutshell).

But first: for the love of Pete, E.G., why Kamenashi Kazuya??? Heh. Anyone who’s read my blog and hasn’t run away screaming, lol would know the answer to this question. But if it’s your first time here, let’s just say that he’s one of the J-Idols I’ve been… following. Shamelessly. It’s hard to explain, what he and I have. It’s as if there are two antipodal sides to him: one that sickens me unceasingly, and the other side that turns my heart, brain, and random internal organs into one messy fangirly gloop. My best friend once casually remarked to me: “You and Kame have a very… twisted relationship.” LOLLL guilty as charged.


Interestingly enough, Kame has always had a more polarizing effect on Jdorama fans than your average J-Idol — and not just between or among the fans, but even within them (Exhibit A: me! me!). I attribute this effect to the undeniable dichotomy in his persona, and how disconnected these two facets are: Kame the J-Pop Idoru vs. Kame the Actor. Kame the J-Pop Idoru I find extremely repulsive, and I continue to wish (against hope) that he’d ditch that fake punk-rock-star poseur image, that he’d quit wallowing in that miasma of exhibitionism and indeterminate sexuality, that he’d stop, just stop doing that weird sh*t on-stage — like, uh, singing (lol), and acting like an oversexed pole dancer with his AT-TUN homies. (I know, I know, it ain’t gonna happen. But still.)

But – but – we don’t WANTSSS Kame the J-Pop Idoru, E.G.!!! We wantsss Kame the Actor!!! Gives us MOAR!!! MOAR!!!