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The Little Dorama Girl – 2nd Anniversary Post: Once Upon a Johnny

November 3, 2011

The Terrible Twos

The Little Dorama Girl turned two a few days ago (um, yay), although I know that things have been a little quiet on the bloggy front the past year. To be honest I haven’t had much progress with my drama To-Watch and review To-Write lists due to (what else?) Real Life obligations. But I hope that my 22 regular readers (down 2 from 24, ohnoes!) find themselves in a forgiving mood as they read this. THANK YOU for continuing to patronize my daft fangirly drivel, really I mean it. I don’t know if you notice, but I totally feel yer lurrve each time you drop me a line! Your comments brighten up my day, and that’s a fact. =D (And – dammit lurkers, STOP HIDING IN KAMENASHI’S CLOSET! lol)

Graphics by jicks (sankyou jicks! words are not enough!!! gahahaha xD)

So I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve cooked up for my Second Anniversary Offering. Then again, maybe you’ll read this and curse the day you chanced upon my site, hahaha. But it’s Johnnies who got me blogging, and by gum, it’s Johnnies who’ll KEEP me going. I owe their skinny, tinsel-clad heinies more than most people give them credit for, so this post is for them – and for you, if you can, uh, keep an open mind while reading. This is something I’ve never tried before, but DAYYUM I HAD FUN WRITING IT SO THERE!!!

xoxo Ender’s Girl

*cue fairytale-y music*

Hello, I’m Ender’s Girl. For centuries, storytellers have spun their tales of magic and enchantment for the young at heart. There’s something about fairy tales that feels so familiar and universal, regardless of culture or clime. Some of these tales are funny, some are scary, and some romantic. But whatever the setting, these classic stories never fail to enthrall and entertain us – whether in their original form, or as modern-day retellings given a feminist  twist, like Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber,” or a satirical spin, like  James Finn Garner’s “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.”

I’ve taken the liberty of adding my own voice to the growing potpourri of contemporary fairy tale adaptations. So sit back and relax, and enjoy my collection of familiar stories – like you’ve never known them before:

A poor aspiring performer learns that with patience, hard work and a little magic, musical dreams really do come true, in “Jinderella.” A wooden puppet who yearns to be a real boy sets out on the journey of his life, in “YamaPinocchio.” And a beautiful kabuki princess fleeing great danger crosses paths with five multi-talented, chain-smoking miners who may just change her life forever, in “Matsu and the Five SMAPs.”

Enter my Never Never Land. After the jump!

Vid Clip: Cry for the Smile (SMAP)

March 23, 2011

“Coz everybody know(s) that spring will come…”

Vintage SMAP…

…and their message for the Tohoku disaster victims:

What things can we do right now.
Let’s all do what we can now.
Whether that’s donating or turning off your electric switches.
Actions like that contribute even just the tiniest bit to the hope of tomorrow.
We can put all of our efforts together.
We can bring our hearts together.
Let’s do it everyone!!!

Source: Tokyohive

The Little Dorama Girl – Wish List 2010

December 21, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

E.G.’s Christmas Wish List, 2010 Edition

by Ender’s Girl

Ho ho ho, everyone! *sprinkles Johnny dust all around*

Season’s greetings (and then some) from The Little Dorama Girl!

Oh… you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I’m making my list, and checking it twice
Don’t need to ask around who’s been naughty, who’s been nice

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

I know who was misbehavin’
I know whose noses are fake
I know who’s acting is bad or good
(But still keep on for Johnny’s sake, tsk, tsk)

So… they better watch out
They better not cry
They better not pout (unless they’re Jin)
I’m tellin’ you why:

Ender’s Girl is coming to town!

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News Nibbly: SMAP Reach 10-M Milestone in Career Concert Attendance

September 17, 2010

Hey SMAP, You’re One in Ten Mirriyon!!!

by Ender’s Girl

It became official at their Sept. 15th concert: over the past nineteen years since their 1991 debut, the SMAP Boys II Men have entertained enough concertgoers to populate… Hungary!!! (10,013,628 inhabitants, according to the Jan. 2010 Eurocensus)

WOWOWOW! Hungary baby Hungary!!! Lol. The figures do boggle the mind, eh?

And who knows — by the time SMAP’s 2010 Japan tour wraps up on Sept. 19th at the Tokyo Dome, they may have moved up a notch to… Bolivia baby Bolivia!!! (pop. 10,031,000) hahaha

Shanghaied by SMAP! Click to read MOAR!!! MOAR!!!

Vid Clips: This Is Love / Love and Peace Inside (SMAP)

August 11, 2010

This. Is. Spartaaa… NO! — This. Is. SMAAAP!!!
(WHY??? — Because. This. Is. Japan!!!!!! Lol)

by Ender’s Girl

SMAP: Break the Records (For You and By You!!!) << (*ka-ching!!!* And yet another KaT-TUN reference!!! Gomen gomen gomen… now leave me alone, lol)

Yes yes yes, we’ve all heard the news (via Tokyograph or other sources), so SMAP’s latest album “We Are SMAP!” breezed up the charts three weeks ago to become the Japanese manband’s 5th consecutive #1 album — bringing their career haul to 11 no. 1 albums spread out over twenty years. (Overzealous music industry mavens like to drumbeat SMAP’s achievement as being only the third time in J-music history that a group has had a best-selling album in three different decades, although a few, like myself, believe that the next decade begins at 00:01 hours on Jan. 1, 2011, making the whole of 2010 still part of the Noughties.)

