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Vid Clips: Nobuta wo Produce / Seishun Amigo (Shuji to Akira)

May 21, 2010

THIS Is How You Do High School, Japan.

by Ender’s Girl

I’ve been thinking about Nobuta wo Produce (NTV, 2005) a lot lately — so much, in fact, that I finally attempted writing a decent review. There’s something universal about this drama, and by universal I don’t mean “two half-formed J-Pop idoru frolicking their way through adolescence” lolz. Instead, what I find universal is the way NwP can take us back to that ONE season in our lives that was all at once magical, evanescent, immortal. For we may be nineteen or ninety, but were we all not in high school once? And can we truly look back on that time without feeling the bittersweet nostalgia for days gone by? Because I can’t.

Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in case you’ve also been feeling a strange hankering for Nobuta powah. I know there’s an entire cottage industry of fan-made and fan-uploaded NwP videos floating about cyberspace, but I chose only a few of my personal favorites.

Nobuta wo Produce: Fave Fanvids

1) “Graduation Song” by Vitamin C

This is my FAVORITE Nobuta wo Produce fanvid bar none because the “Graduation Song” lyrics are absolutely PERFECT for the drama, and because the montage includes all those iconic, unforgettable moments. I hope this vid never gets taken down. I must have watched this a bajillion times but it still gets me hard whenever I hit “play.” *sniffle* So watch it, sing along to the chorus (As we go on, we remember / All the times we had together / And as our lives change, come whatever / We will still be friends forever…), and bawl your eyes out all over again. Babies. (Credit: Bankaigirl @ Youtube)

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