But that is to split hairs; nothing changes the fact that SMAP have been Japan’s biggest idol group since the early ’90s, and their latest studio album — with the Unicef-y kiddie art adorning the cover and the title that jauntily states the obvious (“We Are SMAP! Every day love tomorrow” << LULZWOT) — only proves that the wholesome, the nontoxic, the inspiring, the playful, the SMAP — these have not gone out of style in Jmusicland… at least, not yet.

So here’s a clip of SMAP performing their latest single “This Is Love” which was released last Aug. 4th.  I took a short break from writing a couple of reviews and long-overdue posts, and from watching a couple of new dramas (in E.G. terminology, “new” = at least a season old, lol) in order to put these vid clips out here, though I hope against hope that they get to live a few days more before the Jimusho’s evil groundlings sniff out the Youtube links and hack ‘em to bits with their rusty old katanas, hatessss!!!! (Please Kamisama, give us more time… lololol)

Where is the love? Click to view the Dancing SMAP Dudes!!! MOAR!!! MOAR!!!

Random Fandom: SMAP and KaT-TUN, Mori and Jin

August 5, 2010

To the Faithless Departed
(Because Johnny-san Hates! Members! Who! Leave! Him!!!)

by Ender’s Girl

Johnny & Jin in happier days

Something funny happened at the KaT-TUN concert in Tokyo Dome.

(Yes I know you’re sick of KAT-TUN, lol. Don’t worry, this isn’t about them. Er, technically.)

Don’t Shoot the Messengers?

Last July 25th, Johnny Kitagawa sent Akanishi Jin a message. — In a bottle, you say??? No!!! — In a — Johnny!!! Actually — No!!! — In a pair of Johnnies, to be exact! Tokyohive reports that during the July 25th MC portion of KaT-TUN’s World Big 2010 Tour (WTF World Big????? hahahahaha), the topic turned to TV dramas that members had co-starred in. And Kamenashi Kazuya, ever Johnny’s loyal hatchet man-thing, pointedly asked Taguchi Junnosuke if he had ever done a drama with another member before, to which Junno (aka The Member Least Likely to Act Like an Ass — Until Now) replied that no he had not, (conveniently) forgetting that he had actually done not one, but two dramas with newly minted ex-member Akanishi Jin. (Yukan Club in 2007 and Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru in 2001.)

Junno’s loaded denial sparked off a wave of indignation among Jin fans and prompted heated reactions that Kame and Junno’s snarky exchange was tantamount to “mistreatment” of the former KaT-TUN idol. (Snarky yes, but… mistreatment? LAWL riiiight. What is Jin, a 4-year-old child locked away under the stairs?) Both camps (Jin vs. KaT-TUN) have since exchanged accusations and sundry excuses, all swinging from the “keep blinking real hard until you get the logic behind them” headscratch-worthy variety, to the downright LOLWHATesque — like, Technically Jin isn’t part of the band no mo’, so Junno wasn’t obliged to mention him!!! Or — maybe Junno simply forgot!!! He forgot that he did those two dramas with Jin, amongst the — um, oodles of dramas he’s done it’s so hard keeping track of ‘em all!!!

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Vid Clip: La La La Love Song / Koi no Ame (SMAPxSMAP, 5.10.2010)

May 16, 2010

Why SMAP Shouldn’t Be Performing with Real Singers… (Or Why They Probably Should)

by Ender’s Girl

With Kimura’s newest dorama Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers) currently airing (and it’s a ren’ai!!! finally a ren’ai!!! hallelujah chance!), you won’t find a better go-to guy for a theme song than the great Afro-sporting J-pop/reggae/soul artist Kubota Toshinobu, whom J-drama fans best know as the dude behind the mellifluous vocals of “La La La Love Song” (hey baby) from the oh-so-fine 1996 drama Long Vacation. Fuji TV must have known that when Kubota Toshinobu songs and Kimura dramas collide, high ratings (and filthy lucre!) can’t be far behind. (And no, I have not seen the first episode of TnK because I make it a point to wait until a drama is fully subbed before watching it in one fell swoop.)

This newest ditty “Koi no Ame” (“Love Rain”) has Kubota’s musical fingerprints all over it; just like its 14-year-old predecessor, the melody is euphonic and foot-tappingly singable, although the sound gives off a more disco-y vibe than “La La La Love Song.” With lines like “special lady” and “we’re stuck in the love rain” (LOL what), “KnA” ranks slightly higher than “LLLLS” on the Engrish evolutionary ladder,  but I dunno… the lyrics of  “LLLLS” — “maware maware merry-go round,” “wanna make love, wanna make love song” — still seem to have more character (especially when you sing them wearing a Live Aid T-shirt or doing a grande plié on a low stone wall, heehee). I guess the main caveat is that all things being equal (and both songs are catchy as the clap, after all), what can or will turn “Koi no Ame” into a classic has less to do with the song itself than with the drama it was commissioned for. And whether Tsuki no Koibito will ever reach the same exalted status as Long Vacation remains to be seen.

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